Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Cynthia took in a deep breath as she sat on the terrace of the Elite Four castle. For the past week or so, she'd found it much harder to stay in control of herself than ever before. Managing her abnormal lust had always been difficult, but until last week, she'd at least been able to function from day to day with a little frustration, restraining herself until her private moments with a lover or just herself. Now, however, every step she took had become a battle against herself to try not to jam her hands down into her pants and panties and jill off wildly, a battle that she lost more often than not. The constant escalation of desire provided by every tiny movement of her piercings, especially now that they were linked, only made the situation worse. She could have taken them out, but she just couldn't bear the thought of it...they were a part of her now, pieces of her identity. She wanted sex every moment of every day now, and to keep herself from making any more scenes like the dozen or so that she'd had the first day this change had come over her, Cynthia was now keeping a busily vibrating egg against her clit all day long. The constant stimulation and occasional climax was distracting, but not as much as the raging fires of sexual frustration had been. It was like an entire lifetime's work of building up restraint had been washed away in an instant, and this was her only way of coping at the moment.

She knew this had started with her visit to Shauntal, in the same way that her new piercing jewelry had come from that meeting, including the new stud within her tongue. She was still getting used to that one, occasionally clacking it against her teeth experimentally. But just what had happened was a little fuzzy. Whenever she tried to remember it, her mind just seemed to drift in a distracted way to something else, and whenever she thought of going back to ask, for some reason she started to feel slightly sick. It was puzzling, but Cynthia had decided to just go with it and move along on her journey..

Cynthia wandered the castle, looking at the paintings along its walls with interest. She came across a portrait of Catlin, with nothing but her long, flowing hair wrapped around her, only just covering her petite figure. Cynthia let out a sharp breath of desire, and her pussy gave a tremor. Heading to the girl’s room, she pushed open the large doors. The room was pitch black inside, aside from a faint golden glow. Making her way toward the glow, Cynthia realized what it was: Catlin’s hair, so long that it spilled over the edge of the bed she was laying on, forming large golden pools. It was so brilliantly blonde that it seemed to light up the area around her.

With that seemingly supernatural luminance coming from it, the girl’s figure was clear. She was a lithe and delicate girl, her skin so pale that it seemed to almost glow on its own. Her eyes were closed, her long delicate eyelashes fluttering a bit. Looking down at her, Cynthia felt a flicker in her heart as her eyes moved along Caitlin's body. Catlin’s lips were so pink and soft-looking...Cynthia just had to lean down and kiss her.

Though Cynthia felt a little guilty for taking advantage of her sleeping like this, Catlin looked so sweet and peaceful that waking her seemed like a crime. Just as she was about to make contact, though, something seemed to stop her movement. Before she could react fully, Cynthia was pulled away and lifted into the air.

Looking down, she quickly realized what had hold of her: hair, Catlin’s hair! Several feet of it was wrapped around her waist, holding her above the ground. Cocking an eyebrow, Cynthia grinned looking down at the still sleeping girl. (Psychics really can do some interesting things!) she thought to herself. Caitlin’s hair split off into several long tendrils. A few of them went up Cynthia’s shirt, coiling around her breasts. A few more slipped into pants. Deciding that it would be best to go along with this, she relaxed as the silkily soft tendrils of hair ran along her body, caressing her softly. She could actually feel each individual hair moving along her body, almost like countless little fingers stroking over every inch of surface.

The hairs slowly explored her chest, brushing against every part as if they were seeking, and it didn’t take long for them to find her nipples and their rings. Slipping into the rings as more coiled through the chain, the tendrils tugged softly, making Cynthia moan in pleasure. At the same time, the tendrils in her pants slipped into her panties and laced through her lower rings, brushing the vibrator aside. They pulled these rings a bit, as well. Cynthia gasped lightly at the soft teasing from Catlin’s hair tendrils, but as pleasant as it was, it was a little lacking. As if sensing this thought, several more tendrils rose up and quickly went to work, pulling away Cynthia's clothing and moving her around so that she was suspended over Caitlin, with her pussy just above the girl’s face. Looking down, it was clear that she was still sleeping, but there was a faint flush of arousal to her face.

Without the clothes in the way, Catlin was a bit more free to act. Using her hair, she gave a harder tug against Cynthia’s nipples. Cynthia gave a squeal of delight as a spurt of milk came from her nipples; as always, the pleasing, satisfying, and relieving release of her milk was almost an orgasm itself. The liquid landed on Caitlin's face, and she sighed contently through her slumber. The tendrils at Cynthia’s pussy grew more vigorous, tugging each at the same time before moving into a rhythm, or moving from one to the other. Cynthia groaned long and loud and shook in delight as she came, the juices of her climax dripping down onto Caitlin's beautiful, demure body.

Even as she tilted her head back and simply enjoying the feeling of cumming, Cynthia was pleasantly surprised when she felt one of the hair tendrils slip into her pussy. So silkily soft and smooth, it was unlike any kind of toy she had ever experienced before. The hair began to slowly push deeper into her, and the pleasure just prolonged her orgasm all the longer. Suddenly, it seemed to bloom inside her, spreading her inner walls out, with each of the hundreds of strands moving around, touching places and tiny pleasure pockets in her pussy that had probably never received such attention before.

The pleasure was incredible, and Cynthia's body seemed to erupt into an explosive new orgasm. She screamed silently at the unimaginable pleasure, almost unable to comprehend each tiny brush of Caitlin's hair as they overwhelmed her. But even as her body was rocked with bliss, it seemed like Catlin was only just getting started. Pushing deeper still, more tendrils came up and began to wrap around Cynthia’s body, around her legs, down to her feet, and between her toes. More went around her waist, looping around her inner thighs, digging into her a bit. Her breasts each received their own secondary loops, squeezing them tightly as tips came up, teasing the ends of her nipples, one rubbing each like a paint brush, the other forming a pair of fingers and pinching them.

As a moan slipped out of Cynthia, the girl below her stirred, slightly frowning. She looked vaguely annoyed. Almost instantly, several more tendrils scooped up Cynthia’s discarded, damp panties, and jammed them into her mouth. A few more tendrils wrapped around her head to gag her fully. As lost in the lust of her predicament as Cynthia was, the nearly overwhelming taste of her own juices soaked into the fabric, and the thought of how many times she had came in them just this day alone, the mental image of her beautiful self climaxing over and over in them...Cynthia was sexy and she knew it, and she loved it, and she was so turned on by it! It was all more than enough to bring on a new orgasm.

With each second, new hair was quickly being added to the mass that was enveloping Cynthia’s body, tugging at her rings more and more as it did so. A few strands singled out her clit, coiling around it tightly almost like tiny ribbons. Every time Cynthia breathed in, the hairs seemed to tighten around her even more, resisting her body's attempt to move or function with an iron grip, the hair ribboning her clit biting into the tiny nub with their tiny strands so a way, it almost made her think of Lenora’s vacuum bed, but this was far more intimate, somehow, and the feeling of those hundreds of tiny, finger-like hairs all over her, wrapping around every spot of Cynthia inside and outside, was far more wonderful, almost too much for her!

Cynthia's hair brought Cynthia over the edge again and again, hurling her further and further into an abyss of pleasure, with each orgasm showering the still sleeping girl beneath Cynthia with more of her juices. And from the content look on her face, Caitlin was clearly enjoying it. Cynthia couldn’t help but wonder, through her bliss-soaked mind, just what was going trough the other girl’s mind but she quickly lost interest in the subject when she caught a hint of movement out of the corner of her eye. Looking around as best she could, Cynthia saw that several tendrils were working away at Caitlin’s own pussy, their rhythm matching the ones that she was using on Cynthia. That alone was enough to make Cynthia cum yet again. Orgasms came so easy now, so free and many and even as insatiable as Cynthia had always been, she knew now, could sense it, that she could take still more than ever before. Whatever had happened with Shauntal was definitely for the better. As inconvenient as it may have been at times, this proved that it was a blessing.

With no warning, Cynthia felt herself being lowered down, until she was so close that she could feel Catlin’s breath on her quim. The hairs inside her pussy began to move all at once, faster than any fingers or toys could ever match. Cynthia screamed as hard as she could against her gag as she was brought to the most powerful orgasm yet today. A gush of cum splashed against Caitlin's face. The juices trickled down her features, making her shudder and sigh, her tongue darting out to lick away some of the juices that coated her lips.

For a moment Caitlin’s eyes twitched, as if she were going to wake up, but she merely yawned, before her hair moved Cynthia yet again, flipping her around almost as though they were going to sixty-nine. However, she was still suspended in the air above Caitlin, with the hair tendrils working away at her quim.

The hair around Cynthia’s mouth moved away, pulling her panties out. It then pulled her face-first down into to Caitlin's cunny, and though she needed no encouragement, several strands looped around Cynthia's neck and Catlin’s thighs, holding her in place. Eager to finally get a taste, Cynthia gave a quick and hungry lick, and was surprised by the lightly sweet taste of high quality olive oil, refined and delicate. Rather fitting for a girl who, for a time, acted almost like a princess, and certainly possessed the delicacy, poise, and beauty of one.

As Cynthia lapped away, she could feel the hairs in her cunny shifting around and moving themselves into a new shape: an exact copy of her own tongue! Only the hair had formed more than one, each going deeper than the others, moving as Cynthia moved the original in Caitlin's cunny. As amazingly arousing as this already was, Cynthia's eyes shone with delight as she realized she was essentially getting to eat herself out! Sex with herself was a natural fantasy for a woman who had become just as helplessly attracted to herself as any other woman was attracted to her, thanks to her visit with Fantina. This was suddenly wonderful on a whole new level! And it didn't hurt that Caitlin’s breath continued to blow across her cunny as this was happening, only adding to the pleasure.

Caitlin held onto Cynthia for nearly two hours, shifting her around into various positions, her hair never ceasing its caressing explorations. With the constant pleasure, the countless orgasms hitting her over and over again, one following right on the heels of the last, Cynthia actually felt some of the neediness easing off. For the first time in days, she almost felt like she did before whatever happened with Shauntal. Which meant she was still incredibly horny, even as she came again and again, but at least it was back to the normal superhuman lust she was accustomed to. By now, Caitlin's entire face was slick with Cynthia's constantly flowing spunk, and the upper half of her mattress was soaked in it. And still Cynthia ate the girl out vigorously, the hair tongues stroking her enhanced lust and rewarding the woman with ten orgasms to every one delicious spurt of cum that Caitlin gave.

After a while, Caitlin’s hair went limp, dropping Cynthia onto the bed with a soft thump. As she sat up, she heard a small coughing sound. Turning around, Cynthia saw that Catlin was sitting up, rubbing the sleep and cum from her eyes as she cleared her throat of the juices that had been running down her throat. “I thought that dream was much better than my usual wet dreams...Sorry if I caught you by surprise,” she said around a yawn, stretching.

“There's usually a note posted on my door warning visitors not to come in while I’m napping,” Caitlin explained sleepily, wiping some of the cum off her face and licking it almost absentmindedly. "Wow, you taste as good as you look, Cynthia...“

"Oh, it was more than fine,," Cynthia reassured her, grinning as she swiped a bit of the younger woman's cum that she'd missed off her own lips. "But since you're awake about we have some more fun? I could still go for hours, and after as much fun as you've given me in your sleep, I can't wait to see what you can do to me when you're actually conscious!"

Caitlin grinned, licking her lips. “Sounds like a good idea to me!” she said excitedly, her hair starting to lift up again.

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