Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
Category: Pokemon > Yuri - Female/Female
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Cynthia stepped through the gates of the Battle Frontier. (I’ve had nearly all the best ladies in Hoenn...time to finish my rounds). As she walked along the paths, enjoying the amusement park-like atmosphere, she pondered on the order she would visit them in. Each girl had her own wonderful appeal.

It wasn’t long, though, before she had her answer. On a raised platform, Greta was having a sparing match. The sight of her powerful and fluid motions sent a shiver down Cynthia’s spine. With no visible effort, the girl could lift an opponent several times her size and toss them around like dolls, and the way her tights clung to her, perfectly framing her tight, fit figure, made it all the more beautiful to watch.

Cynthia watched the entirety of the show, barely able to resist masturbating in public to the wonderful sights. By the time it was over she was horny enough to invite Greta to ravage her on stage, her time with Flannery flickering in the back of her head. Cynthia made her way through the crowd easily--after all, everyone knew who she was.

“So the great Cynthia’s decided to pay me a visit! Want to challenge me?” Greta asked, raising an eyebrow at the Champion’s approach.

“You could say that," Cynthia answered with a half smile.

“I’ll be glad to take you up on any challenge. Just let me grab a quick shower first.” Even though the glistening sweat that dripped from every inch of her toned figure was nice to look at, it would be much better if she were clean, so Cynthia agreed.

At Greta’s dojo, Cynthia sat patiently in one of the private rooms, waiting for Greta to join her. After a few minutes the door slid open, and Greta walked in, the faint smell of soap still lingering off her.

“I’m guessing that you don’t want a Pokemon battle, or a sparring session, either,” Greta said, kneeling down just across from Cynthia. There was a familiar glint in her eyes.

“I guess word about me is getting around pretty fast then,” she said, more of a statement than a question.

Greta chuckled a bit. “After getting someone as frigid Glacia to cum? Of course your already legendary status is going to go up even more!” Greta said with a small grin.

“Well, if you know why I’m here, why don’t we get to the fun, then?’ Cynthia suggested.

Without saying a word, Greta walked over and grabbed Cynthia, kissing her firmly. It was so sudden that even Cynthia was caught slightly off guard, and nearly lost her balance, but Greta was easily able to hold her in place.

Greta ran her hands down Cynthia’s back until she reached her hips. Then in one single, swift motion, she lifted her off the ground. The surprise jolted the older woman, but Greta was still able to maintain her grip with ease.

(Wow, she really is strong!) Cynthia thought as Greta carried her forward till her back was pressed against a wall, their kiss continuing all the way through.

It was only once Cynthia was pressed firmly against the wall that Greta finally broke the kiss, only to latch her lips against Cynthia’s neck, nipping lightly. Greta began to grind her hips. Even through their clothes Cynthia could feel the heat and dampness of the other girl. Cynthia reached down and grabbed hold of Greta’s firm ass, digging her nails into the skintight pants she was wearing.

Greta shifted her hold slightly so that she was holding Cynthia up using only a single hand. The now free hand slid under Cynthia’s shirt and squeezed her breasts firmly. Greta used her leverage to press against Cynthia even harder, sucking and nipping at her neckline more, shifting her hands' positions again so that she could use her other hand to massage the other breast the same as before.

Greta’s hips sped up, grinding forcefully against Cynthia, and before long the motion and excitement was too much, and the Champion came, her juices soaking through her panties and pants both, dripping down onto the floor. At the same time she could feel a warm gush from Greta as well.

The younger girl sat Cynthia down for a moment, both of them breathing a bit heavily. “That was different," Cynthia murmured. “I rather liked it.”

Greta grinned. “Yeah, some of the guys and girls I’ve been with find it weird, having sex with their clothes on, but if someone is really attractive, they don’t need to get naked to get turned on that far.”

Cynthia chuckled. “I’ve never thought of that,” she said. (I’ve actually learned quite a few things on this little journey of mine), she thought to herself. Sitting down next to Cynthia, Greta slid her hand down Cynthia’s pants and began to rub her cunny directly, while sliding one hand under her shirt to tease her nipples.

“Of course, skin to skin is great, too,” she whispered into Cynthia's ear, before kissing her neck like before.

“Couldn’t agree more,” was the only thing that Cynthia said as she copied the girl’s actions, pulling her hand out once to get a taste of Greta’s cum. The distinctly sweet taste of mango filled Cynthia mouth with that single lick.


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