Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Chapter 3

Cynthia let out a small moan as she opened her eyes. She tried to sit up, but her body didn’t respond at all.

“Awake at last,” she heard a soft female voice say from behind. She was unable to even lift her head and look to the source.

“That whole thing with Erika was pretty fun to watch,” the voice said, a small chuckle following the words.

(I know I’ve heard that voice before), Cynthia thought to herself, but she couldn’t quite figure it out.

“I knew you’d be coming to me next, so I decided to save you the time of seduction and get right to the fun stuff.”

Suddenly the lights brightened enough for Cynthia to see who was talking. Janine stood over her, completely naked. Cynthia eyed her carefully. Her chest was fairly flat, with clearly developed muscles were very prominent. The same applied to the rest of her body--she had a firm set of abs, toned arms, and powerful legs. She looked every bit the trained warrior her father was, but she was not without some feminine charm. Her face was cute and young, and her cunny had only a few wispy hairs that were the same deep shade of purple that ran in her family.

(I always wondered if that was natural), Cynthia thought to herself with some small satisfaction.

“I hope you don’t mind that I drugged you. I know that your into some kinky stuff and thought this would be fun, but I accidentally made it a bit stronger than I meant to. But don’t worry, it should wear off after a while. But until then...” She merely licked her lips as she looked down at Cynthia’s body.

Janine pressed her foot against Cynthia’s breasts. That single bit of contact sent a jolt through Cynthia that nearly made her cum right away.

“Like I said, a bit strong.” She flicked a toe against Cynthia’s nipple, sending her over the edge right away.

Janine rubbed her foot back and forth slowly, every movement drawing out her orgasm more and more. After several more small orgasms, Janine lifted her foot and lowered herself down to face level with Cynthia, giving her a deep kiss, pushing her tongue into her mouth while running her hand along her belly, but stopping just short actually touching her cunny. The enhanced feeling of it was almost more than Cynthia could stand, nearly cumming again as Janine gently rubbed the spot just above her cunny, just barely keeping her own orgasm on the edge.

Janine kept teasing Cynthia for several seconds which seemed to drag on for hours for her, keeping her just on the verge of orgasm but not giving her the release that she needed so badly. Janine broke away from the kiss. “I really love the look a woman has when she’s desperate like this,” she whispered, gently blowing into Cynthia’s ear, nearly making her cum again. “I wonder how long I can keep you on edge.” she teased running her hand back up Cynthia’s stomach stopping around her navel.

She dipped her fingertip into Cynthia’s belly button, making her whimper softly at the wave of pleasure that washed over her. Janine kept teasing her for several minutes, lightly tracing her fingertips all over Cynthia’s body, following every curve along her collar bone, the bottom of her breasts, and just barely against her inner thighs. Cynthia wanted to writhe around to get some friction, to reach down and finger herself like mad, but no matter how hard she tried, nothing would move. She could barely twitch a finger.

Janine moved so that her cunny was right over Cynthia’s face, but not quite close enough for her to reach, the musky aroma driving her even farther into the depths of lust. “I’ll let you cum after you do it for me,” she said, lowering herself the final inch. Right away Cynthia buried her tongue into the girl as deeply as she could, moaning lightly as she swirled it. In the back of her mind Cynthia made a mental note of the taste, a bit sweet, almost making her think of peaches. The taste alone was nearly enough to make her cum, but Janine lifted herself up, almost as if she sensed it. “On second thought, I want to tease you a bit more.”

Janine moved down, gently lifting Cynthia’s leg, then running her tongue along her calf down to the heel of her foot. She moved a little bit more, so that her cunny was pressed against Cynthia’s while her foot reached up to Cynthia’s mouth, her toes brushing her lips. She stayed perfectly still for several seconds, the heat of their bodies creating an odd but wonderful feeling. Then all at once Janine began moving her hips as hard and fast as she could, licking all over Cynthia’s leg and foot.

Cynthia nearly blacked out from the jolt of sheer pleasure that shot through her entire body. Cynthia began running her tongue all along Janine’s toes as best she could, moaning loudly the entire time. It took very little time for her to go over the edge, screaming at the top of her lungs as she was hit by orgasm. Even as she rode the waves of pleasure, Janine showed no signs of stopping, pressing herself against Cynthia with all the force she could muster without hurting the other woman.

Janine broke away and quickly got into a sixty-nine, burying her face in Cynthia’s quim, using both fingers to spread her lower lips and getting as much of her tongue in as she could. At the same time, Cynthia began lapping away, gently nipping the younger girl’s clit as she moaned into her. After just a few seconds, Janine came, and Cynthia gulped down every last drop of the gush of cum, savoring the way that the girl twitched in pleasure. Without thinking, she reached up and grabbed hold of the girl’s rear, digging her nails in very softly to hold her in place.

After several seconds, Cynthia realized that she was back in control of her body again. She quickly rolled over, pinning Janine under her. She moved around quickly so that they were face to face. “Looks like I get to have my fun now,” she said, giving her a light kiss.


Several hours later, Cynthia let out a small yawn, looking down at Janine, who was on the verge of passing out from exhaustion. “Ten orgasms, half of which you managed to reciprocate. Not too bad for someone your age. I’m going to have to make sure to visit you again,” she said, pulling her in close before going to sleep, feeling a little closer to being satisfied than she had for some time now.

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