Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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As Cynthia approached her next stop, she thought about the rumors she had heard. Apparently, Anabel was known to offer quite the massage, but only for women. And even then, only to those who she found particularly attractive. No one but the lucky women who had experienced it knew exactly what it was like, only that it was very enjoyable, which Cynthia imagined probably meant it was also sexual. Cynthia had had more than her share of massages with happy endings (one of the many perks of a Champion's health coverage!), but she still was eager to get one of Anabel's.

As Cynthia entered, she was greeted with the usual fanfare, and after signing more than a few autographs, she was finally able to track down the girl in charge.

“So, Miss Anabel, I’m guessing odds are good that by now you’ve heard about the reason for my little vacation?” she asked, smiling suggestively.

The young girl nodded. “Greta had quite the story! Although by now, it's such a well-spread rumor that it's practically common knowledge what you've been up to. I only hope I can live up to your standards,” Anabel said, cheerfully, but with a composed calm to her. She almost seemed to have a professional manner about her.

“Oh, I’m sure you will,” Cynthia said in confidence. In truth, it's hard to find a woman who's not at the very least passably skilled at sexually pleasing another woman, and even those few were usually willing to take directions, so Cynthia was, as always, sure she was in for a good time.

Leaving one of her workers in charge, Anabel led Cynthia into one of her private rooms. The lighting was very dim. In the first moment, the only thing Cynthia could see was a massage table, which made her very happy. She had sort of assumed that she was uncommonly attractive enough that Anabel would be willing to give her one of her massages, but you never knew for sure. As her eyes adjusted more, she could see several bottles sitting around on shelves, and a few toys as well.

“Go ahead and undress while I get the supplies ready,” Anabel told her with a smile. More than happy to go along with whatever the girl had in mind, Cynthia quickly undressed. “You’re not going to blindfold me, are you?” she joked as her clothes came off. "Lucy had a bondage hood on me so fast I almost didn't realize it."

”No, unless you want me to,” Anabel replied, cheerful and frank. "I have a few items like that, but I'd much rather be able to see every detail of you, since you're so beautiful."

"Thank you! You're very pretty yourself," Cynthia replied with a blush and a grin, to which Anabel smiled and nodded.

Once she was fully nude, Cynthia laid down on the table and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was heated already. The sound of clothes hitting the floor hit Cynthia’s ear. She started to look back, but a gentle hand came to rest on the back of her head. “No peeking, please. It will be much better if you just relax,” Anabel told her sweetly but firmly. Obeying, Cynthia laid back down into the face rest.

She could hear a few bottles clink and other small noises. From her current position, she could see only Anabel’s feet moving back and forth, just as dainty and cute as the rest of her. While Cynthia was very tempted to lift up and get a look, she wanted to go along with whatever the girl had planned.

Soon enough, Anabel moved out of sight, and right away Cynthia felt something warm and wet pouring out on her back. “It’s a special blend I make myself,” Anabel informed her. The smell of lavender filled the air, sweet and light. It tickled Cynthia’s nose. Delicate hands began to slide across the Champion's back, pressing into her. Cynthia moaned. It was not the sexual moan that most women got from Cynthia, but a more relaxed moan of a simpler kind of pleasure.

For several moments, Anabel simply worked her way along Cynthia’s back. Even though she took plenty of chances to relax, mostly with sex, the massage was doing wonders for Cynthia, relieving all traces of stress that had built up in her body. Even if this weren’t the special massage, it was worth the trip entirely by itself.

But soon enough Anabel began to show just what made this special. Moving down, she squeezed Cynthia's ass, letting her fingers really sink in. Both her hands dipped down, stroking her inner thighs. She stopped only once, to get some more oil, before returning to her legs, going down lower.

Once she got to Cynthia’s feet, she really went to work, tracing every single line and grove twice over with each finger. She laced her fingers between her toes, working them back and forth, up and down, before giving each individual digit its own full massage. Cynthia, with feet even more pleasurably sensitive than an average woman and an interest in those feet of equally above-average intensity, was in heaven.

Finally, once Cynthia's feet felt like pure, happy putty, like it wasn't possible for them to feel more relaxed and delightful, Anabel went back up her legs and shoulders, and down to her fingers, even.

“Well, that’s it for your back. Roll over, please,” Anabel told her. Once she was on her back, Cynthia was happy to see that her suspicion was true and the girl was completely nude. Her body was very trim, even willowy, much more delicate than any of the girls she had been with so far. The only hint of maturity was a faint wisp of light purple hair around her cunny.

Anabel worked in reverse this time, beginning at Cynthia’s feet and working her way up, just like before. She would stroke her thighs, but otherwise left her pussy alone. Continuing up, she got to Cynthia’s breasts. Tracing her fingers along her nipples, she kneaded them tenderly even lifting them up to really work the underside.

"I have to say, I wasn't expecting your special massage to be so relaxing," Cynthia remarked. Even the work Anabel was doing for her breasts felt more calming than exciting.

“That wasn’t the special massage," Anabel explained, not bothering to look up for what she was doing, "it was just the warm up. It's important that your body is in the right state for you to enjoy the real massage. I was actually just about to get started with the main event.”

Anabel hopped up on the table, straddling Cynthia’s stomach. Pouring some oil down her own petite chest, she began to slide herself along Cynthia’s belly. Leaning down, she kissed the older blonde deeply. As she did, her own small chest pressed against Cynthia’s, their nipples brushing against each other. As the girl rubbed against her, the smell of lavender began to grow stronger with each passing second.

Moving up from her belly, Anabel nearly sat on Cynthia’s breasts. She moved between each of them, pressing her cunny over and over into Cynthia's flesh. Every now and then she would rub her clit against one of Cynthia’s nipples, making both of them moan sharply at the jolt of pleasure. Cynthia was awash in sensual pleasure. The feeling of a young girl humping herself against Cynthia was nothing she hadn't felt before many times, but the way Anabel was doing it was new, stronger, penetrating, somehow; she was using her pussy to actually, legitimately massage Cynthia, with as much relaxing, tension-relieving skill as her hands had possessed. Even as Cynthia became wetter from what was happening, her body and mind were floating in a lazy, happy sea from the massage.

Moving away from her breasts, Anabel slid down each of Cynthia’s arms. She took each of her fingers and slipped them inside herself, one at a time. The tightness of her inner walls was just as good or even better than the rest of the massage, and incredibly enough, the rhythm and pressure of Anabel's pussy clenches on Cynthia's fingers was too controlled to be simple, random spasms. She could actually control the inside of her cunny as dexterously as her hands! Cynthia simply lay there and enjoyed the unique massage against her fingers, too relaxed to do anything else, as Anabel gave each of them her pussy's full attention. Even as Anabel gasped and moaned from the pleasure of fucking herself on Cynthia's fingers, even as she shuddered from it and actually came, coating Cynthia's left index finger in her juices, her focus on the massage never wavered.

Once she was done with Cynthia's hands, Anabel moved down her legs. Again, she left her pussy alone. But her feet were another story. Anabel started by grinding the heel of Cynthia’s left foot against her cunny, then moved herself along the sole. The ball again was pressed in hard. Finally, she took nearly her entire foot into her quim, and began to massage it with her pussy walls just as well as she had the fingers. It was too much; Cynthia came just from the sudden warmth and tightness enveloping her foot, moaning loudly as the ecstasy raced through her, seemingly carried faster and harder by her ultra-relaxed muscles than it would have normally been, even though she couldn't manage to move, not even tremble for it. For several moments, Anabel simply rode against Cynthia’s foot, enjoying the fullness as she carefully squeezed against it from all sides. After a few moments, she herself came again, throwing her head back and crying out in a voice that broke halfway through her outburst. And still she maintained her control.

Anabel moved over to her other foot, and repeated the process exactly for it, right down to both women coming again.

“Phew...roll over onto your back again, please,” Anabel ordered, her voice shaky but no less composed than ever. Relaxed as she was, Cynthia's body complained to her about having to move at all, but she managed to do as Anabel said.

Once she was on her back, Anabel repeated the process, staring at Cynthia’s feet and working her way up. Even though she wanted more, just having the girl pressing into her back, giving it another massage with her wet pussy, was utterly amazing.

Once she had completed this new round, she hopped off the table. Before Cynthia could say anything, Anabel got back on the table. Almost immediately, Cynthia felt a dildo slip into her cunny, but Anabel didn’t stop with that. A bit more oil was rubbed along her ass, and a second toy entered her rear.

Cynthia gasped sharply at the dual feeling of penetration as it slid in, and then gasped again at the realization that it had entered her as smoothly and easily as the first toy had. Seeming to read her mind, Anabel simply said, "That's why I needed to relax you fully, Cynthia. Fully calm and with your whole body in a complete state of loose relaxation, a regular-sized toy can slip right in there without any resistance, even though you feel every inch of it just as much. All the pleasure, none of the discomfort. It's the way this should always be."

Utterly overwhelmed by the sensation of complete fullness on both ends with the novelty of utter comfort, Cynthia couldn't even reply.

Anabel began to pump her hips, slowly at first, but building up speed quite a bit, the slickness of the oil adding quite a bit to it. Leaning down, Anabel began to stroke the sides of Cynthia’s breasts, sliding her fingers down to stroke her nipples. Cynthia's pleasure overcame her hands' relaxed state, and she dug her nails into the cushioning at the sides of the table, her mind still reeling from the intensity of fullness of both holes.

It didn’t take long before Cynthia came, but Anabel didn’t let up. She kept going until Cynthia came three more times, her cum spilling down her to pool on the bed.

“Well, I think it's only fair that it’s my turn for some more, don't you?” she asked, though she didn’t remove the toys...rather she switched them to vibrate, and left them in place.

Rolling Cynthia over, Anabel lowered her cunny over the woman’s face. Cynthia of course needed no encouragement, and eagerly began to eat her out. As she did, a realization hit her. The girl’s taste was lavender, same as the oil. Not just similar--the smell of the oil and the taste of her juices were the exact same. This whole time, the "oil" she had been had been her own, bottled up...

The thought alone was enough to make Cynthia cum again, moaning wantonly into Anabel, sending her over the edge as well. Cynthia was held in place for nearly an hour, both girls cumming several times throughout the whole experience.

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