Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Chapter 11

Cynthia looked around the dimly lit room. (A few familiar faces...very familiar!) she thought, catching a few of her recent lovers amongst the audience. As much fun as an orgy would be, though, she was here for only one girl, who had yet to show her face (as well as the rest of her).

As if on queue, the center of the stage at the front of the room was lit by a spotlight, and an announcer spoke. “Tonight’s a very special night, ladies! We’ve had quite a few girls on stage, but we’ve never had a Gym Leader...until now!” There was some cheering from the other women, who made up the entire crowd. “Let’s welcome the “smoking hot” Flannery!” the announcer called out loudly. The terribleness of the pun was soon forgotten by all when the curtains opened to reveal the star.

Flannery was wearing her usual outfit, a tight belly shirt that clung to her ample chest. Her already hard nipples strained against the fabric, with her taut, slightly muscular belly on full display. Cynthia’s eyes followed the curves of it down to into her pants, which hung loosely around her waist ,only her belt holding them in place--and even then, only just.

Once Cynthia had fully taken in her body, she returned her gaze to Flannery’s face. A small bit of sweat was gathering on her forehead. Her eyes held a hint of fear, but more than anything she saw desire. (I guess she’s a little nervous...but that just makes her cuter!) she thought to herself, licking her lips a little.

“I’m still new to this, so...I hope everyone enjoys my show!” Flannery said, her voice wavering ever so slightly. She raised her hand and gave a small snap of the fingers.

In response, music began to play, a quick, heavy beat that perfectly fit the image the girl gave off. For the first few moments she stood mostly still, but soon enough began to move, starting with her hips. Slow, sensual gyrations of her hips worked their way up her body. She placed her hand on her hips and moved them up her sides, gently cupping her breasts for just a moment before spinning around, jutting out her ass, too. She gave it a solid smack, loud enough to be heard over the music. Cynthia couldn’t help but flinch slightly, the memories of Roxanne’s spanking still fresh in her mind.

The redhead kept it up for several minutes, running her hands along her body teasingly, acting as if she were going to strip, only to stop at the first real hint of skin. Finally she began in earnest. She began by running her hands up her stomach again. Hooking the bottom of her shirt, she pulled it off in one quick motion, her large perky breasts bouncing as they were freed. Her pink nipples were standing out sharply from the pale orbs.

Next were her pants. The belt was thrown to the back of the stage, and the zipper was pulled down, exposing her crotch. A wet spot was visibly forming in the middle, but very quickly she turned her back, bending over as she stepped out of them. Her ass was plump and perfect. Cynthia had to dig her nails into the chair to stop from reaching down her pants and fingering herself like mad.

Flannery turned to face the front of the stage once more, the look of nervousness still on her face, but it was fading quickly, being replaced with lust. She lowered herself to the stage floor and slipped off her panties, using her feet to toss them over the edge, where they landed right in the middle of Cynthia’s lap. Lifting them up, Cynthia took a deep sniff, a small orgasm hitting her just from the lovely scent that filled her head at that moment.

“I’m going to really get started now!” she called out a with a wide grin. She reached down with one hand and began to gently rub the outer edges of her pussy, spreading her lips a bit, showing of the delicate pinkness of her inner folds. Her other hand went to her breasts, pinching her nipples. A small whimper escaped her lips.

Cynthia could hear a few moans from all around her as the other women gave into their desires and began masturbating, or even having sex with one another, but she ignored it all. It wasn’t easy, but she kept her fully attention on girl performing right in front of her.

Flannery slipped a few fingers into herself, while the hand that had been on her breasts moved lower so that she could stroke her clit between her fingers. Flannery’s hips began to rock as her breathing became heavier and heavier. After a few minutes, she reached her limit. Leaning back, she jammed her fingers in as deeply as she could. A spurt of her cum juices arced out across the stage. She quickly collapsed, unable to support her own weight after the orgasm. Her entire body was quivering with bliss.

“Well who would have thought that a Fire Trainer would be a squirter!” the announcer said, laughing at her own awful joke. Cynthia wanted to lick the cum right off the stage floor. “Anyways, I have a special announcement! This is going to be Flannery’s first time on stage in more than one way!” The red head sat up, a look of confusion on her face.

(Guess this is the first she’s hearing of it), Cynthia thought, smiling in anticipation of what was going to be said next.

“Whichever lucky lady caught her panties gets to join her for a live sex show!” There were several more cheers at this. Flannery’s eye went wide with shock. Though it was clear that she was not unhappy with it, she was very much caught off guard. “So who is it that gets to have all the fun?” At that moment the spotlight began to move through the room slowly. Cynthia raised her hand into the air, clutching the panties proudly.

The light very quickly found her, and there were even more cheers than Flannery had gotten. Even the announcer was joining in rather than commenting. (Guess I’m even more popular than I thought), Cynthia said to herself as she removed her jacket, approaching the stage. Cynthia quickly removed everything else except for her lacy black underwear. Stepping onto the stage, she looked down at Flannery who was looking rather nervous again.

“ pretty as you are, Miss Cynthia, I don’t really think I’ to going this far,” she said, backing away a bit.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be into it soon enough!” Cynthia said, getting onto all fours and crawling toward the still prone girl. Flannery was either too nervous or too aroused to try and back away any farther as Cynthia leaned in and kissed her. For just a second she froze up, but soon enough she melted like every other woman had.

Cynthia very gently pushed her down, not breaking the kiss as she did. Once Flannery was fully down, Cynthia reached back and grabbed her discarded belt, and before the redhead could react, bound her hands over her head.

“What..!?” Flannery snapped back to reality.

“Just to make sure you stay,” Cynthia said coyly.

Before the girl could say anything, Cynthia kissed her again, lifting her hips up to give everyone a good view as she reached down and rubbed her fingers against Flannery’s still wet pussy. Flannery whimpered softly into the kiss, writhing at every movement of Cynthia’s fingers. Meanwhile, the cheers and moans of the audience were growing.

Cynthia broke the kiss after a few moments and gently licked her neck. She then moved down to her breasts, giving one of her nipples a flick with her tongue before taking the hardened nub between her lips, suckling. At the same moment, she jammed her fingers in as deeply as she could. Flannery’s entire body went rigid as she let out a sharp gasp of pleasure. The many women in the room let out similar gasps...those that weren't moaning from their own lovemaking, that is.

“Enjoying it now?” Cynthia asked in a teasing tone, lifting her head for just a second. The redhead's only response was a soft whimper as Cynthia twisted her fingers around inside her. Cynthia immediately went back to Flannery’s chest, with greater gusto than before.

It took very little time for Cynthia’s skilled digits to bring her to orgasm again. Flannery’s body jerked hard, a bit of cum shooting out in a small arc and pooling up in the same spot as when she had performed. As the women and young girls in the audience screeched with delight and desire at the sight, Cynthia lifted her head again and looked to the small puddle.

“I don’t often have a reason to say this, but...I’m really jealous!” she said with a grin.

Shifting her position so that they could sixty-nine, Cynthia leaned in and gave Flannery’s pussy a lick. The taste made her think of oranges. Flannery seemed hesitant for the first few seconds, but soon enough she began to lick back, moaning softly as she did. Cynthia added a couple of fingers as she flicked Flannery’s clit with her tongue. Soon enough, to the audience's delighted moans, Flannery came, completely filling Cynthia’s mouth with her juices.

Cynthia lifted her head, savoring the taste for a few seconds before swallowing. At that same moment, Flannery hit a sensitive spot, and sent Cynthia over the edge. She gulped down the cum quickly as Cynthia rode out the orgasm, enjoying it all the more as the women around her shrieked, gasped, and in some cases even came with her.

Moving a bit, Cynthia helped Flannery to sit up, kissing her deeply as she removed the belt that had held her hands in place. “So are you liking this more?” she asked. The younger girl nodded weakly, her eyes swimming with pleasure.

“Good! Then let’s do something really fun!” Cynthia said she had Flannery turn so that her head was pointed to the edge of the stage. Then, lifting her hips up, she began to finger her, licking softly every now and then.

“I’ve always wanted to be with a girl who can squirt just for this. Make sure to tell me when you're about to cum,” she said as she sped up her fingers a bit more. Flannery began to writhe and moan.

“I...I’m close!” she said as best she could between moans a few minutes later.

“Good!” Cynthia said, bending Flannery’s body a bit more. She gave her clit one final pinch, setting her off.

Flannery let out a sharp cry of pleasure and surprise as she squirted right again her own face. The audience went wild.

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