Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Chapter 6

Cynthia stepped off the Magnet Train. (Wow, you’d have to be really fast if you wanted to have a quickie in that thing), she mused to herself. (But on to more important things. The Goldenrod City Gym Leader is a girl named Whitney, if I remember correctly). She thought about the only picture she had seen of the girl, a cute young tomboy who was a bit flat-chested. But small breasts were just fine, she quickly added, thinking back to Misty. They could be just as sexy as large ones, sometimes even more.

Cynthia decided that she’d swing by the local shop first. After all, that was how she ran into Erika. (But I somehow doubt I’ll have the same kind of luck), she thought to herself. But it was the still worth a try, and if that failed, at least she’d have some fun looking around in the stores.

After about an hour of looking around, she heard about another shop that was underground, that sold all kind of stuff that couldn’t be found in the normal shops. A few ideas of naughty products floated into her head, so she decided to go straight there.

Most of the shops in the underground were rather average, but she was having fun looking through it anyways. (Well, I guess I should get going to the Gym), Cynthia decided, leaving the shop as she did. She started thinking about all the fun stuff she’d do to the cute Gym Leader.

As she fantasized, lost in thought, she collided with someone. “Sorry about that,” she said, looking down. She realized who it was that she had bumped into. Whitney was sitting in front of her, legs splayed wide, a dazed look on her face. Cynthia couldn’t help but notice that the girl’s breasts were considerably larger than in the picture.

(That must have been one impressive growth spurt), she thought, licking her lips.

“It’s alright. I’m just as much at fault,” she said, quickly standing up, her breasts bouncing vigorously as she did.

“Actually, I was hoping to run into you,” Cynthia said, smiling politely. “Not literally, mind you.” Both of them laughed at the small joke. Cynthia introduced herself. Whitney’s eyes went wide.

“Ah, really? Then I’m very honored,” Whitney said, doing a little jump, her breasts bobbing as she did.

“How about we go back to your Gym and talk a bit more?’ Cynthia suggested. Whitney nodded enthusiastically. The two of them headed to the Gym. Cynthia watched Whitney skip along, her ample chest jiggling with every step.

It was only a short walk to the Gym, but Cynthia was already getting kind of horny just from watching Whitney walk. As soon as they entered the Gym, Whitney turned around. “Do you want anything to drink? I’ve got some really fresh milk!” she said.

(I’m sure you do!) Cynthia thought, glancing at her breasts for a second. “That sounds fine. Thank you.” Cynthia took a seat, and Whitney skipped off to the kitchen.

A few moments later, Whitney returned with two glasses full of milk, and some cookies. “So what’s it like being a Champion? I’ve only been a Gym Leader for a short time, but I’d love to get better!” the young pink-haired girl blurted out as soon as she sat down. Deciding that there was no need to hurry, Cynthia began telling the younger trainer about some of the duties that were expected of her, as well as how much fun she’d had overall.

Cynthia was truly enjoying just talking like this, as opposed to the usual quickness with which she got to things. But as she talked, she couldn’t help but notice that Whitney was staring at her and blushing faintly. Deciding to have a bit of fun with her, she pulled off her jacket.

“It’s a little warm in here, isn’t it?" she asked, tugging at her shirt and slightly fanning herself. For a moment Whitney's eyes were frozen in place on Cynthia’s chest, which seemed rather modest compared to her own.

“ you want me to turn the air conditioning on?” Whitney asked, breaking her eyes away from Cynthia’s chest.

“No, it’s fine,” Cynthia said, tugging at her shirt again. Whitey tried to look away, blushing again.

“So where was I?” Cynthia wondered for a moment before resuming her story. “Right, I was about to tell you about how after getting bored I’ve decided to seduce all the cute female Gym Leaders,” she said casually. It seemed to take a few moments for her words to sink in for Whitney.

“W...What?!” She blinked a few times. Cynthia enjoyed the flustered look on the girl’s face.

“Oh, yes. I’ve already slept with all the Kanto Region Leaders, and I’ve decided to start off Jhoto with you,” Cynthia said, standing up and pulling off her shirt, exposing her black bra. Whitney’s entire face went completely red.

“I caught you staring a few times. So what do you think?” she asked, leaning in so that her breasts were right at eye level. Whitney murmured a few incoherent words before promptly passing out.

“Well that’s unexpected,” Cynthia commented, stepping back. Sighing, she gently tapped Whitney’s cheeks, rousing her. The girl let out a startled yelp and nearly jumped out of her seat. “Sorry if I was a bit too forward, but most girls would have jumped me the moment I took my jacket off.”

“It...It’s OK...I...I just got really surprised...I mean, I’ve never seen a woman without her shirt, other than my mom, and I don’t think that counts because that was when we took baths together when I was a kid, well there were the other girls in the school locker room but I tried not to look because I didn’t want to seem like a pervert!”” Whitney explained in a single breath, sounding rather exhausted when she finished.

Cynthia felt almost as overwhelmed as Whitney. “Okay, just take a deep breath and calm down.” Whitney did just that, her breasts bouncing as she did, sending another pulse of desire through Cynthia.

“So are you a virgin?” Cynthia asked once Whitney calmed down. Again her face went red.


(Cute, busty, and a virgin...I can’t believe my luck!)

She felt almost like jumping with joy, but that would only freak the poor girl out more. If there was one thing Cynthia enjoyed doing, it was showing a girl (or even the rare woman) the joys of sexual love and pleasure for the first time.

“So would you like to have some experience?” Cynthia asked, knowing that she was pushing her luck being so bold...but no risk, no reward.

“Well...if it’s someone as pretty as you, then, it would be fine,” she said, smiling slightly and looking down.

(Yes!) Cynthia shouted in her head. “Well then, first things first: you need to take off your clothes,” Cynthia told her, helping the girl up. Whitney began to pull her shirt off, but Cynthia stopped her. “Let’s go to your bedroom instead.”

Cynthia guided Whitney over to the bed and gave her a gentle kiss, nothing like what she usually did. It was very light and soft, but it still had the near intoxicating effect as always. Whitney’s eyes were slightly hazy. “I had no idea a kiss could be so good,” she said, sounding a little dreamy.

“Well, don’t expect every kiss to be like that. Mine are a bit special,” Cynthia said, pulling her into another kiss, this time adding her tongue, while gently stroking Whitney’s back. Whitney began to kiss back, rather clumsily, but she made up for it with passion.

(It’s really kind of fun to get a girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing ever now and then), Cynthia thought as she began to guide Whitney’s tongue with her own.

When the two finally parted, Whitney was breathing heavily. A thin string of saliva still connected their lips. “You have some real potential,” Cynthia said, leaning in and giving her another small peck. “I’d say that with time you could be almost as good as me. Well, as close as anyone else can get, at least.”

Whitney gulped. “R...Really?” She seemed elated by that small compliment. Cynthia merely nodded.

“Now then, I’ve had my shirt off for a while, so I think it’s only fair...” she said, unbuttoning Whitney’s shirt for her. The younger trainer seemed to be nearly paralyzed with nervousness, but very happy to go along with it. It took only a matter of seconds for Cynthia to remove the bit of clothing, but for Whitney it seemed like hours.

Once it was finally off, Cynthia took a moment to admire the sight of Whitney’s bright pink bra, just barely able to fully cover her large ivory breasts, with the hardened nubs of her nipples sticking out against it. (I normally don’t like them this big, but on her they look great). Cynthia gently caressed one of the mounds through the fabric, earning a gasp of pleasure and surprise from Whitney.

“I have to say, you have some very lovely breasts,” Cynthia said, leaning in and kissing the top of one of them, sending a shiver through Whitney’s entire body.

“I hate them,” Whitney said under her breath.

“Why would you say something like that?” Cynthia asked, looking her in the eyes with dismayed surprise.

“Everyone’s always staring at my chest, for one thing. And it’s hard to find bras that fit, and my back hurts a lot of the time,” she said, huffing, which sent a ripple through the very breasts that she was complaining about.

“Well, I can help you with that,” Cynthia said, reaching back and unsnapping the bra, revealing the fully glory of the orbs of flesh. “I know some tailors and masseuses who owe me favors. Usually when I collect on favors owed, it's sexually, but I’m sure I could get them to help a lot with two of your problems.” She pushed Whitney on her back.

“As for the first one, I’ve had to deal with the same thing, and I learned how to use it to my advantage, getting nearly every cute girl who looked my way,” Cynthia added, gently cupping both breasts and squeezing them together, loving the way her finger sank into the softness of them. "It's a very nice way to turn that into a blessing, trust me."

“If you put it like that, I might learn to deal with it,” Whitney said, smiling.

Cynthia leaned in and gave her another deep kiss, massaging her breasts as she did. Cynthia broke away from her lips and began to kiss her way down Whitney’s neck, gently nipping at her collarbone. She slowly worked her way down one of her breasts, slowly kissing along the top of it, moving in small circles and making her way toward the nipple, which she took between her lips, sucking on it.

Whitney whimpered quietly, her whole body shaking. (So cute!) Cynthia gave the small nub the tiniest bite, causing Whitney’s whole body to go rigid. A small noise, halfway between a cry and moan, escaped her lips. Cynthia lifted her head.

“Did you just cum?” she asked eagerly, looking at Whitney’s face. Her eyes were half closed, her lips barely parted and breathing shallowly.

“Y...Yes,” she said in a weak voice.

“I wonder if I can make that happen again with the other side,” Cynthia said in a teasing tone of voice, before taking the nipple in her mouth and giving it the same treatment as she had its twin. In only a matter of seconds, Whitney was writhing under her, moaning a bit.

(Seems like she’s getting more comfortable), Cynthia noted, loving all the small sounds that Whitney made as she teased her nipple.

After less than a minute, Whitney’s body went stiff again. This time her moan was much less restrained, calling out Cynthia’s name loudly as she shook with pleasure.

“I’ve never seen a girl cum so easily just from her breasts,” Cynthia chuckled as she sat up. “I really like it.”

She kissed Whitney again, gently stroking her cheek. Once Whitney recovered from the shock of two orgasms in short succession, she sat up, looking at Cynthia’s still bra-covered chest.

“Like you said, it’s only fair...” She sounded a bit more bold than before, which only made Cynthia more eager to continue their fun.

Cynthia quickly removed her bra. Even though she was nowhere near as large as Whitney, she was still very shapely, and the younger woman clearly appreciated her figure. Leaning in, Whitney immediately covered one of the breasts with her mouth, while using her hand to grab the other one, pinching her nipple between her fingers while flicking the other one with her tongue. Cynthia gasped at the sudden and surprisingly skillful attack that the inexperienced girl was making. Whitney released both breasts, and without missing a second she switched positions, not letting up for a second. Cynthia was moaning softly, sticking her chest out a bit more.

Suddenly Whitney lifted her head up and kissed Cynthia, pushing her onto her back while still groping her breasts with both hands. She parted after a few more minutes.

“Pretty bold for a virgin,” Cynthia said with a wide grin. Whitney blushed a bit.

“Well, when I get into something, I try to do my very best,” she said, smiling.

With one quick motion, Cynthia reversed her position so that she was now on top, pinning Whitney’s arms. “That’s a very good motto. Now then, let’s get to the fun!” she said, reaching down and undoing Whitney’s shorts. She pulled them off, exposing her supple white thighs and bright pink panties, which had a large wet spot in the middle.

Cynthia licked her lips as she lifted Whitney’s legs, hooking them over her shoulders. She gave the damp spot a quick lick, making Whitney nearly scream with pleasure as she came instantly. Cynthia sucked the juices out noisily, noting an almost strawberry-like flavor to her, which made her want even more.

Whitney couldn’t even moan as waves of pleasure assaulted every nerve in her body all at once, completely overwhelming her in a way that she had never even thought about in her wildest fantasies (none of which even compared to one of Cynthia’s kisses, for that matter).

Cynthia released her after a few seconds more. “I really want to get a better taste now,” she said in a near whisper, sliding the soggy underwear off of her. She plunged her tongue deep into Whitney’s cunny right away, moaning a bit. The feeling of Cynthia’s tongue reaching so deep into her, along with the vibrations of the moan, was more than Whitney could take, and she came again, nearly weeping from the sheer overwhelming strength of her orgasm.

Cynthia lapped up every last drop of her cum, savoring the sweetness of it, as well as the small sobs of pleasure that she was letting out. Cynthia looked her over, loving the sight of her porcelain pale, curvy figure shining with a slight sheen of sweat, in particular her thighs, which were coated in saliva and love juice as well.

“I’ll let you rest for now,” she said, brushing back a bit of her hair.

“Well...for the most part,” she added, moving down. She took one of Whitney’s shapely feet, and she began to rub against it. Whitney let out a half moan, looking down at Cynthia with very hazy eyes.

“T...That feels good,” she said before drifting off. Loving how cute a sight Whitney was, Cynthia began to rock her hips a bit faster, grinding against her dainty heel.

Before very long, Cynthia came. It was rather a small orgasm, but it was enough for now. She laid down next to Whitney, pulling her in close, falling asleep while listening to her soft and steady breathing. (Once she wakes up, we’re going to have some real fun), was the last thing to go through her mind before she fell asleep.

Cynthia slowly woke up to the feeling of a pair of soft lips pressing against her own. When she opened her eyes, she was greeted by the sight of Whitney’s smiling face. “Good morning,” she said sweetly.

Cynthia pulled her into her arms, kissing her again. “A very good morning,” she said after they parted.

“Last night was amazing!” Whitney said, grinning ear to ear.

“You're right about that, you cute little thing!” Cynthia said, gently pushing Whitney onto her back. “Now then, since you fell asleep so early last night, I’m still pretty horny. It's your turn to ravish me!”

Whitney had a far more confident look on her face than she’d had the night before. Right away she lifted her head and began to lick along the length of Cynthia’s slit, flicking the tip of her tongue against her clit. Right away Cynthia let out a low moan as Whitney began to nibble her labia, softly slipping her tongue in and swirling it around a bit before going up to her clit again.

Cynthia began to gently grind her hips, slowly, mostly to help guide Whitney a bit. But the girl didn't need much help; Cynthia was very much enjoying herself! It didn’t take very long for her to bring Cynthia to climax, greedily drinking down her cum with a small moan.

(I think I’ve made a real discovery here. With a bit of training, I think she’ll be amazing!) Cynthia thought as Whitney kept licking away, moaning as she did so, not giving her a chance to recover.

Whitney was able to bring her to orgasm another two times rather easily before Cynthia got off of her. “Alright then, let’s get to something else fun,” she said. Moving down, she took Whitney’s foot in her hands.

“You were doing that last night, weren’t you?” she asked, looking a little confused. Cynthia simply nodded before taking one of Whitney’s round little toes into her mouth, gently sucking on it. Whitney let out a half moan, half giggle at the feeling of it.

“That feels kind of weird...but I like it!” she said, flexing the rest of her toes.

Cynthia moved along, giving each digit the same mini-kiss before licking the sole all the way down to the heel and back to the top again. After doing the same for her other foot, she looked to Whitney. “Now I want you to do it for me,” she said holding, up her own elegant foot.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Whitney placed a kiss right in the middle of the arch. “I’d be very happy to!” she said, kissing her way up to her toes. She slipped her tongue between them, before sucking on each one of them.

“I just got an idea that I think you’ll like,” Whitney said, a grin suddenly appearing on her face. Before Cynthia could ask what it was, Whitney moved her foot down into her cleavage. She squished Cynthia’s foot in-between her breasts and began to gently slide them up and down, each in the opposite direction of each other. Cynthia rolled her head back in bliss as the soft warmth completely engulfed her foot. To add to it even more, Whitney lowered her tongue and began licking the tops of her toes as she continued the breast-foot job. Cynthia was about to begin fingering herself when she felt something else press against her cunny. She looked down and saw Whitney’s foot rubbing against her.

“Like I said, I like to do my very best,” Whitney said, before gently pushing a few toes in, sending Cynthia over the edge. Whitney gently pushed her foot in a little farther as she released Cynthia’s first foot, taking the other one. She began to give it the same treatment, squeezing it between her breasts, licking and nibbling at the tip of her toes.

After nearly an hour, they took a break, of course for Whitney’s sake rather than Cynthia's, who could have kept going for a time more easily measured in days than hours.

“I hate to leave so soon, but I’m heading out tomorrow. After all, there are a lot of girls out there who still need seducing,” Cynthia said in a half joking tone. Whitney pouted a little.

“It’s fine. I mean, it was just one night, but it was wonderful while it lasted,” she said, sounding a bit down. Cynthia got up and kissed Whitney on the forehead.

“Don’t worry, I’m definitely going to come back to have fun with you again some time!” she said, letting her hand drop down and grab one of Whitney’s breasts.

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