Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Back in Sinnoh at last! It was nice to be home, even if not for long. Cynthia already had her plans for the girls around her home region, starting with one of her main girlfriends, Gardenia.

Heading straight to Eterna City, Cynthia wasted no time in going right to the Gym. Thankfully, it was after hours, so she knew Gardenia would be available, and knowing the girl as well as she did, Cynthia was pretty sure she’d also be quite horny.

Heading around to the back door, Cynthia knocked lightly. It took only a few seconds for Gardenia to answer, already completely nude. “Ah Cynthia! I didn’t think you’d be back so soon!” The excitement was clear in her voice. Leaning down, Cynthia kissed her lightly.

“Sadly, there aren’t as many beautiful female trainers out there as I would hope,” she said, stepping back to get a good look at the girl.

Gardenia’s figure was very trim and healthy, a little thin, but nicely toned. Unlike most of the girls Cynthia had been with recently, she had countless scars. Most were little more than scratches, but there were a few that stood out. And it was clear from the look on her face, as well as her unashamed nakedness, that she was proud of them, a tribute to her life outdoors, a a life often spent as naked as she was now.

“Throw something on and let’s go out,” Cynthia said, grinning.

The girl’s eyes lit up. “Be right back. This is so much more fun with someone else!” she exclaimed.

The Grass Gym Leader disappeared for a moment. While she searched for the garment, Cynthia thought back to how they had first met. She had been visiting the city simply as a part of her role as Champion, and while passing by a bush, she had heard the distinctive sound of a woman moaning, low enough that most people wouldn’t have heard it--but most people weren’t as finely focused on female sexuality as Cynthia. She had quietly investigated, and found, just out of sight, that it was Gardenia masturbating. The moment the woman had realized that she had been found, she came. Ever since then, Cynthia would play with her in public, though she was always careful (more so than Gardenia had been) to hide--after all, even though a lot of people already knew what Cynthia was like, she’d still prefer to keep some degree of privacy.

“Come in here; I have something for you to wear, as well!” Gardenia exclaimed, tugging Cynthia in.

“You really should throw on a robe or something before you answer the door,” Cynthia commented as Gardenia headed back to her room.

Gardenia waved her hand dismissively. “You're just about the only person who drops by this late. And on the occasion when it isn't you, know I get off on being caught, Cynthia. If it weren't for the fact that you visiting means we're about to have a lot of fun, I'd actually be disappointed each time it's you and not someone unexpected!”

Looking around, Cynthia noted that, like always, the girl hardly ever cleaned, with piles of clothes laying all over the floor. The spots that weren’t taken up by discarded clothing were covered in plants. After a few moments, Gardenia returned from her room, wearing a micro-skirt and low-cut halter top. The outfit covered enough to be decent, but only just barely. She was holding a box behind her back.

“As I said, I got a gift for you.” She handed the box to Cynthia. “I hope you like it.”

Out of the box came a black gown with a low V cut that went down most of the way, and a slit up one side. “It’s beautiful,” Cynthia said admiringly.

“Well, go ahead try it on!” Gardenia reached out and began to undress Cynthia herself. It took no time at all before Cynthia was in her underwear, and that didn’t last long before they, too, were gone. Gardenia stopped her from putting on the gown for a moment, so she could simply enjoy the sight.

Once the dress was on, Gardenia and Cynthia headed out. “Let’s go to the usual place,” Gardenia suggested again, nearly dragging Cynthia. The usual place was a nearby restaurant. As the reigning Champion and international celebrity, Cynthia had a table on permanent reservation, a booth in the rear corner that would afford plenty of privacy. The sight of the two women coming in together like this was common enough that they knew they wouldn’t be bothered.

After placing their order, Gardenia slipped off her top, exposing her chest. Her nipples were already hard, sticking out proudly. Reaching out with her foot, she brushed against Cynthia’s leg. “So, have you been having fun on this little journey so far?’ she asked, stroking her foot along Cynthia’s thigh.

“Of course,” Cynthia answered with a grin, using her foot to do the same.

As Cynthia began describing some of her adventures, Gardenia teased her own nipples, cooing a bit while her foot slowly worked its way closer to Cynthia’s cunny.

“The waitress is coming,” Cynthia warned around the time that she was finishing up telling her encounter with Winona. Right away the other girl ducked under the table.

As the waitress set the food out, Gardenia hiked up Cynthia’s skirt, and started licking away at her thighs, moving in and pressing her mouth against her pussy every now and then. It took a fair amount of effort to not moan out loud, but Cynthia was able to keep quiet until the server was gone.

Reaching down, she brushed her hand against Gardenia’s cheek. “As good as that is, it’d be a shame for your meal to get cold,” she whispered down. After a few seconds, Gardenia popped back up on the other side.

“I would prefer just eating you,” she said with a grin, "but it would be bad to waste the food, I guess."

They ate, continuing to play an erotic game of footsie. At times, the would caress one another's feet and toes, at other times, they would be running their toes along each other's legs and poking, tickling, and lightly scratching each other with their toes...and of course, most of the time, each woman was pleasuring the other, using her toes to rub her friend's puffy lower lips and even brush against her clit. Cynthia's dexterity and skill were superior, and halfway through the meal, Gardenia found herself gripping the sides of the table with all her might as a climax swept over her, causing her to let out a helpless moan as she closed her eyes and lost all interest in anything but her sweet, convulsing release. Feeling Gardenia's feet against her, and pleasuring Gardenia with her own feet, was turning Cynthia on so much that she almost came herself.

(My love of feet is getting stronger), Cynthia thought to herself, as she tried to calm herself down a bit. (It's getting to the point that just thinking about them is getting me close to this rate, in a couple years I won't be able to pass a shoe advertisement without soaking my panties!)

As they went on like this, Cynthia continued the stories of what had happened up till now, which only turned each woman on more. When Cynthia next saw the waitress coming around to check on them, this time she was the one to slip under the table, while Gardenia put her top back on. Unlike when she had been the one getting serviced, Cynthia didn’t hold back, vigorously licking away at her clit and dipping her tongue in, the taste of honey filling her mouth.

The waitress, of course, asked if Gardenia was alright. After all, her face was quite red, and her breathing was heavy. But this was hardly the first time Gardenia had been in this situation, so she was able to cover easily, even though being this close to getting caught was only making her more worked up.

“That was a bit mean,” Gardenia teased as Cynthia came back up on the other side, licking her lips.

"You loved it," Cynthia replied with a grin. "I have the proof right here." She held up a very wet pair of panties.

"You're good!" Gardenia said, more impressed than annoyed. They had been around her leg, and she hadn't even realized Cynthia had gotten them.

"I'm the best," Cynthia corrected.

Every time the waitress came by, one of them would dip under the table. The woman didn’t question it, thankfully. By the time the meal was finished, Cynthia had cum twice, and Gardenia three times.

After paying their bill, and leaving a generous tip for the waitress which included the moist panties that Cynthia had taken from Gardenia, they headed out. “That was pretty good, but I’m in the mood for more,” Cynthia said as they walked along.

“Food or sex?’ Gardenia replied, cocking an eyebrow.

"Those don't have to be mutually exclusive," Cynthia remarked, remembering her experience with Phoebe and giving a small shiver of delight just at the memory. "But to answer your question..."

Cynthia pulled her into a kiss, letting her hand slip under Gardenia's skirt and squeeze her bare ass.

“Well if that’s what you want, I found a really fun new place in the park,” Gardenia said, again taking the lead and dragging Cynthia along.

Soon enough they came to a small clearing in the park. Several large tress surrounded the area, blocking most of the light, but even so, Cynthia could make out figures standing around in darkness. As far as she could tell, they were all women, and all of them were engaged in various kinds of sex.

Cynthia grinned at the sight of it all. Before she could take in any more sights, Gardenia tilted up and kissed her again. Reaching back, she slipped Cynthia’s dress down around her shoulders. Right away she broke the kiss and dropped down, taking one of her nipples into her mouth and gently biting it, earning a sharp moan from Cynthia. Not releasing the tender nub from between her lips, Gardenia slid her hand up Cynthia’s legs and quickly found her pussy, slowly teasing her.

Slowly and carefully, Gardenia guided Cynthia to a nearby bench that was unoccupied. As soon as she was down, she straddled Cynthia’s leg, rubbing her bare quim against the exposed skin.

Cynthia reached back, pulling Gardenia into her breast deeper, while her other hand cupped her ass firmly.

Bringing up her knee, Gardenia pressed into Cynthia, grinding hard. Tilting her head back, Cynthia moaned as loudly as she could, drawing a little attention to herself, but not much more that than some of the other women had already drawn.

Not satisfied, Cynthia gently pushed Gardenia off and stood. She stripped quickly, and with a tiny bit of help, got her lover out of her clothing as well. Cynthia had the other woman lay down on the bench and then got on top of her, sixty-nineing.

Each of them licked and moaned deeply and wildly, the sounds of the others nearby encouraging them more and more. The two carried on until it was close to sunrise. Getting redressed, they slipped back home, alongside all the other women.

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