Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Chapter 12

Cynthia took a step on the bridge, looking over the edge. (The view is amazing up here!) she thought.

“Don’t tell me you're afraid of heights!” Winona called, looking back from a few feet farther along.

“Not at all! I find them thrilling. I was just admiring how beautiful this place is,” she answered, and began to walk again.

“So you're almost done here in Hoenn, huh? I wished you’d visited me sooner,” the lavender-haired girl said, a coy grin on her face as she climbed onto the handrail and started walking backwards.

“Well, I planned out an order that seemed natural, and went by it,” Cynthia said, admiring Winona’s balance and grace.

Winona pouted slightly. “Well, I still wish you’d come here sooner. Think of it from my perspective! Imagine how hard it is to wait, knowing that THE Cynthia is making booty calls!”

Cynthia grinned. “Well, next time I come through this Region, I’ll be sure to visit you earlier.”

It was a short walk to the Gym. Winona traveled the whole way backwards on the handrail, jumping off it only at the very end. She guided Cynthia to her bedroom.

“Wow, very pretty,” she commented. The ceiling was completely clear, giving a unobstructed view of the clear, blue sky.

“You should see it at night,” Winona said. It was only than that Cynthia noticed that the girl was already stripped down to her panties, with her bra cast aside, exposing her supple breasts. Her whole figure was slim and well muscled, most likely from the years of acrobatic training that she’d done. Cynthia couldn’t help but giggle a little bit when she got a good look at Winona’s panties: a pale sky blue with a cloud pattern.

Winona looked back, grinning. “Enjoying the view?” she asked, shaking her hips a bit.

“Very much,” Cynthia answered, licking her lips. Wasting no time, Cynthia slipped out of her jacket, the rest of her clothes following soon after. Once she was nude, she got on the bed and gave Winona’s rear a firm smack, getting a soft gasp from her. Cynthia ran her hand along the curve of the other woman’s ass, and ran her fingers along the crotch of Winona’s panties.

“You're pretty wet already,” she commented, feeling the moisture through the fabric.

Cynthia pulled her hand away and quickly pushed Winona onto her back. In one quick motion, she yanked off her underwear. She took a moment to admire the look of Winona’s cunny, lavender hair trimmed lightly into a neat patch. Cynthia leaned in and gave her a long, slow lick. Winona tasted like the clean, fresh air of this clean, lovely city, light and pure. The Gym Leader shivered a bit as Cynthia used her fingers to spread her lower lips and slip her tongue in deeper. Every twist and wriggle of the organ sent a new wave of pleasure through the girl, and in very little time, a soft cry passed her lips, and she came.

Cynthia lapped up every bit of her juice, and when she was done she rose up, licking her lips. Winona let out a small sigh. “You're even better than I’d heard,” she murmured weakly.

“I do my best,” Cynthia responded. “And I except the same from my partners!” She moved up so that her cunny was directly over Winona’s face. Catching a second wind, she lifted her head up and immediately took Cynthia’s clit between her lips, gently sucking. The blonde gasped sharply at the burst of pleasure. Winona grabbed hold of Cynthia’s hips, letting her fingers dig into her ass a bit, holding her in place as she licked and nipped at her cunny, gently pulling her labia with strong, sucking kisses. Cynthia moaned deeply as she ground her hips against Winona’s face. As she did, some of her long blonde hair brushed against Winona’s bare stomach. The moment that it did, Winona jerked sharply, plunging her tongue in deeper out of shocked reflex. She made a noise between a giggle and a moan, so erotic that just the sound of it almost made Cynthia moan herself.

“So, that’s what you like?” Cynthia asked, smirking.

The older woman flicked her head slightly, making her hair run along Winona’s belly again, causing her to giggle and whimper into her pussy. The spasms that hit Winona with every flick of hair were tremendous, and soon sent her over the edge. As she hit her climax, Cynthia began to jerk her head quickly, letting her hair practically dance and leap upon Winona's sensitive stomach. It turned Winona's pleasure white hot, and she began to laugh and scream aloud into Cynthia's pussy. Although she was barely even able to keep her tongue within, the motions and the sound vibrations were enough to send Cynthia over the edge, too, and she came as well, a spurt of her cum oozing forth into Winona's shaking mouth.

Cynthia crawled off of her partner and kissed her as Winona calmed down, licking away a bit of her own cum with a smile. “I love finding a girl’s fetish,” Cynthia said, brushing a bit of her hair under Winona’s breasts, making her yelp. She straddled Winona, holding a bit of her own hair in each hand. She traced it all over Winona’s body, trying to find all of the most sensitive spots she could. With every bit of contact, the younger girl would writhe and half moan, half laugh. Cynthia leaned down and kissed her quickly.

“I’m going to have a lot of fun with this part,” she whispered softly, before shifting her position so that they were once more in a sixty-nine. Winona went to work immediately. Cynthia, however, took a moment to grip a bit of her hair and move it down, so that she could tickle Winona’s feet with it. As she stroked Winona’s soles, Cynthia flicked her tongue directly over the girl’s clit. The dual assault on both her pussy and feet was far more than Winona could stand, and she came in a matter of seconds, moaning deeply and flooding Cynthia’s mouth. The blonde Champion drank in as much as she could, moaning and grinding her hips against Winona's eager mouth at the same time. Without letting up for a moment, Cynthia continued to lick and stroke Winona’s most sensitive areas, drawing out her orgasm for several minutes. Winona was nearly sobbing with pleasure into Cynthia’s cunny, soon bringing her to orgasm as well. Cynthia let out one final moan into Winona’s quim, sending another wave of pleasure through her.

Once she had lapped up the last gush of nectar, Cynthia rolled off of Winona, licking her lips and panting. Winona as well could do nothing but lay still, breathing deeply for several moments.

Once they had both recovered some, Winona got up. “Stay there for a moment,” she said, walking over to her closet. Cynthia was more than happy to watch her back as she rummaged through it, her shapely butt shaking with every movement. By the time Winona turned around, Cynthia was as wet and needy as she'd been when she got here. Winona now had a large feather boa draped over her neck, and a feather duster in one hand, two sets of handcuffs and a gag in the other.

“I think it’s my turn to tickle you some!” she said with a grin.

Winona quickly set to work, snapping the cuffs into place, restraining Cynthia arms and legs in place, spread wide enough to give her full access to every part of the woman’s body. The gag was next. Once that was in place, she looped the boa around Cynthia’s neck so that it hung down directly over each of her nipples. Cynthia wiggled a little, and just as she had thought, the boa rubbed against the sensitive nubs in just the right way to send a jolt through her. She made the same half laugh, half moan that Winona had earlier.

“If you like that, you’ll love this,” Winona said, planting a small kiss on Cynthia’s forehead as she rubbed the end of the duster’s handle against the outer edge of Cynthia’s quim. As she did, the feathers lightly brushed against her thighs, making her jerk, which caused the boa to brush her nipples, causing another jolt to hit her. Winona giggled as she watched.

“Later we’ll have to trade places for this. It looks too great not to try myself!” she said as she let the end of the handle dip in a little bit father. The mixture of the duster’s handle and the feathers rubbing against her thighs caused Cynthia to arch her back, and again the boa shifted, furthering her ticklish pleasure. Cynthia tried to keep the rising giggles from these sensations within her. She knew that when she fully started laughing, the motions she'd make would send her into a sexual tickling frenzy, and she wanted to hold it off and anticipate it as long as she could.

Winona teased Cynthia for several minutes, pushing the handle in a little bit before pulling it out again. Each time she did so it tickled her thighs a bit more, and every jolt of pleasure was only intensified by the way the boa caressed her nipples with every tiny movement she made. Even her own breathing was causing it to shift.

“I think it’s time to move on to the really fun part!” Winona said, slowly pushing the handle in as deeply as she could. The feathers were now pressed directly against Cynthia’s thighs, so that they rubbed her continuously, creating a nonstop ticklish feeling that made her squirm, jiggling the boa more. Cynthia moaned sharply against the gag, loving the mix of pleasure and mild pain that came from being so full and stimulated. It managed to take her mind off the ticklish feelings racing through her for a moment, helping her to contain her growing urge to laugh.

Winona watched for a few moments as Cynthia writhed against her bonds, every tiny movement setting off a chain reaction, trying to escape the feeling but only feeding into it more and more. Just the thought of being in her place was nearly enough to make her cum, but getting to have one of the greatest trainers and most beautiful women in the world completely at her mercy was even more fun.

Winona kneeled down at the end of the bed, Cynthia’s feet right in front of her. Winona traced the tips of her finger along each one, causing Cynthia’s entire body to tense even more than when she’d been eating her out. Winona took her time, tracing her fingers along every line and curve on Cynthia’s feet, memorizing the spots that seemed to have the strongest reactions, all while Cynthia fought as hard as she could to contain her shaking pleasure. Once she had covered every inch of her soles, she moved up to her toes, giving each one a small kiss before going back in the opposite order.

Cynthia was trying as hard as she could to stay still. Even the smallest movement sent a jolt through her that was nearly enough to make her cum again, and she wanted to savor this incredible moment, the moment when her body was molten with pleasure, as giggles and orgasm raged below the surface, waiting to be released as an explosion of quaking pleasure, as long as she could. But her plans were soon shot down. Winona flicked her tongue against every one of the tender spots she had found before. Cynthia screamed so loudly the gag might as well not have even been there, as her mind nearly blanked with a wave of pleasure. Winona kept up her pace, her tongue darting in between each toe without a second of rest for the blonde. She watched in erotic fascination as Cynthia bucked and screamed in laughter and pleasure that just intensified itself the more she released it. Every scream was laced with peals of squealing laughter, and each one shook her climaxing body fiercely, and with every shake the boa tickled her breasts and nipples, the feather duster jiggled against her thighs and even a little against the surface of her filled pussy, and Winona's tongue was lightly scraped along the blonde's feet as they shook. It was a living, cumming monument to pleasure, Winona's tongue fueling a hurricane of tickling pleasure that Cynthia's orgasmic throes perpetuated on their own.

Maybe she came dozens of times or maybe it was one long, record-breaking orgasm, but after nearly an hour of tormenting Cynthia with pleasure from well-placed kisses and licks to her feet, Winona started her way up her partner’s shaking legs, pulling out the duster. Most of the fathers were clumped together with cum. She set it aside and lapped up as much of the mess as she could, moaning into Cynthia as she did. Once she had cleaned her, Winona moved up, pushing aside the boa, so that it was now rubbing against Cynthia’s underarms instead. She took one nipple into her mouth, gently sucking and nipping at it while using her fingers to tweak the twin. She went back and forth between them for several more minutes, while grinding herself against Cynthia’s quim. When she came, she let out a small laugh.

“Guess I’ll need to clean you again," she murmured.

Once she had licked away every bit of her own juices as well as most of Cynthia’s, she sat up and removed the gag, kissing the blonde deeply as she tugged at the ends of the boa, making her moan into their kiss. When she parted from her, Cynthia grinned.

“That was fun. Your turn."


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