Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Cynthia looked over the edge of the ship, fondly remembering some of the women she had been with recently. The fun of teaching Liza sex in no gravity...the squishy, messily erotic games Phoebe had played with food...sharing the stage with Flannery...the sweet, lovely sex with Misty that had started her journey. And among all these thoughts was the anticipation for all the girls still to come.

She was snapped out of her fantasies as the captain’s voice came over the P.A. system.

“Attention, passengers: I am sorry to announce that due to unforeseen weather issues, our arrival to Poketopia will be delayed for three days. We will be making port at TCG Island in the meantime.”

Cynthia frowned for a moment. She had some been looking forward to visiting the theme park for a while. Even before deciding to seduce all the sexiest trainers she could find, she’d wanted to take a vacation there.

But her disappointment was short lived. Thinking about it, TCG Island could actually be pretty interesting. The islands were well known for having absolutely no wild Pokemon, and even very few owned by trainers, which was why she'd never had any reason to visit. As a Pokemon League Champion, and for that matter, the undisputed greatest of their Champions, her job and life outside of these recent sexual side stories revolved around Pokemon, after all. But now that she thought of it, it might be just as important to an understanding of Pokemon to see what culture and environments were like without their direct influence.

Plus, since the islanders had little to no Pokemon to speak of, they instead had created some type of card game based around them. It might be nothing worth her time, but on the other hand, if the card game had an accurate enough representation of Pokemon within it, learning how to play it might give Cynthia a new way of looking at Pokemon battles and give her new ideas for strategies.

Once they made port, Cynthia was almost instantly mobbed as someone recognized her. Of course, everyone wanted to see her Pokemon at least as much as they wanted to see her. More than happy to oblige, she released her entire team. All of her Pokemon had plenty of experience at dealing with large groups, and put on a bit of a show for the crowd.

Suddenly the crowd parted. A woman with short green hair and a rather nice suit walked through, smiling politely. “I’d heard that you were in town, but I wasn’t sure if I believed it, Champion Cynthia.”

Looking her over, Cynthia couldn’t help but think that the delay in her trip might actually pay off pretty well. Her short green hair, her sharply professional demeanor and clothes, her bright and inquisitive eyes and petite mouth...she had an appealing, business-like fashion to her, as though she were a combination of a CEO's confidence and pride, a well-trained secretary's professionalism and respectful manners, and a good portion of sex appeal.

“I’m Club Master Nikki. I suppose you could say I’m the local equivalent of a Gym Leader, although we're not recognized by the Pokemon League.” There was a very distinct glimmer to her eyes.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Cynthia said, offering her hand.

Nikki took it, and again her eyes sparkled in a way that seemed familiar. “I see you're used to a crowd, which is no surprise. But I’m sure that you’d like a bit of privacy, yes? After all, you are on vacation, right?” Nikki cast a quick glance around the crowd. More than a few people, all women, started to back away.

Cynthia grinned. "That does sound good.” She looked around, then to her Pokemon. “I think you guys could use some fresh air, so why don’t you stay out here and entertain everyone? Or you can just explore a bit.”

Cynthia turned to Nikki. "It's okay if they stretch their legs, wings, and whatnot a bit, right?"

Nikki gave a small smile and nodded. "Of course, Champion. I'm sure they'll be a big hit with the locals."

"Great! Have fun, guys. Just watch out for yourselves, no telling when or where a new Team of idiots will decide to start stealing Pokemon for who knows what nonsense,” she told them. She wanted to have some fun for herself, but it was important to her to make sure her Pokemon had plenty of chances to enjoy themselves, too, and this way she could make sure her fans would have plenty of time to spend with the Pokemon.

Everyone, human and Pokemon alike, seemed pretty happy, and with that, Nikki led Cynthia to her club, which was currently empty aside from them.

“I was talking on the phone to my cousin Erika just last week” Nikki said as soon the door closed. "Among the many things we talked about was some of the fun she and other Gym Leaders she knew had been up to recently as you toured the Regions. It's a pleasant surprise that you'd visit here, as well..."

(Erika might just rival me in terms of how many girls she knows), Cynthia thought to herself. “Well, good to know I’ll have an easier time here,” Cynthia chuckled, slipping off her jacket. "I do love the art of seduction, but I'll never complain about getting to skip it and get to the real fun." Stepping forward, she leaned in and kissed the green-haired woman, softly letting her hands run down her back and pulling up her skirt, giving her rear a firm squeeze.

Without breaking the kiss, the two began to undress each other as best they could, only parting so Cynthia could remove her shirt. Once it was gone, they slowly moved to a couch in the corner of the room. Reaching down between Nikki’s legs, she traced her fingers along her quim, making her moan into the kiss. Nikki copied the action.

Parting, Nikki grinned. “You really are good. Just a kiss and I’m already more turned on than most girls could get me with normal foreplay.”

“Well, I have a certain amount of practice,” Cynthia teased, before kissing her again.

The two spent several minutes simply kissing and lightly stroking each other, but nothing more. Even with the light attention, Nikki still came easily when Cynthia's fingers did a light dance across her clit. Pulling back, Cynthia smiled at the sight of her daze expression.

“Erika’s description...didn’t do you justice,” Nikki murmured.

Feeling some pride, Cynthia kneeled down in front of her. “My dear, I haven’t even started yet!” she declared as she gave Nikki’s clit a light stroke with her tongue. Right away she tasted kiwi, and with every lap the flavor only grew stronger.

Cynthia worked her tongue slowly and carefully, drawing it out as long as she could, loving the moans and whimpers that Nikki made as she brought her right to the edge, only to back off, leaving her wanting more each time. After bringing her right to the brink for nearly the eighth time, Cynthia decided to finish her, and clamped her mouth over her pussy, slurping loudly and bumping her lips against her clit.

Nikki came hard, bucking so hard she lifted off the couch a few times, but Cynthia stayed in place, doing her best to drink in every single drop.

Licking her lips, Cynthia stood up. “If you want to rest for a few minutes, I'll understand.”

Nikki instantly recovered. “I’ve never rested until I’ve made my partner cum twice as hard!” she declared.

“Well then, I guess we’ll be at this for quite a while!” Cynthia said as she took her place on the couch. Nikki wasted no time in doing her best to live up to her words, plunging her fingers in while sucking and licking at Cynthia’s clit with an effort that rivaled Cynthia own. Paying back the teasing, Nikki didn’t let Cynthia cum until there was a full puddle of need under her.

As soon as Cynthia came, Nikki jumped up and kissed her, sharing a mouthful of juices with her.

Nikki pushed Cynthia back as they parted.

“I know with all the women you've been with, you must have had a lot of wild experiences...I'm sorry if this is pretty tame. This is the most I ever do," Nikki said, as she began to rock her hips, pressing herself into Cynthia as their pussies met.

“That’s quite alright, Nikki. Whether it's wild or tame, the chance to make love to an attractive woman is always a wonderful experience...besides, after everything I’ve done lately, something a bit more 'normal' is actually a bit refreshing!” Cynthia said, grabbing Nikki’s hips and grinding harder against her.

It didn’t take much to make either of them cum, but they didn’t stop for hours, until finally Nikki collapsed on top of Cynthia.

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