Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Chapter 8

Cynthia looked over the message she had gotten from Clair a second time. (Erika told me about what you're doing, and I’m very much looking forward to it. I have had one of my assistant trainers...set things up at the Gym. There is a key tucked in the mouth of the dragon statue on the left).

Cynthia had only met Clair once, at a large conference, but other than what she looked like, she had no real idea what to expect. Aside from that, she had to deeply wonder just how much Erika got around. (She’s starting to remind me of me!) she thought to herself as she approached the Gym building. Just as she had been told, there was a key taped to the inside of the mouth of the statue. Removing it, she opened the door, and was greeted by a very surprising sight.

Clair was completely nude, except for a ball gag and blindfold, and to add to it, she was sitting on a saybian, her legs held in place by a pair of manacles attached to the device and her arms bound behind her. Her skin was pale and flawless, with a thin sheen of sweat rolling along her body, and a fair-sized pool of cum around her feet. Her sky blue hair hung loose around her, looking almost like a waterfall, which only added to the desperate beauty she seemed to have.

Cynthia closed the door as quickly and quietly as she could, hoping that she hadn’t been noticed yet. Clair didn’t seem to react as Cynthia carefully approached her. Seeing the puddle of fem-juices that covered the floor around her, Cynthia couldn’t help but wonder just how long the woman had been there waiting for her. As she got closer, the scent of the other woman’s arousal was nearly overwhelming, almost making her cum just from the thought of what she was going to do shortly.

Cynthia stripped silently and approached Clair, loving the damp warmth that coated her feet when she stepped in the puddle of cum. Again, the sensation alone was nearly enough to push her over the edge. Leaning in, she gently brushed back some of Clair’s hair, making her jump slightly.

“Don’t worry, it’s me. Actually, the fact that it’s me should make you a little worried,” she added as she stroked her cheek softly.

Cynthia grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Clair face-first into her crotch, practically humping her. The gag had several holes in it to allow drool to pass through it, and Cynthia’s cum to leak in.

The slickness from their combined fluids and the unusual texture of the gag rubbing against her cunny was enough to quickly bring Cynthia to orgasm, not that she needed much more stimulation by this point. Clair was only able to get a small taste of cum, as most of it simply leaked out alongside her drool.

Cynthia pulled back, taking a second to admire the look of Clair. Her hair was mussed from Cynthia’s hold, and her face was a mess as well. Sweat, drool, and cum all mixed together and running down her chin.

“I thought you were pretty before, but somehow, this just makes you beautiful,” Cynthia said in a half-teasing voice as she leaned down and licked a bit of the mixture from the corner of Clair’s lips.

The taste was strange but very pleasant, a bit salty and sweet at the same time. Wanting more, Cynthia began to slowly lick all around Clair’s mouth, while gently groping her breasts, making her moan and whimper. After a few moments, Cynthia reached back and undid the strap holding the gag in place. Before Clair could say a single word, Cynthia pulled her into a kiss, slipping her tongue into her mouth while moving her hand down her back, giving her ass a squeeze.

After about a minute, Cynthia pulled back, a thin trail of drool hanging between their lips. She stood and again pressed Clair’s face into her crotch. “Again,” was the only thing she said, and just as ordered, Clair began to lick and slurp, noisily plunging her tongue into Cynthia’s cunny as deep as she could, which was far deeper than any woman Cynthia had been with before. The blonde moaned deeply.

(It’s like an Ekans!)

Clair began to moan slightly. Clair slurped loudly as she drank in Cynthia’s juices, bringing her to orgasm in no time at all. Cynthia let go and took a step back, letting out a shuddering breath.

(That was just too good!) she thought to herself.

“Where are the keys to get you out of that thing?” Cynthia asked.

It took a few seconds for Clair to answer. “They're the same ones you got in with.”

Cynthia quickly undid the straps and helped Clair to stand. She looked down at the seat and saw that it was completely drenched in her juices. The smell alone was almost more than she could take, but pushing that aside, she lowered herself onto it. The low vibrations and slickness of Clair’s still warm cum created a wonderful feeling that gave her a small orgasm right then.

Clair stood in place, her arms still held in place behind her back, shifting her weight, stretching her legs a bit. Because the blindfold was still in place, she had no idea where Cynthia was.

“Come over here,” Cynthia said softly. Clair took a few hesitant steps toward her. As soon as she was close enough, Cynthia reached out and grabbed her hips, pulling her close. She buried her face into her cunny, inhaling the scent. The smell of hours of sexual desire was overpowering; her mind went blank for a few seconds.

Clair let out a small whimper but didn’t say anything. Cynthia gave a single long swipe of her tongue against the other woman’s slit. She noted that Clair had a faint taste of cherries. She licked away, moaning a bit as she slid herself along the sybian, her clit hitting a small ridge every now and then, making her moan more.

Clair’s breathing grew heavy and ragged as she tensed up, cumming, letting out a soft whimper as she did. Cynthia gulped it all down, savoring the lovely taste of a fresh gush of girl juices. Cynthia began to rise up, letting her tongue trace along Clair’s belly, getting a hint of the saltiness from her sweat, which contrasted nicely with the sweetness of her cum and drool. After a few seconds, she reached her chest. She took one nipple in her mouth and suckled on it for a few seconds, making her whimper again. She moved over to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment. She lingered only another moment before kissing Clair again, letting their tongues meet and wrestle as she reached down and cupped the perfect mounds of her ass for just a few seconds.

Cynthia removed the blindfold, but left Clair’s arms bound. “Take me to your room,” she ordered.

With a small nod, Clair began to walk toward the back of the Gym. Cynthia had to open the door when they got there. Once they were in the residential section of the building, it was a very short walk to Clair’s room. As she walked along, Cynthia noticed that Clair had a great deal of artwork of women in bondage situations.

(I wonder how much some of these cost? They’d look great in my bedroom), she thought with a grin.

As soon as they entered the room, Cynthia felt like jumping with joy. There weren’t as many toys as Jasmine had, but there were some larger pieces. In particular was a pillory, black and slick with red cloth lining the spots for her hands and neck. And next to it was a table with a variety of toys lined up. Cynthia quickly undid the wrist straps and ordered Clair into the device.

As soon as she was locked in place, Cynthia looked over the assortment of toys. (Where to start?) she wondered for a few seconds. Soon enough she picked a pair of nipple clamps with small weights attached to them. She got down and clamped them in place. She gave them a small flick once they were on. The shift in weight caused Clair’s breasts to tremble as she held back a soft cry. Cynthia picked up a third weighted clamp and place it on Clair’s clit, nearly making her jump at the sudden twinge of pain. Just as before, Cynthia gave it a light flick, making her whole body quiver in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Cynthia took a few seconds to simply admire the sight of Clair bent over, her breasts drooping down slightly from the weights, her clit swollen with its weight swaying a bit with every breath, sending a new wave of pain and pleasure through her body every second.

Going back to the table, she picked up a large dildo and slipped it into Clair’s quim, giving it a small twist and making her cum right away.

“Naughty girl,” she said softly, giving the blue haired woman a swift swat on the ass. Retuning to the table, Cynthia picked up another large dildo and a bottle of lube. She gave the toy a good coating, and put a bit on her fingers, as well. She lightly touched Clair’s anus.

The feeling of the cold gel against her rear made her flinch, but the pillory held her in place. Cynthia traced her fingers in a small circle, letting the tips slip in for just a second, Once she was sure that there was a good amount of lube, she picked up the dildo and gently pushed it in as slowly as she could. Clair let out a few small whimpers and wriggled her backside, but offered no real complaints.

With the second toy finally in, Cynthia took a moment to wipe her fingers on a towel that was close by. With her fingers clean, she picked up two final toys, a nose hook and a double-ended dildo gag with a tube running through it. She put the gag in place first, Clair easily taking it with no difficulty. Next she put the hook in place, pulling Clair’s nose back, giving it a slightly squished look that Cynthia couldn’t help but find amusing and appealing.

“I never would have thought that you were into the whole submission thing. Not that I’m complaining. This is a very good look for you,” Cynthia teased, brushing back a few hairs and kissing Clair’s forehead. The bound woman let out a tiny sound that Cynthia took as one of thanks. Taking just another second to admire the loveliness of the woman before her, Cynthia slid the length of the dildo into herself.

Cynthia began to slowly slide along the length of the dildo gag, looking down at Clair as she did so, who seemed to be lost in bliss. The tube in the center allowed Cynthia’s juices to flow freely into Clair’s waiting mouth. Every time Cynthia moved, it caused the weights to shift, sending a new jolt through Clair’s body, making her tighten up against the toys in both her holes, which added to her pleasure more and more.

Cynthia continued to slide herself along the dildo for quite a while, cumming nearly four times, with Clair happily drinking down every last drop of each orgasm. After a while, Cynthia removed all but the clit weight, and freed Clair only to handcuff her to the bed for a two hour long session of sixty-nineing. As with all women, Clair could not fully satisfy, Cynthia but she did well enough that the blonde Champion wanted to return later.

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