Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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"It's always nice when I get to be on this side of things," Cynthia said to herself, looking at the woman in front of her. Valerie was standing still as a statue in the middle of her bedroom, wearing her very distinct outfit, posed with her arms spread wide and legs positioned gracefully at a slight angle. She had a small note taped to her chest. After Cynthia's trysts with Janine and Rosie, the idea of being the one to play with a helpless partner very appealing, though being the one getting toyed with was more than fun in its own right. Approaching the woman, Cynthia pulled the note away and began to read it.

(Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of your very own Valerie. Valerie is a very special doll. She like to pretend that that she's a real girl when other people are around, but the truth is she's nothing but a pretty little toy that exists for girls like you to play with. Like any other doll, Valerie loves her owner and wants to have fun with you, so you can do anything you want with her--your enjoyment is her enjoyment. But please be gentle; she is fragile.)

Setting the note aside, Cynthia chuckled. "Well, this should be interesting...and fun," she said, circling around the frozen woman, admiring her slim figure, so petite and delicate looking that she really did call to mind a life-sized porcelain doll. Cynthia looked at the woman's strange eyes, so large and dark they seemed almost unearthly...or like they really were artificial. It was eerie, yet it sent a strangely pleasant shiver through Cynthia to gaze into them. Valerie stared back, almost lifelessly, her eyes not moving even the tiniest bit...she even barely blinked, only twice or thrice a minute, and even then, it was so quickly that it would have gone unnoticed if Cynthia hadn't been specifically watching for it. It was remarkable...if Cynthia hadn't been able to see the slow, gentle rise and fall of Valerie's chest as she breathed, she might actually have believed that this was no more than a life-sized doll. Moving in, Cynthia gave her a small, quick kiss.

"You said you like be treated like a doll? Well, I almost always left my dolls naked when I was a kid. Though I'm sure you'll look much more interesting than they ever did," Cynthia joked. Much as she had expected, there was no reaction at all from the inanimate girl.

"But we'll have time for that soon enough. Now, what should I do with my new dolly first?" Cynthia wondered aloud as she ran her hands along the woman's cheek, moving in toward her lips. Her skin was soft as silk, so soft, smooth, and gentle that it almost didn't feel real itself. A faint blush worked across Valerie's face at the contact, but beyond this unconscious reaction, there was no response.

"I think I have a good idea!' Cynthia commented as she began to undress.

Once she was fully naked, Cynthia picked Valerie up in her arms with a grunt. (Well, you're sure heavier than any other doll I've met), Cynthia thought to herself, but did not say it aloud. If being treated like a doll was this important to Valerie, then it would be really lousy of Cynthia to call attention to anything non-doll-like like this, which was outside Valerie's control. (Well, good thing I keep pretty fit...still, I wish she'd been left a little closer to the bedroom!)

Cynthia brought Valerie to the bed and began to pose her. Valerie remained completely immobile, but offered no resistance to Cynthia's guidance, allowing herself to be moved however Cynthia desired. Cynthia experimented a little with Valerie, watching in interest as the, the doll, was put into one position after another. Cynthia had Valerie holding her hands outstretched, as though asking to be given a hug, then moved her so that she was bent forward with her legs and arms outstretched, as though she were doing warm-up stretches (Maylene would like that if she were there, no doubt).

Cynthia tried a few more poses, and briefly toyed with the idea of making a stop-motion video of Valerie doing a dance, but at this point she was getting unbearably horny, so she decided to get on with things. Sitting her down, Cynthia stretched out one of Valerie's arms, and gently curled her fingers upwards. Bringing her hand out, she began to stroke herself against her fingers, moaning softly at how wonderfully soft and warm her skin was. Looking down at the living doll, Cynthia noticed that her face seemed to be slightly more flushed than before. Though she was able to control her non-movement at the moment, she could not fully hide her arousal.

In a very strange way, the fact that no matter how horny the girl got, her dedication to this meant she would be completely unable to do anything to satisfy herself, was a huge turn on for Cynthia. Knowing that she could do anything at all and Valerie would be helpless against it really did make her seem more like a doll, a toy that was solely for pleasure. Unable to hold back any longer, Cynthia guided the girl's fingers into her pussy, moaning loudly as she did. Rocking her hips slowly, she put one leg on the bed, pressing her knee against the girl's, no, doll's crotch. Even through the fabric she could already feel some dampness soaking through. Cynthia pumped hard against those long, elegant fingers, that even without moving still seemed to stroke all the right spots. Cynthia fucked herself against those slender, delicate doll fingers, slowly and sensuously, feeling the heat rise higher and higher, until finally she withdrew enough for them to fully exit her, glistening with her arousal, and then pressed her clit against them. The jolt of pleasure was the last she needed, and she came, moaning lustily at this delicious orgasm that was half sex, half masturbation.

Lingering for a few moments longer as the pleasure died down, Cynthia leaned in an gave Valerie a small kiss on the forehead. Lifting herself off of the doll's hand, she gently pushing Valerie down onto her back, moving in so that her cunny was just over Valerie's face. Cynthia reached down and opened her mouth. Even as still as she was, Cynthia could still feel the pleasant warmth of her breath blowing along her slit.

Dropping down, Cynthia cooed a little at the wonderful, soft feeling of Valerie's lips and the moistness. Cynthia reached down with two fingers and gently got hold of Valerie's tongue, then drew it out, until it lolled out slightly over her lips. Reaching down, Cynthia began to stroke her hair as she rocked her hips. "You really are a fun toy, Valerie...wish I'd had something like you back when I still played with dolls," Cynthia panted, sliding along her still, sweet mouth, building up pleasure.

Speeding up her rocking, Cynthia felt an odd exaltation at Valerie's delicately motionless face, her unique eyes...most of the girls she had been with did have a fetish of some sort, but this was on a different level. Looking around the room, Cynthia saw that everything was so perfect and delicate that it really did look like a dollhouse scaled up, all of it so pristine that it hardly looked like it was ever actually used. This wasn't a fetish for Valerie, this was clearly a way of life that she took very seriously. Looking down at the almost puppet-like expression on Valerie's face, Cynthia began wonder what it would be like to really play with the girl like an actual doll, moving her around the dainty little house, posing her like a mannequin and just leaving her standing around looking so pretty, just waiting for the next bit of utterly at the whims of her owner.

The thought of that was enough to bring Cynthia over the edge. She grunted lustily as an especially powerful gush of feminine juices splashed against the doll's mouth, some of it trickling down her throat, the rest running down her face and soaking into the light pink sheets below.

With some reluctance, Cynthia lifted herself off her plaything. At this point, it was easier to think of her as a thing, rather than a person. But not in a demeaning way...the exact opposite, in fact. Looking at Valerie, thinking of her as an object instead of a person, Cynthia felt a tender affection for her, like how one might regard a cherished doll as living. If anything, it made Cynthia care more about Valerie at that moment than she had about almost any of the other girls she had been with on this journey, even some of the friends she'd had for years. The care and affection she felt for this doll was very special. Getting off the bed, Cynthia grabbed both of Valerie's arms and pulled her up off the mattress, leaving her standing perfectly straight.

"Now to find out how well they made you, my dolly," Cynthia whispered, giving Valerie a small kiss on the cheek. Setting to work, Cynthia began to undress her. It didn't escape her notice that the fairy doll's breathing seemed to speed up slightly as her face flushed brighter with excitement.

As she had expected just from looking at it, her outfit was extremely complex and elaborate, taking more effort than she was used to for undressing anybody. Having to guide Valerie's arms and legs to facilitate this clothing removal also added time and effort to it. But in a way, it just made the act all the more exciting. As the layers of clothes fell away, Cynthia was delighted by the sight of Valerie's figure. Both her bra and panties had cute little flowers printed all over them, adding a level of simple charm that turned Cynthia on all the more. Aside from these undergarments, the last articles of clothing for Cynthia to remove were Valerie's platform boots. Standing there in her underwear and boots, Valerie actually looked very sexy, and Cynthia almost didn't want to remove them. But, licking her lips a little, Cynthia pushed Valerie back down onto the bed and began unlacing her boots. Though she did sort of hate to remove them, she wanted to play with all of her toy's best parts, and feet were definitely high on that list.

Sliding the shoes off, a very faint smell wafted up, the slightest notice of the unique scent of feet. Before, she might have been off put by it, but after her night with Korrina, Cynthia couldn't help but think that it was actually enticing. Bringing them up, Cynthia began to run her tongue along the doll toes, her stud tingling pleasantly as she brushed it against the underside of those dainty digits.

Cynthia did not stay on Valerie's feet for long, just a few minutes to get their taste, appreciate their dainty beauty, and give them a small but sweet bit of pleasure. Slowly working her way up Valerie's legs, she stopped short of her still-clothed pussy, and instead moved up to Valerie's face, kissing her softly. Cynthia easily removed the doll's bra, baring her hard nipples. Wasting no time, she latched onto one of the hard little nubs and suckled a bit softly, then bit down on it with a little more pressure than she usually used. Even with that sharp stimulation, Valerie remained silent, not letting a single noise slip past her lips. After lingering on them for a few moments longer, Cynthia began work her way down the doll's trim and taut belly. Once she reached the waistline of the panties, she caught them in her teeth and pulled them off. She then moved in on Valerie's quim, placing a kiss right on her clit. The slightest tremor ran through Valerie's body, a jolt so small that to the naked eye she still appeared perfectly still, and Cynthia could only pick up on it through touch.

Slipping her tongue into Valerie's dolly pussy, she got a pleasant, very mild mint-like taste. Working her tongue around with all her speed and skill, speed and skill augmented by the pokes, prods, and massages of her tongue stud, Cynthia felt Valerie's inner walls begin to contract and twitch. Even as still as she was for everything else, this inner pleasure's dance was beyond her control. It didn't take much to bring her over the edge, as her pussy contracted and pulsed in rapid, mad glee, so excited that it seemed to be trying to make up for the stillness of the rest of her body.. Cynthia stayed in place, licking that delicious dolly pussy and moaning into her for several minutes. Finally letting her go after Valerie's third orgasm, Cynthia stood up and brought one of her toy's feet up to her pussy. Rubbing against it, enjoying the slight lingering moisture of her earlier tongue bath, Cynthia brought herself over the edge quickly.

As good as everything had been up till now, Cynthia, as always, felt like she needed something more. Looking around, she saw a large toy chest in the corner of the room. Walking over to it, she was delighted to find that among its contents, which seemed mostly to be items like teddy bears and ribbons that would make good accessories for dolls, it also contained a few more adult toys, all of them a light, pastel pink. Settling on a strap-on, Cynthia went back to her plaything. "We'll play with some of the others later," she said, as she slipped the dildo onto Valerie.

Shifting her position so that she was sitting up, Cynthia lowered herself onto the phallus, moaning contently as it filled her, easing her raging arousal. Bouncing her hips hard and fast, she rode the doll with glee. Grabbing Valerie's head, she guided her mouth to her nipple, pushing it into the doll's mouth.

Squeezing that breast hard, Cynthia moaned in ecstasy as she felt the first spurt of milk filling Valerie's mouth, before most of it came dribbling back out. But it didn't matter; she kept milking herself, switching over to the other breast when she felt the trickle starting to run out, moaning in delight at the incredible relief, satisfaction, and pleasure of her milk's release. With the combination of the fullness in her pussy and the new emptiness in her breasts, Cynthia came several times.

When her desire was finally brought down to a manageable level, Cynthia removed herself from her doll and stood back, looking at her. She was covered in milk and a slight sheen of sweat, making Cynthia more than a little hungry.

"I really need to keep my toys clean," Cynthia said, moving in and licking her clean. She started at her face, licking up the cum left there from earlier, and moved down all along her entire body, before finally getting her pussy licked clean.

Once she was finished, Cynthia looked the doll over. "As much fun as all that was, I sort of want to just play with you a bit more," Cynthia murmured. Cynthia redressed her with some difficulty (after all her outfit was extremely complicated). Once she had it all back on, she picked Valerie up and carried her to her living room, and sat her down on the large pink couch with all the lacey, heart-shaped pillows.

Going to the kitchen, she found a dainty teacup and saucer. Setting the saucer down, she put the cup in Valerie's hand and lifted her arm, posing it almost as if she was about to take a sip.

"Ah, you look so pretty like this!" Cynthia cried happily. "I'm almost tempted to take you home with me and just keep you propped up like this all the time...even without sex, I'd love to just have you sitting there like one of the prettiest decorations ever!" It was really a shame that Valerie had responsibilities to the Pokemon League as a Gym Leader...

Though her face remained the same, Cynthia could tell from the faint blush that her words made Valerie extremely happy. "Now there is just one more thing I absolutely have to do," Cynthia said, going back to Valerie's bedroom for a moment. When she returned, she had a brush in her hand. She turned Valerie so she was sitting sideways on the couch. "This was always one of my favorite things about playing with dolls when I was a kid. I could just spend hours, brushing their hair," she said, taking a seat behind Valerie.

Not saying anything more, Cynthia began to gently run the brush through Valerie's long, silky black hair humming softly as she braided it. After a few minutes of doing this, the comfortable silence was broken.

"Thank you...for treating me the way I want to be," came whispered words, filled with feeling. Cynthia turned Valerie's head to the side so she could see it. Though the girl was still as ever, there was a single, joyful tear running down her cheek.

"You're lovely little dolly," Cynthia whispered back. She then turned Valerie's head forward again, and resumed brushing.

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