Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Stepping into the Anistar Gym, Cynthia felt a strange tingle run down her spine. It wasn’t the usual excited tingle of arousal, though it was definitely pleasant. Much like Caitlin’s room, the entire building was pitch black aside from a beautiful light, a brilliant shade of purple in this case. The light formed a path leading to the upper floor, where she could glimpse Olympia looking down at her. The woman was smiling seductively, and already stripped down to her underwear. Much like her cape, her bra and panties seemed to have countless distant stars printed along them, giving her an otherworldly look.

Not wanting to keep her lovely partner waiting, Cynthia hurried along the path, that strange tingle along her spine growing stronger with each step. As much as she wanted to get to Olympia, though, the path didn’t seem to be getting any shorter.

“Psychics! None of you can make this easy, can you?” Cynthia mumbled under her breath, though she was not really all that annoyed.

When she finally reached the end of the path, Cynthia was greeted by a very unexpected but pleasant sight. Olympia stood towering over her, the woman’s already impressive curves even more desirable now that they had increased many times over in size and stature. Kneeling down, Olympia gently picked Cynthia up in a single hand. Cynthia estimated that she was now no larger than a Barbie doll.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked in a soft whisper, her voice alone sending faint ripples of vibrating pleasure through Cynthia’s entire body. “Though I can do many things, this is one of my favorite uses of my abilities,” she explained as she easily pulled off Cynthia’s clothes.

Cynthia was about to answer, when her giant-sized partner kissed her, the other woman’s mouth completely covering not only her mouth, but her breasts as well. As her tongue brushed against Cynthia’s entire body, she shivered, cumming right away, her nipples and tongue being stimulated all at once in the same motion.

"My goodness, orgasming just from a kiss? You're certainly ready and eager," Olympia observed with a smile. Letting Cynthia go for a moment, Olympia took both of the smaller woman’s breasts into her mouth at the same time and began to suck. As softly as she was doing it, Cynthia could still feel her milk begin flowing, fast and freely, so much that it was almost unpleasant...yet as always, the pleasure of her milk's release, the relief it brought, and the delightful, deep satisfaction, was so intense that it was almost as good as the orgasm she'd just had.

Still nursing, Olympia brought up her free hand and began to rub a fingertip along Cynthia’s cunny. That single finger was enough to cover every inch of sensitive flesh all at once; it was more like having a strangely jointed, but no less pleasing leg to grind against. Cynthia found she couldn’t hold out for long, and came again. Olympia held her there for several minutes, stroking and licking her entire body, bringing her over the edge several times not giving her even a moment’s rest.

After Cynthia had enjoyed a few orgasms, Olympia walked over to her bed and sat down. “I’ve thought about using my abilities to induce lactation in myself a few times, and judging by how much you enjoyed that, I think I will,” Olympia said as she unhooked her strange starry bra.

Tossing it aside, she cupped her large, dark breasts, and for a moment her hands seemed to glow with that same purple hue as the path. When the glow faded, her breasts seemed to be slightly larger, and from Cynthia’s new lower perspective, that made them truly massive. “Now drink up. You’ll need plenty of energy for what we’ll be doing,” the giantess said, picking up Cynthia with one hand as she squeezed her breasts with the other, a huge spurt of milk arcing out. Cynthia ran her tongue along her teeth, her stud sending pleasant ripples through her body.

Opening her mouth as wide as she could, Cynthia wrapped her lips around the nipple. Right away her mouth was completely flooded with a gush of sweet, warm milk, so much that most of it leaked out of her mouth and dripped down her chest, washing over her clit. She moaned at the pleasure of the warm liquid drizzling over her precious bud. With her decreased size, it wasn’t long before Cynthia was full. Sensing that, Olympia pulled her away, grinning down at her.

“That really does feel quite nice, but I’m still so full,” she said, giving one breast a squeeze and getting another powerful stream of milk. ”I just got a fun little idea,” Olympia said, bringing Cynthia in toward her breasts and rubbing the tip of her nipple against Cynthia’s slit. The feeling as it slipped into her was quite pleasant, and certainly a new experience. It was soft and warm and wonderful in a way that no toy could ever match, lubricated with the warm milk that had just come out of it. Slowly moving the shrunken woman against her nipple, Olympia moaned deeply.

“Ah, this is even better than before,” she said, tilting her head back, enraptured by the tightness of Cynthia’s quim pinching down on her. Cynthia wriggled in Olympia’s hand, trying to take more of the nipple into her pussy. The steady trickle of warm milk flowing into her as her pussy squeezed down in pleasure was taking it to new heights, bringing her over the edge as she gasped in delight.

After several minutes, Olympia pulled Cynthia off of her nipple, a gush of milk and juices flowing out of Cynthia’s cunt as she did. Lifting her up, Olympia took Cynthia’s entire lower body into her mouth, licking her legs and pussy all at once, even her rear getting a bit of tongue, making her cum again.

Pulling Cynthia out of her mouth, Olympia began to move her down toward her quim. "It's a fact: no toy is as good as a girl,” Olympia said, pushing Cynthia face first into her pussy. Completely surrounded by the warm, soft, and very wet walls of Olympia, Cynthia was overcome with the taste and scent of acai. Though she had plenty of experience with exploring another woman’s inner folds, this was considerably different, even for Cynthia.

Licking away at every spot she could find, Cynthia could feel the woman’s entire pussy contract around her entire body, almost like a massage. For a moment she wondered just how much more wonderful this would be if it were Anabel...that girl’s control of her pussy muscles was on par with Cynthia's control of her own fingers. No doubt Anabel could have given her an actual, professional massage with her inner walls, in a similar situation. Crawling deeper into Olympia, Cynthia kissed all around, pinching and stroking all the most tender spots she could find, loving just how powerful the results were from each and every action she made.

Reaching down as best she could, Cynthia began to finger herself. (Masturbating inside another woman's pussy...guess I can cross this one off the bucket list!) she thought to herself as she came hard, as much from the kinky, incredible act as from the actual stimulation. It didn’t take much for her to bring her partner over the edge, either, and when Olympia came, the flood of cum was enough to completely drench Cynthia.

Cynthia felt herself being slowly and gently pulled back out of Olympia’s pussy, and for just a moment she wished that she could stay in. She was suddenly hit by a craving to live in the woman’s pussy for the rest of her life, to never leave these warm confines that were the ultimate symbol of feminine beauty. Though plenty of other girls out there who she would also like to try that with, maybe work out a schedule of a few months each. (It'd be one hell of a timeshare...)

Setting Cynthia down on the bed, Olympia stood up, looking down on her. “While this has been a lot of fun, I think I’d like you to be a bit bigger," she said softly. That strange tingle that Cynthia had felt when first entering the Gym came back, stronger this time, flowing along her entire body. Within seconds, she began to return to her normal size. Soon enough she was eye to eye with her lover.

“Well that was definitely interesting!” Cynthia said, running her hands along her body. She was still absolutely covered in Olympia’s cum, and felt pleasantly slick with it.

“Most of the people who have been with me in this way think so. But I’m sure you’ll like being on the other end just as well,” Olympia said with a grin.

“So you're going to shrink yourself now?” Cynthia asked, already anticipating just how much fun it would be to stick the mini-Olympia into her own pussy.

“Not quite,” Olympia said, running her hand over Cynthia’s breasts, enveloping them with that purple glow. The tingle this time was a bit different, still pleasant, but she could tell the difference right away as her breasts began to swell, growing by nearly a cup size in a few seconds. At the same time, she could feel the pressure of milk building up again, at a faster rate than ever. In a matter of seconds, her chest was nearly three times it’ normal size. Thankfully her piercings seemed to grow with the rest of her body. Strangely, despite their increasing size, her breasts felt no heavier than usual. That was a good thing, of course, for Cynthia would surely have collapsed face-first to the ground soon enough.

“Looking pretty good so far,” Olympia murmured as she watched Cynthia’s breasts continue to grow, until they were large enough that Cynthia could easily rest her arms over them.

“I know some people, particularly men, like big boobs, but this is a bit much, don’t you think?” she asked, cocking an eyebrow and looking down at her now enormous tits. As large as they were, they still felt natural and even pleasant, though the built up milk was becoming uncomfortable, as it always was when she went too long without releasing some of it.

“I normally don’t go for this much of an extreme, but your milk just made it too tempting. With your size before, I barely got a swig of it,” Olympia said, grabbing one of Cynthia’s nipples, which was large enough that her palm wrapped around it.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make the rest of you bigger, too, in a little while.” As she spoke, the dark skinned woman tugged at the nipple in her hand, releasing a thick stream of milk. The moment the first bit left her breasts, Cynthia sighed in delight at its release.

Olympia left for a moment, only to return with a pair of jugs. “I’m going to save some for later,” she said, grinning widely. Cynthia was soon in a euphoric state as Olympia milked her till she was nearly empty.

Once she had a good amount, Olympia moved her hand over Cynthia’s head, bathing her in the glow again. Soon enough, the rest of her body began to grow, her breasts seemingly getting smaller when they were merely coming more in line with the rest of her newly enlarged figure. Before long, Cynthia was huge, the bed seeming to have grown with her so that she could still sit comfortably on it. Cynthia looked down at Olympia, who was now small enough that Cynthia could easily pick up with one hand. An idea sparked in her head. While she would definitely love to be licked out from deep inside, there was something else she had to try.

Reaching down, she gently grabbed Olympia and moved her in toward her clit. Needing no instructions, Olympia instantly went to it, lashing the sensitive bud with her tongue as she used both hands to stroke it, once in a while giving the ring a hard tug, sending a powerful jolt through Cynthia’s entire body. Right before she came, Cynthia moved her tiny partner away and brought her up to her mouth, licking her from head to toe a couple of times, making the smaller woman cum twice.

After that, she moved Olympia back down to her clit, and using her free hand, pressed the smaller woman’s whole pussy against her clit. Both moaned deeply at the strange feeling as it slipped into her very slightly, spreading her pussy around it. Cynthia gently rocked against Olympia’s pussy, bringing herself to a very messy orgasm before slipping Olympia into herself. For the next several hours, Cynthia and Olympia took turns, trading places as tiny and giant, trying every idea they could come up with on each other.

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