Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Chapter 5

Cynthia knocked on the door of her old friend, Lorelei. While she didn't necessarily know many of the Gym Leaders, Cynthia's position as Champion did mean she had to be acquainted with all the regions' Elite Four members. Any time a new Elite Four member was chosen, all the Champions were supposed to be present for the ceremony.

(It’s been a while since I’ve seen her...which is just criminal, considering how sexy she is!) she thought to herself, thinking back their last time together, which had been fooling around the night before Lorelei became a full member of the Elite Four. It had been a comparatively short encounter, since they both had to be fully presentable early the next morning, but what little Cynthia had been able to share with Lorelei had been very, very fun.

A few moments went by before the door opened, and Cynthia was more than a little surprised to see that Lorelei’s belly was considerably rounder than when they last met. “Cynthia, good to see you again!” she said a slightly mischievous smile on her face. She grabbed the blonde and pulled her into her home. Pinning her against the wall, she kissed Cynthia deeply while jamming a hand down the front of her pants and rubbing her cunny, getting her wet right away. Cynthia recovered almost instantly and began to kiss back, deciding that the questions could wait for a while longer.

When they finally parted, Lorelei pulled her hand away and quickly licked her fingers clean. “Well, your greetings haven’t changed any!” Cynthia said with a grin, which Lorelei returned.

“Yeah, I suppose you're probably wondering about this, aren’t you?” she asked, stroking her large belly. Cynthia simply nodded. “Have a seat! I’ll tell you.”

She sat down on a large, plush-looking couch, patting the spot next to herself. As soon as Cynthia was seated, Lorelei cupped one of her breasts with one hand, while resting the other on her thigh. Cynthia smiled, pleased at how amorous Lorelei was being.

“Remember how I was always a bit bi-curious? Well, about a year a ago I started dating Will from the Johto Elite Four. It started out as just being about experimenting with what it's like to be with a man, but we really hit it off, and now, well...” She trailed off as she removed her hand from Cynthia's thigh to gesture at her belly.

“Anyways, he hasn’t been able to visit for a while, and I’ve been so horny lately! I had no idea being pregnant would make me so aroused all the time, and I swear orgasms feel so much better now than they ever did before! I've been having the best sex of my life while pregnant, but that's only when I can get it--and when Will can't get by, I feel like I'm going to go crazy; masturbation just isn’t enough!” she said, sighing heavily before looking at Cynthia again. Her eyes practically glowed with lust. “So...I hope you aren’t...I mean, are put off by the way I look right now? Be honest.”

Cynthia shook her head. “No, not at all! I actually think it's...very sexy, really,” she said. And it was true. Looking to be about 32 weeks pregnant, Lorelei's already shapely body with her large, firm breasts, plump, round ass, and long, graceful legs was, if anything, more gorgeous than ever now with the addition of a swollen, rounded belly. Unlike a stomach extended from just fat, Lorelei's belly's smooth curve naturally fit into her form, actually adding to her beauty. In addition, she had a look to her, to how she moved and spoke...Cynthia had often heard that pregnant women could have a "glow" to them, and seeing Lorelei, she now understood exactly what people were talking about. "Pregnancy really suits you, Lorelei. You look wonderful."

The single word of “Good,” barely passed Lorelei’s lips before she quickly pulled her shirt over her head, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She kissed Cynthia again as she slid her hand under Cynthia’s shirt, while guiding one of Cynthia’s hands under her own skirt. Cynthia realized right away that Lorelei was also not wearing any panties, and was already very wet with desire. Cynthia easily slipped a finger into her cunny, making her moan deeply as she clenched down tightly on the digit. Cynthia slow pumped her finger, using her thumb to stroke Lorelei’s clit, making her shudder, and moan louder than before.

“You have no idea how bad I needed this!” she groaned as she began to rock her hips. The sight of the her pregnant friend writhing and moaning against her hand was among the most erotic things that Cynthia had ever seen (which was quite a lot). Cynthia added a second finger, nearly making Lorelei cum instantly.

Sensing that Lorelei was about to climax, Cynthia pulled her hand away. Before the other woman could complain, she got down on her knees, hiking up Lorelei's skirt and plunging her tongue into her cunny. Slurping loudly, she took her clit between her lips. Lorelei screamed at the top of her lungs, digging her nails into the couch cushion as she came, her whole body shaking with pleasure. The way she quivered and writhed as she screamed just aroused Cynthia even more; it was like Lorelei had needed her touch more than any woman ever before. Even though it had been a while, Cynthia noted that Lorelei still had the same faint taste of blueberries.

Cynthia got up and kissed Lorelei deeply, sharing the juices that she had held in her mouth. When they parted, Lorelei let out a long, satisfied sigh, letting a droplet of her cum trickle down to her chin. “Ah...that was so good. Thank you so much. You've just got no idea how horny I get these days,” she said, still panting lightly.

“Well, don't thank me too soon! We’re far from done,” Cynthia said with a grin.

Standing up for a moment, Cynthia stripped quickly, while Lorelei pulled off what little she was wearing as well. Looking her friend over, Cynthia couldn’t help but fell a small twinge of jealousy toward her. The roundness of her belly seemed so beautiful, and it also seemed to make the rest of her body seem all the more curvy, in particular her rear. Cynthia simply wanted to grab it, and that’s exactly what she did. Lorelei gasped sharply as Cynthia began to gently knead her ass. “You are so good at this,” Lorelei murmured softly.

"I like to be the best at what I love, whether it's Pokemon battles or making love to women," Cynthia responded, still grinning.

“Let’s go to the bedroom," Lorelei said, pulling away. It was clear that she didn’t really want to interrupt this at all, and Cynthia definitely felt the same, but with Lorelei carrying extra weight around, it would obviously be much more comfortable for her if she didn't have to stand. Besides, walking behind Lorelei did give her a fantastic view of her plump ass, jiggling a tiny bit with every step as some of her cum leaked down her legs.

(I can’t wait to lick that up), Cynthia thought to herself.

When they reached the bedroom, Lorelei threw Cynthia down on the bed and immediately straddled her. She began grinding her pussy against Cynthia's, while grabbing hold of Cynthia’s breasts and tweaking her nipples. The way that Lorelei’s breasts and belly bounced softly with every movement only made Cynthia hornier than she already was, if that was even possible. Reaching back, she grabbed hold of the other woman’s ass again, giving it a firm squeeze. Lorelei looked down at Cynthia.

“Come on, that the best you got?” she teased.

“Of course not!” Cynthia answered as she began to move her hips in near perfect rhythm with the other woman, always going just a little bit faster or a little bit slower, never letting her keep pace, which made things that much more exciting. But she wasn’t going to settle for just that. Cynthia gave her ass a firm smack, making Lorelei yelp slightly and stop for a second.

“Naughty girl!” was the only thing that Lorelei said, before returning to her motions, twice as fast as before.

Cynthia kept one hand firmly squeezing one cheek, while giving the other a few firm smacks every now and then. Every little bit she would alternate which side was getting which treatment. Lorelei’s eyes were closed tightly with pleasure as she rode Cynthia. Both of them came several times, before finally Lorelei gently rolled off to the side.

“That was great, but I’m still super horny, and right now, I really just want something in me,” she said, sitting up. She reached into a bedside dresser, pulling out a double-ended strap-on, which she handed over to Cynthia. Without needing anything more said, Cynthia slipped it in.

“Now, you need to be a bit more gentle than usual, at least at the start, okay?” Lorelei said, getting on all fours and wiggling her hips invitingly.

Cynthia stood next to the bed, gripping Lorelei’s hips. She lined up the tip of the toy with her entrance, and slowly and gently pushed the tip in and pulled back out right away. Cynthia took a moment to softly run the end along Lorelei’s quim lips before pushing in again, just enough so that it barely disappeared, before pulling out again.

“I said to be gentle, not tease me!” Lorelei said, looking back.

“But it’s so fun!” Cynthia said, pushing in deeper as she said it, which got a sharp gasp from the pregnant woman.

Cynthia began to pump a bit more quickly then, while making sure not to go too fast or with too much force. With every single thrust, Lorelei moaned deeply, rolling her hips, her head swaying back and forth as she sank into the pleasure that she had been so desperate for. Cynthia reached down and grabbed hold of Lorelei’s breasts with one hand, while softly stroking her belly with the other. The moment she did, the other woman came, letting out a very loud moan.

“If you keep doing like that, I’m going to have to look for more sexy pregnant women,” Cynthia whispered, giving her nipple a small pinch.

“And that’s a bad thing?” Lorelei asked teasingly.

“Of course not,” Cynthia said, running her hand down her belly and brushing her clit.

After a while, Lorelei asked to change positions, but she was by no means done. She guided Cynthia onto her back, while keeping the dildo in place within them. “I’m not stopping until I can’t take any more!” she said as she began to gently slide up and down the length of the toy while massaging Cynthia breasts.

“Mmpm! Fine with me!” Cynthia panted back. They worked in a constantly changing rhythm, Cynthia thrusting upwards over and over again, eventually leaving all gentleness behind and just pushing her hips with animal lust and power, and Lorelei slamming up and down, back and forth as she rode out her pent-up lust for hours. They came and came, every orgasm just seeming to get them more worked up.

Finally, Lorelei began to slow down, until finally, a few more orgasms later, she asked Cynthia to stop, totally satisfied. "Thank you so much, Cynthia," she told her, holding her in a tender hug as Cynthia gently stroked her belly. "It's been months since I've felt so satisfied."

Cynthia gave her a little kiss on the cheek. "Any time."

As Lorelei drifted off to sleep, Cynthia stayed awake for a little while longer, thinking of her future conquests, and actually hoping that perhaps one or two more were with child. While Cynthia was definitely not sexually worn out, Lorelei had come a lot closer to fully satisfying her intense lust than any other woman working solo had that Cynthia could remember.

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