Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
Category: Pokemon > Yuri - Female/Female
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Cynthia signed and leaned back in the chair of her cabin aboard the boat bound for Poketopia, nude. She looked down at her breasts reflectively, and brought her hands up to them. They felt the same to her hands, but her touch felt different to them. There was a new form of sensitivity to her breasts now, and had been since only a day after her night with Courtney. They felt heavier to her now, fuller, as though filled almost uncomfortably with some substance. And that was no surprise, as she had discovered after a quick examination by one of the doctors on the island.

Cynthia was lactating.

She really had no explanation for it, nor did the doctor. She certainly hadn't given birth any time recently, not that she could remember! The doctor had guessed that she might have a hormone imbalance of some kind, which Cynthia supposed was possible--maybe her consistent, raging horniness and super-human sexual endurance was related to that. Cynthia, though, preferred to think that with all the attention her breasts had been getting during this sexual quest of hers, her body must have assumed she was regularly trying to nurse, and responded by producing milk.

At any rate, Cynthia was delighted by the change. True, it was a little uncomfortable at times to feel full and need to expel some of her milk, but overall, it was just one more sexy addition to herself. Thanks to Phoebe, every meal she took, her thoughts went to how it could be used for sexual purposes. Thanks to Fantina, every time she looked in the mirror, her pussy wettened and gave a twinge at the sight of the gorgeous woman there. Thanks to Courtney, stray thoughts of sexual curiosity flitted through her mind at times whenever she interacted with her female Pokemon. And now she was producing milk. This journey was changing Cynthia, enhancing her sexually one way after another, and she loved it!


(Poketopia at last!), Cynthia thought to herself, getting off the boat. Not that she hadn't enjoyed her excursion to the card game island very much, but she'd been waiting a while to finally get here, and it was good to have the trip over with.

Walking along, Cynthia simply enjoyed the sights of all the battles, not taking part in any herself. As much as she loved training, she wasn’t in the mood. This whole international trip was, after all, considered her yearly vacation from the Pokemon League and her duties as Champion. She instead just spent some time simply soaking it all in. Even as famous as she was, there was so much going on that hardly anyone paid any attention to her.

Stopping to play a few of the games, Cynthia won a handful of prizes, most of which she handed off to various people. The only one she kept was a Pachirisu doll that was just too cute not to keep.

After about an hour, Cynthia decided to take a break and bought some ice-cream. Finding a bench nearby, she sat down and began to contemplate which of the girls she would go after first.

“Hey, is that yours?” a chipper voice suddenly broke through her thoughts. Looking down, Cynthia saw a little girl dressed as a Pachirisu looking at her doll.

“Oh, I’m Taylor,” she said, holding out her hand.

Looking at her, Cynthia could feel a twinge go right through to her heart. The large round eyes and cheerful smile, the innocence of her smile, the adorable way she was all added up to a level of cuteness that she couldn’t describe. This was, quite seriously, the most adorable child Cynthia had ever seen.

Waving her hand in front of Cynthia’s face, Taylor spoke again. “You okay, Auntie?” she asked, leaning in.

Snapping back to reality, Cynthia frowned. “Cute as that is, please don’t call me Auntie,” she murmured. “And yes, the doll’s mine. I thought it was cute...although it's certainly not nearly as cute as you!” she said, reaching down and patting Taylor’s head.

Taylor smiled ear to ear. “Thank you!" she giggled happily. "Um, and you're really pretty!” She hopped up on the bench next to Cynthia.

“You look really familiar, Auntie,” the girl said, tilting her head a bit.

“I get that a lot. Probably has something to do with my being the Champion of Sinnoh,” Cynthia replied, with some pride.

“Ah, that’s where I know you from!” Taylor said, clapping her hands together excitedly. Cynthia couldn’t help but smile at the girl. She was such a charming, adorable little girl.

“Ah, it’s melting!” Taylor cried out suddenly. Cynthia looked down and saw that her ice cream was, indeed, melting, just barely touching her fingers. Taylor leaned in and licked it away. Cynthia's breath caught in her throat. The feeling of Taylor's small tongue brushing against her sent a shiver through Cynthia, and not from the cold of the ice cream.

(No I actually getting turned on by her? I...I know I like young girls like Maylene and Liza a lot, but, but this young? She's just a little girl, can't even be ten years old...I can't...)

“You’ve also got some on your face, Auntie," Taylor said, lifting up and licking Cynthia’s cheek.

Feeling overwhelmed as another twinge of desire raced through her, Cynthia grinned. “Would you like to share?” she asked, holding out the cone. Taylor eagerly gave the ice cream a lick, then offered Cynthia a turn. The two took turns licking each side of the cold treat, as Cynthia wrestled with her conscience.

When Taylor got some on her nose, Cynthia could not help but to lick it off, moving before she realized what she was doing, and making the girl giggle a little. Before long, the ice cream was gone, and Taylor ate the entire cone herself.

“That was good,” she said, rubbing her belly. “Since you shared with me, I’ll give you some of my candy, if you want. It’s my favorite, konpeito!” she said cheerfully.

“I’d like that very much, thank you,” Cynthia said. On the inside, she was still struggling with her thoughts. Taylor was so incredibly cute, and that cuteness was somehow turning Cynthia on now...but she couldn't, she just couldn't corrupt this innocent little girl that way!

Taylor looked around quickly to make sure no one else was watching, then lifted up her skirt and pulled aside her panties, Cynthia watched in utter shock as the girl slipped a finger into her cunny and pulled out a few small pieces of brightly colored and rather lumpy candy.

“They're a little sticky, but I think they taste better like this,” she said, holding them out.

For the first time in a very long time, Cynthia was left genuinely speechless. Taylor saw the expression of utter shock on her face, and frowned. “I know I shouldn’t keep candy there...but it feels really good, and it makes them taste better!” she pouted.

“It...It’s perfectly fine,” Cynthia quickly said, picking up one of the candies. “Odd, but fine.” She popped the konpeito into her mouth. It was impossible to tell how much of the sweetness was from the candy and how much was from Taylor, but it was delicious.

(Well, that's that. Innocent or not, I've got to have this sweet little thing), Cynthia thought to herself. Out loud, she said, “But even so, that’s not the only way to feel good like that, you know..."

Taylor’s eyes lit up. “I know there’s better stuff, but no one will tell me about it, or show me. Will you?!” she asked excitedly.

Before Cynthia could answer, Taylor jumped off the bench and took Cynthia’s hand, trying to tug her along and failing. “Come on! Since I’m a Colosseum Leader, I’ve got my own room! Won't you please come and teach me the stuff that feels good? Please!” she whined, tugging harder.

(Well, she's as willing as she is super cute! To heck with worrying about whether I should or not--I'm going to teach this tiny cutie everything I can!) Cynthia thought, standing up and nearly causing the girl to lose her balance. “Alright, let’s go then.” she said, letting the girl lead her.

Taylor had an entire suite, which was filled with all sorts of toys and candy. “I get lots of money from all the battles I win, so I’ve got plenty of stuff to play with!” Taylor said, spinning around as they entered.

“Very impressive,” Cynthia agreed, looking around at the many trophies that adorned the room.

“So what do we do first?” Taylor asked, shaking back and forth in excitement. The tail of her costume waving back and forth made her look even cuter than ever.

“Let’s start with something light: some kissing,” Cynthia suggested.

Taylor did a tiny jump. “Alright! I’ve never kissed before. I hope I do good!” she said, smiling as wide as she could.

Leading Cynthia to a couch shaped like a Slowpoke, Taylor plopped down and tilted her head up, puckering her lips out with her eyes closed. She looked so cute that Cynthia couldn’t help but chuckle. Taylor opened one eye looking at her expectedly.

Taking her seat, Cynthia put her hand on one of the girl’s small shoulders. “The effort is good, but you don’t have to do that. Just relax,” she said softly.

Taylor frowned for a second, but took a more normal posture “Okay, Auntie.” Cynthia shook her head and chuckled. At first it had made her feel old, but now the cuteness of Taylor calling her that was beginning to grow on her.

Leaning in, Cynthia gently pressed her lips against Taylor’s for just a second. It was rather chaste for her, but in this case she wanted to take things a bit slower than usual.

“See, like that,” Cynthia said. Taylor nodded.

“I think I got it.” She gave a small clap again, smiling cheerfully. Seeing the adorably happy look on her face filled Cynthia with a strange sort of desire, unlike anything she had felt with other girls. It wasn't exactly a greater desire (though it certainly wasn't any lesser!) than she had felt before, just...different, in an exciting, enticing way!

Gently cupping Taylor’s cheek, Cynthia leaned in again and kissed her, holding it a bit longer. Taylor surprised her when suddenly she parted her lips and ran her tongue against Cynthia’s.

Pulling back, Cynthia raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry, was I not supposed to do that?” Taylor asked, looking down a little and twiddling her thumbs. “I thought your lips looked like they would taste nice, and couldn’t help myself." She sounded almost guilty.

Cynthia wrapped her arms around the girl, hugging her tightly. “No, no, it’s fine! That’s actually exactly what you're supposed to do. I was just surprised that you would know.”

“So I did good?” Taylor asked, blinking a few times when Cynthia let her go.

“Very good,” Cynthia said, leaning in and kissing her again, this time darting her own tongue out, slipping it into Taylor’s mouth. She easily overpowered the girl’s small tongue, making her moan softly. Taylor began to kiss back, though. She treated Cynthia’s tongue almost like a sucker, wrapping her lips around it and licking hungrily. Though it was a bit awkward, it was also very enjoyable, so Cynthia decided to copy her motions. Taylor seemed to appreciate it, moaning into her mouth.

Without breaking the kiss, Cynthia ran her hand along one of Taylor’s dainty little legs. Her skin was so soft that Cynthia could feel herself getting wet just from the feel of it. Taylor giggled a bit into the kiss. Going farther, Cynthia brushed her fingers against Taylor’s panties. There was a fair bit of dampness soaking through them.

Breaking the kiss again, Cynthia brought her fingers up to her mouth, giving them a lick. She moaned a bit as the taste filled her mouth. There was a definite sweetness to them, though at least some of it was from the candy she still had tucked away in her small cunny.

Taylor blushed at the sight of how much Cynthia was enjoying her juices. “Do I really taste that good?” she asked meekly.

“Oh yes. But I bet you’ll taste even better without the candy,” Cynthia said, slipping her fingers into Taylor’s quim. The girl gasped sharply as Cynthia scooped some of the candy out of her. Taking a few pieces of the juice-covered candy, she popped them into her mouth and pulled Taylor into another kiss, sharing them with the girl.

Still kissing her, Cynthia pulled out the rest of the candy. Taylor wriggled and gasped with each piece. It actually surprised Cynthia how many pieces the girl had managed to hold in her pussy.

By the time the last piece was pulled out, the spot beneath her was a sticky mess. Pulling back, Cynthia chuckled. “You must really love candy.”

“Yeah, I do! And, um, not just eating it, too,” she confessed. “Sometimes I play with it, like this,” she admitted, looking at the small pile of konpeito that Cynthia had in her hands.

Cynthia shivered at the thought of just what this girl might have done in the past. Perhaps she could get Taylor to show her the other ways she liked to play with her candy. Cynthia might just end up learning just as much as Taylor today!

“Would you like to try something that a lot of girls like better than candy?” Cynthia asked. Taylor’s eyes sparkled so brightly that Cynthia nearly came just from looking at her.

“YES!” she nearly shouted, jumping up, her juices trailing down her legs.

“Well then, let's get you undressed, sweetie,” Cynthia said, tugging the girl’s dress over her head, although she was a little sad to see her lose the adorable Pachirisu tail. Cynthia left the ear headband on.

Looking over Taylor’s body, Cynthia felt her lust rising by the second. She had been with plenty of petite girls before, but Taylor was especially dainty and young, to the point of near androgyny, with no trace of curves anywhere on her small body.

Taylor’s face turned bright red, and she looked away slightly as the older woman inspected her body. Her tiny, pointy little nipples stood out as much as they could from her otherwise completely flat chest. Her labia was parted ever so slightly, and her tiny clit was peeking out from its hood, practically begging to be teased.

Cynthia took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. She licked her lips as she looked at this sweet little thing before her. She loved the trace of tears that were welling up in Taylor's large blue eyes. “It’s kind of embarrassing to be naked like this, Auntie...”she said softly, shifting one of her small feet.

A twinge of guilt and arousal shot straight through Cynthia’s heart at those words. “I suppose it is a little unfair if you’re the only one.” With that, Cynthia quickly undressed herself.

Taylor’s eyes trailed along Cynthia's body, a glimmer of something far more adult in her eyes. “So what was it that’s so tasty?” she asked, her voice trembling slightly.

Sitting back down, Cynthia pulled Taylor in close. Without saying a word, she brought the girl’s mouth to her breasts. “We’ll save that for just a little bit,” Cynthia said as she guided her nipple into the girl’s mouth. This was her first chance to see what her new ability to nurse was like, and somehow she knew that Taylor would love the chance to try some of Cynthia's milk.

With no encouragement at all, Taylor eagerly began to suckle. Cynthia’s entire body shook with pleasure. Though her breasts had always been a great source of pleasure to her, they now seemed twice as sensitive as they ever had been! And the sensation that hit her as a steady stream of her warm liquid began to was a pleasure like none she had felt before. Taylor drank it down happily, and Cynthia tilted her head back, moaning as the stream continued. It felt so good in so many ways...sexually pleasing, as she squirted and leaked from her sensitive nipples, yet also relieving, as the pressure of her full breast finally began to lessen. And at the same time, there was a new, wonderful sense of satisfaction, of fulfillment, in the act of nursing this adorable child, something in her nature rewarding her for doing what she was meant to. This combination of powerful good feelings was almost like a new kind of orgasm!

Taylor drew her face away for just a moment, a few warm white droplets leaking from both her lips and Cynthia's teat. "It's so yummy, Auntie! Thank you!" she said, giving Cynthia a quick, affectionate kiss on the cheek, before getting back to suckling. Cynthia smiled blissfully. So cute.

As Taylor greedily drank, Cynthia reached up and gave her free nipple a small pinch. While so far she had not been able to get her milk flowing from manipulating herself with her fingers, Taylor's attentions on the other one had gotten her body in the mentality of nursing, and the breast now was all too eager to give a thin squirt of milk. Gathering it on her fingers, she brought it to her mouth and gave it a taste. Very rich and was no wonder Taylor was gulping at it the way she was. Cynthia had never tasted a more delicious fact, aside from some women's juices, she had never tasted anything better, period.

Popping off one tit, Taylor looked up and announced, "All gone on that one, Auntie," before she moved to the other and began to drink just as hungrily from it. As the girl drank her new milk, Cynthia reached down and began to finger the girl, making her moan and leak some milk from the corners of her mouth. Moving down, she licked it up, not wanting to miss even a drop.

After a little while, Taylor broke away, rubbing her stomach and licking her lips. “That was really tasty...I just wish there was more,” she pouted.

“Well, there will be later,” Cynthia said, kissing her and tasting her own milk.

As Taylor wriggled in Cynthia’s arms, trying to get the advantage in the kiss, one of her dainty feet brushed against Cynthia’s quim. After spending so long basking in the amazing new pleasures of nursing, and how turned on she had already been by little Taylor, this was all Cynthia needed to make her shudder and cum.

Though the girl was a bit reluctant to end the kiss, Cynthia managed to separate from her long enough to catch her breath. “You said you liked the taste of your juices, right?” Cynthia asked, running a finger along Taylor’s small slit, stopping just short of her clit. The little girl whimpered softly, nodding. It was clear by the look on her face, that of a girl both eager and terrified at the amount of pleasure she was now feeling for the first time, that she would cum any second.

“Well, would you like to try mine?” Cynthia asked, finally flicking Taylor's tiny bud. Taylor cried out sharply, jerking as a small spurt of cum splashed against Cynthia. The sight of her face filled with such intense pleasure beyond anything she had ever known, of her little body shaking as it overcame her for the very first time of her life, and the sound of that little, high-pitched cry of being overwhelmed by the best feeling in the world and being almost horrified by how good it was...Cynthia nearly came herself as the giddy pride swept over her that it was she who had brought this little girl to this height, that it was she who was to sample and enjoy this innocent, pure girl first of all the world.

Cynthia laid back on the couch, guiding a shaking, gasping Taylor into place. The girl took a moment to catch her breath, breathing hard against Cynthia’s mound as she recovered, giving her a bit of pleasure just from that.

Finally, Taylor had recovered enough to shiver and squeal, "Auntie, it felt good! Oh thank you, thank you so much, Auntie, I love you!" She sobbed as a few tears of joy escaped her eyes.

"It was my pleasure, darling," Cynthia replied, smiling warmly. "But now, Auntie would like to feel that good, too. Could you help her?"

"Mmhm!" Taylor flicked her tongue directly against Cynthia’s clit, before moving lower, lapping slowly. “You were right, it does taste good!" she said between licks.

As Taylor ate her out, Cynthia watched the girl’s hips shaking back and forth, smearing her juices all over Cynthia’s breasts. Reaching up, Cynthia grabbed her hips and gave her small rear a squeeze, making her moan into her quim. Running her hands down, she slipped a single finger into her pussy, causing her to jerk and giggle as her tongue kept working. The girl's tiny virgin pussy was almost too tight for even Cynthia's one finger.

“This is fun!” Taylor said, lifting up a little bit. “But this part is the best. It’s almost like a little piece of candy!” With that, she latched onto Cynthia’s clit, sucking as hard as she could and flicking her tongue like she was trying to devour a lollipop.

Cynthia let out a moan that was almost a scream. Taylor may not have known anything about sex, but she certainly did know a lot about candy, and the way she was attacking Cynthia's pleasure button was intensely wonderful, as good a technique as any Cynthia had ever felt! Cynthia pumped her finger a bit more as Taylor kept up her assault on the tender bud.

In very little time, Cynthia screamed, "Yes, sweetie, I'm, I'm coming now, keep doing that KEEP DOING THAT!" Taylor responded with a series of guttural squeals, too overcome with the abandon of lust to form words. Both of them came, Cynthia crying out and writhing in pleasure as Taylor screamed into her pussy and clamped down so tightly on Cynthia's finger that the woman literally could not move it. Taylor kept her mouth clamped in place, drinking as hungrily as when she had been nursing. At the same time, her juices ran down Cynthia’s chest and into her waiting mouth. Just like before, Cynthia could only taste sweetness. The candy's sugar did still linger, but it mostly seemed that Taylor’s cum was just naturally sugary, like her personality.

With the last few wipes to gather up every single last drop, Taylor got off of Cynthia. “You showed me something really good, so let me share some of my ideas with you!” Taylor said, walking over to a cabinet.

Sitting up, Cynthia looked in the cabinets. They were filled with all sorts of candy and other snacks. Thinking of all the possibilities alone was nearly enough to push Cynthia over the edge again. Gathering some snacks, Taylor moved over to another cabinet. Thankfully there were some healthier-looking things in it, but Taylor passed them over.

Coming back with an arm load of candy, Taylor laid it out on the table. “I think this would be good!’ she said, picking up a long, spiral lollipop that was swirled with dozens of different colors. It was longer than some of the toys Cynthia had used, which was saying something.

“I’ve done this a few times, before but I couldn’t get it in very far.” She frowned.

“That’s fine. You're still very young,” Cynthia reassured her, leaning in and kissing the girl.

“I know, but still…”

Without another word, she joined Cynthia on the couch. She slipped the lollipop into Cynthia's quim. Shifting around a little, Taylor placed the remainder coming out of Cynthia's vagina between her own legs, so that she could rub against it. As she rocked her body, the candy began to slide deeper into Cynthia. The uneven shape of it rubbing along her inner walls, as well Taylor’s crotch bumping against her own with every movement, was divine.

Taylor gasped and squeaked in pleasure with every movement. Her face flushed red, making the yellow marks drawn on her checks stand out a bit more. Taylor’s eyes fluttered a bit as she humped Cynthia, the tiny ridges rubbing against her small pussy lips. That sight alone would have been enough to get Cynthia off, but Taylor’s efforts made it all the better.

Leaning forward, Taylor buried her small hands in Cynthia’s breasts, letting them sink into their softness. Panting heavily, Taylor came hard, her tiny clit mashing against Cynthia’s, which was enough to make her cum, as well.

Taylor lay on top of Cynthia for a minute or so, before sitting up again, still breathing deep. She rubbed her eyes and yawned.

“It’s fine if you want to take a break, Taylor. Even adults can’t keep up with my stamina. A nap might do you some good,” Cynthia said in a reassuring voice.

Those words alone seemed to spark a new energy in the girl. “No! I can keep going for a while! I'm not tired!” she snapped, pouting. “And I’m not that little!” There was a determined look in her eyes that reminded Cynthia of herself when she was younger.

Pulling the lollipop out of Cynthia she gave it a quick lick before moving in for a kiss. The cum-covered candy was delightful, but even better was when Taylor put her tongue into Cynthia’s mouth rather forcefully, pressing against her breasts as she probed her mouth vigorously.

Enjoying the taste of their mixed cum alongside the various fruit flavors of the candy, Cynthia could almost feel her food fetish growing stronger by the second. When Taylor broke away, she reached over to the table and grabbed something.

“I just got an idea,” she said sounding cheerful again, though the look in her eyes said that she still wanted to prove herself.

Moving lower, she held up the item she had picked up from the table: a candy necklace. She pushed about half of it into herself, moaning and blushing as she did. Gathering the rest, she pushed it into Cynthia. The tiny bumps of each individual piece felt great, and the fact that there were so many pieces, working together and apart of each other, added to it even more.

Taylor scooted in closer until their pussies touched, with only a tiny bit of the necklace sticking out. “Now let’s play Tug-of-War!” she said, pumping a fist in the air.

“Well, I have to say, this is a pretty clever idea,” Cynthia admitted. Taylor had a definite talent for thinking up naughty things; Cynthia doubted she ever would have thought of this, even considering her brand new appreciation for the sexual uses of candy.

Cynthia began tensing her inner muscles, gently pulling the candy in deeper, letting out one moan after another as she pleasurably gripped all the little pieces of candy within her. It was like beads on a string, only somehow even better! Taylor scrunched up her face in effort as she tried to do the same, whimpering in delight at the sensations she was grinding into herself. There was a very soft tug from her side, but it was pretty weak compared to Cynthia.

With each tug, the candy rubbed more and more inside of her, getting rounded down by her juices dissolving it, the edges getting duller. As Taylor tried to recapture each link of the necklace she lost, she would thrust forward and rub against Cynthia a bit harder, making both of them gasp in a jolt of pleasure.

After all her years of experience, Cynthia had excellent control of her pussy muscles. Not as refined as Anabel, perhaps, but still better than nearly any other women. So it was easy for her to pull all the loose candy into herself, and before long, she had Taylor gasping, “Ah, it’s coming out!” A few seconds, later Cynthia could actually see it sliding out of the girl, one candy at a time, and into herself. It was an incredible feeling to forcefully pull each ring of candy into her pussy, and she knew it had to be just as pleasurable to Taylor to slowly lose each one.

"N, Nooo!" Taylor whined through the delirious pleasure she was clearly feeling. "I don't want to lose!"

She reached over to the other candy and grabbed a red whip of licorice. "Bad Auntie!" she said, trying to sound mean but winding up just giggling. She began to slap the licorice against Cynthia's twat. "Stop winning!"

"Two can play at that game!" Cynthia gasped as her already over stimulated pussy began to feel the sting of the ridged, whipping candy rope. She grabbed another length of licorice for herself, and began to return the lashing. Taylor gasped and moaned at the sensual sting against her little pussy, but did not stop her assault.

They continued tugging with their quims as hard as they could, both enjoying the mild stings of the candy whips almost as much as they enjoyed the candy beads slowly dragging through their cunts, until finally the last bit disappeared into Cynthia.

Breaking away, Taylor grabbed the tiny bit of exposed string and pulled it out slowly, each bump and ridge catching slightly as it left. It was enough to finally push Cynthia over the edge, and with a small scream of all the pent-up pleasure of their game finally being released, she came. Right away Taylor dipped her head down and started licking up Cynthia’s cum, intensifying her orgasm. As she did so, though, Cynthia lifted the licorice whip once more. She gently pushed Taylor back, and then brought the candy down especially hard against the little girl's clit. Taylor yelped in delight as the final, stinging sensation drove her, too, over the edge, and she came just as Cynthia was in the middle of her own orgasm. Cynthia poured her pleasure into action, bending forward and grabbing Taylor's little pleasure bud in her mouth and licking and sucking at it for all she was worth. The girl screamed in delight as her climax doubled in power.

Finally, it was over for them both, and they sat back, breathing heavily. Taylor picked the necklace, which Cynthia's convulsions had long since pushed out of her, up. “I almost don’t want to eat it...” she mumbled.

“It’d be a shame not to, though, don't you think?” Cynthia quipped back.

Taking one end of the necklace, Cynthia began to eat it, while Taylor took the other end. They both began eating toward each other. Soon enough they met in a kiss, tiny bits of candy shared between them alongside their cum.

When they parted, Taylor yawned again, stretching her arms wide and puffing out her flat little chest, adorable as always.

“I really think a nap would do you some good,” Cynthia said, frowning a bit. Even though she would love to go on for quite some time, she’d feel guilty if she pushed the girl too much.

Taylor pouted and huffed a little, but said, “Alright, I guess I am pretty tired...” She didn’t sound very happy, but was willing to go along with Cynthia.

“Well, before bed, we should clean up,” Cynthia said, rubbing her legs together and feeling the stickiness on her thighs.

They shared the shower, but aside from Taylor trying to slip a finger into Cynthia when she wasn’t paying attention, nothing sexual happened. Cynthia really was intent on having the little girl rest before doing anything more, wishing no harm to befall the child from overexertion.

After drying off, they went to Taylor’s bedroom. Like the rest of her suite, it was filled with toys and snack boxes. As soon as the two of them laid down, Taylor latched onto one of her nipples and began to suckle. Cynthia gasped a bit, but didn’t complain. Rather, she started stroking Taylor’s back, humming softly. It didn’t take long for the girl to fall asleep, and Cynthia likewise drifted off shortly.

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