Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
Category: Pokemon > Yuri - Female/Female
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Cynthia moaned deeply as Arcade Star Dahlia wrapped her lips around her clit. “Mmmhh! You are a great little cunt licker, you know that?” she said, pressing her hips into the woman’s face. Dahlia gave a slight shiver at Cynthia's words, but made no response.

“I bet you don’t even care whose pussy it is, do you? I may sleep around a lot, but even I can look down on a slut like you,” Cynthia murmured, digging her fingers into Dahlia’s hair. Her only response was to moan deeply. “I know I have a gorgeous twat, even I get turned on by it nowadays, but even if it was the dirtiest, most wrinkled, ugly one you'd ever seen, you'd still want to shove your tongue in there just as badly, wouldn't you? I bet if I told you to, you’d eat me out in front of you own mother, wouldn’t you, you twisted pervert!” she said, grinding harder.

The dark-skinned woman whimpered and doubled her efforts in licking. Cynthia knew exactly how to press her every button. It was only a few years ago that Cynthia had first slept with Dahlia, and in the process found out that the woman loved dirty talk, especially when she was getting insulted.

Reaching up and squeezing her breasts, Cynthia looked down at the woman between her legs “In fact, not only would you eat me out in front of your own mother without a second’d probably eat her out, too, wouldn’t you? In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you already have, you depraved tramp!” Cynthia spat down on her, making her shudder.

“Well, have you? Huh? Did you lick your mommy’s pussy? How did it taste; did you love it?” she asked, curling her legs around the woman’s neck, pulling her in closer. "What a stupid question, of course you did! The woman hasn't been born whose cunt you wouldn't love getting your slobber all over!"

Dahlia’s eyes rolled back as she came, moaning into Cynthia’s quim.

Half laughing, half moaning, Cynthia looked down at her. “Did you really just cum licking my pussy while thinking about your mother? You're even more depraved than I thought!”

The more Cynthia talked, the faster and more eagerly Dahlia ate her out, almost as though she wanted to prove Cynthia's words were right. Cynthia came pretty shortly afterwards, gritting her teeth and moaning as the force of her climax took her by storm. The feeling of demeaning this beautiful girl as she pleasured her, throwing every dirty thought she could muster into her face...Cynthia could not help but enjoy her orgasm all the more for it, savoring the power and nastiness of her words as her body spasmed.

Forcefully shoving her lover back, Cynthia jammed her foot into her mouth. “Since you liked my quim so much, you should love my feet just as much or more, considering what a little pervert you are!”

The woman eagerly began to suck on each toe. As she did, Cynthia traced her other foot down Dahlia’s stomach. “It’s almost sad to look at you. I mean, I love girls who are kinky, but there’s got to be a limit, and you cross it, you whorish animal!” As she said that, she pushed her free foot into the woman’s cunny making her moan and thrash as she spread her farther and farther, until she was up to her ankle.

“Although I have to admit, you do make a nice fuck toy,” Cynthia muttered, reaching down to finger herself. Normally Cynthia would never swear, but something about Dahlia made it feel so right. "In fact, a fuck toy is about the highest thing you could ever aspire to be, isn't it? Most women want to amount to something in their lives, but you, you're content to just be a mindless pile of flesh for others to casually satisfy themselves on in passing! Furniture with a fuck hole, that's all you'll ever amount to!

“Once we’re finished with this, I’m going to get a strap-on cock and fuck every hole you’ve got like the bitch in heat you are!” Cynthia nearly screamed as she pinched her own clit harder, pumping her foot faster in and out of Dahlia’s cunt. The forceful pumping in her pussy and mouth, along with the verbal assault, made her cum again, jerking hard under Cynthia's attention.

Pulling both feet away, Cynthia switched them, not giving her any time to recover. “Considering how much you loved my foot, I bet it’s even better coated in your slut cum, isn’t it!” she demeaned, pulling her foot out of Dahlia's mouth and rubbing it all over her face, smearing her with cum and saliva.

“Well!? Answer me, whore!” Cynthia demanded, grinding her heel against Dahlia’s clit hard.

“Yes I love it, yes yes I love it I love it, you have the sexiest feet in the world, and my cum is so tasty I can’t get enough!” Dahlia exclaimed, moaning and breathing in excitement so hard she could barely get the words out. “And together it’s the best thing ever, if I could I would spend every day licking them clean of not just my cum but anyone’s!” The pleasure was clear in her voice.

“Of course you would, you depraved animal! I don’t like men, but there are plenty out there who’d do just about anything just to jizz on my toes--would you lick that up, too?” Cynthia asked, surprising herself but not caring.

“Yes, yes, I’d slurp down every drop! Every last drop!" Dahlia screamed passionately.

The sheer lust in her voice was enough to push Cynthia over the edge, and she came hard, shaking in her chair. She kept her feet in place just long enough to make Dahlia cum once more, before pulling her feet away.

“Stay there. I’m in the mood for pussy licking myself!” she said, getting down on the floor so they could sixty-nine.

Right away Cynthia began to lick and suck at her partner's clit, moving down to her inner folds. A hint of ginger flavored every drop.

Bringing her fingers up, she jammed them in alongside her tongue, roughly stroking and fingering every inch she could. At the same time Dahlia ate her out with the same enthusiasm as before, moaning deeply as she did. Pressing her hips down harder, Cynthia lifted up a bit a smacked the woman’s clit hard, making her yelp. The shock of it was enough to make both cum at the same time.

Sitting in place as she rode out her orgasm, the woman still licking her the entire time, Cynthia massaged her own breasts roughly. When the wave died down at last, she stood up breathing deeply. “Let’s get some toys now!” she snapped harshly.

Dahlia started to stand, but Cynthia pushed her back down with her foot. “Bitches like you can crawl.”

Dahlia merely nodded and crawled after her as she headed to the woman’s room. Heading over to the toy chest, she pulled out a strap-on with a vibrator attached to the inside, perfectly in line with her clit.

“On your knees!” Cynthia ordered. "I know that's the position you're most familiar with, after all!" Shuddering in delight at the abuse, Dahlia complied.

"Now make sure to lube it up good. After all, it’s going in your ass later,” Cynthia said, pressing the toy against Dahlia’s lips. Thrusting her hips forward, Cynthia buried the toy nearly to its hilt in the woman’s throat. As she did, the vibrator buzzed to life, making her moan.

“I kind of feel bad for all the men of the world. Not only can they never have me, but they can’t have you, either.” Cynthia pulled out, leaving Dahlia to cough and gag a moment, before jamming the toy into her mouth again. “I mean, you take this like a pro! I bet you could suck a real dick even better. Too bad for the guys you're such a dyke! I guess it figures...we finally find something you're actually talented at, and it's something you'll never do! Only you could find a way to fail even when you succeed, whore!” Cynthia grabbed her head and held it in place, positioning her hips as hard as she could.

Every time she slammed into Dahlia’s throat, the woman would choke and sputter hard, her eyes rolling back as she looked up at Cynthia. “Then again, I could be wrong. You might just be a total slut who wouldn’t care, just so long as you get to drink lots of cum! That’s all that matters in the end to you, isn’t it?” The buzzing against her clit was bringing Cynthia closer to the edge, and the look on elated shame on the woman’s face was only making it better.

“Forget your mother, you’d sleep with your own father, wouldn’t you?" Cynthia grunted as hatefully as she could as she felt herself getting closer and closer. "You make me sick, you little slut!” Cynthia shouted as she came, forcing the toy as deep as she could and holding Dahlia in place as the vibrator throbbed against her clit as hard as it could.

Pulling the woman off, there were several strands of saliva trailing off of it, and copious amounts of drool running down Dahlia’s chin and dripping onto her breasts.

“Aww, look at the sloppy little whore dribbling her spit everywhere like the slack-jawed harlot you are! Basic motor control a little above your comprehension? Well, that's okay, the only things anyone will ever want from that mouth will involve it being open, anyway!" Cynthia hissed and spat at the other woman, riding out her orgasm with her verbal abuse, transforming every wonderful shudder of pleasure into a new insult, even as the thrill of saying such things only prolonged her pleasure.

"If this thing were real, I’d definitely want a titty-fuck right now,” Cynthia muttered as her orgasm finally left her. "And of course you'd happily oblige, because Arceus knows the word "no" has never passed your lips--although it's probably the only thing that hasn't!"

Lifting the woman up by her hair, Cynthia shoved her forward onto the bed. “But since a tit-job isn't going to do jack squat for me...I think I'll just settle for pounding your cunt!” With that, she buried herself into the woman.

Not giving her any time to adjust, Cynthia worked her hips hard and fast. Reaching down with one hand, she found the woman’s clit and pinched it, hard. Dahlia cried out sharply at the abuse, but Cynthia knew full well that she loved it. After all, she hadn’t used the safe word yet. In fact, Cynthia could probably be a bit rougher.

Using her free hand, she hooked her fingers into her mouth, stroking her tongue. “It’s probably a good thing you only like pussy. After all, any child you had would just grow up to be a stupid cum bucket like you!” Cynthia said, pulling her head back so she could look at her face. There were tears streaming down Dahlia's face, but her eyes had a sparkle to them, one of utter, mad satisfaction that only someone in true ecstasy possessed.

“And of course, you’d probably fuck them, too, wouldn’t you!?" Cynthia demanded, her voice raising to almost a scream. "I can just picture it! They’d dominate you, just like I have!” Dahlia screamed out loud as she came, but Cynthia didn’t relent her motions or her words. “You’d be their favorite toy, wouldn’t you? I bet your children would share you with all their friends, and you’d love that even more! The slut mother, servicing you own child and a bunch of other kids, helpless as ever to do anything except suck cum all day into every hole you've got! And if you got knocked up from that, that kid would do the same!”

The harder she moved her hips, the more intense the vibrations became, and before long they were enough to send Cynthia over the edge--although the twisted pleasure she got from screaming her abuse could probably have done the job by itself.

Pulling out of her pussy, Cynthia didn’t say a word before she forced the toy into Dahlia’s rear entrance, making her cry louder than ever before. “And now your favorite, right?” Cynthia asked, leaning in close enough to bite her ear. “You love taking it in the ass, don’t you? The first time we were together, you told me that was how you started to masturbate.”

Dahlia couldn’t get out any actual words, just a series of grunts as Cynthia slammed into her over and over. “Skipped the tits, skipped the pussy, skipped everything that distinguishes you as a person with a sexual identity, somebody that could actually matter to other people! Nope, just went right the crudest hole you could find, didn't you? Well, at least you knew from the start that you weren't worth anything more dignified than that!

"You know, I normally don’t go for anal, but in your case? It just so right for a bitch like you!” Cynthia raked her nails along her back, hard enough to leave deep red marks. The pain of it only made it better for Dahlia as she did her best to move her hips in time, trying to get Cynthia to go deeper.

“I’m really just surprised you’ve never done it with a Pokemon! Or so you say, although I guess I have to believe you on that one--stupid slut brains don't have the imagination it takes to lie! They're just too focused on being cum dumpsters!

"But maybe you should take a look at Pokemon after all. Maybe a male Rapidash could satisfy you! Although I'd feel sorry for him--from his perspective, it'd be like mating with a Garbodor, you trash!” Cynthia mocked as she reached under Dahlia, using one hand to cup her breasts, digging her nails into the tender mound, while the other went to her pussy, roughly jamming nearly her entire hand into her.

Dahlia buried her face in the mattress, loudly sobbing in pain and pleasure, loving the degradation that Cynthia was pelting her with. Cynthia nearly fell forward, her breasts pressing into her lover's back, still pumping her hips as hard as she could.

Cynthia kept going until Dahlia passed out, going limp on the bed. Pulling out, Cynthia gave a small sigh, both of relief and disappointment. She was a long way from fully satisfied herself (although she didn't expect it would happen tonight anyway; she still had not met a girl on her travels who had come close to fully wearing her out sexually), but at the same time, it was good to get a breather from this. Keeping up a steady stream of abuse was hard! But as Cynthia looked down at the prone, sweaty, beautiful woman below her, and saw how happy she was even in sleep, she felt more than happy to take on this role for her...besides it WAS a little fun, like letting a bit of her pent-up sexual frustration that never got entirely taken care of out.

Cynthia leaned down and laid a gentle, fond kiss on Dahlia's cheek. Smiling gently, she landed a firm smack upon Dahlia's ass, and whispered, in a voice of tender affection that contrasted the words, "We'll pick up where we left off when you wake back up, little slut."

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