Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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“Hm. I’m surprised you're actually bothering with me on your little dyke jamboree,” Malva said with a smirk, adjusting her glasses. “I figured a goody two shoes like you’d never want anything to do with someone like me.” She chuckled, licking her lips.

“I certainly did entertain the idea of skipping you." Malva was one of the two women of this Region that Cynthia had actually been feeling great anxiety over the prospect of including in her journey. "But my mother and the rest of the League members of this Region are willing to overlook your crimes, and with Team Flare in its current miserable state...well, you've apparently been forgiven by people whose judgment I trust, and you don't pose any real threat any more," Cynthia said, a bit more coolly than she normally would to a soon to be partner. “And if you ever do try anything again, I promise I’ll personally help defeat you. Today will mean absolutely nothing.”

Malva laughed haughtily as she leaned back in her seat. “Yeah, yeah, I know, you’ll track me down and blah, blah, blah, more heroic crap like that. I hear it all the time.” She shook her head. “But you can trust me when I say I’m not going back to my old ways any time soon. What's the point? After all, annoying do-gooders like you ruin everything fun.” Rising from her seat, she walked over to Cynthia, leaning in close.

“Now, I know you're kinky, but I wonder if you’ll be kinky enough for me?” she asked, roughly grabbing Cynthia’s hair and kissing her. As she did, she bit Cynthia’s lip, and not gently, causing a stinging pain.

Shoving her away, Cynthia glared as she tasted a hint of blood. “I guess I heard like it rough, huh? Well, I guess this will be a good way to take out some of my anger for all the stuff your group did!” Cynthia said in a harsh tone. Standing up, she slapped Malva hard enough that it knocked her sunglasses off, her cheek already turning red. Malva took a deep shuddering breath.

“Oooh, a feisty one. I like those. This is going to be fun!” the former villainess said, baring her teeth.

Even though Malva had been involved with Team Flare and did have a very nasty attitude, Cynthia couldn’t deny how attractive she was. Not saying a word, Cynthia grabbed the woman’s top and ripped it open, exposing her pert breasts. Each nipple had a small, bright red ring hanging from it. Grabbing them, she gave a firm yank, tugging as hard as she could without causing serious damage. Malva screamed, her head going back.

“I’ve never really been too interested in really rough play, but I’m going to make an exception for you!” Cynthia said as she began twisting the rings forcefully, making the red head whimper and squirm in pain as her already uncomfortably pulled nipples were mercilessly twisted with the rings, sensitive flesh forced to contort itself in agony. Letting go for a second, Cynthia grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her into a kiss, slipping her tongue into the other woman’s mouth forcefully, hungrily dominating the kiss. The feeling of her stud rubbing against the other woman’s tongue was turning her on.

Deciding to pay her back a little, Cynthia bit down on Malva’s lip, hard enough to make her cry out. As Malva's pained cry came, Cynthia released her lip and leaned back, then slapped the Elite Four member across the face once more. She did not hold much back from her strike; it was practically a punch to the woman's jaw. Malva staggered back, her eyes blazing with a mixture of lust and anger.

“I have to admit, you're pretty good,” she said, licking away the small trickle of blood from her lip as her cheek flared a rosy pink from Cynthia's slap. "I wouldn't have thought you'd have the guts for this."

This time Cynthia kept her fist closed. Malva staggered back, eyes wide in shock as her hands flew up to her jaw. Cynthia waved her hand a bit to try to lessen the sting of her blow. She'd almost broken Malva's jaw that time. "I've been wondering myself since getting to this Region whether I'd have the guts, as you say. But as it turns out, all I have to do is think about Team Flare, and it becomes very, very easy."

Malva looked like she was going to say something else. Cynthia didn't bother to find out what it was, and backhanded the woman hard enough to knock her down onto her bed. Gingerly feeling her nose to see whether it was bleeding (it wasn't, but there was plenty of time for that), Malva looked up at Cynthia with eyes that blazed an absolute inferno of hatred and desire, gritting her teeth in anger as she shook and gripped the sheets fiercely. Clearly Cynthia had been told the truth: Malva was very turned on by violence, but even if her arousal didn't care whether it was done by or to her, she wanted to be the one causing the pain.

Malva took a deep breath, and seemed to calm down a bit, though her eyes were no less hateful and aroused. Smiling smugly, she beckoned Cynthia to join her. Never one to turn down a woman beckoning from a bed, Cynthia approached the former criminal. As soon as she was close enough, Malva grabbed her by the shoulders and brought her down onto the bed.

Malva moved to pin Cynthia to the bed, but Cynthia brought her knee up swiftly into Malva's stomach, and the woman grunted and was forced back. Even as Malva gasped for air, Cynthia brought her hand up, and gave both Malva's tits a sharp slap. Malva gave a strangled squeak and retreated to the edge of the bed, holding an arm protectively over her breasts and gasping for air, looking in horny disbelief at Cynthia.

For her part, Cynthia just raised an eyebrow. "You look awfully surprised by all this. How did you expect this was going to play out, Malva? I bet you fantasized about being the one bringing the pain every time you thought about this meeting, smacking me around, battering and bruising me, no doubt while you laughed in delight. You obviously didn't think the "goody two shoe" was going to be able to play by your rules at all, let alone beat you at them. It must be a bit of a blow to your ego, huh?"

Malva leaped forward again. This time, Cynthia let her pin her down to the mattress. She knew that Malva was aroused by receiving pain and abuse, but that it also pleased her to give it, and Cynthia was here to please the women of this journey...even when they were heartless monsters.

Nonetheless, Cynthia had established that she was the greater of them, and that power over this beast of a woman was something Cynthia relished too much to let go of completely, so, as Malva glared down at her with a grin of triumph, Cynthia looked up at her calmly and said, so softly it was almost a whisper, "Go ahead, enjoy yourself. But before you get too carried away, keep this in mind: I'm going to pay every bit of discomfort and harm back to you when we're finished, and I'm going to do it much, much harder."

"You bitch!" Malva whispered hatefully at her, almost spitting her fury, but her eyes said she knew that Cynthia meant it, and that even in this position, Cynthia was the one dominating.

Malva latched onto her neck, sucking and biting hard enough to leave a mildly painful hickey. Lifting head up for a second, Malva looked Cynthia directly in the eyes grinning a bit cruelly, obviously hoping that little bit of pain had shaken Cynthia a bit. Cynthia could actually see her own reflection in Malva's rageful eyes, and her expression was a cold smile that she knew cut straight through Malva's hopes. "I'll enjoy paying you back for that," was all that she whispered. The frustrated, defeated growl that came from Malva's lips and the reflection of her own beautiful, powerful expression sent a strange, but pleasant shiver down her spine.

Shifting her weight so that she could use her legs to keep Cynthia pinned down, Malva tore open Cynthia’s shirt. “Nice bling!” she said in a mildly sarcastic tone as she gave the chain linking Cynthia’s breasts a tug, sending a jolt of pleasure-pain through Cynthia. Malva kept pulling rather hard against the chain, stretching Cynthia’s nipples painfully. The stimulation was enough to make Cynthia start leaking milk. "Careful," Cynthia warned coolly, even though her body was on fire from the pain, and even more from the agonized pleasure. "Keep going like this, and my payback's likely to send you to the hospital."

This time, Malva pointedly ignored her, instead focusing on the fluid leaking from Cynthia's tormented nips. “Milk, huh? Doesn’t surprise me. Like mother, like daughter,” Malva said, rolling her eyes as she leaned in, taking one of the hardened nubs between her lips, sucking as hard as she could and biting down harder than Cynthia was used to. The spark of pain that caused was enough to bring her over the edge, and she gasped as she came, the pleasure of orgasm washing over the pain, joining with it, turning it into an even higher pleasure. Even as clouded as her head was with bliss, however, Malva’s words still got through to her. “Wh-What do mean about my mother?” Cynthia demanded, gasping, even as her body shook in climax.

“What do you think I mean?" Malva laughed harshly. "I fucked her. Just the other day, actually!” She laughed again. “Though your milk is much tastier than hers is, I have to say. Of course, that's unsurprising...she’s pretty old.”

It was probably true. Cynthia's raging, insatiable libido came from her mother Drasna, after all. Still, to think of this cruel woman bedding Cynthia's mother, insulting and hurting her, and having the wretched monster gloating about distracted Cynthia, deeply bothered her, even as she told herself not to let it, told herself that this was exactly what Malva wanted from her. Taking advantage of Cynthia's distraction, Malva grabbed both of Cynthia’s breasts hard, and sank her nails in, making Cynthia wince at the sharp pain.

(Did she do this to Mom, too? Hurt her like this?) Cynthia wondered unhappily, and did not remember that should be reminding Malva that this harm would be paid back to her. This lack of threat did not go unnoticed by Malva, though, who smiled in a predatory fashion, knowing she had properly turned the tables back to where she liked them.

Malva continued to roughly squeeze Cynthia’s breasts hard, scraping her nails all along them, leaving several red marks. Even as badly as it stung, there was still a certain strange pleasure that Cynthia couldn’t deny. (Poor Mom, I hope this didn't hurt her too much...)

“I’m a little disappointed in you, Cynthia. By now, Drasna would have me down, eating the old whore's cunt like it could save my life. Who knows, maybe it did...maybe Mommy's so corrupt that that's the only reason I'm still here at the League!” Malva said, pinching the blonde’s nipples hard and twisting them.

Malva had gone too far with that one. The knowledge that Cynthia's mother had tamed and dominated this beast sent a wave of relief through Cynthia, and reminded her that she could do the same. Even more than that, though...the idea of the woman taking advantage of Cynthia's mother's overwhelming desires had bothered Cynthia, particularly since she lived with those same desires every day and knew it could have been her, but to imply that Drasna could be bribed with sex? Cynthia and Malva both knew that she was honest and professional, and would never even consider such a thing. This insinuation, made all the more disgusting because it was coming from a woman who owed Drasna for her second chance, was so transparent in being invented only to bother Cynthia that it snapped her out of her funk. Malva just wanted the upper hand, and since she'd found she couldn't get it by force, she clearly would say anything to throw Cynthia off. Well, that wasn't going to happen.

With a sudden surge of lust and anger, Cynthia pushed Malva off of her, knocking the redhead off the bed and sending her crashing to the floor with a heavy thud. Straddling the Elite Four member, Cynthia gave her a firm slap across the face, hard enough to make her own hand sting. “How’s this?” she demanded, pressing her quim down on Malva’s face as firmly as she could.

Grinding her hips hard, Cynthia dug her fingers in Malva’s hair, pulling her face in closer. Though it must have annoyed her to have lost her advantage again, Malva could not help but enjoy the rough treatment, moaning wildly as she lapped away at Cynthia’s pussy, getting as deep as she could and sucking on her clit, softly tugging on its clit ring. Cynthia tilted her head back, gasping as Malva ate her out with a hungry enthusiasm. Looking down at the woman between her legs, though, Cynthia still felt angry. Even though she could separate herself from Malva's words and no longer be bothered by them, the woman had nonetheless put the thought of her mother and her sexuality into Cynthia's head, something that had been bothering Cynthia ever since coming to this region.

Even as lustful as she was, Cynthia...well, she could not deny that she had felt an attraction to her mother, since before she even knew what sexuality was, but it was nonetheless a very reluctant attraction, something she did not want to acknowledge or validate, something she had always felt was wrong. It was not what Cynthia wanted Drasna to be to her. Drasna was her mother, and Cynthia loved her dearly, and did not ever want to jeopardize that relationship.

She had always managed to suppress those urges, but the fact that Drasna was one of the Elite Four of this region had been on her mind, troubling Cynthia for quite some time now. When she had first set out on this journey of hers, she had never thought about its implications would be when she reached the Kalos Region. And hearing Malva’s taunts had brought that discomfort to the surface again, reminding her not only that her mother was the next on the Kalos list, but also reminding Cynthia of her long-suppressed desires for her.

Despite thinking about this, or perhaps because of it, Cynthia was brought over the edge eventually by Malva's tongue work. Even as she came, Cynthia kept rocking her hips as hard as she could, forcing Malva to lick her through the entire climax, setting off another orgasm, and then another and another. After her seventh orgasm, Cynthia finally got up, leaving Malva gasping, almost coughing for air, her face so covered in Cynthia's juices that Cynthia found herself wondering whether what had just happened might be considered waterboarding. Well, served the bitch right. Cynthia slumped back against the edge of the bed, breathing heavily.

Malva sat up, coughing a bit as she licked her lips. “That was a lot more like it. Though I have to say, Drasna is still way better.” Malva pouted slightly when this got no response from Cynthia. Still overwhelmed by the aftershocks of her orgasm, Cynthia simply watched as Malva stood up and retrieved a dildo.

“Well, if you do want to have one up on your Mommy with me, there is something I've wanted to try, but that old bag is a bit too scary,” she said, slipping one end of the toy into herself, moaning as she did. “But I think I can get away with it if it’s you.”

Malva reached down and grabbed a handful of Cynthia’s hair, pulling hard enough to make her stand up, before pushing her back down onto the bed forcefully. "Remember, you'll get everything back and more," Cynthia warned her, back to her mindset of power.

“Relax, Precious, I’m just getting kinky, is all,” Malva said with a very wicked grin as she rubbed the tip of the toy against Cynthia’s slit, coating it well. All at once, Malva wrapped her hands firmly around Cynthia’s neck as she thrust forward as hard and deep as she could.

The feeling of penetration combined with the pressure around her throat created a powerful spark of arousal that tore through her entire body. Malva wasted no time in pounding her hips as hard as she could, slamming into Cynthia as she tightened her fingers more and more, cutting off Cynthia's breath further. As her head began to swim, Cynthia tried to grab Malva’s wrist or push her away, but she was too weak and dizzy now to manage it.

“You're pretty close to blacking out, aren’t you?” Malva asked, her voice sounding distant as her face grew fuzzier. “It’s awesome, right?” she mocked. “I love that feeling, being held in the vague world between life and death, the pleasure pounding into you the only thing keeping you awake, even that becoming a fuzzy focus sleepily spreading through your body as your perceptions shut down...when you cum like this, you’ll be hooked for sure!”

With that, Malva gave Cynthia's clit ring a sharp tug, sending a torrent of pain and pleasure through her that was made all the stronger by the dullness of her other senses. At the exact moment Cynthia came, Malva released her hold around Cynthia’s neck, leaving her gasping and choking as her pussy twitched uncontrollably, each spasm stronger than the last, her body pulsing for pleasure as her lungs pulsed for air.

“Awww, a little much for you, little girl?" Malva laughed cruelly, said giving Cynthia’s breasts a hard slap, causing a spurt of milk to leak out of her nipples. She shoved her pussy up against Cynthia's face in victory. Her juices had the taste of cinnamon. "Next time, don't talk big if you can't hurrrkgh!"

Malva's taunt was cut off as Cynthia's hand shot forward and tightened on her throat, and pushed her away from Cynthia as she sat up. Cynthia's eyes glittered dangerously at the Elite Four member as she told the woman rasping in her hand, "Don't worry about me, Malva. Nothing you can dish out will ever be too much for me. But I do think that you should be very, very worried that you might have dished out more than YOU can take. It's time to repay you."

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