Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Chapter 7

Cynthia took a deep breath, loving the scent of the clean ocean air. (Olivine City and that cutie Jasmine! This is going to be a very nice day, I think. I hope that she’s half as horny as Erika told me she is!) she thought, remembering the conversation she’d had with the surprisingly perverted Gym Leader.

Cynthia decided to head straight to the Gym once she'd enjoyed her surroundings a bit. She’d heard enough to know that Jasmine was either there or visiting the lighthouse, and the Gym was closer at the moment. Cynthia was very happy to find that she had chosen right as she was greeted by Jasmine peeking out the half open door.

“Ah...C...Cynthia!” The girl's face lit up with a nearly luminescent blush. “Erika told me to except you soon, but I thought she was just teasing me...” Jasmine said, still not opening the door.

“Well, she wasn’t. Now then, are you going to let me in or not?” Cynthia asked, putting her hand on her hip.

The door opened so quickly that the suction created by it was nearly enough to pull Cynthia in by itself--but Jasmine certainly helped. The interior of the Gym was rather sparse, but that made it all the easier to fully appreciate just how pretty Jasmine was. Standing a bit shorter than Cynthia, her slender figure and soft, round, innocent face gave her an almost childlike appearance...but the glint of list in her eyes as she looked at Cynthia was anything but.

“L...Let’s go to my room,” Jasmine said, turning around and heading very deliberately toward the back section of the Gym. Cynthia happily followed. Even though Jasmine’s figure was so slim, Cynthia couldn’t help but notice that she had a very nice wiggle to her hips. The simple green dress that she wore seemed to accentuate what few curves the girl did have. Not that she wasn't a gorgeous, sexy little thing even without many curves. Cynthia appreciated a young, budding preteen's body just as much as a curvy, voluptuous figure (and she was a big fan of everything in between, too).

Once they entered the bedroom, Cynthia paused for a moment in surprise. There were several large dildos and other sex toys laying out in the open. There were also a few shelves loaded with what was obviously porn, ranging from simple run-of-the-mill to some that were a bit fetishiy even for Cynthia.

“Wow,” was all the Champion could say.

“Umm, can we get started?” Jasmine asked, even as she began to lift her dress up. Cynthia was again surprised when she saw Jasmine’s underwear. Both her bra and panties had small vibrators sewn into them, and it was clear that they were on at the moment.

(That might be part of the reason that she always has a hard time talking with everyone), Cynthia mused as she removed her own clothing. Jasmine’s body was very slender and pale, giving her a very girlish charm, which was enhanced by the long light brown hair that framed her figure perfectly.

Jasmine blushed and put her hands over her body. “Please don’t stare at me like that,” she said softly. Cynthia walked over to her, gently touching her chin and lifting her head so that their eyes met. Without saying a word, she leaned down and kissed her, softly running a hand down her flat belly, stopping at her panties. She could feel the lump of the vibrator directly over her clit. Cynthia moved it slightly, making Jasmine moan a bit into their kiss.

After a few seconds, they parted. Jasmine was completely breathless. Taking advantage of the moment, Cynthia easily lifted the much more petite girl and set her on the bed, pushing her down.

“I’m taking the lead this time,” she said in a low voice as she straddled her so that the vibrator was pressing against her own clit. She began to very slowly roll her hips, making the toy move against both herself and Jasmine at the same time. The younger girl snapped back to her senses, moaning. Without saying a word, she tilted her neck and took one of Cynthia’s nipples into her mouth, gently nibbling and sucking on it at the same time. Cynthia began to rock her hips a bit faster, her own juices soaking through Jasmine’s panties and mixing with hers. Before very long, they both came at the same moment, Jasmine releasing Cynthia’s nipple as she moaned. Right away the older woman slid down a little and caught her lips in a deep kiss, reaching back to finger herself, extending her orgasm.

Cynthia broke away and brought her hand up to her mouth, licking away her cum, while looking down at jasmine for a few moments. Jasmine sat up. “That was great,” she said, reaching back and unsnapping her bra.

“A great warm up, that is!” she said, sounding a bit more relaxed.

“Well then, let’s get to the fun stuff!” Cynthia said, glancing around the room. There was no shortage of interesting toys that could be used.

“Alright, then there’s something I’ve just gotten, and Erika hasn’t been over to try it out, so I was wondering if you’d break it in?” Jasmine said, getting out of bed and tossing her panties aside. She walked over to a large chest and pulled out what looked like an old-fashioned hand drill, only it had a large dildo with a metallic look to it. The whole thing had a soft spiral running along it.

“Wow, that’s...that’s quite a thing,” Cynthia said, not sure what to say.

“I had it custom-made. It wasn’t cheap,” Jasmine said, giving the handle a small twist, making the whole thing spin. It sent a chill of anticipation through Cynthia.

Cynthia decided to let Jasmine take the lead, and laid back, spreading her legs a bit. Jasmine pressed the tip of the toy against her quim and began to gently twist it, slowly pushing it in a little as she did. The feeling of the odd toy twisting around as it was pushed in deeper was unlike anything that Cynthia had ever felt, and in a really good way! The fact that it grew wider the closer to the base it got just made it better.

“So what do you think?” Jasmine asked, giving an extra fast twist, sending a strong bolt of pleasure through Cynthia.

“It’s great!” she said. Just then Jasmine began to twist it in the opposite direction, while still pushing it in deeper. The sudden sensation of it was more than enough to push her over the edge.

“I’m guessing that Erika will like this a lot,” Jasmine said as she pulled the toy out, the feeling of which caused Cynthia to cum again.

Once Cynthia caught her breath, she sat up and pushed Jasmine down. “I think I’ve been letting you have a bit too much control, young lady!” she said, pinning Jasmine to the bed. She kissed her for just a second, before going down to her breasts, completely covering one of them with her mouth. She sucked the whole mound for a few seconds, before releasing it and going over to its twin. Once she was done with it, she began to work her way down, kissing her way along the girl’s stomach, letting her tongue flick across her belly button. This earned a small moan from Jasmine, and then Cynthia was working her way farther down.

Cynthia took a moment to admire the sight of Jasmine’s whole body, her slender arms and legs, her flat chest and belly, the slight trembling as she breathed heavily, still riding waves of pleasure. Not wasting another moment, Cynthia dove in, spreading her lower lips and burying her tongue in as deeply as she could, slurping up her love juices. Like always, she took a moment to savor the taste, memorizing it. Jasmine had a very light taste that made Cynthia think of vanilla.

Cynthia rapidly flicked her tongue over Jasmine’s clit, before plunging it in her cunny as deeply as she could, moaning around the whole mound, which brought the girl to orgasm near instantly. She gulped down every last drop of the girl's nectar, loving all of it.

As soon as the girl was finished, Cynthia lifted herself up and kissed her again. The kiss was short, but very passionate. When Cynthia broke away, she quickly moved around so that they could sixty-nine. She immediately began to eat her out. Jasmine let out a sharp moan of surprise, but she very quickly got over it and began to do the same, licking fervently and sucking in her love juices.

It took very little time for both of them to cum again, drinking in each other's cum. Once they parted, Cynthia sat up again.

“I can’t believe I've managed to resist your cute little feet until now!” she said, slowly crawling forward, letting her breasts drag across Jasmine’s slender legs. Like the rest of her, Jasmine’s feet were slender and delicate, in particular her toes. Just looking at them gave Cynthia all sorts of fantasies. She began with the big toe on the left foot. Taking it into her mouth, she began to gently bob her head, swirling her tongue around it, paying special attention to the spot right between it and the one next to it.

After nearly a full minute, she moved on to the next one, giving it the same tender treatment. Jasmine moaned and writhed a bit with every single flick and wriggle of Cynthia’s tongue.

“'re even better than Erika!” she cried out, having a small orgasm just from having her toes licked and sucked on. Cynthia couldn’t help but smile at that fact. She was the best, she knew it, and she loved it. She spent a few more minutes working on that one foot, before moving onto the other one. She began to give it the exact same treatment, again bringing Jasmine to orgasm through her toes alone.

Once she was done with her toes, Cynthia began working her way down the soles, moving back and forth between them in each single swipe, across the left foot then one to the right and back again. By the time she reached her heels, Jasmine had already cum twice more. Finally Cynthia stopped, and took a moment to lick up Jasmine's accumulated cum.

“I want you to repeat that perfectly for me,” Cynthia said, moving around and offering her feet to Jasmine. Jasmine began to do it exactly like Cynthia had, sucking and moaning around her toes, getting a very pleased moan from the older blonde. Jasmine was a very quick learner! Cynthia’s feet were much more sensitive than Jasmine's (and just about every other woman she'd met before), so she came much more quickly from the worship lavished upon her feet. As she came, she reached down and dipped her fingers into the juices that leaked out of her, bringing her fingers back up to lick her passion fluids away.

Once Jasmine had finished with both of Cynthia’s feet, the older woman had cum nearly six times, without even touching herself once. “I hope you aren’t getting tired, because this is just getting me hornier!”

Jasmine chuckled. “Don’t worry about me. I’ve gone on nearly half the night with Erika before,” Jasmine said.

Cynthia decided to respond with actions rather than words, pressing her foot against Jasmine’s quim. She rubbed the sole up and down for several seconds, before slipping a toe in, getting a cute little squeal of enjoyment from her partner. Jasmine, not wanting to hog all the fun, reached out with both of her feet, using the big toes of each to spread Cynthia’s lower lips, gently stroking her inner folds with them both. Cynthia began to slowly pump and wiggle her toes as Jasmine did the same. Jasmine was able to fit a bit of both of her small feet into Cynthia, stretching and filling her in a way that was nearly enough to drive her mad.

The two went one for nearly three more hours, orgasming over and over again, before Jasmine began to feel the full effects of their exertions hit her, leaving her too tired to continue.

“Well, that was a lot of fun...while it lasted,” Cynthia said teasingly as she laid down, pulling the girl into her arms.

"Sorry...I thought I could keep this up for much longer..." Jasmine said sleepily.

"That's alright, sweety, I'm just teasing you. I haven't met the woman yet who can keep up with me, and you did better than most," Cynthia reassured her, and gave her a hug as they fell asleep together.

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