Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Pulling her coat tight as she entered Snowpoint, Cynthia could hardly wait to get out of the cold air and into a warm bed with Candice. (How Candice, or anyone else, can live in a place like this all year, I have no idea), she thought to herself.

Before she could reach the Gym, though, Candice found her. Running up, grinning as always, the girl looked perfectly comfortable in her rather small amount of clothing. “So you finally made it all the way out here again,” she said with a chuckle.

“It is a bit of a trek,” Cynthia said, chuckling as well. A sudden, sharp breeze hit, making the Champion shiver a bit. Candice seemed totally unfazed.

“Yeah, it’s a real shame. Just about the only other girl willing to visit all the way out here is Maylene, for her crazy training regimen.” She grinned widely. “Not that I’m complaining. She’s pretty fun.”

Cynthia nodded in a agreement.

“Well, I know you don’t like the cold as much as me, but there’s plenty of fun to be had now that you're here. I have a secret place nearby. Let’s go!” Candice said, hooking her arm with Cynthia’s. The warmth of the girl’s body instantly cut through the chill that had seeped into Cynthia.

Candice lead her to a small alcove not too far from her Gym. It was flat and clear, aside from the trees that surrounded it. The snow on the ground was soft and fluffy, as opposed to the more densely packed snow elsewhere around the city.

“I was kind of hoping there was a hot spring around here,” Cynthia lamented, looking around the area.

“You know there’s a much better way to warm up!” Candice’s voice came from behind.

Turning, Cynthia saw that the girl had already taken off her clothes. Candice was practically as white as the snow, and unlike the last few girls Cynthia had been with, she had a rather lean build that seemed both child and adult at the same time, neither more one than the other. She was more developed than Maylene, but not as full-figured as Fantina. Cynthia gazed at her appreciatively, feeling a shiver run through her that was definitely not from the cold. Little girls were little for years, and once developed, a woman was a woman for the rest of her life...there was such a brief window of time when a girl was both and neither, and Cynthia felt very lucky that she had caught that brief window of time with Candice, who had been cute, who would be beautiful, but who only just for now was both.

Following the girl’s advice, Cynthia stripped quickly, and before she could feel even the slightest chill, Candice threw her arms around her, burying her face in the older blonde's cleavage. She inhaled deeply, before breathing out.

The feel of her hot breath against the bare skin was as wonderful as anything else she could have done, but soon she did something even better. Her mouth latched onto one of Cynthia’s nipples, lightly biting down and flicking her tongue at the same time. Running her hands down Candice’s back, Cynthia reached her flat rear and gave a firm squeeze, making her moan around the sensitive nub. Giving a squeeze back, Candice moved to the other nipple, leaving the first to the open air. After the moist warmth of Candice’s mouth, the air felt a dozen time colder than even before, almost painfully so.

Candice switched between the two repeatedly, pleasing one and then the other, with the newly unattended nipple being hit anew by the harsh, bitingly cold air. Cynthia whimpered as the dual sensation sent thrills through her body; she couldn't tell whether it was Candice's tongue or the sudden, freezing blasts that pleased her the most, but either way she was rapidly approaching orgasm from this breast play alone. As the girl teased her, Cynthia could feel her juices trickling down her leg, hot at first but quickly cooling even up to her quim. Suddenly, Candice drew away and put her fingers next to Cynthia's nipples. Without a moment's wait, she began to flick them, hard, over and over. The bite of the cold air, the irritating pain of the flicks, together the pains mixed into a hot, smarting pleasure, and Cynthia could take no more. Moaning in delight, she came, her cum splurting out hard and fast enough that it re-warmed her upper thighs and pussy.

Pushing Candice away, Cynthia leaned in and kissed her deeply, moving one hand from behind to her front and finding her clit. She teased it just enough to make her moan, before jamming her fingers into Candice, causing her to jerk.

Breaking the kiss, Cynthia brought her hand up, coated in Candice’s cooling cum. While it was still a little warm, she licked it away. The faintest hint of maple syrup tinted it.

Candice shivered, though, like Cynthia before, it was from excitement as opposed to the cold. Candice laid down on the ground, sinking into the snow a bit. Cynthia could not believe how at home the girl felt in the cold; she was having enough trouble just with the frozen air, and here was Candice, actually lying in the snow itself! Cynthia joined her, lying on top of the girl top-to-bottom--you just couldn't beat the classics, and it didn't get more classic than the 69 position! Dipping her head down, she began to lick. Right away Candice tensed under her, before beginning to reciprocate. As she did, Candice brought her hand up from the snow and traced it along Cynthia’s backside, chilling her in a wonderful way.

With her skill, it took very little time for Cynthia to bring Candice over the edge. The girl moaned and came, droplets of her climax squirting up and into Cynthia's eagerly waiting mouth. Enjoying the slight sweetness of her partner, Cynthia briefly wondered how her cum would taste on pancakes. The simple thought of food called up memories of her experience with Phoebe and set her off, gushing into Candice’s waiting mouth.

Once she calmed down, Cynthia got off of Candice and sat on her spread out jacket. “Just wait a second, and I’ll get something special," Candice said, crawling on all fours to a small mound that was hardly visibly. The sight of her backside wiggling in the air made Cynthia lick her lips in desire, the cold nearly forgotten in afterglow of her orgasm and anticipation of what she would bring out.

“It took a long time to make this...not that I’m complaining; it was a lot of fun!” she said, pulling out a small cooler. Lifting the lid, she pulled out a double-ended dildo that looked almost like it was made of ice, but it was a bit too cloudy to be normal water.

“It's only going to last so long before we melt it, so we'll have to make sure we get all we can out of it,” she said, giving it a small lick as she came back over. “But before we do...give it a taste,” she suggested holding one end out to Cynthia.

Going along with the request, Cynthia was surprised by the familiar sweet maple taste. “You made it out of your cum!?” she squealed in delight. Candice merely grinned in answer, before pushing Cynthia onto her back.

Even with her jacket under her, the ground was still very cold, but with Candice on top of her, it was at least tolerable. Slipping an end into herself, Candice pushed the other end into Cynthia and began to grind into her.

Right away Cynthia hissed sharply in a mixture of pain and pleasure. The cold going so deep inside was nearly unbearable, but at the same time, it felt very, very good! Candice shifted her position slightly so that she could bring both her feet up to Cynthia’s breasts. They were icy cold as they pressed into her, pinching her nipples between her toes. Cynthia's hard, reddened nipples had only just managed to become accustomed to the cold air, and this new assault by toes that had until a second ago been resting in the ice-cold snow brought a new wave of uncomfortable, yet pleasurable cold to them. Combined with the cum-ice dildo now within her, Cynthia could barely stand the sensation.

Using her hands, Candice massaged Cynthia’s feet, while keeping them close to the snow. The combination of hot and cold made her already sensitive feet even more tender to every touch, and Cynthia let out a scream as she came, her walls clamping down in savage, painful pleasure against the ice within her. She began to use her hands, firmly planted on the ground behind her, to thrust her hips forward (since Candice's limbs were all too busy to create any motion), squealing in delight as the ice thrust into her as she came.

Cynthia kept up her motions after her orgasm had ended, and Candice did the same, keeping Cynthia aroused enough to still be on edge even after her climax. The dildo slowly melted within them, shaping itself to their inner walls and stroking more intensely. The true delight, though, was feeling the melting droplets of cum as they streaked down the dildo's length, filling her pussy and dripping out of it. Cynthia came again, and again, and each time she did, she increased the speed and power of her thrusts, driving Candice to an orgasm herself. As Candice came, she screamed, taking her fingers and toes away from Cynthia's body and slamming her body back down into the snow. Far from uncomfortable, the cold of it seemed to increase her pleasure, and she writhed in pure bliss as it froze her. Once she was done, she returned her hands and toes to where they had been, and Cynthia screamed in new delight as the cold of the snow, which had long since left Candice's upper and lower digits as they teased her, returned full blast to her sensitive, over-stimulated nipples and feet.

Just before the last of the dildo could melt away, Candice pulled it out and snapped the toy in half, giving one end to Cynthia and keeping the other for herself. Mounting Cynthia, Candice ate the remnants of the toy like a popsicle, while thrusting her pussy against that of her partner.

The end that Cynthia had was the one that had been in herself, so she got a taste of her own cum, all the more absolutely delicious to her since her experience with Fantina had brought her to a new sexual love for herself, as well. The feeling of Candice’s cunny pressing against her own, both their pussies full and spilling forth the thawed cum of Candice onto and into one another, brought them both to violent, screaming orgasm..

Once they were both finally done, they laid side by side for a moment, before Cynthia stirred. “As much as I’d like to have some more fun out here, I'm starting to just get too cold. I need a hot bath,” she said.

“Only if you let me join you!”

Cynthia grinned.

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