Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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“So you’re the only female Grand Master?” Cynthia asked, looking around the room.

“Sadly true. Nikki and Amy are good, but not good enough,” Courtney answered, shrugging. “Unlike normal Pokemon training, which pretty evenly split between the sexes, there are more men playing the card game than women,” she added, sounding a bit disappointed.

Looking Courtney over, Cynthia couldn’t wait to start the fun. Her long red hair and sharp eyes gave her a rather fierce charm. She wasn’t particularly developed compared to some of the women Cynthia had been with lately, but still had a very nice set of curves.

Sighing, Courtney waved her hand. “But that’s not what you’re here for, now is it?” she grinned in a way that reminded Cynthia of a predator.

“I guess word gets around fast on such a small island,” Cynthia chuckled.

“It does, but it gets around even faster when you screw every single female club member on the island at Amy’s pool.”

Cynthia chuckled. “What can I say? I’m insatiable.”

In a split second, Courtney pinned Cynthia to her seat, kissing her roughly. “I hope so.” She leaned in and lightly nipped Cynthia’s neck, growling in her ear.

Pulling Courtney into another kiss, Cynthia reached back and gave her ass a slap, making her double her effort in the kiss. Breaking away, Courtney stood. “I’m going to get ready. Get naked and join me,” she ordered harshly.

As soon as the woman exited, Cynthia wasted no time in stripping and rushing into the room. Courtney likewise was already completely naked. Not saying anything, Courtney grabbed Cynthia and tossed her onto her bed.

Straddling Cynthia with her quim just over her face, Courtney grinned down at her. “We’re going to have a lot of fun,” she said, licking her lips.

Cynthia chuckled a bit into her cunny as she started to lick. Courtney had a distinctively pear-like taste. Without lifting up, Courtney twisted around and buried her face between Cynthia’s legs and started eating her out. Courtney put all of her attention solely on Cynthia’s clit, leaving the rest of her pussy completely untouched. With that, it took very little time for Cynthia to cum. Courtney likewise wasn’t able to take Cynthia’s skilled tongue very long before hitting her climax.

Getting off of Cynthia, Courtney hopped off the bed. “This is your first time with me, and I'm betting it's also your first time with anything like what I've got, so I’m going to let you pick,” she said, walking over to a covered shelf.

“I’ve got a thing for Pokemon...sort of. More like a thing for one particular part of them,” she said, pulling back the curtain. Even with as many things as she had done, Cynthia was a little surprised by the sight of several dildos, each clearly based on a different Pokemon, or rather, on its penis. They even had small plaques with a very detailed picture and description of the Pokemon penis each one was modeled after. Each one looked extraordinarily accurate, the only difference being that ones belonging to smaller Pokemon had obviously been made larger, and ones belonging to larger Pokemon had been made smaller, so as to accommodate a human woman's orifice.

“So which one do you want to try first?” Courtney asked, gesturing to them again.

Cynthia spent several moments looking them over. "Hm. I'm not sure...using a dildo based on a Pokemon phallus never really occurred to me before."

Courtney rolled her eyes and gave an impolite little snort of contempt. "Typical dyke, too obsessed with snatches to use your imagination and think of anything else."

"Says the woman about to fuck another woman," Cynthia pointed out.

"Bisexual, not gay, thank you very much," Courtney countered. "And even then, just barely; I almost always sleep with men. You're an especially good-looking piece of ass and your skills in bed are becoming famous, but that just means you're the exception, not the rule."

Cynthia shrugged and tried not to feel annoyed. She was pretty sure that most heterosexual women didn't regularly consider Pokemon genitalia for their sex toys, either. But Courtney obviously liked a certain sense of control and superiority, so if looking down on the infamous Pokemon League Champion Cynthia helped her get her rocks off, then Cynthia would oblige her. Her goal was to please women, not nurse her own ego.

Cynthia continued to look over the toys before her. It WAS strange to her; she didn't even like her toys to be too life-like when they were modeled after human dicks. She was interested in women, human women, for that matter. But looking at some of the shapes and textures, she had to concede that she might want to reconsider...for toys, anyways.

“It might be a little awkward for me later on, but this looks too good to pass up,” Cynthia murmured as she picked up a Garchomp dildo. It had several large rings, and a tough, scaly texture.

“A nice choice. That’s one of my favorites,” Courtney said, taking the toy and sliding her hands over it in appreciation.

Courtney pulled Cynthia up so that she was standing. Getting behind her, Courtney grabbed her hips and started rubbing the toy's tip against her pussy. “Just a warning: after this, I doubt normal dildos will still do it for you,” she whispered into Cynthia’s ear, lightly nipping her earlobe.

"I appreciate the warning," Cynthia smiled back, "but I think you severely underestimate my libido."

Slowly, Courtney began to push the toy into her. Right away the texture alone made Cynthia tremble. The countless tiny scales rubbing against her inner walls was simply wonderful...but then the first ring slipped in. Like the rest of the toy, it was covered in the scales, stretching her a bit more, rubbing her in hundreds of tiny places, in hundreds of tiny new ways. She bit her lip and moaned as the sensations overwhelmed her.

As the toy got thicker, the rings also became larger. By the time it was fully in her, Cynthia was on the brink of cumming just from the feeling of her pussy clamping against the strange surface of the toy. Then, just as slowly as she had entered, Courtney pulled out, letting each ridge and ring scrape sensuously against every bit of Cynthia’s pussy. That alone was enough to make Cynthia cum. Courtney reached up and cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples hard at that exact moment, turning Cynthia's orgasmic moans into ecstatic wails.

Not giving Cynthia any time to recover from her orgasm, Courtney slammed into her all the way in a single stroke this time. The roughness and speed made Cynthia cum again, almost instantly, and Cynthia screamed as her body quaked with climax again before its first orgasm had even finished.

“I love that reaction!” Courtney growled, digging her nails into Cynthia’s breasts a bit, causing Cynthia to add a choked whimper of pain to her cries of pleasure.

After making her cum three more times in just as rapid succession, Courtney pulled out and removed the toy, and licked it clean. She watched Cynthia collapse to the ground, as she set the toy aside.

Taking Cynthia by the wrist, she guided her to a padded bench that was up fairly high. She roughly pushed her down so that she was bent over, with her hips sticking out. “You might want to brace yourself for the next one. Garchomp is just foreplay compared to what you're about to experience.”

Breathing heavily as her climax finally left her, Cynthia watched as best she could as Courtney picked up the next one. Bright yellow, it was covered in hundreds of fur-like quills. “This one was inspired by Jolteon. The quills sting a bit at first, but I’m sure you’ll love it soon enough.”

As the tip pressed against her cunny, Cynthia could feel a static tingle. “I suppose I should have warned you about the electric charge,” Courtney said, thrusting in hard and deep.

Cynthia could only whimper and squirm as the electricity began to course through her, stimulating every nerve in her body all at once, almost unbearably intense. Courtney chuckled a bit.

“Feels great, huh?” She raked her nails along Cynthia's back as she pulled out, the quills scraping the Champion's inner walls. They were soft enough not to harm her, but the roughness of them digging in was still incredible. Cynthia whimpered and screamed from this uncomfortable pleasure. In addition to the electrical pleasure surging through her, and the feeling of the countless sensations of pleasure poking her from every internal direction, the Jolteon quills, just as with the true creature's quills, had some microscopic component in their ends that grabbed hold of the flesh they touched and gently tugged it with them as they moved. Cynthia did not know what it was, but if they were barbs as real quills had, they were so tiny that they did not pain, only pleasure. And pleasure they did. The blonde woman howled in ecstasy as her insides were twisted and charged and brushed all at once. She came, hard, but that only increased the stimulation ten times as her inner walls rhythmically clenched the toy within her, pricking themselves forcefully against the quills over and over, catching on them and being tugged and twisted every which way as they collapsed and drew back, trying to match the rhythm of the coursing electrical pleasure racing through her. Cynthia screamed, screamed again, and again and again, as her legs gave out and she fell clumsily to the floor, and Courtney followed her every inch of the way, unrelenting in her ministrations.

Courtney lowered her free hand, gripping Cynthia’s ass hard. “I wish you could see your face right now! It’s so great!” she half growled, half yelled, hammering all the harder.

Cynthia was outright convulsing, her screams changing pitch with every movement, completely unable to think of anything beyond the harsh mix of pain and pleasure that was being forced on her.

Cynthia didn't know how long it went on for, whether by time or by orgasm. As far as she could tell, an eternity of pure, unimaginable painful bliss had passed through her, a single orgasm carrying a thousand shattered climaxes atop it through her entire being over an infinite period of night. But finally, after a single cum that was a hundred cums at once over the course of a single moment that was forever, Courtney stopped, and Cynthia was allowed to pass out.

When she came to a few moments later, drenched in sweat, thighs awash in her cum, and her pussy still trembling a little from the aftershock, Courtney held a harness out for her to take. "My turn. Nothing special or creative for me, please...just pick one of my toys, put it in here and put it on, and fuck me on my back. Got it?"

Cynthia nodded weakly and sat up. As she picked a rough, gravelly dildo modeled after an Onyx and fixed it into the harness, her mind was still swimming. This experience with just two Pokemon-modeled toys had been absolutely seemed that sex for at least some Pokemon must be pretty amazing, if these phallic replicas were anything to go by. Cynthia had no interest whatsoever in the real thing, but it did bring new thoughts to her she donned the strap-on and began to screw Courtney, Cynthia could not help but wonder:

Were the genitalia of female Pokemon equally incredible?

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