Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Cynthia sipped her tea slowly, avoiding burning her tongue (It would be a tragedy to the world if that happened!) she thought to herself, smirking.

“So you want to have sex with every League-sponsored female trainer. A very interesting endeavor, but I’m afraid that you may have to check me off of that list,” Glacia said, setting aside her own drink.

“Don’t be too hasty. I’ve gotten more than a few girls to change their minds,” Cynthia said, grinning and thinking back to just a few days ago. The tray of sweets resting on the table in front of her was reminding her Phoebe, and not helping her control herself at the moment.

(Food really won't ever look the same to me again).

“That is not the problem. I have always been attracted solely to women, and you are among the most desirable I have ever seen,” Glacia said in a refined and calm voice as she continued to drink her tea. “But I doubt that you would be able to pleasure me.” She sat her tea down and looked straight into Cynthia’s eyes. “I have had more than fifty female lovers in my life, and not a single one has been able to bring me to climax. I have used every toy I could buy on the market, but it was no use.” She sighed heavily as she picked up her cup again.

“You mean you’'ve never had an orgasm?! In your entire life!?” Cynthia asked, nearly jumping out of her seat. Glacia made only a small nod as her answer. Cynthia fell back in her chair. “I...I can’t believe it! That's...awful! I have to make you cum now!” she said firmly.

Glacia finished her tea, setting it aside. “Very well, if you insist. But it will be a disappointment for both of us, I assure you,” she said, standing up and offering her hand to Cynthia.

Cynthia grabbed that hand and stood very quickly, bringing herself close to Glacia. She looked at the woman with a determined fire burning in her eyes, and she said, in a voice filled with warmth, caring, but also steel-like determination, "No. No, it's not. It's not acceptable to me that any woman should have to go through life without ever knowing beautiful pleasure at another woman's hands. And I'm sure not going to let any woman I have sex with not have an orgasm, for that matter!"

Glacia didn't respond and simply walked away, motioning for Cynthia to follow. The two women walked through the mansion that Glacia called home, and soon enough they arrived at her bedroom. Without saying a word, Glacia began to strip. Cynthia can’t help but admire her figure, giving a small sound of approval. The other woman’s face barely changed in response.

“Can we just get this over with?" she said, lying on the bed, her legs spread wide.

Cynthia frowned slightly. “It’s going to be hard even for me to get into this if you don’t show at least a bit of interest,” she murmured as she took off her own clothes and joined the other woman, pulling her into a kiss as her hand dipped below her waist.

(No girl can resist a double attack like this!) Cynthia thought as she slipped her tongue into Glacia's mouth, her fingers gently dancing over her cunny. Using all the skill she had accrued over the years, Cynthia’s tongue and fingers moved with grace and dexterity few could hope to equal, trying her best to stimulate her partner. As she did, she could feel Glacia’s cunny growing damp there. The woman let out a few soft moans, but that was it. Every woman she’d ever been with before would have had at least a small orgasm by now. Cynthia pulled away.

“Well, that was very pleasant, I admit, better than any other woman's fingered me, but...” Glacia said a faint, bitter smile just barely on her lips.

“You're tough, I'll give you that, but I’ve only just gotten started, my dear!” Cynthia replied as she pushed the woman down. She kissed her again, a short light one this time. She began to work her way down, kissing Glacia’s neck and lightly nipping as she did. Cynthia moved down to her breasts, giving both of them a firm squeeze. She clamped her lips down around one of her nipples, while massaging the other mound. She switched after a few minutes, sucking and flicking each of the nubs. Every time she went between them she would give a light bite to one of them.

Glacia let out a small hiss. “I’ll admit you are better than anyone else I’ve been with, but...” She trailed off into a low moan as Cynthia took both nipples into her mouth at once, gently sucking both of them at once. At the same time she pressed her knee against Glacia’s cunny, grinding it a bit. Cynthia broke away again, and before Glacia could say a single word, Cynthia moved down her belly with feather-light kisses and swipes of her tongue.

It only took her a few seconds to get to Glacia’s smoothly shaven cunny. She pushed her tongue in as deeply as she could, while clamping her mouth over the rest of her mound, moaning slightly as she did. The taste of persimmons filled Cynthia’s mouth as she licked and sucked against Glacia’s cunny. Her hands trembling, Glacia reached down, lacing her fingers into Cynthia’s hair, raising her hips as she did.

"'re doing...really..." Glacia murmu-moaned, the tremors running through her fingers to Cynthia's skull telling the Champion that she had brought the woman higher now than she'd ever been previously...but they still weren't there.

Cynthia redoubled her efforts, flicking her tongue in and out, swirling it around to brush against every spot she could reach. (I can’t believe she hasn’t cum yet!) Cynthia thought to herself, adding her fingers in alongside her tongue. Glacia’s hips bucked sharply, her inner walls contracting tightly. The hint of an orgasm had started, but she was not quite there still.

Cynthia began to add more fingers as she kept pumping her hand. Before very long she was fisting Glacia up to her wrist. Her tongue was unable to stay inside as well, so she took the woman’s clit between her lips, sucking and flicking it as hard as she could.

Glacia was moaning deeply, but, even after several minutes, still hadn’t cum. Cynthia pulled her hand out with a loud, wet pop, looking at the mess of love juices that had soaked the bedsheets.

“As I have already said, I do not think it will be possible to make me reach climax. Look,’ve provided me with more pleasure than any woman I’ve ever been with, and I honestly thank you so much for that,” Glacia said, sitting up. Her eyes were a bit hazy, as she breathed heavily. "But it's time to stop wasting your time. I'm just...not meant to feel good like that. It's okay, really..."

Cynthia pushed her back down, pressing against her so that their nipples were touching perfectly. She looked penetratingly into the older woman's eyes, and saw the resigned sadness hidden in their depths. “I’ve never failed, Glacia, not in a Pokemon battle and definitely not in bringing a woman pleasure, and I’m not going to let you live without knowing just what I can do. You deserve to know beautiful pleasure as much as any woman, and on my oath as Champion I swear you will!” she declared firmly, before kissing the other woman.

As before, she put every bit of passion she could muster into it, gently rocking her whole body. She ran her hands over every spot she could touch. With each motion their nipples and clits would brush against each other, sending a jolt through both women, but just as the momentum was building to its peak, Cynthia stopped.

As she rose up, Glacia made a half whimper of disappointment, but was quickly silenced as Cynthia lowered her dripping cunny over her face. Without complaint, she began to lick, making Cynthia moan.

(She’s really just so beautiful, and has a really skilled tongue! I have tot to make her cum!) Cynthia said to herself as she began to eat Glacia out again. This time her hands traveled down her legs. She laced her fingers in between her toes and gently slid them back and forth.

The moment she did, the woman beneath her tensed up, moaning a bit more. Cynthia decided to take advantage of this and began to trace her fingers along the sides of Glacia’s feet, curling them to run her nails against the most sensitive spots on her soles. With every tiny movement, a new spasm would rock Glacia’s entire body.

(Surely she’s tried some foot play before? I guess it’s just that I’m a lot more skilled at this than just about anyone else.)

Even though she had been focusing more on giving pleasure, it wasn’t long before Cynthia herself came, moaning deeply into Glacia’s quim, even as her partner continued to lap away at the gush of her cum.

Once the pleasure had died down enough, Cynthia again broke away. “Where are your toys?” she asked, still feeling a bit winded, more from the effort she’d expended than the orgasm.

Glacia seemed slightly disoriented, taking a few seconds to respond. “O-Over there., she said, pointing to a dresser. Cynthia could tell by the sound of her voice that she was close, but still needed a pretty big push to reach the edge.

After only a few seconds Cynthia found a good set of toys, a double ended dildo and a few egg vibrators. Slipping one end of the toy into herself with a happy grunt, Cynthia went back to the bed. “Get on all fours,” Cynthia ordered as she wrapped a couple of the vibes around the dildo.

Glacia did so with a bit of eagerness. Her breathing was heavy and her eyes a bit glazed. Without wasting any time, Cynthia thrust the trio of toys into the woman’s cunny as deeply as she could. At the same time she took the remaining vibrators and pressed them against Glacia’s clit. She switched all of them on at once. The jolt of pleasure was enough to make Glacia cry out sharply. Cynthia immediately began to pump her hips hard and fast, using her free hand to spank the other woman. Glacia began to pant, moving her hips in rhythm with Cynthia.

“Ahh...Y...Yes! Y-YES!” she screamed as she collapsed forward, nearly sobbing.

Cynthia grinned. “Since this is your first time, let's make this really special!” she said, pulling the toy out. Quickly enough that Glacia couldn’t recover, Cynthia placed all of the vibrators against the woman’s feet and went to eating her out. Cynthia’s tongue slipped in right away, alongside most of her right hand. Her left hand went to her clit, stroking it and the outer edges of her pussy all at once. Glacia’s entire body was trembling, and the sobs had slowly turned to screams, hoarse and unintelligible, as she buried her face in her pillows.

Cynthia was soon met with a gush of cum that nearly made her choke from its sheer volume. It was like an entire lifetime's worth of orgasms had released all at once. Glacia’s voice completely broke, her entire body freezing, but Cynthia didn’t let up. She swallowed down several mouthfuls, but didn’t dare break away. Instead, she moaned loudly against the woman’s pussy, sending more waves through her. After nearly ten minutes, Glacia’s violent spasms came to an end, and with a final twitch she collapsed completely.

For several seconds, Glacia was completely still, not even breathing, but soon enough her body began to rise and fall steadily. Cynthia rolled her onto her back. “For a moment there I was afraid I’d killed you!” she muttered, staring at the woman who was completely passed out.

She considered waking her up again, but decided against it. Cynthia was still pretty horny herself, but she was deeply satisfied that she had given Glacia the first orgasm of her life, and it was only right to let her rest. Cynthia quietly grabbed the dildo and vibrating eggs, and tiptoed to Glacia's bathroom to take the edge off without waking her.

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