Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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“So someone finally gave into my sister’s whining. She's been trying for ages to get someone she knows to tell her about "big girl stuff." Truth be told, I was pretty close to just doing her myself so she'd shut up about it,” Marina said, brushing back her hair, which was the same light shade of blue as Taylor.

Though she was older, the girl had a similar charm to her sister, though certainly not as innocent or childish. “I’m honestly surprised anyone’s been able to hold out against her,” Cynthia chuckled. "But then, I'm not known for my willpower when it comes to the fairer sex."

It had only been about an hour since she had Taylor’s apartment. Marina had walked in and more or less carried Cynthia off, leaving her sister to whine about how she always took the best stuff for herself. Their rooms were adjoined, so it was fairly easy for Marina to pull Cynthia into her own room, and after jamming a chair under the door knob, she had ensured that they would be left alone. Cynthia would have been fine with Taylor joining, but life wasn't always perfect. Anyway, that could always happen later. For now she would just enjoy the older sister alone.

“Well, I know there’s no way a kid like Taylor could have satisfied you, so let me have my try!” Instantly Marina pushed Cynthia back and kissed her deeply. Since Cynthia hadn’t had a chance to put any clothes on, Marina’s hands were free to explore her body right away. Marina herself wasn’t wearing anything aside from a pair of panties, and Cynthia could already feel them getting a bit damp. She lifted herself up a little and slipped out of her underwear. Standing up in the seat, she threw her legs over the edge so that her quim was right in front of Cynthia’s mouth.

Giving her a quick lick, Cynthia got a strong taste of apricot. Marina began to grind her hips a bit, moaning contently. Between her already high excitement and Cynthia's skilled tongue working her clit, Marina came rather quickly, but that only made Cynthia want to play with her all the more. Before she could, though, Marina got off of her and headed toward the bathroom, beckoning Cynthia to join her.

The bathtub was huge, easily big enough for at least six people, and it was already nearly full, with bits of steam wafting off the surface. Turning off the faucet, Marina grinned. “I started running it before I came over to get you,” she said, running her hand through the water to check that it was the perfect temperature.

“Now get in, and I’ll show you what makes it really fun!" Marina said, her eyes glinting the same way Taylor’s did when she first meet Cynthia.

Lowering herself into the water, Cynthia closed her eyes and let the warmth envelop her body. For a moment Cynthia thought back to the start of this little trip, the pool with Misty.

There was a small splashing sound. Opening her eyes, Cynthia saw that Marina was dumping some sort of powder into the water. It began to spread out, thickening as it did. Getting in herself, Marina sighed heavily. “This stuff is the best,” she said, swirling her fingers through the thick lotion that the water was turning into.

As she moved closer to Cynthia, the water seemed to thicken even more, taking on a light pinkish hue. Just like Marina, it had a scent similar to apricot.

Cynthia lifted her arm, feeling fair bit of resistance. The lotion was slick and warm, dripping down the length of her arm.

Finally close enough, Marina shifted around a bit, sending slow ripples through the tub, and she settled herself on Cynthia’s lap. Leaning in, she kissed the blonde deeply, pressing her breasts against the other woman’s. With the slipperiness of the lotion between them, every tiny movement made their nipples rub and brush against every part of their breasts.

In this position, Marina’s pert bottom was rubbing against Cynthia’s thighs, and at the same time her clit was bumping against Cynthia’s trim belly. Cynthia scooped up a handful of lotion and poured it along Marina’s back, making her moan into the kiss. Marina’s hands dipped down below the surface and grabbed Cynthia’s hips, getting a better grip as she ground harder. Just the feeling of Marina humping her stomach like this was getting Cynthia close to the edge, the warm slickness of the lotion definitely playing a role in it.

It wasn’t long before Marina broke away, moaning deeply as her body jerked hard in climax. Sitting in place for a moment as she caught her breath, Cynthia took the opening to catch one of her nipples between her lips, and bit down very lightly. Cynthia teased Marina’s breasts for a moment before moving over to the other one. After she teased it for a minute, she released it.

Cynthia changed places with Marina so that she was now on top. Grabbing the girl’s hips, she began to grind against her with the same vigor. Rather than kiss her, she guided Marina to her chest, and just like with Taylor, began to nurse. The steady flow of milk trickling out sent the same strange, wonderful pleasure through her entire body as it had before.

Mariana’s skin was already wonderfully smooth, and the heated lotion between them made it even better. As she suckled, Marina used her hands to massage Cynthia’s other breast, causing a thin trickle of milk to dribble down it, and mix with the lotion. Just the feeling of it running down her skin was enough to make Cynthia moan deeply.

Marina gathered some of the lotion and began to smear it over the free breast while still sucking with the same enthusiasm as her younger sister. When Cynthia came, she simply held her lover in place, stroking her back, rubbing the lotion in more.

Slipping out of Cynthia’s arms a bit, Marina swam out to the middle of the tub. “I bet Taylor’s really going to miss that when you leave, it’s so sweet and tasty,” she said, licking her lips.

“Well, I think a lot of girls miss a lot of things about me when I leave,” Cynthia joked, swimming in closer to the other girl.

“You know, with all this lotion, there are some things that’ll be a lot easier,” Cynthia said, getting an idea.

“Oh, I'm way ahead of you," Marina said, lifting a leg out of the water, lotion dripping off her heel and running down her leg. Cynthia lifted her leg up as well, and pressed her foot against Marina’s. The two gently rubbed their soles together for a moment, before moving their legs down along the other's.

Each woman traced their foot between the other's breasts for a moment, before moving down lower and along the other's stomach. At about the same time they reached each other's pussy. Cynthia ran her toes along Mariana’s outer lips for a moment, before pushing into her. With her arousal and the lotion, it was easy to get fairly deep right away. Marina copied her easily, filling Cynthia’s cunny perfectly.

Using her other foot, Cynthia began teasing Marina’s clit, her toes as skillful and dexterous as her fingers. Marina, though not as skilled, was putting all her effort into matching her, the lotion aiding her quite nicely.

As they pleasured each other with their feet, Cynthia began to massage her breasts. Bringing them up to her mouth, she started sucking both of her own nipples, slurping loudly. She watched Marina begin to do the same. Though she didn’t have any milk to drink, just the sight of it was enough to push Cynthia over, and she came. Her pussy clamping down on her foot also proved to be the final bit that Marina needed, and she came as well.

Pulling out of each other, Cynthia moved in closer, lacing their legs together so they could trib. Both woman moved in a rhythm, pressing against each other as hard as they could, clits and nipples brushing together with every movement. The two shared another deep kiss, breaking only to moan from time to time. Marina was the first to cum, with Cynthia following a few moments after.

“Well, your stamina’s better than Taylor’s, but still...” Cynthia sighed a little, noticing the exhausted expression on Marina's face. In fact, the girl seemed to be so worn out from their escapades that she was drifting off to sleep right here in the tub. "Oh well. I made you feel good, and that's what matters. Come on, let's get you to bed."

Gently cradling the teen in her arms, Cynthia stood and carried Marina back to her bedroom, and laid her on her bed. She was already fast asleep.

"There. Sweet dreams. Hope that lotion doesn't stain your sheets too badly," Cynthia whispered, standing up. "Hmm...Taylor was so disappointed when you came and took me. I think I'll sneak back and see if she's up for another round..."

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