Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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“When I find that girl, I’m going to screw her so hard that she won’t be able to walk right for a month!” Cynthia repeated for the hundredth time that day. After she got done with Caitlin, she had gone for Iris, whom she had actually had her eyes on well before setting out on this journey. But when Cynthia went to find the girl, she had found that Iris was gone, with nothing more than a note saying she was taking some time off. Cynthia had contacted the Pokemon League offices to see if Iris had left any more detail about her vacation with them, but they knew no more about it than she did. All they did was to remind her, annoyingly, that she herself was on an extended leave of absence without official notice of its purpose, and to ask pointedly if that leave would be ending soon.

Because of this, Cynthia had been left more than a little wanting. Thankfully, her double-session with Caitlin had taken a major edge off, but that small relief wouldn't last forever, and masturbating could only do so much as of late. But rather than dwell on it, Cynthia went ahead with her list. The Kalos Region was next.

Walking down the streets of Santalune City, Cynthia couldn’t help but wonder just what was in store for her here. It was a well-known fact that, in addition to her nature photos, all of which were incredible, Viola also did some freelance work with high-end adult magazines. This work was just as incredible as her regular photos of nature; Cynthia couldn’t count the number of times she’d jilled off to some of the pictures Viola had taken. Aside from this, though, Cynthia did not know much about Viola.

Entering the Gym, Cynthia was immediately blinded by a camera flash. She stumbled back, blinking as bright spots swam before her eyes.

“Wow, even catching you off guard like that, you still look great!” a voice said. Cynthia guessed it belonged to Viola. It was hard to tell with the spots still clouding her vision.

Cynthia’s eyes cleared just in time to see Viola dart around behind her. “Alright, let’s get you in my studio; we've got so many pics to take!” she said, shoving the blonde along, not giving her a chance to say no. Not that she would have anyways. Almost faster than she could process what was happening, Cynthia found herself in a studio and pushed back into a plush chair.

“I thought you might be paying me a visit soon. There aren't many of us you haven't hit yet, after all. So I have all sorts of stuff set up for a great shoot!” Viola said, snapping pictures already as she spoke.

“Well, I hope I make a good model for you,” Cynthia responded, still a little dazed by how fast the girl seemed to move around to get different angles. Her camera seemed to click from five different directions at the same time. Once she regained her composure, though, Cynthia began to pose a bit, and found it was quite fun. She began to silently go through the motions of an imaginary Pokemon battle, striking poses of challenge, throwing a Pokeball out, giving orders, cool calm and anxious worry as the imaginary battle went well and poorly, and finally, ending with a victory pose (just like in real life, Cynthia won every imaginary battle). Viola was tirelessly energetic through the whole process, continuing to dart about, taking dozens and dozens of photos.

Finally, Viola set the camera aside for a moment. “Alright, that was great. But now, let’s get those clothes off and start with the really sexy stuff!”

Cynthia happily undressed, getting an appreciative sound from Viola as she admired her figure.

“You really do have an incredible bod. And I love the accessories you've given it!” Viola enthused as she looked Cynthia over, her eyes lingering on the woman's piercings. She snapped several pictures, guiding Cynthia into several poses, as she did. One such pose was to have Cynthia's arms folded casually behind her head, pulling back her hair and jutting her breasts out. Cynthia murmured happily as the chain linking her nipples and clit became taught against her skin, tugging firmly at her most pleasurable places with every breath she took. She wouldn't have thought she could love her rings any more than she had before, but since whatever happened with Shauntal, they had only become more wonderful!

“How about you give us a flick?” Viola suggested, looking up from behind her camera. Doing just that, Cynthia strummed the connecting chain softly, making herself moan and quiver as the heavenly vibrations and tugs reverberated through her rings and into her clit and nips, Viola snapped away at every twitch. “You look so good like that...just think of how great your O-face will be!” she declared.

Next, Cynthia was made to bend forward, squeezing her perfect breasts together. Viola circled around her, taking pictures from every angle, all the while murmuring just how sexy Cynthia looked. Bringing one hand up to her face, Cynthia blew a kiss to the camera, winking flirtatiously, making Viola squeal with excitement. “This is definitely going down as one of the best shoots I’ve ever had!” In response, Cynthia playfully stuck out her tongue, showing off its stud, and Viola began practically hopping up and down with glee.

“Alright, now let’s get some pictures of you on the bed,” Viola said, gesturing to a large, plush, heart-shaped bed with bright red silk sheets and numerous pillows, as well as a large number of sex toys laid around.

Just as Cynthia was crawling onto the bed, Viola stopped her. “That looks great. Just stick your hips out a bit more!” she directed. Cynthia grinned happily, doing just as she was asked. She leaned forward a bit, so that her breasts were pressed into the bed a bit more. She lifted her hips higher, shaking her rear. As she moved all about, the sound of Viola's heavy breaths joined the clicks of her camera. She was obviously very turned on. Once she was completely behind Cynthia, she requested the blonde to reach back and spread her lips some more.

Needy as she always was now and aroused as this modeling session had been making her, the moment her fingers touched her pussy, Cynthia had a small orgasm, shivering in pleasure as a few droplets of cum trickled out of her. “That was an awesome close up,” Viola said in an almost awed tone, as she snapped away more pictures. Deciding to take some initiative, Cynthia grabbed one of the many dildos that rested on the bed and brought it back, sliding it along her slit.

Viola chuckled lightly. “I was just about to suggest that.”

“Great minds think alike,” Cynthia said as she slipped the toy into herself, moaning as it filled her. It was both pleasurable and a great relief; with her new constant need, going even a few minutes without something in her cunny left her feeling empty and anxious. Cynthia began to slowly pump the toy in and out of her pussy moaning, contently as she got some relief from the constant horniness that consumed her at all times.

“Fantastic, now just get on your back and keep it up!” Viola instructed.

More than happy to keep pleasuring herself, Cynthia adjusted her position, laying back with her legs spread wide. She kept working the toy slowly, taking her time and enjoying herself. Viola moved to the end of the bed, camera clicking away. “I knew you were sexy, but this is way too much!’ Viola declared with a lewd smile.

Cynthia came a little again just from that look, and again Viola caught every second of it, biting her lower lips. It had to be getting hard for her to hold back much longer. Cynthia certainly hoped so, at least. As much fun as it was to pose like this, Cynthia was definitely wanting more, and the best way to get it would be to push Viola some more.

Still working the toy around in her quim, Cynthia brought one hand up to her breast and began to squeeze the soft mound, being careful to not bring up any milk, though it was tempting beyond tempting to do so. Since she had missed out on Iris, Cynthia was more than a little full, and even the smallest bit of stimulation was making her feel like she was going to start leaking.

Despite the building pressure, Cynthia was able to hold back and keep up her slow, sensuous pace, though it was easy to see from the obviously growing wet spot in Viola’s pants that she wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer herself. Getting off the bed, she set the camera aside as she walked over to a shelf of props. “Alright, there’s one more thing that I absolutely have to get you to do,” Viola explained as she searched the shelf. After a few moments, she found what she was looking for, a large bowl that she sat down on the floor.

“I want you to milk yourself into the bowl, then cum in it!” Viola directed, desire heavy in her voice.

Liking the idea and more than eager to relieve the building pressure in her chest, Cynthia got off the bed and knelt down over the bowl. Using both hands, she began to slowly massage her aching chest, and almost instantly two streams of milk began to leak out, splashing down into the bowl and coating the sides. Cynthia brokenly moaned in orgasmic delight at the blissful relief as the milk oozed out like liquid pleasure.

“Hold up for just a second, I want to get my high-speed camera to really capture this!”

With a great deal of self control, Cynthia forced herself to hold back on her milking for a moment, though it was extremely hard; it always felt so incredible when she'd let it build up for a couple days! But soon enough Viola came back with her camera, and Cynthia began to gently knead and squeeze again, moaning as the milk pleasurably trickled out of her, shaking as she began to cum from the delightful sensations in her breasts. Viola set about catching each individual drop splashing down into the growing pool of ivory milk.

Incredibly, the more the pressure faded from her chest, the more pleasure seemed to fill the rest of Cynthia’s body. Even as she was in the midst of an orgasm, she could feel herself on the verge of cumming again, harder, on top of this one.

“You know, I think the photo book I’m going to make from this will be one of my best sellers ever!” Viola said, grinning broadly.

The moment Cynthia heard those words, she was nearly overwhelmed with the thought of it, the thought of how many women would buy the pictures and masturbate to them, the thought of all of her past lovers pleasuring themselves to the pictures and the memories of their time with her. Quickly shifting her position so that she was squatting over the bowl, Cynthia reached down and stroked her clit hard and fast. The effect was immediate as she plunged over the edge and came hard, hard enough that her cum squirted out of her in a small stream. As she squirted into the bowl, a few drops splashed out and hit the camera lens.

As Cynthia finally came down from the pleasure, breathing heavily and shaking a little, she gave a small frown as she saw Viola using a cloth to wipe the lens clean of the droplets of her juices. “I thought you’d lick that up,” she said, a little disappointed.

Viola blushed faintly. “, about that. While I do take a lot of picture of stuff like this, and I love watching it, the truth is, I’m...just...not really into sex. I just kind of find it a little...well, gross, to actually do anything with another person,” the Gym Leader explained, not really looking at Cynthia. "Just...I don't really like it when people touch me, and all the messy fluid, and it's all hot and sweaty,'s just, I'll pass, you know?"

“Really? Are you sure that you wouldn’t like to try it?" Cynthia asked. "I'm sure I could get you to change your mind if you gave me a chance." She dipped a finger into the milk and cum, bringing it up to her mouth and licking it away, moaning seductively at the wonderful taste. She made a mental note to mix some up to drink later.

Viola's eyes bulged and her breath quickened even more, even as she shook her head. “Thanks, but no thanks. I mean, even as beautiful as you are...I still...look, the thing is, I actually believe you. I think if I let you, it really would be so amazing that it'd change my mind. But that's not what I want. I like how I am now, and I neither want to have sex nor want to change that fact. I'm sorry, I know that's disappointing for you, but...I'm just going to have to ask you to please respect my wishes on this.” She shook her head again. “Though I don’t mind if you watch me relieve myself. After all, I’m pretty worked up after all this!” Viola added, licking her lips.

Cynthia weighed her options for a moment. It wasn’t exactly what she wanted, but it was better than nothing. And in a way, she kind of admired and respected Viola's desire not to change. Although she loved every part of it, the many changes to Cynthia's sexuality that had been occurring during this journey sometimes made her feel like she was falling out of control. A few months ago, Cynthia had been a woman who looked at food as just food, who could look in the mirror without trembling in intense desire for the woman staring back at her, who had not a single ring or stud in her body, who didn't find herself frequently considering what intimacy with female Pokemon would be like, whose breasts hadn't been producing milk, and who possessed enough self-control not to need a toy clenched tight in her pussy at all times to keep from making lewd scenes in public. Cynthia loved all of these things about herself, loved the pleasure and enjoyment they gave her, but she nonetheless could respect the wish of another not to undergo sexual changes. Cynthia looked at Viola, who was trembling with desire, and who was staring at her pleadingly, and realized that she held this woman's future in her hands. They both knew that Cynthia could change her and set her down a path of change, and Cynthia realized that if she insisted that Viola have sex with her, Viola was too turned on to resist her. Viola was not denying her, she was pleading with her.

“Alright, we can just watch each other. But you have to collect your cum. I’m curious what you taste like,” Cynthia compromised. Viola nodded as she retrieved another bowl, setting it down.

Viola stripped. As her tank top slid off, Cynthia felt a powerful temptation to go after the small, pert breasts, but held back, though it was significantly more difficult as Viola removed her pants and panties in one motion. There were strands of moisture clearly visible connecting the moist panties to the treasure they had been hiding, and it took a lot of willpower for Cynthia not to simply leap forward and begin to slurp at their source.

Now fully nude, Viola kneeled down over the bowl and began to run her hands along her chest, slowly working her way down to her pussy. Watching her, Cynthia began to mimic the other girl’s actions. As Viola’s finger went lower and dipped into her cunny, the first few drops of arousal began to drip down into the bowl. Cynthia kept her position over her own bowl, adding more to it.

Viola closed her eyes tightly as she began to finger herself with one hand, using her thumb to stroke her clit. Her other hand went to her breast, massaging it firmly. Copying her, Cynthia began to clumsily leak milk down her chest, its droplets eventually trailing down to mix with her cum as they both dripped down into the bowl.

Viola opened her eyes a crack to watch Cynthia more closely as she began to moan, her breath soon becoming ragged as she neared the edge. Knowing Viola was watching, Cynthia gave her a show, stroking herself slowly and sensuously, moaning, looking into Viola's eyes as her body quivered and her sexual fluids streamed. Viola was enraptured by the sight, and sped her own movements, breathing heavily and quickly, and giving out little aroused whines every few moments. It didn’t take much longer before Viola moaned loudly and came, a small gush of her cum splashing down in the bowl as her entire body shook. Cynthia felt an odd mixture of emotion as she watched it...she was always elated to see a girl or woman experience the wonders of orgasm, seeing their happy, unbelieving expression was spiritually fulfilling to her. But not to be the one to directly cause it saddened her, too.

“It’s a shame you don’t want to do anything more. I could make you cum a thousand times harder,” Cynthia offered in one last hope.

“Again, I appreciate the offer, and I know you could...but please, I'm asking you to respect my wishes,” Viola said as she sat back catching her breath, using her feet to push the bowl over to Cynthia. Pushing down the regret of not being able to really satisfy the girl, Cynthia brought the bowl up and drank Viola’s cum down. A crisp apple like flavor filled her mouth as she savored it. Ah, well...she'd still count this as a success, even if she would have liked more. Viola had at least cum from watching Cynthia, and that was as close as anyone could go with her without violating her trust.

“I just got an idea for one last set of pictures we have to take!” Viola said, grabbing up her camera. “Lap up your milk like a kitten!”

Licking her lips, Cynthia happily went to it. She had intended to anyway, after all.

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