Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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“I’m so glad you came to visit me. I’ve had some pretty bad writer's block lately,” Shauntal said, removing her glasses and setting them down on the table.

“Well, I’d love to help. I’m a bit of a fan of your novels...the sex scenes are great!” Cynthia said, grinning as she looked the woman in the eyes. They were quite lovely to lose herself in, such a deep shade of purple.

“Well, I have an idea I’ve been tossing around, and I think you are just the person to help with it,” Shauntal said, gently twirling a pen in small circles. The spinning pattern was reflected in her bright, deep violet eyes. Cynthia couldn’t help but follow it as it shifted between her fingers.

“Anything I can do to help the next book along, I’ll be glad to do,” Cynthia said. She had taken a good look at Shauntal’s body before, a natural hourglass figure with large breasts, a slender waist, and wide hips leading down to slender, well-built legs, and Cynthia would certainly enjoy having fun with it. But the thing that was by far the most interesting was her eyes...their shade of midnight looked like a starless sky.

“Well, what I was thinking is a really famous trainer, going on a journey to sleep with lots of women.” Her voice was low and steady, so soft and pleasant. While she was speaking, she kept spinning the pen between her fingers, alternating speeds. "But the twist is, she never completes her journey. Instead, she ends up being enslaved by one of her lovers."

“Really...? Sounds like a,” Cynthia said, enjoying the idea. Finding the words was harder than it should have been, but somehow that didn't seem all that important...what was more important was watching the patterns of the pen reflected in Shauntal’s eyes. She didn't want to stop doing that.

“Oh, yes, I think it’ll be one of my best,” the woman said, humming slightly as she reached out and touched Cynthia’s hand.

“I’m,” Cynthia murmured softly, having a hard time focusing on anything aside from the brilliant purple hue of the other woman’s eyes and her soft humming. The way her fingers were gently tracing along her arm felt so soft and pleasant...the her words, in her mind...a woman, enslaved by her passions...taken to be another woman's plaything...what a fun idea. It sounded warm, and sexy,

“Do you mind if I light some incense?” Shauntal asked in that same low silky voice.

“,” Cynthia answered. She was not entirely sure what she had just been asked, but...whatever made her partner happy was fine...

Pulling her hand away from Cynthia’s arm, the Ghost Type Trainer opened a small box. Pulling a stick out, she placed it on a tray, and in one practiced motion lit a match and ignited the incense. As she flicked the match out, the red glow seemed to be swallowed up by the deep, bottomless, violet of her eyes.

“Now, about my story. One of the most important things to know about it is that it will be non-fiction,” Shauntal explained, humming between each word. “In fact, it’ll be a biography.”

Cynthia nodded weakly, the words all blending into a single pleasant tone, the musky, smoky scent clouding her mind even more. With the last vestiges of clear thought, she managed to whisper, "W-Who...?"

"You know," was the silky answer. Cynthia gave a tiny whimper, a small shiver, and that was all the resistance to the idea she could manage. Now all that was in her mind was the delicious scent, the silken words, those beautiful patterns, the purple eyes, those purple eyes everywhere and everything...slave...sounded nice….

“You see, in addition to being a very good writer, I’ve also always had a certain talent for hypnotism. I’ve made a few women in the past into pets, but none of them really held my interest.” She grinned. Cynthia was slumped in her chair, eyes closed, breathing slow and steady. “They obeyed my every order well enough, they were attractive enough, but...they just weren’t particularly special. I took each more for the thrill of being able to do so than any longstanding interest.” Standing up, she walked over to Cynthia and leaned in, nearly kissing her.

She tilted the sleeping blonde's head up. “But you, you're Cynthia, one of the most renowned trainers in the world!” Shauntal said, glee clear in her voice. "Champion! Pokemon master! Beautiful! And by now, world-renowned for your sexual escapades! Oh, yes, my dear, YOU are special, and that is why you will be mine from now on.

“Now stand up,” she ordered. Cynthia rose to her feet. On some faint level, she was aware that her body was moving. It felt so heavy. Deep in the back of her mind, Cynthia was aware that Shauntal was undressing her, humming softly. Normally she’d be eager to help her, but just going with the flow felt so easy and need to do anything she wasn't told to do...

Shauntal pulled Cynthia’s shirt off. As of late, bras hadn’t felt right on Cynthia, between the fullness of her breasts with milk and the rings through her nipples, so the mounds were free right away. “Oh, you're already pierced. That saves some time,” the Ghost Type trainer said, clapping gleefully. “Ah, but these are so plain! My slave must have something more interesting than these simple rings. Even when you were a free woman, the great Cynthia should be accessorized with more glory. We shall have to do better,” she said, giving one of the rings a small flick. Cynthia gasped a little, her mind too clouded to properly respond to the feeling, which was wonderfully intense, more so even than usual--and between her lactation and her rings, it was already usually incredibly pleasurable.

Going over to her dresser, Shauntal began to rummage through a collection of jewelry, contemplating each piece for a second before setting it aside. “I have so many to choose from...I just keep buying interesting rings and studs and never using them. I keep thinking I'll eventually have dozens of little slaves to adorn with them, but so few women and girls are interesting enough to keep, all these end up doing is sitting around, collecting dust. Finally, I can put some of them to use...oh, this is going to be so much fun!” she said glancing back at the still figure of Cynthia.

“Hm. Just standing there like that’s kind of boring. Take off the rest of your clothes and masturbate,” Shauntal ordered. With mechanical movements, Cynthia did as she had been told by her Mistress. Slipping out of her pants, she tossed her panties aside and began to finger herself lightly with one hand, the other going to her breasts to play with her nipples. A thin trickle of milk began to flow.

“Pussy pierced as well, and you lactate!” Shauntal squealed. “You really are going to be the very best pet ever!” With that, she continued to search through her collection of jewelry. After a few moments, she finally found a set that satisfied her.

“Alright, that’s enough,” she said, turning to face Cynthia. As ordered, she stopped and pulled her hands away.

“Let’s get rid of these drab old things,” Shauntal said, removing the nipple rings. She brought up a pair of large, dangling, teardrop-shaped pieces of onyx with several chains linked between them, with another, much longer set of chains hanging off the side. Clipping it into place, she grinned at the sight of the chains hanging between Cynthia’s breasts, connecting one nipple to the other with their golden links. The onyx dangled from her nipples very elegantly. “Very nice, but we can do better, can’t we, pet?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Cynthia replied, her voice sounding a little hollow. Her eyes had glazed slightly, looking very distant. Deep in the back of her mind, Cynthia knew that she was being controlled, but she could find absolutely no desire to fight it, and it almost felt like trying would only push her deeper into this state.

Kneeling down, Shauntal removed each of the rings through Cynthia's clit and labia, and quickly replaced them with a set of smooth, beautiful onyx rings that matched the jewels hanging from her tits.

“Almost perfect,” she murmured, taking the extra length of chain from her left nipple ring and hooking it through the rings in the left side of her pussy, ending by attaching it to her clit. Shauntal then repeated the process for the length of chain dangling from Cynthia's right nipple ring, putting that through her right lower rings and also ending it at her clit. The chains were just long enough to reach, so when Cynthia stood straight, as she was now, it lightly tugged at the sensitive flesh, forcing her labia to open slightly. As Cynthia's chest expanded and contracted with her breathing, the chain gently tightened and went slack again, stimulating her pussy and clit with its pull with every breath Cynthia took.

Taking a step back, Shauntal clapped. “That is so wonderful!” Reaching out, she gave the chain a weak tug, sending a powerful jolt through Cynthia’s entire body. She silently came, as a spurt of milk splattered against her Mistress’s hand. Licking it away, Shauntal cooed slightly the sweet taste.

“Alright, get down on all fours at the foot of the bed,” she ordered, as she took her seat on the bed. Cynthia took her place at the end of the bed, staying perfectly still, awaiting her next set of instructions.

Kicking off her shoes, Shauntal held out her stocking-covered feet. “Just stay like that for now,” she commanded as she cupped Cynthia’s face with her feet. Stroking the woman’s cheeks, Shauntal slipped a hand down her stockings and began to tease herself.

“Tell me, pet, do you like having my feet rubbed on your face? And do be honest,” she teased, tracing her toes along Cynthia’s lips. The blonde’s answer was to moan contently as she ran her tongue along the toes resting against her lips.

Shauntal giggled lightly as she pushed more of her foot into Cynthia’s mouth. “Having one of the top Champions in history is just so much fun. I could just play with you like this for hours. And I will,” she said, using her other foot to stroke Cynthia’s breasts. In her trance state, every little touch felt even better than usual, and the weighty tug of her chains from that small movement was nearly enough to make her cum again

For nearly two hours, Shauntal teased Cynthia, stroking her face and breasts under the strict order not to cum without permission. And every time she neared the edge, something in Cynthia pulled her away, building it up more and more. With each denied orgasm, the part of Cynthia that was still aware of herself seemed to slip away farther and farther. While she always did love to pleasure the women she was with, this was different...every single moan and gasp and chuckle that her Mistress let out filled her with a new sort of ecstasy, a bliss born from the mind, not the body, yet it felt as hot and pleasurable as any physical stimulation would. If she were to spend the rest of her life at this woman’s feet, she would be happier than anyone else in the world.

Suddenly those wonderful feet were taken away. For a moment Cynthia wondered if she had done something wrong, but that was soon disproved when her Mistress stood up and beckoned her to follow. “You do a wonderful job with that little pet tongue of yours, my dear, but worshiping my feet is one thing...what's next is something far greater. And for that," Shauntal said, going to her dresser full of jewelry, "you're simply missing something very important. Mistress's pussy is very important, and no naked slave tongue, not even such a nice one as yours, can be allowed to touch it. You upgrade.

“I’m not a professional, but I've had some talks with Sashay about her methods, so I know what I’m doing,” she said, taking out a piercing gun.

“Stick out your tongue,” Shauntal ordered. Obediently Cynthia lolled it out, shaking her hips a bit like a dog, causing her chains to tug at her nipples and pussy, sending waved of pleasure through her body as she did.

“Such a cute pet! I don't know why Sashay didn't do this at the time...perhaps she didn't want to overstep her boundaries. But I'm not worried about that,” Shauntal remarked. Leaning down, she snapped her fingers, and for a moment, everything went pitch black. There was a small jolt of pain, that soon melted into pleasure. Another snap, and everything returned to normal, except there was something different in her mouth. Cynthia could feel it right away: a small metal stud, embedded in her tongue.

Experimentally, she ran it along her teeth, clicking against them very lightly. It had a strange sort of pleasure to it. “So, do you like your newest gift?” Shauntal asked. Looking toward her Mistress, Cynthia saw that her legs were spread wide, her stocking torn aside to bare her pussy. For a moment Cynthia was completely entranced by the sight. A small patch of neatly trimmed light purple hair rested at the top of her cunny. She had only a single piercing, a small silver barbell through her clit.

“Go ahead...get a taste,” Shauntal said, running her still gloved fingers along her labia. Cynthia moved in slowly, almost reverently. In one long, slow lick from bottom to top, she tasted her mistress. The taste of blackcurrant was far more delicious than she had ever thought it could be. With one last flick, she clacked her tongue ring against her Mistress’s barbell, making her shudder delightfully. Cynthia also got a strangely pleasant feeling in her tongue, almost as pleasurable as what her Mistress must have felt.

“You love to lick my pussy better than any other before, don’t you?” Shauntal asked teasingly. Cynthia was compelled to nod, her mind too clouded with obedience and lust to form words. “Well, go ahead and keep going!” she ordered, wrapping her legs around Cynthia’s neck, pulling her in closer.

Even in her normal state Cynthia would need no encouragement. Lapping away, she savored the wonderfully sweet taste of her Mistress’s quim, and every time her new stud brushed against the barbell in her clit, both women would moan equally. Even now, every bit of pleasure that Cynthia felt was adding up behind a mental dam, held at bay by that adamant order from before not to cum. Some tiny part of her was still aware of who she was, but that was being drowned out more and more with every second. Shauntal’s breathing was beginning to grow a little ragged as she drew closer to the edge.

“When I cum, you may as well!” she gasped out between moans.

Hearing those wonderful words, Cynthia doubled her efforts. Catching the bud of Shauntal’s clit between her lips, she lashed her tongue against it with all her energy. The clicking of her stud against the barbell was almost hypnotic in its own right, and the jolts of pleasure that seemed to shoot through her with every touch made it even better.

Finally Shauntal came, her legs clenching tight around Cynthia, pulling her so tight that her nose was pressed against her belly. As her mouth filled with the other woman’s cum, the mental block cracked, and all the pleasure that had been held back came flooding out. Every trace of thought and knowledge she had was completely washed away; all the women she had been with before had only been practice, building up her skills to better serve her Mistress!

Pushing her back, Shauntal looked at Cynthia eyes. They were empty and glazed over. It was clear that she had no thoughts beyond pleasing her. “Just the way I wanted,” she said, grinning. “Now then, let's have a bit more fun before I announce to all the women in the world that they will never get to have, only I get that honor!” the purple haired woman declared with a smirk. For just a moment, Cynthia’s eyes flickered strangely, but it was beyond Shauntal’s notice.

Guiding Cynthia onto the bed, she pressed against her so they could trib. The smoothness of her stockings, combined with the clicking of her rings against her pussy, was fantastic. Grabbing hold of Cynthia’s foot, she brought it to her mouth and began to kiss along it. “I almost feel bad about keeping you all to myself...after all, everything about you is just so perfect!” she said, trailing her tongue along Cynthia’s toes, moaning as Cynthia did the same for her. For a split second, Shauntal couldn’t recall if she had ordered her to do that, but with that skilled tongue massaging her foot's curves and tickling her toes with its new stud, she didn’t really care.

Grinding harder and harder, Shauntal came very quickly, but she didn’t stop. Even though she would be able to enjoy this any time from now on she wanted, it was so wonderful that she couldn’t bring herself to cease for even a second. Reaching out with her other foot, she took hold of Cynthia’s chain and gave it a hard tug, making her shudder and moan as her sensitive spots were cruelly, deliciously pulled.

It went on like that for quite some time. For every orgasm she had, she would make Cynthia cum thrice more. It wasn't difficult; the woman was a moaning, quivering mass of ecstasy, her mind and body wrapped in an insatiable lust that just got more and more aroused with every juicy climax. After many hours had passed, Shauntal was getting tired. Disentangling herself, she started to get off the bed, but suddenly she was pulled back and thrown rather forcefully down on the mattress.

Cynthia straddled her, eyes still glazed over...but there was something in them. It wasn’t clarity, it was...lust, pure and blazing and far more than normal. Before Shauntal could give an order, Cynthia leaned in and kissed her deeply. With her newfound sensitivity in her tongue, she was more passionate in this kiss than ever before. At the same time, she ground against Shauntal, rubbing their clits together with every tiny movement. Cynthia screamed into their kiss as she came, her juices dribbling down onto and into Shauntal, but her frenzied thrusts only increased their tempo, and It wasn’t long before both women came yet again.

Cynthia broke away just long enough to switch to a sixty-nine, but not long enough for Shauntal to recover. Right away Cynthia began to lavish her clit, tongue stud click-clacking against the barbell faster than before, faster than she had ever licked anyone before! For one nearly panicked moment, Shauntal realized just what had gone wrong, though not how: she had fully unlocked Cynthia’s lust, undone what years of personal and social restraint had done to keep it in check and lessened. As excessive as Cynthia's passion had always been, it had still always been something she could hold back, something she could restrain even when the inability of any partner to fully satisfy her frustrated her. By snuffing out Cynthia's conscious mind altogether, Shauntal had removed that instinctual mental block, and now Cynthia's lust was out of control, and even Shauntal's hypnotic orders would not be able to tame it again.


Six days later

Shauntal sat in her chair, looking with exhausted, dull eyes at Cynthia, who was lying on the bed, asleep. “I knew she was supposed to be insatiable, but this is too much...she only let me rest for like three hours each day,” she muttered to herself. It had been the single greatest ordeal of Shauntal's life to try and deal with her. For every hour that she was awake, Cynthia was doing something sexual to her. Meals were made into a messy ordeal, and the only time she’d let up was for a potty break--and even then, somehow Cynthia had known when Shauntal was finished, and not allow her any further rest. And still, Cynthia had been brought to at least three times as many orgasms in this nonstop sex marathon as Shauntal had...yet only after six days had Cynthia's passions been partially sated, just enough that Shauntal had managed to throw every ounce of her hypnotic strength into a command for Cynthia to sleep.

“This is too much,” Shauntal sighed heavily. She ached all over, in a rather pleasant way...but still. “I’m going to have to let her go. I can't fulfill my responsibilities as an Elite Four member or as a writer like this...I'm just lucky we haven't had any challengers this week.”

Cynthia twitched slightly, her hands going to her crotch. Shauntal felt a stab of unbelieving terror. Cynthia had only been asleep for a few hours, and already Shauntal's order was losing its hold over her--and she'd put everything she had into that order! Standing up, Shauntal moved over to her and quickly muttered a handful of new orders, the most important of which releasing her from her control.

“It's going to be hard finding another pet who's as close to perfection as this one...but as nice as a perfect pet is, I need one that's also a bit less high maintenance,” she said, flopping down on the bed.

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