Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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“It’s always good to see you, Cynthia dear,” Hall MatronArgenta greeted the blonde Champion as she entered the private section of the Battle Hall.

Cynthia smiled as she hugged the older woman. “I feel the same way,” she said back.

Aside from Cissy & Luana, Argenta was probably one of Cynthia’s oldest lovers, in more than one sense. Despite being nearly thirty years older, however, the woman still had a lot of sex appeal, hardly looking her age and possessing the libido of a woman half her age.

“So you’ve finished with Dahlia, I guess. Hopefully you took it easier on her than last time,” Argenta said, “Poor thing couldn’t walk right for almost a month.”

Cynthia chuckled a bit, grinning ear to ear. “Well, the important thing is that she enjoyed it.”

Sighing, Argenta shook her head. “I swear, you girls nowadays are just so wild.”

They headed over to a couch, and sat down together. “So why don’t you tell me about some of the other girls you’ve been with?” Argenta asked, removing her gloves. "A lot of it might be a bit too wild for me to want to do myself, but I imagine hearing about it will be very enjoyable." She slipped her hand into Cynthia’s pants, rubbing her through her panties. Cynthia purred and began recounting her many exploits, starting at the very beginning with Misty. The whole time, Argenta stroked her quim through her underwear, her own hand dipping into her own pants and doing the same.

The more she talked about everything, the faster Argenta’s motions became, slowly but steadily increasing their tempo, stroking against her clit before dipping down lower. Cynthia could feel her panties growing damper with every word and touch, every delicious recollection joined by a rewarding stroke, and judging by her expression, Argenta was feeling pretty good herself.

As she reached the part about Lucy, her current lover took it to a new level. Argenta pushed her fingers into Cynthia through her panties. The silky feel of her panties slipping into her cunny, wrapped around Argenta's twitching digit, was enough to make her whimper and cum, but the purple hair matron didn’t let up, and continued to work her fingers gently inside of her, stroking her inner walls with her own underwear.

Argenta herself came soon afterward, but she didn’t stop until the end of the story. “Sounds like you gave Dahlia quite the treatment,” she said, cocking an eyebrow and bringing her hand out from Cynthia’s pants, then licking her fingers.

“What can I say? I love to make sure my girls are happy,” Cynthia said as she took hold of Argenta’s wrist, the one that she had masturbated with, and licked her fingers clean, loving the taste of guava.

“Well in that case, I have an idea on how to make one particular girl of yours happy right now!” Argenta declared with a smirk, standing up and stripping, leaving only her panties on. Cynthia did the same.

They headed to her bedroom. Argenta wasted no time in pulling out a strap-on. Knowing the routine by now, Cynthia slipped off her panties and handed them to her aged lover. Argenta wrapped them tightly around the dildo, then guided Cynthia to the bed. She rubbed the cloth-covered toy against her slit. The panties, already damp with her arousal, felt extraordinarily erotic as they sought entrance within her.

Argenta pushed into her as she leaned in for a kiss, their nipples brushing against each other as she did so. The two shared a deep kiss as Argenta sped up her hips. The feeling of the fabric bunching up and stroking against her inner walls, back and forth as Argenta began to pump her hips and fuck her, was enough to bring Cynthia over the edge very quickly. Knowing Cynthia's unmatched sexual endurance, Argenta only sped her motions up as Cynthia clenched in orgasmic glee upon the clothed toy.

After making her cum twice more, Argenta pulled out, but the panties got stuck halfway, and the feeling of them being slowly tugged out, the wet fabric rich with her own delicious cum slowly dragging along her inner pleasures, was enough to send Cynthia over the edge again.

“My turn,” Argenta said with a wink, pulling off her own underwear and wrapping it around the dildo still slick with Cynthia’s cum.

Slipping her own panties back on, Cynthia shivered in delight at the warm dampness of them, and the way they clung wetly to her made it even sexier. Taking the toy for herself, Cynthia wasted no time in putting it on, and shivering in even greater delight as the front piece of the harness pushed her sodden panties against her. She positioned Argenta on the bed to lie on her back, giving Cynthia a good look at her body splayed before her. Argenta's skin was beginning to age, her limbs were beginning to thin as all elders' do, and her breasts were a bit stretched...but her curves were still there, her skin still mostly smooth, and her eyes and expression still contained the desire, the passionate, needy hunger for women that kept her heart and her sexuality young and ready. The joy and lust for life and sex kept Argenta a very desirable woman, and would for many years to come.

Cynthia pushed the toy into Argenta, biting her lip in delight at the sensation, already under normal circumstances arousing, as her action pushed her cum-enriched panties against herself. She began giving Argenta the same treatment that she had received only minutes ago herself, and Argenta pumped her hips in response, meeting her with as much carnal vigor as any of the women Cynthia had met with previously. As she pumped into the older woman, she could feel her own panties growing cold, but it wasn’t entirely unpleasant.

Argenta couldn’t last nearly as long as Cynthia, and came pretty quickly. Seeing the woman below her begin to shake and hearing her cry out in climax, Cynthia grunted at a partcularly potent thrust that ground her cool, soaked panties against her pussy and clit, and joined her old lover in orgasm.

Once they were done, they disengaged, Argenta lying still and breathing heavily as she basked in her afterglow, while Cynthia, just as turned on as ever, eagerly unwrapped the strap-on of Argenta's panties and took the toy off. She then drew her own drenched panties down her leg and stepped out of them. Breathing heavily at the thrill of it, Cynthia balled up Argenta's underwear, soaked twice over with her juices, and stuffed them in her mouth, while at the same time bringing her other hand up to press her nose into her own soggy undergarments and breathe deeply. The combination of Argenta's delicious, slightly guava-tasting cum and the rich, entrancing scent of her own, more beloved to Cynthia now than ever before, almost short-circuited her mind with arousal. Unable to stand, the Champion fell to her knees, her world nothing but the deep inhalation of her panties' musk, and the heavenly taste as she sucked every droplet of cum that Argenta had stained hers with.

So enthralled was Cynthia, that she almost didn't notice when Aregenta came around from behind her and began to knead one her breasts with one hand, and finger her with the other. The additional pleasure was more than she could take, and Cynthia gave a muffled scream as she came hard, her body trembling as she attacked the underwear in her mouth with her tongue as hard as she could for every last taste, and she filled her lungs with her own scent so thoroughly that she thought she might burst.

When Cynthia finally regained her senses, she found herself lying on the floor, and looking up at Argenta, who was grinning and holding a fresh set of panties. Cynthia's own underwear was still in her hand.

"Well, my first pair seem to be drenched in your spit at the moment...but I was thinking that if you want to help me get this next pair nice and moist, then for the next round we can trade panties and do it all again," she said, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

“Sounds like a plan!” Cynthia agreed.

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