Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Cynthia looked at the Emolga she had brought out for reference, and then at the mirror, appraising herself critically. She had dyed her hair a deep, jet black, and gathered her bangs back to the side of her head, save for a couple small, pointy tufts of black hair peeking over the center of her forehead. At her neck, she had replaced her furred collar with a smooth, sleek ribbon, black as her hair was at the moment, which was fitted comfortably but not loosely around her throat. At the ribbon's back, Cynthia had pulled her hair carefully through it, restraining her usually free and bountiful locks so that it ran directly down her neck and back. Her long side curls remained where they had always been, they, too, were gathered inside the ribbon at her throat on each side, held in place against the sides of her head so that her dark curls provided a curved frame to her face. Her hair clips poked out from her hair as they always did, but now they were angled a little further up, and the front side of them had been colored the same golden color that her hair usually had.

Satisfied with that, Cynthia glanced over at her Emolga again, and then back to herself, this time focusing a bit lower. She was currently wearing a stylish black coat, as usual, but this one was a little different. Its inner lining, for starters, was the same golden color as the front side of her hair clips were now, and if her hair had not been dyed black, it and the lining would have been nearly indistinguishable. The coat was no longer buttoned in front; in fact, it had no front to button. Instead, its sides were sown into the sleeves of it, so that when Cynthia lifted and spread her arms, it opened wide and full, like a winged cape, golden from the front and deep black from the back. Nude besides this coat, Cynthia smiled as she did so, taking in the beautiful, exposed woman before her. The black hair made her look very different, but still so very attractive--she could see why Elesa went back and forth between it and blonde.

"Hey, sexy," she whispered, giving her image a wink and giggling as it did the same to her. Goodness, she was was tempting to just take a few moments and make love to herself right then and there, show her appreciation for the gorgeous woman before her, but Cynthia resisted the urge and got back to business.

She turned around and looked over her shoulder at herself from the back. Between the dark coat and the black hair, her entire back side was without color. She looked approvingly at her hair. She'd attached a few hair extensions to it, so that it now flowed down to her feet...or it would, if it were not tucked into a black strap running along her coat's back by her hips to keep it further held in place against her. The extensions had been specially crafted in shape, and now, placed as low as they were, they resembled a dark black tail sprouting from her jacket just below her butt.

"Turn around, please?" she asked her Pokemon, who did so. She compared the Emolga's back to her own, and nodded in approval. Finally, she turned around again to look in the mirror from the front, and, doing her best to ignore her own stunning curves and the way her soft, perfect breasts dangled, she leaned forward and applied a bit of gold coloring to each cheek, and slipped in a couple of colored contact lenses that made the center of her eyes appear completely black.

Cynthia stood back, looked at herself one more time. "You know what the difference is between you and me?" she asked Emolga, and grinned. "I make this look good."

The Pokemon tilted its head, frowning a bit. "Never mind. Remind me later to start showing you guys more movies," Cynthia said. "Anyway, that’s enough for now.” With that, she recalled the squirrel Pokemon back into its Pokeball, setting it aside for later.

Walking out of the changing room, Cynthia was greeted with the sight of Rosie sitting in a chair waiting. She had changed her outfit a bit. The mask was the same, though now she was wearing a green leotard, as well as a pair of elbow-length gloves one red and the other blue, and a pair of green thigh-high stockings, completing her Roserade look perfectly.

“I have to say, dressing up as a Pokemon never really occurred to me,” Cynthia said, giving a small twirl. “It's a bit of work to get it right...but it seems pretty fun,” she added with a grin.

Also grinning, Rosie stood up. “Very nice. I knew this look would suit you,” she murmured, tracing one of her gloved hands along Cynthia’s belly. As she did, there was a strange tingle left in her wake. She walked behind Cynthia, leaning in and inhaling deeply.

“You even smell sexy,” she whispered, bringing her hands up to Cynthia's breasts and cupping them a bit. Just as before, an odd tingle quickly began to spread through her body.

Whipping around to the front, Rosie kissed her. Her lips had a delicate sweetness clinging to them that seemed to cause the same odd feeling that each touch had. Whatever it was didn’t matter terribly at the moment to Cynthia, so she began to return the woman’s affection.

With each passing second, the feeling seemed to spread more and more, as well as change. Rather than just tingling, there was now a mild numbness to it, almost like when a body part had fallen asleep from lack of movement.

“I guess you're noticing now,” Rosie said as she broke away. “I’ve coated my gloves and lipstick in a chemical derived from Roserade poison. It leaves you helpless and sensitive for a while,” she said with a chuckle.

Cynthia tried to say something, but found that her tongue couldn’t quite move right any longer.

“Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to feel everything important just fine, and it won't last for long,” Rosie said, seeing Cynthia struggle. “Though I'm sure you, as the Champion, know this, this is actually the way Roserades mate...I find it pretty appealing, “she said, tracing a gloved finger along Cynthia’s clit.

The feeling was instant and intense, a pleasurable numbness that felt hot and cold at the same time which tore through her body, making her cum. Cynthia stood perfectly still, though, even as her body shook from drugged pleasure...the weak venom had left her muscles rigid enough that she could fall from the force of it.

Rosie easily scooped Cynthia up in her arms and carried her over to a couch, where she laid her down. Straddling Cynthia at the waist, Rosie leaned in and kissed her again. Bringing her hands up, she stroked her neck, sending a new wave of tingling through her.

(And to think...before this little trip of mine, I thought there wasn’t much I hadn’t done), Cynthia contemplated, as Rosie began to softly grind her hips, the odd numbness actually enhancing it to the point that Cynthia could feel every individual thread, as well as the heat and wetness, of the other woman.

With the enhanced sensitivity, it took very littlie time before Cynthia came again, hardly able to even moan. Lifting up, Rosie positioned herself right above Cynthia. “You may not be able to speak, but you will be able to lick just fine,” she said, pulling back the fabric a little. She lowered herself down, pressing her cunny against Cynthia’s lips.

Needing no further encouragement, she began to lick. Though her tongue was a little numb, she could taste just fine. Rosie’s flavor was quite similar to gooseberries, Cynthia noted.

Rosie shifted around a bit, maintaining her contact with Cynthia’s mouth all the time, until she could also have access to Cynthia’s cunny. Catching the bud of Cynthia’s clit between her lips, she gently sucked at it, using her drug-coated lips to smear it on more. The assault brought Cynthia to the edge very quickly, but Rosie pulled away before she could finish again, stopping just long enough for Cynthia to calm down, before jamming her fingers in as deeply as she could. The numbness hit right away, spreading through her inner walls and making her cum. Rosie’s fingers worked quickly and nimbly, stroking and pumping every area she could reach, spreading the toxin a bit more, intensifying the pleasurable numbness.

Cynthia did her best to match Rosie’s tongue, but wasn’t able to keep up like she normally would. Rosie didn’t seem to mind in the slightest, though, grunting and moaning in pleasure as Cynthia ate her out. With more effort than she was used to, Cynthia was at last able to make the other woman cum.

Lifting herself away from the still paralyzed woman, Rosie moved to the end of the couch and brought one of Cynthia’s feet up to her mouth. At the same time, she offered one of her own cloth-covered feet to Cynthia.

Tilting her head as best she could, Cynthia brought the stocking-covered foot into her mouth. Rosie likewise began to lick along Cynthia’s foot, sending pulses of numbness through her body anew. With her feet already as sensitive as they were, the increase from the poison brought her to orgasm near instantly. But even as she came, the continued pleasure of Rosie's tongue along her sensitive foot brought her to higher and higher heights, not letting her body stop its pleasure throes for a moment.

Before long, each tongue stroke sent quivering waves of pleasure through Cynthia, dozens of mini-orgasms rocking her with every second. Rosie seemed to notice just how much of an effect she was having on Cynthia and doubled her efforts. She also switched her feet, so that Cynthia could lavish a new one. The first, still wet with saliva, quickly made its way to Cynthia’s cunny, slipping in easily and pushing her well past the edge. If it weren’t for her inability to move, she’d have arched her back higher than she’d ever done before.

After almost an hour, the tingling started to fade. Sadly, the increased sensitivity was fading as well, though this was the most one person had made Cynthia cum in quite some time. All the same, she was as horny and ready to go as if she hadn't cum even once yet.

Rosie pulled her feet away. “I see you're starting to move a little better...the poison must be wearing off, or your body's starting to resist it. Still, I bet you're happy for that...I must have brought you to your very limits by now, hm?"

"Not. Even. Close,” Cynthia replied, finally able to speak again.

Rosie sat back in shock as Cynthia leaned forward, her body fully recovered from the poison's effects. She pounced on the other woman, wrapping her cape around her so they were fully enclosed in it. She began to grind herself against her forcefully. With the fabric surrounding them, all their body heat was trapped between, creating a very pleasant heat that made them both slick with sweat, and the perspiration only enhanced the pleasure of their rubbing.

Cynthia shifted her hold a bit so that Rosie was fully enclosed in the folds, even her head, leaving her little choice but to suckle from Cynthia’s breasts. As it had with Taylor, the first trickle of milk leaking into Rosie's mouth sent a wonderful shiver through her spine of pure, pleasurable satisfaction. Rosie's eyes widened in surprise as Cynthia's milk entered her mouth, but she got over it pretty quickly, and began to drink eagerly. Cynthia kept grinding herself off against Rosie’s cloth-covered midsection even as her partner switched to the other mound, drinking her dry as quickly as she could. Before long, the combined pleasures of nursing Rosie and her muff against Rosie's smooth leotard brought Cynthia to yet another orgasm, and her juices joined Rosie's in the soaked fabric.

Satisfied for a moment and feeling much more comfortable now that her breasts were not quite so full, Cynthia drew back grinned, and told Rosie, "You know, it's funny about how your costume incorporated Roserade's poison...see, when you first called me to tell me to get a costume ready, and suggested Emolga for me, I had a similar idea."

Cynthia pressed her index finger on each hand into her palm, and there was suddenly a slight tingle running through their fabric. But it wasn't the tingle of Roserade was a static tingle.

Bringing her fingertips together, she and Rosie both witnessed a tiny spark jump between them. Still grinning, she pulled back a little and pinched both of Rosie’s nipples, making her jerk hard and squeal from the electric sensation rushing through her pleasurable peaks. Cynthia took the opening to kiss her deeply, feeling the current go into her own lips as well.

Breaking away, Cynthia let go of the other woman’s nipples and traced her hands along the woman’s belly, hearing tiny crackles and pops as she did so, making her squirm and writhe with every bit of contact. Rosie's face was a contorted in a mix of discomfort and pleasure, clearly loving every second as she moaned and whimpered.

Dipping her hand down farther, Cynthia pinched the other woman’s clit, making her cry out sharply as her body jerked and jumped up from the bed, and she came. As Rosie's body jerked in glee and pain, the energy flowing through her from her most pleasurable spot, Cynthia brought her other hand to her own clit. The jolt nearly made her jump up as Rosie had, but she managed to hold herself in place, and stroked herself in time with her actions for her partner. Soon she, too, climaxed, her body seizing up and shaking as violently as Rosie's, but she continued her actions as best she could with her quaking hands, letting them both ride their electric pleasure higher and higher still, each new jolt and twist of her fingers renewing their shared orgasm with a new wave of sizzling pleasure surging through them.

Rosie had pleasured Cynthia nonstop for an hour, but it was only twenty minutes or so of Cynthia's electric pleasuring before Rosie screamed, barely able to control her jaw and tongue for the pleasure and volts, that she couldn't take any more, and with a sob of pure bliss, Cynthia took her hands away from their clits, and fell forward, shaking and gasping as she laid atop Rosie, their bodies shivering and their pussies weeping in the powerful afterglow of their orgasmic marathon.

Soon Rosie fell into a contented sleep, and Cynthia quietly crept out of the room, back to the one where she had gotten dressed. She was still a long way away from the sexual satisfaction that she had given Rosie...but she knew a particularly lovely woman in the dressing room's full-body mirror, also in a sexy Emolga costume, who would be happy to watch and be watched as she and these electric gloves finished the job!

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