Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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“It never ceases to amaze me just how many fetishes I’ve never experienced,” Cynthia murmured, looking at the setup that Lenora had. Her hair was back to its normal blonde, except for a single streak across her bangs. "I keep thinking I must have seen the last new, different fetish out there, but I keep finding new ones."

At first glance, the thing looked like a sheet of latex, with a single hole and some tubes leading out of it.

“Yeah, I only learned about this thing a few months ago myself. I've grown to love it, though!” the woman said with a grin. Cynthia had had a few talks with Lenora in the past, and knew that she and her husband had an open marriage, so it hadn't been difficult to get her to go along with Cynthia's quest.

“Now before we use this, how about something a bit more traditional to get in the mood?” Lenora suggested as she began to strip. She had a nicely rounded figure with some underlying muscle, giving her a very charming appeal. Her dark skin and hair added to it quite nicely as well.

Never one to turn down an offer like that, Cynthia stripped as well. “As good as they look--and believe me, I think they really suit you--you’re going to have to take all those rings out when we get serious,” Lenora said, flicking one of the nipple rings lightly.

Cynthia frowned a little. It hadn’t been that long since Sashay had put the jewelry in, but already she was already very fond of it. To Cynthia, her nipple, clit, and labial rings were all a part of her body already, a new extension of her sexual self as much as any other part of her. She loved the way they shifted and moved every time she did, how they pressed against her under her clothing, how they reminded her of pleasure every waking moment of her day, kept her even more excited all the time...but a little while without them wouldn’t be too bad. And she'd certainly have plenty of other things to keep her attention during that time!

Lenora made the first move while Cynthia was still thinking. She caught her in a kiss, slipping her tongue against Cynthia while with one hand she gently tugged at the clit ring. Cynthia purred happily into her mouth as Lenora's other hand went to Cynthia’s breast, teasing it gently, pinching the nipple and tugging at her ring. With that tug, a small trickle of milk leaked free. That feeling alone was enough to give Cynthia a light cum, and she moaned gently as her insides shook and the pleasure swept over her, enjoy the heightened pleasure of her clit being pulled at, and the milk flowing through her nipple.

Breaking the kiss, Lenora brought her fingers up, a bit of milk on them. She licked it away. “I wasn't expecting that,” she murmured. She leaned in and put her mouth over the teat that had gave the spurt, having a drink for herself. While sucking at her breast, Lenora lowered her hand a bit more, and slipped her fingers into Cynthia’s cunny.

As Lenora sucked and fingered her, Cynthia used her hands to start teasing the other woman’s breasts, making her moan around her nipple. It didn’t take much more to bring Cynthia over the edge again, Lenora speeding up her fingers a little bit to sweeten her climax.

Pulling back, the dark-skinned woman licked her hand clean of Cynthia’s cum. “I’m not sure which taste better, this or the milk,” she said with a grin.

“Now then, let's get you in the vacuum bed,” Lenora said, gesturing toward the latex contraption. Kneeling down next to a box near the “bed,” Lenora pulled put an egg vibrator. She slipped it in as Cynthia removed the rings from her pussy and breasts.

With the preparations complete, Cynthia slipped into the bag easily. The whole thing was zipped shut, leaving only a small opening around Cynthia’s mouth. Two low humming sounds soon filled the air. One was the vacuum, sucking the air out of the bag, causing it to tighten, contouring itself to Cynthia’s every curve like a second skin. The other sound was the toy buzzing to life in her cunny.

Cynthia gasped lightly at the feeling, but with the bag closing in tighter, it wasn’t as easy to breathe. It didn’t take very long before all the air was gone, and the bag was completely smooth around her body.

Bondage was nothing new to Cynthia, but this was nothing like being tied up. Trying to even twitch a finger was impossible as the bag bore down on every inch of her body. It felt like she was glued in place. And the buzzing between her legs seemed to be growing stronger with each passing second. Her body fought to twitch, to arch her back, to respond in the ways a woman's body must to great pleasure, but the unrelenting vacuum bag held her completely immobile, denying her even a tiny twitch of pleasure.

“You look wonderful like this.” Lenora’s voice sounded very close, though just like when Lucy had bound her, it was hard to tell exactly where she was. But it was soon confirmed as Lenora kissed her briefly, letting her tongue dance across the helpless Champion’s latex-coated lips for a few seconds.

A few seconds passed before Lenora lowered her pussy onto Cynthia’s waiting mouth. The hole over Cynthia's mouth was just enough to allow her tongue through, although doing so cut off Cynthia's air. But given the choice between air and tasting pussy, Cynthia would choose the latter every time. Lenora was soaking wet, and had a taste of figs. As Cynthia licked away, Lenora reached down and began to stroke her breasts. Though she couldn’t feel it in the same way, the tightness of the latex seemed to almost enhance the feeling of it, and the buzzing between her legs grew more intense.

For Cynthia, she had no choice but to keep licking the delicious cunt above her, even as she got a little light-headed. But thankfully Lenora lifted her hips up at just the right moment to let her take a good breath, though the scent of her pussy was still heavy in the air.

“Almost forgot that I’m not with Malva,” she said softly. Turned on and under the sensual, pleasurable pressure of the latex bag pressing against her every bit of flesh, the thought of Lenora suffocating a trapped Cynthia with her juicy pussy was enough to push her over the edge.

As she came, she could feel her juices spreading out against her skin, the latex trapping it close to her. Cynthia moaned in delight, as much for the sensation of her cum being pressed against her skin as for the climax itself. Lenora lowered herself down again, and Cynthia resumed eating her out with her usual eagerness. This time, rather than merely rubbing the bound woman’s breasts, Lenora tweaked her nipples hard. Cynthia's muffled moan reverberated in Lenora's pussy.

Again Lenora stayed in place until Cynthia was nearing the end of her ability to hold her breath. “Now for something a bit different,” she said in a low voice, licking a bit of her own cum from Cynthia’s lips. The sound of the box opening again hit Cynthia’s ears, and soon enough a new, louder buzz joined the others. She could feel another egg vibrator running along the soles of her feet.

Even through the layer of latex, her feet were still incredibly sensitive, and that alone was enough to bring her over the edge almost instantly. But Lenora didn’t stop there; she ran the toy over every inch of her body, lingering on certain spots longer, prolonging and enhancing Cynthia's orgasm for several minutes.

The bag filled with her sweat and cum, creating a slippery mess that coated her entire body, adding to the perverse pleasure more and more. Eventually, Cynthia's orgasm died down, and Lenora shut the vacuum off.

“Now then, let's get you cleaned up, and trade places," she said, unzipping the bag. A rush of cool air hit Cynthia, and she breathed deeply in appreciation. It had been an interesting experience, but one that made her appreciate having some space and freedom of movement in ways she never had before.

It didn’t take long for Cynthia to wash off, as Lenora set the first bed aside, getting a second one ready for herself. Watching it from the outside was fascinating. Every inch pulling taut against the figure of the archeologist was almost as erotic as being sealed inside it.

Once it was fully voided of air, Cynthia ran her hands along her body, from her feet up to the sides of her face. Straddling the Gym Leader, Cynthia marveled at the way she could feel every detail of her muscles through the smooth rubbery covering, and the faint heat of her body made it even more wonderful.

Kissing Lenora, Cynthia began to grind against her, easily slipping along the smooth surface of the bag. She used every part of the woman’s body like a giant toy. She kept it up for quite a while, cumming a few times and making the latex as slick on the outside as it was getting on the inside, before finally releasing Lenora.

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