Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Chapter 9

Cynthia let out a sigh as she sank into the luxurious blankets. “You have one of the nicest bedrooms I’ve ever been in,” she murmured.

“Thank you. I always try to have the best,” Karen answered, sitting down on the edge of the massive bed. Both she and Cynthia were wearing robes. Cynthia’s was a deep black with white trim, and Karen’s was light blue with a purple trim.

Cynthia rolled over onto her stomach, with a large smile on her face. “I’m the same with the women I choose,” she said, reaching out and pulling Karen down. The position that the sliver-haired woman was in made it perfect for Cynthia to crawl on top of her so they could sixty-nine. Brushing aside the edge of the robe, Cynthia dipped her head down to Karen’s cunny. Her light platinum hairs were neatly trimmed.

(Most of the girls I’ve been with recently are shaved, but this is rather cute), she thought to herself, using her fingers to part the folds. Before she could give even a single lick, Karen began plunging her tongue into Cynthia and swirling it around. Never one to be outdone, Cynthia placed a firm kiss on Karen’s mound, letting her tongue dance all over the woman’s quim. As always, she made a mental note of Karen’s unique taste (grapes, but only just faintly).

Cynthia again used her fingers to spread Karen’s lower lips, and pushed her tongue in, stroking the inner walls gently with the sides of the organ while the tip probed deeper and deeper. Karen moaned and began to roughly squeeze Cynthia’s ass through the fabric of the robe. It didn’t take very long for either woman to cum.

Lifting herself up, Cynthia rolled over again. “That was a good warm up, but let’s get to the real fun stuff,” Cynthia said, sitting up.

“Just what I was thinking,” Karen said as she sat up as well. She crawled along the bed. Reaching into a nightstand next to it, she pulled out a double-sided dildo. She gave it a long, slow lick as she approached Cynthia. She pushed the blonde onto her back and pulled open her robe, licking her lips. She kissed her way across Cynthia’s chest, taking each of her nipples into her mouth and flicking her tongue against them. As she did that, she pressed the dildo against Cynthia’s cunny, rubbing it against her outer lips and letting the tip brush her clit. Cynthia moaned softly at the gentle teasing that lasted for nearly a minute before Karen pushed it in, making her gasp at the soft surprise of it.

Karen adjusted her position slightly and slid the other end of the toy into herself. She began to pump her hips, suckling on Cynthia’s breasts as she did, moving back and forth between them. With every thrust their clits would bump against each other, sending a jolt through them both. Cynthia reached down and grabbed Karen’s rear, trying to pull her in deeper. Karen doubled her efforts, pumping her hips as fast as she could, lightly biting down on the sensitive nubs as she moved from one to the other.

Karen was the first to cum, making a few final hard pumps and moaning against Cynthia’s breasts. The blonde Champion was only able to hold out for a few seconds longer before succumbing to the pleasure herself. The two women lay entwined for several moments, simply enjoying the haze of pleasure, but soon enough Cynthia was ready for more.

Without disturbing the toy, Cynthia shifted positions so that she was sitting on her knees with Karen on all fours, her backside raised a bit. Cynthia began to pump her entire body, driving the dildo in as deep as she could with every movement. Her right hand dropped down and grabbed Karen’s breast, tweaking her nipple, while she used her left hand to smack her rear, earning a small yelp mixed with a moan.

Cynthia slowed her thrusts and began to slide her hand down until she reached Karen’s crotch. She slipped it under the robe and pinched the woman’s clit. Right away Karen came, burying her face into the thick blankets. Her whole body shuddered with pleasure. Cynthia was not far behind, cumming herself and drawing out Karen’s orgasm. When she was finished, she fell back, the dildo staying in place in Karen.

Getting a wicked littlie idea, she inched back a little ways, laid back, lifted her feet, and gripped the toy between her toes. The feeling of their mixed juices coating it aroused her a bit more than she already was. Without a word, she began to wriggle her foot around, making Karen moan out loud. Cynthia began to masturbate as she worked the dildo. The feeling of it sliding between her toes as she wiggled it in Karen was almost as erotic as the sight of Karen’s pussy twitching and dripping with every tiny moment. Cynthia’s incredible skill with her feet soon pushed Karen over the edge. The feeling of the other woman’s cum against her foot was the last bit Cynthia could take, and she came herself.

Karen pulled away, letting the dildo fall flat to the bed, but she didn’t leave it there long. She turned around and gripped it between both of her feet at once, since she didn’t have the same dexterity with her toes as Cynthia. She began the same way she had before, rubbing the toy along the length of Cynthia’s quim, letting it bump against her clit now and then. After a few more seconds of teasing she slid it in. She wasted no time in starting her motions, pumping hard and fast, the side of her feet brushing against the outer edge of Cynthia’s cunny with every pump.

As Karen worked the dildo, she masturbated as well, making a good show for Cynthia. Not satisfied to let the chance go wasted, Cynthia stretched out her own leg and began to gently play with Karen’s breasts, pushing the soles of her feet against them, the other woman’s nipples pressing against the soles of her feet, enhancing it for both of them.

As before Karen, was the first to cum. Her feet giving pleasure twiches was enough to set Cynthia off as well. Again Cynthia pulled the toy out of herself. She licked it clean and took Karen’s feet, working her way from bottom to top, sucking each toe. Karen did the same, paying a bit of extra attention to the heel. Cynthia was able to bring Karen to orgasm solely through her feet, but the other woman couldn’t quite do the same.

“You're pretty good,” Cynthia said, stretching her arms over her head, her breasts bouncing slightly as she did.

“That’s a great compliment from you,” Karen said grinning. “Now then, let’s move onto something a bit different. And I have just the thing in mind."

Karen led Cynthia to her bathroom, which was just as plushly decorated as her bedroom, with a large bath that had a large Entei face pouring steaming water into it continuously. But Karen walked past it, leading Cynthia to a small area that was sealed off from the rest of the room.

“My personal sauna,” Karen said a hint of pride in her voice.

“Very nice indeed,” Cynthia murmured as Karen opened the door. A waft of steam poured out. When she entered the sauna, Cynthia noticed two things: a small pool of water running along the floor, perfect for soaking her feet, and that there was a very faint scent in the air that she couldn’t quite place but found very pleasant. Both women stripped out of their robes and entered, Karen closing the door behind herself.

The moment Cynthia set her feet in the water, a pleasant feeling suffused her whole body. “I mixed in some special herbs I bought from Erika. They can be absorbed through the skin, and really enhance pleasure,” Karen commented, sitting down next to Cynthia. She brushed her feet against Cynthia’s, and Cynthia's naturally pleasure-sensitive feet, heightened by the herbs, sent her into orgasmic spasms just from the light touch.

“I also have the same herbs mixed into the water that supplies the steam, so we’re getting a double dose,” Karen added, cupping one of Cynthia’s breasts in her hand and giving the other mound a kiss.

Cynthia leaned back, letting Karen do as she wished. She rubbed her feet against Cynthia’s slowly as she used her other hand to rub the outer edges of her cunny, letting the fingertips slip in ever so slightly.

Cynthia felt wonderful, and lightheaded from the mixture of heat, aromatic herbs, and of course Karen’s wonderful workings. It took no time at all for Cynthia to cum, moaning heavily as she did. As soon as she recovered from the wave of pleasure, she began to mimic Karen’s actions. The aphrodisiacs in the air made Cynthia’s already skilled treatment more powerful, and Karen came in no time at all.

“As fun as this is, I think we should get out of her before we overheat,” Karen suggested. Cynthia nodded in agreement, and the two left the sauna. Karen walked over to the tub and lowered herself into the water, inviting Cynthia to join her. As soon as Cynthia got into the water she felt the same tingle as the foot bath. (Guess it’s got the same herbs mixed into it.)

Right away Karen moved in, pressing her knee into Cynthia’s crotch. She began grinding against her, kissing her deeply. Cynthia ran her hand down Karen’s back and began to finger her, moaning into the kiss. They went on for a long while, both of them cumming at the same time. They stayed in the bath a while longer before going back to bed, this time to sleep, as Karen was by now exhausted.

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