Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Cynthia grinned as she walked down the hall to Roxie’s dressing room. The girl had personally sent her a ticket to her show, as well as a backstage pass. Even with all the girls that Cynthia had been with, Roxie had one of the most interesting reputations. She was the so-called M.I.L.F. Slayer.

From the number of older women lined up trying to get backstage, some older than Cynthia by quite a number of years, the name seemed appropriate. All of them were giving Cynthia look of jealousy and desire as she passed them by. From what she’d heard, Roxie would always leave her fans worn out...something that Cynthia was very eager to put to the test.

Entering the room, she was greeted by a very pleasant sight. Roxie was sitting in a chair, completely naked, her slender legs spread wide. Her silver white hair was down loose as opposed to her usual top-knot, and she had a broad grin across her face, along with a spatter of freckles across the bridge of her nose that looked so cute, Cynthia could hardly stand it. Her flat chest was adorned with a pair of dangling nipple rings that looked kind of like Whirlipede. There was a large treble clef tattoo on her stomach, with her belly button serving as the dot.

“Like what you see, Granny?” she asked, smirking as she reached down and traced her fingers along her cunny. She was completely smooth, and already a little wet. Looking more closely, Cynthia noticed that she had a rather unique piercing. Each labia had a chain laced through it, with a pair of Ekans heads meeting right at her clit, looking like were biting her, with the chains serving as the bodies.

As sexy as the girl was, Cynthia was still a little irked. When Taylor called her Auntie, it was endearing, but "Granny" got under her skin a bit, and it was certainly not meant to be affectionate like Taylor's nickname had been. “Granny? I’ll have you know I’m probably close enough to you to be your older sister.”

Roxie chuckled. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, Gran-gran. I'm pretty sure my dad would have had to be my age or younger to have a kid as old as you,” she said, smirking. Cynthia shook her head; this girl was going to be a bit of trouble.

Standing up, Roxie walked toward Cynthia. “Age aside, I’ve heard all kinds of stories about how you're some sort of super sex savant, and that no girl has ever been able to keep up with you.” She was right in front of Cynthia now, looking her in the eye. “Well I ain’t like all them weak bitches, lady! By the time I’m done, I’ll have you begging for me to stop!”

There was a sharp glint in her eyes that almost gave Cynthia hope that the girl could live up to her words. Annoying or not, Cynthia would suffer through her attitude very happily for the chance to truly, fully get off at last! And if Roxie couldn't, well, Cynthia certainly had some ideas to put her in her place.

“We’ll see,” Cynthia told her, grinning back.

Roxie tilted up, kissing Cynthia while reaching back and giving her ass a firm squeeze. Roxie’s tongue was skilled and forceful, doing its best to take control of the kiss. Cynthia put up a token resistance, just enough to give Roxie the pleasure of victory as the girl won control. Having Roxie take the lead was fun; the girl's kiss was intense and demanding, everywhere at once within her mouth. After a few moments, Roxie broke away, a thin strand of saliva still connecting their lips. She licked it away, slurping rather loudly.

“Have a seat, Granny, take a load off those rickety old legs!” Roxie ordered, gesturing to a particularly large and soft-looking chair. Going along with the girl’s suggestion despite her attitude, Cynthia sat down. Right away she could feel something lining the interior of the chair.

“So how did you like my show? Could those ancient ears of yours even hear it?” Roxie asked as she went over to a case next to her guitar.

“It was fantastic. So much energy and passion! It really got my blood pumping,” Cynthia answered, brushing the jab aside. Though Cynthia did not usually go for that style of music, Roxie’s love for it had been evident in every note, and the lyrics of some of the songs had been pretty racy, which was a fun bonus.

“Well then, you're going to really love this: one of my super special private shows!” she turned around to face Cynthia, holding a handful of cords that looked similar to guitar strings. Each had a small clip on one end and a plug on the other. Approaching, she quickly went to work, hooking each clip to one of Cynthia’s piercings. She than plugged each end into her guitar, and walked back till each one was pulled taut, tugging lightly on the rings enough to stimulate Cynthia without being painful. Cynthia gave a murmur of approval as her nipples, pussy lips, and clit tingled at the pulling sensation.

Without saying a word, Roxie hit all the cords at once. The strings all vibrated with the noise, sending a powerful jolt of sound directly into Cynthia’s body. The rest of the chair also vibrated, conducting the notes through her whole body at once. Cynthia shrieked in delight at the quivering pleasure that jolted through her. Roxie began to play a fast and powerful melody, every single strum making Cynthia moan and writhe with pleasure as the pleasure bolts hummed through her most sensitive spots. The chair combined with the clip-cords had basically turned her entire body into a giant vibrator, and it was so, so good!

“As good as my songs are, I think the sound of an older woman moaning is the best thing in the world to go with my music,” Roxie said.

Each string Roxie played sent an entirely different kind of pleasure through her, some seeming to be connected to one piercing in particular. Roxie seemed to favor the one linked to her clit more than the others, which brought Cynthia to greater heights of pleasure all the faster. She was swimming in music, vibrations, and orgasm, each note heightening her climax more than ever, and all the while her ecstatic moans provided the chorus to Roxie's playing. By the time the song was over, Cynthia had cum almost five times.

Cynthia breathed deeply, getting her bearings back as she came down from her last orgasm. Roxie unhooked the cords with a satisfied smirk. Time to knock her down a peg. "Well...that was fun and all, but that was more your skills at music than your skills as a lover,” Cynthia teased. As both a lover and trainer, she had learned very well how to read a person, and knew that this was the best way to get Roxie to show her everything she had.

Roxie’s eyebrow twitched a little. “That was just the warm up session, you old bag! We're just getting started.” Setting her instrument aside, she straddled Cynthia. Leaning in, she kissed her again, pressing her nipples directly against Cynthia’s, the light clinking of their rings against one another creating a pleasing feeling that Cynthia wasn’t used to yet. The girl’s cunny, smooth aside from the chain looped through it, pressed firmly against Cynthia’s. Just like her breasts, the clinking of metal against metal was a a new kind of stimulation.

Roxie’s hands traced along her sides, lightly scratching her nails along Cynthia’s belly. Breaking the kiss for a moment, she lightly bit Cynthia’s lip, making her wince and whimper. Roxie moaned a bit as she pressed her quim against Cynthia harder, rubbing their clits together.

“So I’ve heard that you’re pretty milky," Roxie said, suddenly reach down and pinching Cynthia’s nipples hard. Cynthia let out a gasp as Roxie twisted them a little, making a spurt of milk shoot out. Cynthia groaned in bliss at the feeling; the pleasure of releasing her milk was almost orgasmic in itself.

“Wow, I’m kind of surprised you've got anything in there. I would've figured you'd be all dried up at your age,” Roxie mocked, giving another squeeze. Cynthia arched her back and moaned louder still as the pleasure made her cum. As Cynthia's cum splashed against Roxie's thigh, Roxie just grinned and pinched, squeezed, and twisted Cynthia's nipples harder. The orgasmic relief and satisfaction of her milk leaking out of her merged with the now almost unbearable pain of having her sensitive nubs mistreated so, and Cynthia sobbed as a fresh climax crashed through her even as she was in the middle of her first one.

After a few moments more, the girl latched her mouth over one of the tender buds and sucked hard, her teeth and tongue working together to flick the ring and nip at the nipple itself, adding a new sensation to Cynthia's pleasures. All the while she used her fingers to tease the other breast, pressing her nipple in a bit, her nails sinking into her flesh. Through she was not drinking, Roxie would occasionally lick up some of the dribbling milk escaping Cynthia's teat, though most of it was simply running in droplets down her breast and body.

With a loud pop, she pulled away from Cynthia’s tit and moved over to the other, switching what she was doing to each one. And all the while, the chains in her pussy were rubbing against Cynthia’s rings, the faint sound of them creating a sort of music. Roxie’s tongue seemed to follow that rhythm. The pleasure and rhythm of their sex sustained Cynthia's pleasure and kept her orgasm going for several minutes, blanking her mind to anything but the beautiful, rough pleasure racing through her.

After a few minutes more, Roxie broke away again and kissed Cynthia just as forcefully as before. The sweet, delicious taste of Cynthia’s milk was still strong on her tongue, and Cynthia gave a murmur of approval at it. Roxie never let up on her hip grinding, and her hands went back to Cynthia’s breasts just as vigorously.

Both women came a few times, moaning into each other, with neither letting up for a second. When Roxie finally broke away, her face was still as passionate as ever, not showing any of the tiredness several other girls might have at this point.

“Let’s get somewhere a bit more comfortable for the next bit,” Roxie said, sliding out of the chair. "Wouldn't want your creaky old bones to give outright in the middle of our fun!" She walked over to a large bed in the corner.

As soon as Cynthia was close enough, Roxie grabbed her and tossed her onto the bed, straddling her once more. She tugged again at one of Cynthia’s nipple rings. “Sashay does great work, doesn’t she?” Roxie asked, pulling at both of them hard. Just that was enough to get a small squirt of milk out of Cynthia. Roxie chuckled. “This is a lot of fun,” she remarked, tugging a bit more and getting another spurt of milk.

She spent a few moments teasing Cynthia’s nipples, leaning in and lapping away at the droplets every now and then. That alone was enough to coax a small orgasm out of the blonde. The younger girl’s grin only grew as the Champion writhed in pleasure. “I’ll give you this: you’ve lasted way longer than most of the other old aunties I’ve fucked,” Roxie said, leaning in for a kiss.

Hearing her use the same word as Taylor in such a derogatory way felt almost wrong, but unbelievably sexy at the same time, and Cynthia moaned as she came yet again, having barely finished with her last climax.

“Well, I think you’ve had plenty of fun. Now it’s my turn!” Roxie said, her eyes glinting sharply.

She flipped around so that her pussy was right over Cynthia’s mouth, her thighs clamped around her face firmly. “Make sure to get in there good and deep, now! Old ladies like you just can’t seem to get enough of my wet loli-cunt!” Roxie said, grinding her hips.

Cynthia moaned deeply into Roxie’s quim. Her juices tasted like a sweet lemonade, but there was a definite sourness that fit her personality very well.

Roxie groaned as Cynthia’s tongue explored her every fold. The feeling of the girl's chains against Cynthia's lips was strange, but they were fun to tease. Cynthia tugged on them softly with her teeth, making Roxie squeak when she did. It didn’t take much to get her to cum, filling Cynthia’s mouth with her juices. Roxie's body thrashed helplessly as she moaned in utter abandon, and Cynthia felt a flush of satisfaction and new arousal wash over her at the thought that she had finally brought this little brat such pleasure that she couldn't keep up her attitude through it.

Leaning forward. Roxie gave Cynthia’s clit ring a small jerk. The sudden twinge caught her off guard and penetrated her senses with its pleasure, causing her to cum. She moaned into Roxie, adding to her pleasure as she rode out her orgasm.

“I’m...phew! I'm kind of glad you visited Sashay before coming to me. Her piercings are the best, and an old woman like you with some rings is way sexier,” Roxie said once she had come down from her orgasm. She hooked her fingers into each of Cynthia's pussy rings, and spread Cynthia’s lower lips wide. Roxie began to toy with her pussy lips, using the rings to open and close her labia while she tongued her clit. With the girl’s legs pinning her head, Cynthia could only lap away as the girl teased her, bringing her right to the edge before stopping, again and again.

Finally, when Cynthia felt like she was going to scream if the pleasure building up within her was not given a new release, Roxie jammed a couple of fingers into her, and at the same moment gave her clit and extra hard suck. The pleasure was so great that Cynthia's vision swam as she screamed; she saw stars as her body quaked in orgasm and felt like she was lost in a dream of mindless bliss! Cynthia’s tongue thrashed wildly as she moaned, which was enough to set Roxie off, as well.

After several minutes, they both finished, breathing heavily. Lifting herself off of Cynthia, Roxie licked her lips. “So how you holding up, Granny?” Roxie asked teasingly.

“Just fine, thank you. You’ve been good so far, but to be honest, I’m a little bit disappointed,” Cynthia said, sitting up and leaning in for a kiss. “Good though you've been, with a nickname like M.I.L.F Slayer, I was expecting something beyond description,” she explained, brushing her lips against the girl’s freckles.

Standing up, Roxie smirked, putting her hands on her hips. “What we did first was the warm up, and everything after was just the first set!” She pushed Cynthia back down and pressed a foot against her breasts, pinching a nipple between her toes. Cynthia gave a pleased gasp. “The real show starts now!”

Hopping off the bed, she went over to a dresser and pulled out a CD. “I only play this for my best fans,” she said, popping it into a player and turning it up to max volume. The bed began to shake with the powerful rhythm. The moment the lyrics started up, Cynthia knew just what she had meant. The song was named after Roxie's own title, “M.I.L.F Slayer,” and it made all her other songs sound tame by comparison. Not only were the lyrics X-rated, but it was quite clear from Roxie's tone that she'd actually been getting eaten out while she sang.

Picking up a large case, Roxie got out a tri-pronged strap-on dildo. “This one’s brand new. I keep one special toy for each girl,” she said, affixing it, moaning as one of its three lengths slid into her. “And now, just one last thing.” With a grin, she pulled out a familiar-looking set of cords. She hooked them up to the speakers, and then once more to Cynthia's piercings. Cynthia threw her head back and moaned as the beautiful pleasure of music vibrated through her sensitive pierced spots once more, this time with the added pleasure of being induced by such an arousing song.

Roxie quickly pulled Cynthia out of bed and bent her over the dresser in front of the large vanity mirror. Grabbing a bottle of lube off the shelf, she poured it down Cynthia’s back, letting it run down her rear. She then covered the toy with lube as well.

Grabbing hold of Cynthia’s hips, Roxie lined her toy up. She rammed into her as deeply as she could, and the extra prong rubbed against Cynthia’s clit, stimulating it even more, in addition to the music pulsing through her clit ring. Roxie began to pump her hips in time to the music. She gave Cynthia’s ass a firm smack. “I’ll show you just why so many old biddies like you beg me to make them my bitches!” Roxie cried, giving her another slap.

“Most girls my age are way too skinny, and too damn fragile! But older women like you, you've got the real curves! And you can take it as hard as I want to give!” Roxie said between thrusts, running her hands along Cynthia’s hip, moving up to her breasts. “I’ve fucked just about every woman over thirty in this town, and every single one of them loved it! Just about every married woman in this town has offered to dump her husband or wife just to be with me!”

Roxie began to tug at the cords hanging from Cynthia’s nipples, sending sharp jolts through her with each motion. “And I guarantee that you’ll be doing the same before the night's done.”

Facing the mirror, Cynthia marveled at the expression of pleasure on her face, moaning in delight at seeing the wanton bliss stamped upon those beautiful features, as well finding arousal in the look of pride that Roxie wore. It was enough to make Cynthia cum again, and everything else just kept her cumming, again and again and again, one overwhelming deluge of pleasure after another.

The song played on loop for nearly an hour before Roxie pulled out and away, wiping her forehead and breathing heavily. “So what do you think of me now?” she asked smugly, her voice still pretty strong.

Lifting herself up from her slumped position, her body still tingling in shock and disbelief at the marathon of pleasure it had just been given, Cynthia turned to face the girl with a large smile. “I have to give it to you, you’ve done better than most of the others (not that I didn’t enjoy every moment with each of them).” Instead of being red and sore, her body looked as ready as ever, her arousal practically cascading down her thighs as her pussy drooled in anticipation of more, her nipples distended as though desperately seeking further touch, her clit happily exposed for the world to continue playing with. Instead of exhaustion, over-exertion, pain, or even satisfaction, Cynthia's face and eyes burned with raw, uncompromising lust; she looked more needy and ready now than she had when they first began. Cynthia sauntered toward Roxie, who had forgotten her confidence, and was to staring with worried eyes into the predatory, blazing eyes of desire approaching her.

“But if that was the whole show, I’m more than ready for an encore.” Cynthia un-strapped the toy from Roxie’s slender frame, and easily lifted her up. The girl let out a small, disbelieving whimper, unable to find it within herself to protest or struggle.

“Are you?" Cynthia asked, kissing her deeply as she pressed her against a wall.

Cynthia dropped her down so that her breasts were pressing against the girl’s mouth and their pussies could rub against each other. She began to thrust her body against Roxie's with all her energy. For the first time that she could recently recall, Cynthia was really feeling great!


“P...Please...I...I can...can’t...” Roxie was panting heavily, hardly able to speak, her eyes rolled back so far that her pupils had almost disappeared. She took a breath as steadily as she could, and tried again.

"P-Please, I can’t cum any more!” she cried out.

She was on her back. Cynthia was eating her out while fingering herself, M.I.L.F Slayer still blaring in the background.

“But you’ve only cum 17 times. One more won’t kill you, will it?” Cynthia asked, lifting her head. Roxie could only give a gurgle in response.

“After all, I thought you were going to show me my place?” Cynthia teased, lifting one of Roxie’s feet and licking from heel to toe, before slipping it into herself, moaning a bit.

“I...I was wrong, I...I’m no match for you...” Roxie had faint tears in her eyes and shame stamped across her features as she admitted it finally. Cynthia just smiled, and kept licking. Roxie's exhausted body gave a jerk as the pleasure hit it harder than it could handle now. “No, please! I give up, Cynthia! D-Don't...don't...I said I give up! I’m no match for you! St-Stop, please, pleeaaaaaAAAASSSSSE AHHHH!" she screamed, cumming so hard that she blacked out.

Cynthia rode the unconscious girl's foot just long enough to cum, then got off the bed. “Well, it was a good try. I hope you don’t give up. In a few years, who knows? You might just last long enough for a draw,” she said, leaning in and giving the girl a small kiss.

Picking up the tri-pronged toy, she slipped it into herself, moaning a bit as she did. Turning down the speaker, she hooked the cords up to her rings and picked up Roxie’s guitar. ”Well, I’ve always kind of wanted to learn to play...and I can't think of any better time for it!” she said, strumming a few cords.


For those who want the lyrics here is, M.I.L.F Slayer, an original song by myself and co-author.

I'm a M.I.L.F Slayer

Young girls don't deserve my skill...

Older women give me a thrill, Moving in for the kill!

Plump Tits and Big Asses,

That's all that passes

Through my door--

Flat girls are a bore!

I'm a M.I.L.F Slayer

Tell the jailbait she can wait--

If you ain't twice my age, I won't date!

Keep your skinny little pre-teens,

And your boring Prom Queens!

Give me a woman with a little bit more,

Cuz that's the only one I'll ever go for!

I'm a M.I.L.F Slayer

You say older women are dry?

Oh you KNOW that's a lie!

You don't know how to get that pussy going!

Give'er to me, I'll get her flowing!

I'm a M.I.L.F Slayer

But careful now, M.I.L.F. darling, I'm not tame--

You wanna be with me, better learn the rules of this game!

You want me to sit on your lap and do as you say?

Not a chance! Worship my foot, slut, we do this MY way!

Now, bitch! On your knees!

My cunt you will please!

Worship me, you old whore!

Make me cum till I'm sore!

Your tongue, the perfect fit!

Yeah, fuck that little slit!

Go on, you iiiittttt...



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