Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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With Viola done, Cynthia was firmly on her way to going through the Leaders of the Kalos Region. She felt the usual anticipation (more than usual now that her already overclocked sex drive had gone into overdrive), but there was an apprehension that hit her, as well. This would be her last region she visited on this quest before finally ending her vacation and returning to her duties as Champion. It was sad to think of this incredible sexual journey coming to an end. She also was apprehensive about some of the women she would be meeting with. She wasn't really sure she even wanted to include Malva in her tour, and more than that...well, there was one other that Cynthia was even more unsure about...

But those were concerns for another day. Right now, Cynthia walked down the streets of Shalour City, her eyes darting back and forth hungrily. When she had been to the Gym earlier, she had been informed that Korrina was out skating around town. Cynthia had seen the girl a few time before and knew that she was an extraordinarily sexy girl, especially in those super tight shorts. Cynthia hoped Korrina was into exhibitionism, because if she found her out in the city, Cynthia wasn't sure she'd be able to wait until they got back to the Gym to take her.

After nearly an hour of walking the streets and not seeing even so much as a glimpse of the girl she wanted, though, Cynthia headed back to the Gym, hoping that maybe Korrina had returned by now. And if nothing else, she wanted to borrow the Gym’s shower. By now she was feeling more than a little sweaty, and her panties were soaked through with arousal, though that was normal as of late.

Entering the Gym, Cynthia was greeted by a very welcome sight. Korrina was sitting on a bench, drinking from a sports bottle, her helmet resting next to her, which left her long blonde hair to hang loose around her petite frame. She was practically dripping with sweat, with several beads running down her neck and soaking into her thin top making it slightly transparent.

Seeing the Champion enter, Korrina set her bottle aside. “Ah, I guess you were looking for me?” she asked, grinning as she stood up.

"Guessed right," Cynthia replied, admiring the young girl. Lithe, tall for her age, small-chested, limbs that were skinny but muscular, a bright, cheerful face...Korrina was definitely one of the more attractive young teens Cynthia had met.

“Looks like you worked up a bit of a sweat, too. That’s good!” the younger blonde said, rolling over. As she got closer, an oddly pleasant scent hit Cynthia, bringing on a new wave of desire.

“What do you mean?” Cynthia asked, catching another whiff of that strangely enticing aroma. It was a rather musky scent, like sex, but there was something else there, too, that she couldn’t quite place.

“Well, it’s just that I personally think women smell a lot better when they’re a little worked up!” Korrina said, leaning in as she sniffed Cynthia. She sighed a little after she had held her breath for a moment to really experience what she had taken in.

", even though you aren’t that sweaty, you already have a fantastic scent!” she declared excitedly. She began making small circles around Cynthia, sniffing her all the while. Cynthia didn't know what to make of it; it was strange to see the girl rolling around her over and over, sticking her face against Cynthia here and there and inhaling, but at the same time, it was kind of sexy and flattering, too. As this was happening, Cynthia finally realized what the other scent was: a faintly salty hint of sweat, though it wasn’t as sharp as Maylene’s after a workout. It was...actually kind of nice.

“Well, come on back to my room. We’ll work up a real sweat, the fun way!” she said, grabbing Cynthia by the hand she tugged her along easily. As she followed along, Cynthia was struggling with her feelings on the fact that the girl clearly wanted to have sex without showering first. Normally she’d never consider it...after all, getting sweaty during sex was one thing, but being sweaty before hand was kind of gross.

Yet...there was something about the faintly sweet way that Korrina smelled that was so enticing that Cynthia couldn’t help but want to go along with it, at least for now. Korrina’s room was close to the Gym entrance, so the walk was short, which was very good, with the way her scent was getting to Cynthia.

The moment the door opened, Cynthia was hit by a wave of hot air that almost made her think of Karen’s sauna. The memories of that night floating back into her head only added to her already intense desire. Korrina quickly pulled Cynthia in and closed the door. “You can’t leave it open too long, or it’ll fade,” she huffed.

Just as Cynthia was about to ask what she meant, the smell hit her full force: sweat and sex, stronger than she’d ever experienced before. The intensity of the sex in the air, the scent of the cum of women hanging thickly in each breath, the musky, heady, distinctive smell of women's was so overwhelming that Cynthia almost fell to her knees as it actually caused her to have a small orgasm, just from the pheromones that seemed to permeate the air.

Skating over to her bed, Korrina plopped down on the edge, grinning. “It’s pretty strong, huh?” she chuckled, and then declared proudly, “That’s one month, ten girls, and more orgasms than I can count!”

Not giving Cynthia a chance to recover from the initial shock of her orgasm, Korrina continued, “I’ve heard you like feet, so why don’t you come over here? And keep the jacket on for now, okay?” she ordered as she removed her skates, peeling her socks off and wiggling her toes invitingly.

Licking her lips, Cynthia walked toward the young girl. Even though she usually insisted on her lover being nice and clean, there was something oddly erotic about how the girl on the bed seemed to revel in her scent...and Cynthia did find it difficult to resist a cute, sexy foot. Reaching the bed, Cynthia knelt down and sniffed one of Korrina’s feet. Just as expected, the smell was pungent...though she didn’t really find it as off-putting as she had thought she would. Really, it didn't smell bad, it just...smelled like a foot did, somewhat more than Cynthia was used to dealing with. But by now she had come to an appreciation for the faint, interesting smell of women's feet, as diverse and unique as the taste of their cum, and just having it be stronger than usual was actually just fine.

Slowly, she ran her tongue along the sole. Despite the strength of the smell, Cynthia was surprised at how mild the taste actually was. For a moment she thought of how a few girls she’d been with in the past had been reluctant to lick her feet, even when they knew they were clean. With that thought in mind, Cynthia began to work her way along the girl’s foot a bit more boldly, dipping her tongue in between her toes as she did. It was an interesting experience to give her first foot worship with a stud in her tongue. Cynthia found it was actually a bit fun to brush and bump it along the girl's flesh, knocking it against her at times and at other times gently massaging it against her skin, enjoying the pressure and vibrations her movements made all the while. Korrina moaned a little, leaning back. “That’s so good, oh my gosh that's soooo good! Most women are super reluctant the first time, and...and your tongue piercing is so weird, but good!”

“Well, let's just saying that new things are my specialty nowadays,” Cynthia whispered, blowing against Korrina’s foot, her breath cool compared to the air around them, causing the Gym Leader to shudder adorably. Moving over to the other foot, Cynthia could feel her own sweat beginning to soak through her shirt and jacket, and her panties, which were already damp with juices, were getting especially soggy with all the extra sweat the heat in the room was creating.

Cynthia attacked Korrina's other foot with even more lavish attention than the first, giving the girl the best pleasure that she could. She licked it slowly and sensuously, then hard and quick, kneaded every sensitive spot with delicate pressure, sweetly suckled her toes, tickled and hammered her flesh with her stud, blew upon the combination of sweat and saliva to create a cool breeze that made Korrina shiver in delight...Cynthia was beginning to sincerely enjoy the stronger scent of the feet, the ever so slightly stronger flavor. She was fully into this, and her efforts showed it. Korrina was soon squirming in delight at the relaxing, heavenly pleasures Cynthia was giving her, letting out high-pitched moans of shock and delight that her feet alone could feel so good, and when Cynthia used her free hand to begin rubbing and caressing Korrina's first foot once more, Korrina let out a sharp, amazed gasp, then a strangled sob of bliss as she shuddered and came. She didn't even try to touch herself as her orgasm reverberated through her young body, instead just keeping a death grip on her bedsheets, letting the full force of her pleasure come from Cynthia's tender ministrations. Her climax was long and so very good.

Once Korrina had come down from her orgasmic high and Cynthia was finished with both feet, Korrina leaned down and kissed her deeply, her tongue slipping into Cynthia’s mouth as she wrapped her arms around the Champions neck. Slowly she guided Cynthia up onto the bed, straddling her. When Korrina broke away, she looked down at Cynthia, grinning with a very hungry look in her eyes.

"That was so great...I never knew I could feel so good there," she whispered. Cynthia smiled and answered her with a small kiss on her forehead. Korrina then grabbed both of Cynthia’s breasts. “I already heard from some of the others about how you make milk. I wonder how it’ll taste with some salt?” the girl pondered as she gently massaged the mound through two layers of clothing, building up even more heat.

“I couldn't say for sure, but I did find out in my last encounter that it tastes pretty good with my cum,” Cynthia teased with a coy tone.

Korrina moaned, “Ohhhh my gooosh, that is just way too sexy!” She leaned in again, but she didn’t kiss Cynthia. Rather, she licked her cheek before working her way down Cynthia’s neck and up to her earlobe, gently biting down. The slight twinge of pain on this delicately sensual part made Cynthia cum again, further soaking her panties. For a moment as her body convulsed in pleasure, Cynthia wondered if she’d ever be able to have dry underwear again for more than a few minutes. Then she wondered if she really cared all that much when this was the payoff.

Korrina spent several minutes just rocking her hips against Cynthia as she massaged her breasts, alternating between kisses and licks along her face, all the while muttering about how wonderful Cynthia’s skin tasted as she licked away her sweat. As the girl moved around, her long hair brushed against Cynthia’s face, stirring up more of that wonderful scent, a hint of sweetness mixed with her sweat that seemed to only enhance it. Cynthia wanted to just grab the girl's head, shove her nose right into her bountiful locks, and inhale that deep, heady musk right at its source.

Lifting up again, Korrina was breathing heavily, several beads of sweat rolling down her face. Bringing up a hand, she wiped a bit of it away and licked it off her fingers. “Okay, I can’t take it any more. I’ve gotta get at those tits!” With a little help from Cynthia, she managed to get the older woman’s top off, exposing her large, full breasts.

Korrina eyed her chained piercings for a second, before diving into the valley of Cynthia’s cleavage, lapping away at the small pool of sweat that had gathered there. The feeling of the girl’s tongue stroking away at the hot, sensitive flesh was intense on its own, but every time she shifted to get to a new spot, it would stir up more of that wonderfully deep musk.

As Korrina moved down to the underside of Cynthia’s breasts, the Champion reached down and laced her fingers in the girl’s hair. Just as she thought there was a slight oiliness to it. As strangely slick and thick as it was, Cynthia couldn’t deny that she actually found it oddly pleasant to play with, and it seemed that Korrina was enjoying it as well, moaning softly as Cynthia ran her fingers through her hair, softly guiding her up to her nipples.

It didn’t take much more than that to convince the girl to latch onto one of the nubs. The moment her lips were around the first nipple, she immediately began to suckle, rolling the obsidian ring around with the tip of her tongue. Cynthia moaned in ecstasy as the piercing twisted and pulled at her nipple as Korrina played with it, and, chained as it was to its sister, her other ring was pulled and toyed with slightly as well. As the obsidian jewels dangling from her breasts tickled the underside of her tits as they were pulled along for the ride Korrina was giving her piercing, Cynthia tilted her head down and took a deep sniff of the girl’s hair. She nearly came yet again just from how powerful her scent was, how much it screamed the identity of the young girl in its singular aroma. Cynthia loved the smell of girls and women, always had, and she was finding that enhancing that scent as Korrina had only turned her on all the more!

Then Korrina suckled upon her breast, and milk began to flow into her eager mouth, and Cynthia did orgasm, and screamed in relieved ecstasy as she did. Her body was beginning to forget the difference between releasing milk and releasing cum, and she loved it.

Moving over to the other breast, Korrina began to grind her hips again, her own wetness soaking into Cynthia’s pants and adding to the damp mess that her panties had become. Once she had emptied Cynthia of milk for the time being, Korrina moved in for yet another kiss, giving Cynthia a good taste of her own milk and sweat. It wasn't anywhere near as hedonistically delicious as when mixed with her own cum, but it was still quite satisfying, in a odd way. When the kiss, ended Korrina sat up.

“That was so good!” she exclaimed, licking her lips clean of the last few drops that still clung to them.

“It’s kind of impressive just how into this you are, considering your age,” Cynthia commented. "Plenty of the girls around your age that I've been with have never or very rarely even had sex before, let alone found a fetish to indulge in."

“Well, it started out because I just hated taking baths and stuff, so I'd only do it when I really had to," Korrina told her, shrugging. "Then one day I noticed that just smelling myself got me horny, and once I'd realized that, I also started to notice how good some of the other girls I knew also smelled when they got sweaty.” Korrina grinned hungrily.

“But hey, it seems like you're getting into this pretty fast, too!” Korrina said, peeling off her shirt. The fabric was so thin and tight that it clung relentlessly, making the process of removing it rather slow, unintentionally making it even sexier. Once it was off, the desirable smell of her body seemed to grow even stronger, making Cynthia’s head spin a little. Just like Maylene and Greta, the other Fighting specialist, Korrina had a slim and taut figure, with nicely defined muscles. She was not as obviously rock solid and superhumanly strong as Maylene, but it was still clear that Korrina was an athlete with great tone. There were small rivulets of sweat running down her abs, trailing down and soaking into her shorts.

Getting off of Cynthia, the younger girl moved to the edge of the bed. “Well, since you liked licking my feet so much, how about trying the rest of me?” she said, puffing out her small chest. The combination of her usual lust and the intoxicating smell the girl was giving off made the offer far too tempting to even think about.

Cynthia went right for Korrina’s trim and toned belly, tracing the well defined lines of the muscles. Just like before, she was surprised at how pleasant the taste actually was. Korrina's skin tasted mostly the same as any other girl's, albeit with its own subtle flavor, just a little more salty. It was not unpleasant or gross in any way; Cynthia imagined she could have lightly sprinkled some salt on any of the women she had been with so far and gotten virtually the same effect. Working her way up along Korrina’s belly, Cynthia reached the girl’s small breasts. Cynthia took a moment to smile down at them with desire and appreciation. She just loved small breasts! Large ones, too, and nonexistent ones, for that matter, but there was something so cute, pretty, and arousing about small, perky little swells such as these. Though there wasn’t nearly as much to them as Cynthia’s own, she gave them the same loving focus that the girl had done for her.

Korrina sighed contently as she reached down and began to play with Cynthia’s hair the same way the older woman had done with her, and just like Cynthia, she was slowly guiding her lover. Slowly, along her side to her underarm, she guided Cynthia. The closer she got, the more powerful the scent grew, further making her fall in love with the musky aroma that meant Korrina.

Once Cynthia reached Korrina’s underarm, she hesitated for just a moment. The skin was as soft, smooth, and pale as the rest of the girl, but there was something about this one place still seemed oddly intimidating, especially since that oh so intoxicating smell was stronger than ever before. As much as she loved picking up new fetishes, growing as a sexual woman, Cynthia knew that the moment she did this she wouldn’t be able to go back from loving it. She suddenly knew for a moment what Viola had felt like, presented with a new frontier that she would love, but not sure she wanted to love it.

“Kind of surprised that you’re being so reluctant after before,” Korrina said, digging her fingers into Cynthia’s hair some more. “Well, I’ll help with that!”

Before Cynthia could say anything, the girl pulled her into the sweaty flesh, burying her face in it. Korrina definitely was not as delicate and understanding about Cynthia's reluctance as Cynthia had been with Viola. But as she had known would be the case, once there, Cynthia found herself embracing this with full sexual enthusiasm. Once more Cynthia came just from that wonderfully pungent smell. Her mind clouded with a delicious haze, absolutely drunk on desire, she began to lick, vigorously lapping away at as much of the girl’s sweat as she could.

Korrina easily guided Cynthia over to the other side once Cynthia had covered the first's area, and this time she wasted no time in going right in, savoring the flavor almost as much as she had some girls' pussies! The moment she was done, the girl pulled her into a kiss, getting a good taste of herself.

When they parted, Korrina hopped up off the bed. “Alright, now let's get to the really fun stuff!” she declared, pulling off her skirt and shorts, leaving herself in a thong that had a single patch right over her pussy. Pushing Cynthia down on her back, she yanked the older woman’s pants off, again leaving her panties in place.

Korrina dropped down and buried her face in Cynthia’s crotch, inhaling deeply, her eyes nearly rolling back in pleasure and excitement. “Ohhhh, fuck! Y-You have one of the strongest, best-smelling pussies I’ve ever found!” Korrina cried happily.

Climbing back on top in a sixty-nine position Korrina lowered her hips right on top of Cynthia’s face. As strong as she had thought Korrina’s underarms had smelled, this was even stronger, except now most of the aroma was the sweet, divine smell of her arousal, so much clearer now that Cynthia could almost place its flavor without tasting it. And the moment she gave a small flick of her tongue along that damp bit of cloth, the taste hit her: Korrina's juices tasted faintly of caramel. On its own, it would have been great, but the sweat only added to it, enhancing it to new levels.

(Salted caramel), Cynthia thought to herself in delight. (I love salted caramel!)

Korrina moaned and shook her hips, rubbing hard against Cynthia’s face, before lowering down and licking the woman herself. The feeling of getting licked through her panties was always a fun feeling, not quite as pleasurable as normal (at least, not usually), but still wonderful and with a certain appealing kinkiness.

With the almost voracious way that Korrina was lapping away at her quim and the heavenly scent that was flooding her senses, Cynthia wasn’t able to last a full three seconds before going into a long series of orgasms, cumming over and over, each new one beginning before the last two could fully end, bliss wrapping around Cynthia's mind and body in a quilt of pleasure, smell, and taste, ecstasy clinging to her through her shakes and moans as thick and heavy as the air in this sauna of sweat and sex. Cynthia licked the girl's clothed crotch on autopilot, but autopilot through a thong for Cynthia was still better than most women would ever be in their entire lives, and with the incredible pleasure added by her stud's strokes and crashes against Korrina's pleasure, the girl was soon screaming, with her overwhelmed thong slowly dripping cum and perspiration down into Cynthia's eager mouth.

After several orgasms for herself and dozens for Cynthia, Korrina lifted her hips. For a second Cynthia tried to hold her in place, not wanting to let go of the girl, but she slipped away easily enough.

Korrina moved to the end of the bed. “I don't think I can take much more, but there's one more thing we have to do for sure!” she declared, panting, as she moved in so they could trib. The damp, soaked-through cloth of each girl's drenched undergarments mashing together, mixing their cum and sweat, creating a wonderful was incredible, and Cynthia found herself shaking harder than even before as her quim quivered and came again, and again, and again. The heat, smell, and constant pleasure made both woman completely lose track of time as Korrina rose to one orgasm, fell, slowed for a moment, and then was aroused all over again by Cynthia's constant, needy thrusts. As for Cynthia, she was utterly lost to the world as one pleasure bomb detonated after another in her mind and body, her cum and sweat leaking more and more into her panties, dripping down in streams to the bed below the girls, drenching it as thoroughly as her panties were, causing a slick, gooey slap to every crash of their pussies. More and more and more, orgasm after orgasm going off almost before the last one had started, higher and higher as the sex flowed through her and wrapped itself around her and filled her cunt and her mind and her lungs and her tits and her soul, more and more and more!

At long last, Korrina fell back, a half dozen orgasms more than she could take. She gasped as she tried to come back from her nonstop pleasure, watching in amazement as Cynthia fell back herself and rode out the eight or nine cums she was having at that second, shaking and whimpering as the pleasure finally, finally began to recede. Korrina began to drift off to sleep, and Cynthia, just happy that she'd taken the edge off edge of her sexual frustration, embraced the younger girl, pressing their bodies tightly together in their sleeping hug, their body heat making each sweat even more.

Korrina was the first to awaken. She reached down to make sure her thong was still completely sodden, and finding that it was, she woke Cynthia up. “Before you go, there’s just one more thing I want to do,” she explained, slipping off Cynthia's panties.

“I do this every time I have sex,” she continued, as she wiped herself down with the small piece of cloth, running it through her hair and working her way down her body, cleaning every inch of herself. Instructing Cynthia to lie back, she repeated the whole process using her own thong on the older woman, working her way up from her feet, making sure to not miss an inch.

She ended at Cynthia’s hair, stroking every bit, coating it nicely in all their mixed fluids, before moving onto her face. The scent that hit Cynthia this time was stronger than ever, and she gave a loud, deep moan as it set off a extra powerful orgasm. Once she was finished with that, Cynthia said her goodbyes and set off. Loving the way that Korrina's scent and the aroma of their sex was following her, helping Cynthia to cum every now and then as she walked and thus keep her mind clear, she decided to put off showering for at least another day or so.

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