Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Chapter 2

Cynthia took a sip of her lemonade as she looked over the balcony. (If you go to Celadon City, you really just have to go to the department store), she thought to herself, looking down at the bags from her shopping spree.

“I might have bought too much...this is why my house is always such a mess,” she muttered, sighing.

“I know what you mean," a soft voice said. Cynthia looked up and was surprised to see Erika, the local Gym Leader, approaching her. Erika was even prettier in person than Cynthia had thought, with short black hair set against very pale skin. She was very thin and delicate-looking.

“Do you mind if I have a seat?” she asked, gesturing to the empty chair across from Cynthia.

“Not at all.”

Erika gently brushed the seat before daintily lowering herself into it. “It certainly is a surprise to see the Sinnoh Champion around here,” Erika said, flashing a gentle simile that made Cynthia’s heart flutter for a second.

(She’s so cute!) Cynthia thought to herself, watching as Erika took a sip from her own can of tea.

“So you know who I am?” Cynthia asked, raising an eyebrow. So far not a single person in Kanto had recognized her, but that was something that she had been glad for until now.

Erika nodded. “Yes. I have a close friend who goes there from time to time,” she said. For just a second, Cynthia thought she felt something brush against her leg, but it was so soft that she wasn’t sure.

“Really? Anyone I might have met?”

Erika smiled again, and the gentle expression had the same potent effect as before. “I’m sure you’d remember if you had. Her name is Jasmine from Olivine City.” Again, the faintest touch seemed to brush Cynthia’s legs. She looked under the table, thinking that maybe some small Pokemon was there, but saw nothing.

“Oh, yes, Jasmine! I’ve seen her on TV before, but I'm sorry to say that’s it,” Cynthia said, thinking of what she’d like to do with the shy and petite Gym Leader.

“Well, she’s seen you,” Erika said, finishing her tea. “And spent the rest of the night masturbating.”

Cynthia nearly dropped her lemonade at hearing that. “What?” she asked, blinking a few times, a little shocked by the boldness of the very proper-seeming woman in front of her.

“Oh, yes, told me all about it one evening during a visit, as I was eating her out. I rather think she was actually imagining that it was you doing it! She and I have been friends with benefits for years, you see. It was at some event for your region that she was attending, and only for a moment, but apparently after seeing you one time she had to rush back to her hotel and finger herself sore,” Erika said in a dainty and nonchalant tone.

Again Cynthia felt the soft touch on her legs, but this time it lingered, slowly moving up to her thighs. She looked down and could see Erika’s sock-covered toes wiggle at her. “I can’t say I blame her. You are very sexy,” Erika said, again sounding as proper and relaxed as could be, even as she pressed her toes against Cynthia’s crotch, gently rubbing her through her clothing.

Cynthia grinned, trying not to make her arousal too obvious to those around her. “Your personality is a lot different than I was expecting,” she said, slipping off her shoe. She lifted her own foot, and began mimicking Erika.

Erika inhaled sharply, but kept the same serene look on her face. “What do you say we go somewhere a bit more private,” Cynthia suggested, stifling a small moan as Erika pressed her toes against a particularly sensitive spot.

“Sounds good,” was all Erika said, pulling her foot away.

Cynthia felt a twinge of disappointment at the loss of the feeling, but knew that soon enough she’d be doing something far more fun than a bit of footsie under the table. Cynthia picked up her bags and let Erika lead her back to the Gym.

“We'll have the whole place to ourselves for the day,” Erika said, opening the doors. The whole place was a huge greenhouse filled with flowers and plants of all kinds. There was even a small pond with aquatic plants in one corner.

“It must have taken a lot of work to get it this nice,” Cynthia said looking around.

“It was a labor of love,” Erika said as she began to undo the sash of her kimono, letting it fall away and revealing her body. Her body was even more slender and feminine than Cynthia thought, with a small patch of dark pubic hair standing out against her lily white skin. She was the very image of a proper and delicate lady.

Cynthia stripped quickly, saving her socks for last. Once they were off, the feeling of the soft grass gently tickling the soles of her feet made her shiver pleasantly. Pleasure-sensitive feet were so wonderful. “I bought a few interesting things earlier,” Cynthia said, reaching into her bag.

“And I was hoping that I could break them in with you,” she added, pulling out a large double-ended dildo.

Erika chuckled. “And I thought I was being forward,” she said, looking at the toy with lust visible in her eyes.

“But before that, let’s warm up a bit. Although you are very skilled with that foot, I am not ready yet for something of that size,” Erika said, sitting down on a patch of grass that had been woven into a sort of living mattress.

Cynthia lowered herself to the ground. The woven grass was surprisingly springy, and a bit warm from the sunlight that was pouring in from the ceiling. Erika made the first move, gently kissing Cynthia on the neck and putting her arm around Cynthia’s waist, pulling her in close. Cynthia relaxed as Erika gently licked her collar bone, before going down to her breasts and running her tongue all along the perfectly-shaped mounds, stopping just short of her nipples each time she got near them.

Cynthia could feel her arousal building more and more with each second, but Erika was merely teasing her, staying away from her most sensitive spots but doing just enough to excite her nonetheless, almost as if she knew the other woman’s thoughts. Erika brought her hand down to Cynthia’s quim, running her fingers along her outer lips, still only teasing her. Part of her wanted to say something to Erika, but the rest of her was loving it far too much.

Suddenly Erika pulled her hand away. “My turn now,” she said with the same gentle simile that she always seemed to have.

(I’m going to have some real fun with this), Cynthia thought to herself.

She quickly pushed Erika onto her back and began running her hands along her belly. Her skin was softer than silk, and sent a slight shiver through Cynthia at the thought of just rubbing off against her. Pushing that aside for later, she worked her way up to Erika’s breasts, gently cupping the mounds before running her hands down to her thighs, rubbing them without actually touching her pussy. She went farther down her legs to her dainty feet, running her finger tips along the soles, getting a small moan from Erika.

“Like that?” Cynthia asked, repeating her action and getting another moan as an answer.

Cynthia ran her hands back up Erika’s body up to her breasts again, this time leaning down and kissing her. “I think that’s enough foreplay,” Cynthia said, her arousal reaching a nearly unbearably level.

“I suppose you are right, but I love to tease Jasmine for as long as possible. It’s so cute when she begs for it,” Erika said, grinning again, a hint of mischief sneaking into her look now.

“I’ve got to do this, though, before we go on with anything else,” Cynthia said as she straddled Erika’s smooth tummy. She began to rock, her hips gently rubbing her cunny all along Erika’s stomach, coating it with her love juices. Erika giggled a bit as Cynthia grabbed her own breasts and started rubbing them.

“You look like you're really enjoying yourself,” she said, reaching back and caressing Cynthia’s ass.

"You bet I am! You're living silk, so smooth and soft and...mmm!" The blonde moaned loudly, cumming right away from the sensation. A gush of her cum dribbled down Erika’s sides, even as Cynthia kept pumping, the added slickness making it even more enjoyable.

Cynthia leaned down, sliding her cunny all the way down Erika’s body, until their pussies met, their clits bumping a bit. Erika lifted her head up and gave Cynthia a quick kiss on the lips, grinding her own hips and giving herself a small orgasm, just enough to take the edge off her desire for the moment.

Cynthia got up and went over to the bag. She took out the double-ended dildo. She gently pushed one side into herself, and moaned as it filled her. Erika crawled over to her. Gripping the phallic toy, she started to pump it, while licking all around the base where it entered Cynthia, flicking her tongue over Cynthia’s clit as she did so.

Cynthia’s legs began to go weak, causing her to slowly droop down, with Erika not letting up for a second. Once Cynthia was completely unable to stand, and had collapsed onto the ground, Erika mounted her, slipping the other end of the toy into herself slowly. She had another small orgasm as it stretched her in just the right way.

“Ahh...I’m...not used to toys this big,” she said, closing her eyes for a moment, her lip trembling a bit. After a few seconds, Erika began to pull back slowly, making the large toy move with her, then just as slowly she pushed forward, not stopping until her cunny was touching Cynthia’s, the full length of the toy completely disappearing into their bodies.

Erika buried her face in Cynthia’s cleavage as she started pumping her hips in long, slow motions, drawing each one out as long as she could as she licked the valley of flesh her face was nestled in.

Cynthia was nearly lost in pleasure as Erika gently fucked her, keeping her right on the edge without letting her cum, always stopping at just the right second to ensure that she couldn’t climax.

“Jasmine is going to be very jealous when she hears about this,” she said, giving her a quick kiss as she increased her speed, making Cynthia cum right away. Before Cynthia could finish cumming, Erika pulled the dildo out of herself and spun around, so that her dripping cunny was over Cynthia’s face, while she used her hands to continue pumping the toy, licking her as she did.

Cynthia tilted her head up and plunged her tongue into Erika’s quim, getting a wonderful taste of her love juices. In the back of her mind she noted that Erika had a very mildly floral taste, almost like rose petals. Cynthia moaned loudly into Erika’s folds as her own orgasm was drawn out longer by Erika’s skilled tongue and the large toy working her still sensitive pussy. It didn’t take very long for Erika to cum herself, her entire body going rigid for a second as Cynthia slurped up every last drop of her cum that she could. Her tongue thrashed around in Erika, trying to get more of the delicious nectar.

Both woman took several minutes to recover from the intensity of their orgasms. “That was a lot of fun,” Cynthia said, feeling more satisfied than she had in quite some time.

“Yes. But I hope that you're up for more,” Erika said, sitting up.

Cynthia laughed a bit. She had yet to find any woman who could last as long as her, so the idea that she wouldn't be up for more was a bit funny by this point. “I definitely am. I just hope that you can keep up with me!” she said, pulling Erika into a quick kiss, tasting a bit of herself mixed with Erika’s cum that still clung to her lips.

They parted after a few moments. Erika took Cynthia’s foot and lifted it up to her lips, planting a light kiss on the top, sending a shiver through Cynthia’s whole body. “You have some of the loveliest toes I’ve ever seen,” Erika said, giving each digit a small kiss.

Cynthia let out a contented sigh. (I thought she might have a foot fetish but...Ahh...this is better than I'd lovely...) Cynthia nearly came when Erika’s tongue lightly brushed against the sole of her foot. Even though most of her former lovers had been willing to indulge her love of feet, few seemed to truly enjoy it. But Erika looked as though she was feeling just as much pleasure from this act as Cynthia herself.

Erika gently nuzzled her cheek against Cynthia’s foot, stroking her leg at the same time. “Jasmine’s feet are a lot smaller, but...” She paused for a moment to give it another lick. “But yours are just as sexy.”

She spent several more seconds licking and caressing, before moving onto the other foot, giving it the same treatment: a quick kiss to each toe, before a long, sensuous lick from the arch down to the heel, which got another kiss before going back up to the top. She slowly and loving took each toe between her lips, softly sucking on them one at a time. By the time Erika was finished, Cynthia was on the verge of cumming with a single touch.

Erika quickly provided that touch, running her foot along the length of Cynthia’s quim, sending her over the edge right away. Her juices coated Erika’s toes. Erika kept tracing her toes along Cynthia's belly, up between her breasts, and finally stopped just in front of her mouth. Without any prompting Cynthia parted her lips, taking Erika’s toes into the warmth of her mouth, gently licking her juices off of them. Cynthia let out a small moan around the digits as she swirled her tongue in between each of them. She pressed her own foot against Erika’s cunny, lightly rubbing her clit. As much as she loved having her own feet worshiped, Cynthia also loved to lavish attention on the feet of a pretty girl just as much, and Erika’s feet were some of the nicest she had encountered in a bit of time. They were just as soft and smooth as her belly had been, they had an ever so light floral scent...

Cynthia took a moment to simply sniff both of them together, before she began to lick the second one they way she had the first, limiting herself only to the small, dainty toes, weaving her tongue back and forth between them for several seconds, and moaning softly all the while. Erika was in bliss as Cynthia teased her feet expertly, while using her own feet to play with her quim at the same time. She could barely stand it, and she couldn’t be happier with it.

Cynthia finally began to move down Erika’s foot, licking and kissing all along the sole and back up twice over on each foot. Once she had finished, she guided Erika’s feet to her pussy.

“Let’s have some real fun now!” she said, panting lightly with desire. Erika nodded. Both women pushed their feet forward at the same time, gently slipping their toes into each other. Erika’s small, delicate foot easily slipped in up to the heel, making Cynthia cum right away, moaning loudly as she tossed her head back, while Cynthia’s larger but equally elegant foot was only able to go in slightly past the toes. But that was more than enough to send Erika over the edge, moaning just as loudly and almost falling over from the force of her orgasm. Like Cynthia, she always came hardest for feet! The two stayed in that position for nearly an hour; every tiny movement either one made was nearly enough to make the other cum.

When Erika could finally stand no more pleasure, she pulled free and licked Cynthia’s foot clean, nearly passing out when the other woman did the same for her.

“Jasmine is going to love being with you,” Erika said, breathless, as she began to drift off, lying on the grass mattress.

“I’m sure she will,” Cynthia agreed as she laid down as well. "Girls always do."

(Even though I’m still pretty horny, that was a LOT of fun), she thought to herself.

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