Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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As Cynthia entered Veilstone City, she couldn’t help but grin at the thought of what awaited her. Knowing Maylene she’d just be finishing her regular training session, and that meant that she’d be pretty worked up.

Heading to the Gym, she could already hear the sound of people hitting the floor and groaning. Removing her shoes, she entered the building. Just as she had thought, Maylene was in the center of the room, with several opponents surrounding her. Each one of them was taken down so quickly and easily that it was almost comical; however, more than humorous, it was impressive, proving exactly why she was a Gym Leader despite her youth.

Noticing Cynthia out the corner of her eye, she gave a quick bow and announced that the session was over for the day. “I’ve seen quite a bit of improvement from all of you. Don’t forget to keep practicing!” she called out cheerfully as the last of her students left. Cynthia couldn’t help but smile at the sight of the girl’s enthusiasm. Though she was a few feet shorter than Cynthia, not even reaching eye level with her breast, it was clear from one glance that she was the far stronger of the two.

For training, Maylene would remove her pants, remaining dressed in nothing more than her leotard. Through the skintight fabric, Cynthia could see the details of her muscles, sharp and defined, without a trace of body fat. Due to her youth and rigorous exercise, her chest was completely flat, more so than even most men, but farther down she was showing hints of her budding womanhood, with shapely hips and legs that were just as powerful as the rest of her figure.

Running up, the girl threw her arms around Cynthia, squeezing her so tightly that it was almost painful, although what really hurt was the rather strong scent of sweat that clung to her at the moment.

“I was really hoping you’d come back soon! My training just doesn’t feel complete without your visits now and then!" she said, tightening her grip more, making Cynthia groan slightly. But putting the slight discomfort aside, she actually rather liked the feeling of Maylene’s impressively strong arms around her; she imagined it must have been rather similar to what it would feel like to get hugged by a Machoke.

“I’m happy to be back, too, but are you forgetting the rule? No hugging or anything else until you’ve taken a shower,” Cynthia said, slipping out of the girl’s grip. Even though she lacked the same strength as Maylene, she was quite flexible and nimble, the reasons for that being obvious.

Pouting just a little, Maylene nodded. “Alright, make yourself comfortable and I’ll be back soon.” With that, the girl left. Cynthia, following the suggestion, headed into the back of the Gym, Maylene’s private workout room.

As she entered, she couldn’t help but grin ear to ear at the sight of the specialized equipment that she had helped bring in. At first glance, a lot of it appeared to be normal, but if anyone looked at it closely, they would realize that all of it was modified to serve as giant sex toys.

Stripping down, Cynthia walked along, thinking out the order that she’d like to use some of them in. Just as she was looking over one of her favorites, Maylene entered the room with nothing more than a towel around her neck, just barely covering her chest. Now fully nude, her musculature was even more apparent. Hard, sharp, and defined a sharp contrast to every other girl aside from Greta--and even Greta's strong muscle tone was absolutely nothing compared to the awesome, rippling power that Maylene gave off. Her short red hair hung loose as opposed to its usual style, and the bandage removed from her nose made her look a bit more feminine than usual, giving her a unique charm.

“Well, before we get started with the real fun, we need to do some warm-ups,” Maylene said, walking to Cynthia.

True to her personality, Maylene made Cynthia so a set of basic stretches, while slipping her hands around and brushing her breasts or cunny, just enough to tease her a little without letting her get too worked up--as much fun as the sexy touches were, Cynthia knew Maylene's first priority really was to make sure her friend was properly stretched and prepared. With Maylene, sex was a quite literally a workout.

“Alright. I think we should do either pushups or crunches first,” Maylene said happily. “So which one do you want to do first?’ she asked, getting down on the soft mat that covered the floor.

“Pushups, of course,” Cynthia answered, smiling and finishing her stretch, feeling the pleasant limberness of her body as a result.

She got down just in front of Maylene, who had laid down on her back and planted her feet so she was now in position to do sit-ups. Cynthia laid herself down on her belly, stretching herself out and putting her arms on either side, so that she was now ready to do push-ups. Cynthia inched herself forward so that her head was between Maylene's planted thighs, and her mouth was exactly above the younger girl's pussy. She gave Maylene’s slit a quick lick from the bottom up to her clit. The slightly tart, somewhat sweet taste of cranberries fit her perfectly. Maylene gave a slight coo of pleasure, and said, "Are you ready? We go until I cum. I haven't touched myself since I heard you were back in the Region, so it probably won't take long."

Cynthia nodded, and they began. Her hands behind her head, Maylene lifted her upper body up off the mat and forward, just as Cynthia lifted herself up with her outstretched arms. The two women kissed at the moment they were both up. As they lowered again, Cynthia licked Maylene's pussy from top to bottom again, before going back up for another kiss.

They went like that for several moments, never breaking their perfect rhythm, never pausing more than a moment for a kiss or a lick. Each time she came down, Cynthia would alter the lick a little bit, dipping her tongue in a bit more, kissing her clit, or just pressing her face in and taking a dip sniff of the young girl's lovely scent. Each time she did, Maylene would groan a little louder, a little longer, a little higher, and her pussy would tremble a bit harder. Up, down, cunt, kiss, moan, grunt, tremble, clench, again and again and again in perfect did not take long to bring Maylene over the edge, and the young girl cried out in relief as her pussy began wildly quaking and droplets of juice spurted out onto Cynthia's face. Cynthia stayed in place to drink up every drop, to keep licking Maylene through it, and Maylene grabbed onto the pleasure assaulting her and increased it, doing sit-ups now at a mad pace as she climaxed, letting the burn of every frenzied, rapid movement up and down turn into the burn of orgasm. As Maylene's furious exercise fed her pleasure more and more, letting her ride out an orgasm over two minutes long, she began to scream as her pleasure coursed through her almost painfully. Cynthia kept up her oral ministrations, and could feel her own arousal dripping down her legs and pooling up.

Maylene finally slammed her back down on the mat and did not rise again. Not wasting any time to recover, they switched places. After all, Maylene's physical stamina was more than even Cynthia's unparalleled sexual stamina. Maylene’s tongue strokes weren’t as graceful or skilled as Cynthia’s; rather, they were rough and strong, broad and deep. It was almost more like she was mashing her tongue in, hitting nearly everything at once, as opposed to finding the sensitive spots and focusing on them. Her kisses were the same, rough and full of passion with no skill or delicateness.

However, the pace made up for it. So strong and fast, Maylene was doing two push-ups for every one sit-up of Cynthia's, so she was getting two rapid, rough licks for every tough, demanding kiss. Also, the roughness of it was a refreshing change, in a way that combined with the fact that she was already pretty turned on. As she felt that oral assault on her core over and over, Cynthia found it harder and harder to concentrate on lifting her upper body up off the mat, the pleasure hitting her over and over, harder and hard... Finally, Cynthia came, gasping as it hit her right as her back collapsed down to the mat again. Just as when Cynthia had been doing it, Maylene drank down every drop, not letting get away, but unlike before, Cynthia was not still exercising through her orgasm. Instead, Cynthia let her climax run rampant through her, intentionally exaggerating its every contraction with a thrash of her limbs and body. This was for Maylene, who wanted to get in some exercise even when eating her out. In order to keep her steady enough to continue drinking Cynthia's fluids, Maylene held Cynthia's hips down in a death grip, fighting to keep the older woman from any movement throughout her orgasm. Maylene's grip was like being caught in a steel clamp, and Cynthia's lower body remained nearly motionless even as her upper body squirmed in pleasure.

"So," Cynthia said, once her climax had ended and she lay there in its pleasant afterglow, "what's next? You want to do some chin-ups?"

Maylene shook her head. "Actually, no, nothing direct for a little bit. It's been a while since you stopped by, and I just want to enjoy the sight of you for a little while. You're so beautiful, and you're even more beautiful when you're exercising and training. Can we just watch each other for a bit?"


The two shared one more intense kiss, before moving over to a couple of lever chest press machines that were facing each other. Cynthia had helped Maylene design a modification to them, though: now, when the user pushed the lever outward, it was connected to a forward-curved vibrator built into the front of the seat that slid inward as the lever was moved outward, essentially fucking the user as she exercised.

Cynthia sat down on one machine's seat, and leaned back. She grabbed the lever and tested it, finding that it would not budge in the slightest. She frowned. "Is this one locked, or something?"

"Hm? Oh, no. Hang on," Maylene responded. She adjusted the weights on the machine. Cynthia realized that reason she hadn't been able to move it at all was that it had been set so that moving it would require enough force to lift every single heavy weight the machine attached to. Maylene stepped back after adjusting it so that only a few weights would be lifted with each push of the lever. "Sorry, I had it set for how I like it. You should be able to use it now."

Once again, Cynthia marveled at how inhumanly strong Maylene's constant training had made her. Maylene got seated in an identical lever chest press machine across from Cynthia, after making sure that the weight level was set as high as the machine could go.

Once they were both settled, Cynthia grinned at the young girl a few feet in front of her and said, "Ready?" Maylene nodded, and each woman pushed forward.

"Mmm!" Cynthia moaned as the vibrator pushed its way forward, invading her insides and filling her with its pulsing bliss. No matter how many orgasms she had, no matter how many ways, a good vibrator was always a delight. The sudden pleasure caused her to jerk, and lose control of the lever, and it came back down, taking the vibrator out of her. She pushed back up, and the vibrator entered again, and brought its pleasure back. Cynthia tried to hold the lever away, to keep the toy within her for as long as possible, but every moment she felt the toy squirm inside her, her arms turned to jelly and the machine reset.

Maylene, meanwhile, was steadily pumping her lever up and down in a mechanical rhythm. Even though she gave a little gasp and moan every time her vibrator entered her, her steady motion never changed. She stared intensely at Cynthia, hunger and focus both in her eyes as she pushed forward and back, working out and fucking herself.

They kept going like this for several minutes, Cynthia working her machine, and Maylene working like a machine. Cynthia's strength and stamina were far less than Maylene's, even when Maylene had roughly four times as many weights to move, but the act of watching Maylene, watching her pump her arms as her pussy was penetrated over and over again, rapidly fucking herself with her incredible strength, seeing her intense stare that didn't waver even as her thighs twitched and she moaned and whined in pleasure, was more than enough to make up for it, and Cynthia soon felt herself unable to hold back. With one final, heaving push, she jammed the vibrator into herself and came. Unable to hold the lever forward as she climaxed, the best Cynthia could do was to let it come back to rest as her hands flew down to her crotch and she began to rub her clit through her orgasm. Unable to take any more herself, Maylene also gave a scream and came, although for her, her orgasmic energy became focused solely on holding the lever forward as far and steadily as she could, keeping the vibrator in her even as her body spasmed as hard as it could. Finally, both women finished, and slid off the machines.

"Phew...still up for more?" Cynthia asked the girl, who nodded.

"Yes," Maylene answered, "but I still want to watch you for a bit. I know direct contact is the most fun, but seeing your beauty combined with the beauty of pushing your physical limits is just too much to pass up on."

She led Cynthia over to a pair of bikes that each had a dildo on the seat, and a set of wires running between them. Hopping onto the seats, both of them moaned a bit. Slipping her feet into the special pedals, Cynthia got another jolt of pleasure. They were almost like a pair of slippers lined with soft gel that molded perfectly to her feet, sinking in between her toes.

Maylene was the first to start pedaling, slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed. As she did, the dildo in Cynthia’s quim began to pump in and out with equal speed. Cynthia took just a moment to start herself, first letting herself enjoy the toy's motion. As soon as she did start, the girl across from her moaned deeply as her bike began to work as well. Even though this wasn’t as direct as some of the things she was used to, this mutual masturbation, for lack of a better term, was still wonderful fun in its own way. The sight of Maylene’s face flushed with arousal as she panted solely from pleasure, not exhaustion, just spurred Cynthia to pedal harder.

The faster each one went, the faster the toy worked, making each of them pedal all the faster, until they were working their legs in a blur, the dildo pushing in and out of them fast as jackhammers. Again, Maylene watched Cynthia with rapt attention, which made the process all the more sexy. It didn’t take much for this to bring both of them over the edge.

"Phew..." Maylene said, hopping off. She seemed to be getting tired, although Cynthia knew from past experience it was mental and sexual fatigue, not physical. She herself, on the other hand, was feeling a burn throughout her arms and legs, and didn't think she could take much more exercise tonight. "Okay...let's finish with some chin-ups."

Cynthia grinned. One of her favorites!

They walked over to a couple of chin-up bars. Cynthia reached up and grabbed onto the lower one. Maylene stood in front of her. Giving a huff, Cynthia gripped the bar and pulled herself up, her muscles groaning in protest as she slowly lifted herself higher.

"Good. Keep going, you're almost there!" Maylene encouraged her.

Cynthia strained herself as hard as she could, and managed to lift her chin above the bar she held. The instant she did, her cunny was at exactly the same height as Maylene's head, and Maylene stepped forward and plunged her tongue into Cynthia's quim. Cynthia gave a little cry as the pleasure of Maylene's rough, forceful technique hit her, and her arms failed her and lost their tension, and she began to lower. She did not fall, though, for Maylene had planted her feet steadily and was now holding Cynthia's hips with her hands in an iron grip. Cynthia's grip had just enough time for her to position her thighs to rest on Maylene's small shoulders before it gave way entirely, and she found herself sitting atop Maylene's shoulders and hands, the young girl completely and easily holding the grown woman up in the air without even interrupting eating her out. Cynthia cried out in excitement as she rode Maylene in more than one way, shivering and screaming when Maylene's nose pressed against her clit. In no time at all, she came, her juices splashing against Maylene's face.

Once Cynthia was done, Maylene let her down to the ground. Still panting from her orgasm, Cynthia expected to see Maylene go straight to the other, higher chin-up bar, but first Maylene walked over to a set of weights on chains attached to manacles. She strapped a couple to her legs, heavy ones. Cynthia was fairly sure they were at least a hundred pounds on each leg. Maylene then walked back to the chin-up bar, barely slowed down at all by the heavy metal she was dragging along. Cynthia got in position in front of her.

Maylene jumped up and grabbed the bar. She pulled herself up until her chin was above the bar, and held herself there, seemingly effortlessly, even with the extra weights dangling from her legs. In a reverse of before, her pussy was now at Cynthia's eye level. Cynthia took her cue and leaned forward, enveloping Maylene's young quim entirely in her mouth and beginning to suck on it while sticking her tongue within. Maylene moaned, but stayed absolutely steady, except for one thing: she began to lift her legs, keeping them straight, until she was almost doing a split, the weights dangling down from her legs, unable to keep them down. Cynthia ate her out with vigor, enjoying the cranberry tartness of her pussy juice again, enjoying the cute moans of the girl as she held her place, even enjoying the additional salty taste of her sweat. Finally, Maylene began to cum. Her body shook as her pussy dribbled a few droplets of spunk into Cynthia's waiting mouth, but her grip and pose remained steady.

Once she was done with her climax, Maylene slowly dropped down to the floor. She looked exhausted.

"I could keep doing regular exercising, but I don't think I could take one single lick more," she told Cynthia, her body still trembling a bit from orgasmic aftershock.

"And I'm not even close to fully satisfied, but I don't think I can take sit-up, push-up, chin-up, or anything else ending in the word "up,"" Cynthia told her, laughing. "Well, I suppose we'll just have to accept that neither of us can match the other in her special field, as always. Let's call it a night and hit the showers."

They got cleaned up, and Maylene showed Cynthia to a guest room. She laid down, and drifted to sleep.

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