Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
Category: Pokemon > Yuri - Female/Female
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A/N: after a long hiatus I have returned to this story.

Cynthia wriggled her arms as best she could. There was enough give to be comfortable, but nowhere near enough for her to slip free. Running her tongue against the gag in her mouth, she made a small groan as she felt the straps between her legs being pulled tight.

“Enjoying yourself so far?” Lucy asked softly. Judging by her voice, she had leaned in to say that, but the blindfold made it hard to tell for sure. Cynthia had been with Lucy a few times in the past, and she had shown a definite interest in bondage each time. Since last time, she had apparently gotten even more into it.

At the moment, Cynthia was wearing a hood. The only openings were for her nose and mouth, as well as a small set of flaps over her ears, but at the moment a dildo gag had been slipped into her mouth, forcing her to breathe through her nose. Only one ear was exposed, leaving her hearing a little lopsided.

Her entire torso was bound in something similar to a straightjacket, with the main difference being that her breasts were fully exposed, with her arms positioned in such a way that they were lifted up, making them look fuller than they already did. A pair of heavy weights were clamped onto each of them, tugging her nipples to the side.

Lucy was still working on her lower half, as far as Cynthia could tell just from feeling. There were at least a dozen straps around her legs, holding them open. They looped back onto her shoulders, forcing them up as well.

“Nearly done,” Lucy said. A few light clicks reached Cynthia’s ear. And that was the last sound she heard before the other ear flap was closed.

Now unable to see or hear anything more than muffled grunts, Cynthia almost felt like she was floating, as Lucy lifted her off the bed. When she had first come here, Lucy had been sure to not let her see any gear for what she had planned, so she truly had no idea what she was in for, making her feel more fully in the dark. It was exciting.

Lucy was strong enough to easily carry Cynthia with one arm, using the straps for better leverage. She murmured something that was too indistinct to make out clearly with covered ears, but Cynthia could make a guess, as a few seconds later Lucy gave her rear a firm smack. She let out a sharp cry as best she could with the dildo plugging her mouth. Lucy didn't repeat the gesture, and Cynthia was carried through the air, tensed for a possible second slap she didn't know for sure would come, clueless about where she was being taken. For all she knew, Pike Queen Lucy might be taking her outside, into public, wanting to display one of the world's two greatest Pokemon Trainers as her personal trophy. The idea was frightening because Cynthia had no way to stop it, no way to be sure she would even know it if it happened. And that made it excite her all the more.

Soon enough, Cynthia came to rest. She felt herself being lifted higher, and there were some clinking sounds. It took only a few seconds for her to realize what was happening. Lucy had some sort of frame set up that she had set Cynthia in, leaving her suspended of the ground. Cynthia felt herself slowly sway in the air, and loved the hanging feeling.

For several seconds she was left there. Cynthia knew that Lucy would definitely wait long enough to build up plenty of tension. With all her senses cut off, Cynthia couldn’t tell how much time was actually passing; the world was nothing more to her than floating darkness and an ever growing excitement. It could have been a few minutes or several hours. The only real sensation was the steady tug against her nipples from the weights, a pleasant kind of pain hat kept her grounded in reality.

That peace, however, was shattered quite violently when Lucy’s open palm smacked against Cynthia’s vulnerable bottom. A sharp yelp ripped through her, but the gag again silenced it for the most part.

There were several moments of before the next bit of contact: fingers gently moving along her side, up to her breasts, before flicking one of the weights, making her thrash a bit against the bindings. Immediately afterwards there was another set of strikes against her backside, each one hitting a different spot, so as to create fresh pain. The dildo gag swallowed her moans.

Once again Cynthia was left to stew. The ache in her bottom and breasts was becoming more painful than pleasurable by this point. But before it could become too much, Lucy reached down and removed both clamps, and judging by the warm, wetness that enveloped one, she was now sucking at Cynthia's tit. Another moan was lost to the gag as Cynthia's pained flesh was stimulated in a soothingly pleasant way now.

She moved back and forth between each one. The alternation between the heat of her mouth and the coolness of the air was almost painful in its own right, but it was far more enjoyable than the weights had been.

After a while, Lucy moved out from under Cynthia and behind her. She could feel her lover’s fingers tracing along her cunny, her fingers dipping in just enough to tease. As Cynthia began to feel the first hints of real pleasure, Lucy pulled her hand away, but this time there was no waiting before she resumed.

Lucy slipped her hand in up to her wrist. Cynthia moaned so loudly that even with her gag and her ears covered, she could hear the echo of it. Lucy began to pump her hand as hard and fast as she could manage. She knew full well that Cynthia could take it easily.

Using her free hand, Lucy began to stroke Cynthia’s clit, pinching it lightly. The dual assault was too much, and in a matter of seconds Cynthia came. Not letting up for a second, Lucy doubled her efforts. Cynthia arched her back as best as she could in her current restraints. Lucy chuckled, or at least Cynthia thought she did.

After bring her to orgasm three more times, Lucy finally pulled her hand out. She used her hand, still wet with Cynthia’s cum, to slap her ass hard again. The wetness made it sting all the more, and Cynthia cried out ineffectively.

Lucy again left Cynthia alone for some time. The afterglow of her multiple orgasms were still far from fading, as well as the tingling pain on her rear. The combination of them was different, and every enjoyable.

At last, though, she made contact again. She grabbed the back of Cynthia’s head and pulled her face-first into her crotch. Since she could only really breathe through her nose, she got an extra potent sniff of the other woman’s arousal. Combined with everything else, the sweet muskiness was enough o make her more than a little dizzy.

Lining up the other end of the dildo gag, Lucy impaled herself upon the toy, and began fucking Cynthia's face. A tube in the center let her juices flow into Cynthia's mouth, and Cynthia relished the treat. A very light flavor of bananas...Due to the gag, Cynthia had no choice but to swallow every drop of Lucy’s cum, not that she would have done otherwise anyways.

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