Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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After her rather extreme play with Malva, Cynthia had to take a few days for the bruises and general aches to fade. She didn't mind...she knew that Malva's recovery time was going to be considerably longer. Cynthia's only concern was that the Pokemon League might be annoyed with her for taking one of their Elite Four out of commission for a little while, but the other three Elites could always battle challengers first, and pretty much nobody ever got as far as the last Elite Four member, especially not in Kalos, where the Elite Four included Drasna, who had been a Champion of the Region for over twenty years earlier in her life. And if a trainer did manage it, it wouldn't kill her or him to have to wait a bit to challenge Malva.

But now that she was healed up, Cynthia was feeling a bit hesitant about her next stop: Drasna, her own mother. Even with as many fetishes as she had indulged in now, some as extreme as even a budding interest in pokephilia, the thought of sleeping with her own mother was still filling her with an odd apprehension. There was no denying that she had always had a degree of attraction to her, of course, going all the way back to her childhood...but she had always pushed it down, buried it under feelings of wrongness, and fear of what it would mean to acknowledge that attraction, fear that it could change the relationship she had with her mother. Still, she was here now, and it wouldn't do not to visit her mother. It did not necessarily have to be any more than that.

As soon as she opened the door, Cynthia found her face buried in her mother’s ample cleavage as her mother grabbed her in a ferocious hug. “Ah, my dear little girl! Oh, Cynthia, sweetie, it’s been much too long since the last time you visited!” she said happily, squeezing her daughter tighter still.

"Hi, Mom," Cynthia mumbled fondly into her mother's chest as she hugged Drasna back.

Releasing her, Drasna smiled cheerfully. A hint of arousal was floating in the back of Cynthia’s mind as she drew away. She was at war with herself at the moment...she was still doubting what she was doing here, whether she should...she couldn't, though, could she? But it would be a lie to deny that there was attraction within her for her mother...

“Well don’t just stand there, dear! Come, come, I’ve got some tea ready, and it’s your favorite blend,” Drasna told her, beckoning her daughter to join her.

Deciding to hold off on those concerns for the time being, Cynthia took a seat across from her mother. After all, like the woman had said, it had been quite some time since they had last spoken.

“So, I hear you’ve been making quite the scene,” Drasna said, pouring a cup of tea for her daughter. Cynthia swallowed a lump in her throat. “Helping to deal with Team Galactic like you did! Just one more thing to be proud of my little girl for. From what I hear, their leader was quite insane.”

Cynthia sighed a little in relief. But it did bring up something else on her mind. “It was really nothing, Mom. You know these Teams...they're so dumb they practically defeat themselves sometimes. But speaking of that...Why exactly did you and the others allow Malva to keep her position in the Elite Four?” she asked, taking a sip of her tea. just as Drasna had promised, it was her favorite blend, and a rather hard to find one, so if nothing else the visit was worth this alone. (Hard enough to find that Mom only makes it for my visits...she knew I was coming), Cynthia suddenly realized.

Drasna chuckled. “Well, you could ask the Kanto League the same thing. After all, they allowed Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, to stay in his Gym, using League resources for quite some time. And he was the one who started all this Team nonsense!” She took a long drink, but continued before Cynthia could say anything. “As far as Malva goes, despite her temper, she's not a bad person deep down. She was just misguided and has some issues with people. When it was clear that certain members of her group were going against her beliefs, she was more than happy to aid us against them. That's more than you can say for Giovanni...he never really even regretted what he did. After that silly fool Lance let him stay, how could we say no to Malva?”

Cynthia stared down at her drink for a moment, trying to forget Malva's jabs. “You do have a point. I just hope no one thinks you and your fellow Elites were bribed or something. I recall that there was once a rumor that Lance was the real founder of Team Rocket, and Giovanni was just his fall guy, as a way of explaining why the League went so easy on him,” Cynthia mused. “It’s easy to understand. Anyone who wears a cape that gaudy has got to be up to something shady.”

Drasna nodded. “Well, people will say what they'll say, dear. But we all honestly believe that keeping Malva as an Elite Four is the right thing to do, and that's all there is to it. Although I have to admit, I'd hate to have anyone saying anything about me that they've said about that Lance." Drasna grimaced at the thought.

"Still not a fan of him, huh?" Cynthia asked, smiling. She always found a private amusement at how testy her mother could get about fellow Dragon Type trainers.

"Of course I'm still not a fan! I feel sorry for those poor dragons of his, treated like any other normal Pokemon...that Lance has no appreciation for the Dragon Type. Dragons are a higher life form, majesty incarnate. They're meant to be respected, worshiped, recognized as superior creatures close to gods, not just casually ordered around and treated as equals or inferiors.” She frowned in irritation. “So few trainers with dragons understand that truth...I guess I should just be glad there are any besides me who remember and follow the old ways, and recognize the majesty of dragons. Thank goodness there are still trainers like Drayden and that girl Iris, true dragon lovers.”

Hearing the latter name brought back some of Cynthia’s annoyance of the Unova Champion’s absence. But she didn't want to dwell any more on that than she already had. “Well, if you trust Malva, I won’t question it, Mom. You know what you're doing.” Cynthia took another sip. “Anyways, how are you holding up these days? I know how many League duties you have...are you doing okay? I know you aren’t the oldest Elite Four member still active, but still...” She trailed off.

Drasna gave soft smile. “There’s nothing to worry about, honey. I may not be as young as some of the others, but I’m still going strong.” She grinned a bit wider, getting the same look Cynthia knew she wore right before battle. “It’s the dragons’ blood that flows through my veins, same as it does yours! It'll keep me strong and able for decades to come, dear, so don't worry. It’s why we’re both so beautiful and talented!” she declared, puffing out her ample chest.

"Ah, yes, the dragon heritage, right," Cynthia murmured neutrally. Throughout her childhood, her mother had frequently boasted that their family had some powerful connection to the powerful and regal Dragon Pokemon of ancient times, often even claiming that they were distant, distant descendants of some union of dragon and human.

Cynthia had never put much stock in her mother's claims, of course, thinking the idea impossible or some tale of their family that had been heavily distorted as it was passed down over the ages...but thinking about it, Cynthia had to wonder if there could very well be some truth to it. Drasna's rapport with her Dragon Pokemon was greater than almost any connection Cynthia had ever seen between trainer and Pokemon to date, and Cynthia herself considered Garchomp her signature Pokemon. More convincing, though, was that it might explain her insatiable, seemingly inhuman libido, as well as why Drasna was still so youthful looking and strong as a woman Cynthia's age, even though her mother was a little over sixty years old. While she was by no means the only attractive older woman in the world, she possessed a certain air of beauty, charisma, and raw sexuality about her. And there was the fact that despite her very full and slightly plump figure, there was no sag to any part of her body.

Thinking about her mother’s body was stirring up a new wave of lust. Rubbing her thighs together, Cynthia knew that if she didn’t focus on something else soon, her recent difficulty with self control might cause her to start openly masturbating right in front of her mother, the same way she had with Viola. Of course, thinking about Viola certainly did not help with her current issue.

“S-So, have you had any good battles lately?” Cynthia asked, changing the subject to the first thing that came to mind.

“Hm, well, a few, but there has sadly been a lack of truly gifted trainers as of late,” Drasna sighed. “I suppose I’ve just set my expectations too high...every time a new challenger tries to take me on, I start remembering when we used to train together, back when you were younger.” Downing the last of her tea, she poured herself some more. “Even when you were a little girl, you were one of the best trainers I had ever seen. By the time you were seven, you were as good as any Elite Four member I've ever met, including me, and I was a Champion for a good while. And I’m not just bragging as a proud mother. So sometimes, it's kind of hard not to be a little bored with the challengers I beat, when I've lost to the best.”

She reached out and took Cynthia’s hand. “It's still a ways off, like I said, but if you weren’t a Champion in your own right, I would be proud to have you take my place when I retire.” Drasna’s voice was so soft that it was hardly a whisper, but it still made Cynthia’s heart swell. When she had been younger, it had been her dream to fight as one of her mother's Elite Four, and later, when Drasna had finally been defeated, Cynthia had dreamed of someday being good enough to take Drasna's place. Of course, those were old, outdated dreams, surpassed long ago on the day she had challenged the Elite Four and Champion of Sinnoh, and defeated them in a sweeping chain of victories. But it still meant a lot to hear.

“Thank you, Mom,” Cynthia said, gently squeezing her mother’s hand. For the moment, at least, her flames of desire were weakened.

“Well, do you have anyone besides in mind to take your place? Although it does seem early to plan for,” Cynthia asked, releasing her mother’s hand. She already missed the soft warmth of her skin.

“Well, as it stands, I guess the one most likely to take my place would be Korrina.” Drasna gave another small laugh, as she often did. “She's definitely not anything more than Gym Leader material yet, but she has real potential. And she's quite the cutie, too, don’t you think?”

“You have no idea,” Cynthia whispered under her breath.

“Oh, I think I might have an inkling," Drasna chuckled. Her hearing had always been very good. "She's a strange, but very charming girl. That sweat fetish of hers is definitely different, though,” Drasna said in the same fond tone Cynthia typically used when talking about her lovers.

“I remember when you went through a phase of not wanting to bathe. All children do, really. But you didn’t smell nearly as good!” she continued gaily, seemingly obvious to Cynthia’s currently stunned state. ’But that was probably because you insisted on crawling around in all sorts of places filled with who knows what, always on the hunt for Pokemon.” She chuckled as she recalled her child’s exploits.

“ slept with her?” Cynthia asked, feeling oddly hesitant. She had always known that her mother was a very active bisexual woman; she had spied on Drasna and more than a few of her girlfriends (and a boyfriend once, but she had all but blocked that out long ago). But still, it felt strange to hear her mother so casually discuss her sex life with her daughter. Strange, but...appealing, too.

“Of course I slept with her, silly! Why wouldn’t I? She's a very open and inviting young lady, and just so cute, and smells so good!’ Drasna said, her smile growing a little more lewd. I've made the rounds with nearly all the prominent trainers of this Region, dear. It's nothing serious, just some pleasant sex between friends.” Hearing that her mother's activities were casual took a little weight off Cynthia; she did not want any chance of Malva becoming part of her family. "I'm surprised that none of the girls you've slept with here have mentioned it. I would have thought at least Malva would try to find some unpleasant way to gloat about it."

Cynthia shifted a little in her seat. "You know about that, huh?"

"Your cross-Region sex journey? Of course I do, honey, you haven't exactly been doing much to keep it a secret!" Drasna laughed. "I'm not surprised, anyway. I went on a similar trip years ago, three times! It's that dragon blood in you, urging you go out and seek a mate. Never did find one myself, but it was a lot of fun!

"I...I see," Cynthia replied uncomfortably. Her mouth felt oddly dry, but she couldn't seem to lift her cup to take even a sip of the tea.

"So..." Drasna leaned over the table, looking intently at her daughter. "Are you here to sleep with me, too, dear?"

Cynthia's heart almost stopped. There it was, laid out on the table plain as day, the question of what she was here to do that she had been struggling with since she got here. But strangely...finally having it there in the open seemed to ease her tension, instead of add to it. Suddenly Cynthia felt very clear-headed, yet distant, able to speak almost like an outside observer.

"I don't know, Mom," Cynthia told her, putting her tea down and staring into it. "I really don't know. I...I can't pretend I don't find you sexually attractive, no matter how much I've suppressed it over the years. You're...someone I want to make love to. But..." She raised her eyes to look at her mother directly. "But I love you, Mom, I love you very, very much, as my mother. I love being your daughter. I love the way you're proud of me, and the way you fuss over me, and offer me advice, and hold me close, and...well, and everything! You're a wonderful mother and I love being your little girl. And that's worth more to me, a LOT more, than any amount of physical pleasure. I've been worrying about this moment ever since I got to this Region because I don't want the way I see you to change, I don't want the way you see me to change. If I have to choose between being your daughter or one of your lovers, I want to be your daughter."

Drasna sat considering what she had said for a few minutes. Cynthia sat back, feeling strangely relieved. She'd finally admitted, out loud, that she was attracted to her mother, and aired out her feelings. It felt good.

"Cynthia, dear, stay right there. I want to show you something," Drasna suddenly said, and got up and left the room. She was back before Cynthia really had any time to react, carrying a magazine. She set it down in front of Cynthia. It was a recent issue of a particularly popular adult magazine, although Cynthia's attention wasn't on the magazine's name. She was too busy looking in surprise at the girl on the cover.

"Well, now I know what Viola was planning to do with all those pictures she took," Cynthia remarked. Her panties, already too sodden to hold any more moisture, were unable to stop the new flood of arousal that flowed from Cynthia's flooding pussy. Her juices began to trickle down her leg as she opened the magazine and took in dozens of full page spreads of herself, each one perfectly capturing and emphasizing her beauty. (I've never wanted to fuck myself more...goodness, look at the legs on me, my perfect tits, those beautiful feet, and those sexy piercings...oh, I really, really hope Viola had them send me a copy!)

Cynthia stared down at the sexy pictures of herself, utterly entranced, not even noticing as one of her hands slipped into her pants. She moaned slightly as she began fingering herself.

Drasna gave a small laugh, breaking Cynthia out of her trance with a start. "Even you can't resist you, huh? Well, I don't blame you, dear. After all...I've done the same thing to that magazine more times than I can count since I bought it."

Cynthia was taken aback. "W...What?"

“You heard me perfectly well, sweetie. I've masturbated to those pictures. I frigged myself like I was possessed, in fact! Here's the truth, Cynthia: I've wanted to have you in bed for years and years, since well before you hit puberty," Drasna told her, standing up and approaching her daughter.

"Are...are you serious?" Cynthia asked, her heart fluttering in the same way that she made so many other girls feel when she approached them.

"Very serious, Cynthia. So you see, darling, we've both been physically attracted to each other for most of your life. It's *already* a part of how we feel about each other. I've been your loving mommy for years and wanted to fuck you, and you've been my wonderful little girl for just as long and wanted to do the same to me. So," Drasna concluded with an eager smile, "our relationship as mother and daughter isn't going to change if we make love today, because that's always already been a part of it!"

She grabbed her daughter by the wrist and began dragging her over to her bed. Drasna sat down, pulling Cynthia down with her.

Smiling, Drasna stroked Cynthia’s cheek, sending a strange shiver through her body. “It was very worth the wait, though. As pretty as you were when you were young, you are so much more beautiful now.” Her hand went down Cynthia’s neck, tracing along her chin and up to her lips, making her tingle in a way that she had nearly forgotten.

“Is...Is this real?” Cynthia asked, feeling very surreal, almost like she was in a trance When she was younger, she had fantasized about her mother doing just this more than a few times, and even since growing up she had still caught her mind drifting into these territories now and then, but she had always pushed them down. That they were now happening seemed impossible, even as it was going on.

“Very real,” Drasna confirmed. Drasna moved her hand down further, tracing her fingers along Cynthia’s breasts. Even through her clothes, the touch made her entire body tense. Before she could say anything more, her mother leaned in and kissed her, rather forcefully pushing her tongue into Cynthia’s mouth. The kiss was equal parts dominating and loving.

Still stunned, Cynthia couldn’t react more than to just moan a little. Years of repressed fantasies were all coming true at once. Her mother was kissing her, passionately, as a lover! Cynthia moaned into the kiss again, this time in thrilled happiness as her dark fantasies came true. Unable to take the sheer hedonistic delight of the situation, Cynthia's pussy convulsed, and she came, trembling as the pleasure seemed to travel straight up from her eager cunny and straight down from her happily shocked mind, met in the middle, and exploded throughout her entire body.

Drasna broke away, a playful grin on her face. “I hope that after all your traveling, you'll be able to last longer than that when we get started for real,” she said with a giggle.

“I just wasn’t quite ready! I’ll show you just what I’m capable of!” Cynthia protested, some of her usual confidence returning for the moment. No matter what the situation, no matter how sexily forbidden, there was no way she would let anyone doubt her abilities as a trainer or as a lover, least of all her mother!

Drasna’s eyes opened a crack, glinting in a way that spoke volumes. “Well, I’ll just have to test how true those words really are."

Pinning Cynthia on the bed, Drasna began to kiss along her neck and chin, nipping tenderly as she pressed her body against her daughter’s. The older woman’s tongue brushed softly against several spots, each sending a rush of pleasure through Cynthia’s entire body, making her shudder happily at her mother’s talent.

“Seems you’ve got all the same weak points as me,” Drasna teased, softly biting down on Cynthia’s earlobe in such a wonderfully right, sensual way that Cynthia cried out in pleasure as she came again. She shuddered and closed her eyes as Drasna continued to nibble on her earlobe in that exact spot, the pleasurable pressure turning her insides to jelly, prolonging her orgasm as she let out a shuddering moan. "O-Oh, M-Mommy..." Cynthia gasped softly, unable to comprehend how Drasna could be giving her such good feelings with such a small gesture.

Lifting her head up, Drasna looked at her daughter's face and smiled, excited. “You look so cute when you cum, and the way you moan is just too sexy!” she told Cynthia, kissing her again, pushing her tongue past Cynthia’s lips. Drasna stayed on her for several minutes, not breaking the kiss the entire time, just deepening it further and further, until their tongues wrapped lovingly around each other in a twisting, passionate dance. It was the first time anyone had ever managed to hold a kiss nearly as long as Cynthia herself. (My mother is making out with me, and she's wonderful at it! She loves me so much that she's giving me the best kiss I've ever had!) Cynthia's thought raced through her, as yet again the blonde Champion was brought over the edge by her mother's passion.

Finally, when Cynthia was beginning to feel faint from the kiss's power, Drasna broke away and licked her lips. “You're such a good kisser, Cynthia dear, I think I came a little from that!” she said happily. Cynthia just gave a happy sigh, reveling in the afterglow of the lavish kiss, feeling the damp sheets beneath her crotch and loving the sensation.

“But I think that’s enough warming up. Let’s get to the really fun part!” Drasna said, getting off of Cynthia. Pulling her daughter off the bed, Drasna quickly disrobed, setting aside her jewelry with the utmost care and reverence. Her accessories were dragon bones, after all, and she viewed them as meaningful items worthy of respect, pieces of higher beings.

For a moment, Cynthia was taken by just how perfect her mother’s figure was. Although it was hardly the first time she had seen her naked, it had been quite some time. Drasna was full figured, with rounded, full breasts which had only the barest hint of sag, an ever so slightly protruding belly, broad, womanly hips, and an attractively ample rear. Altogether, she possessed a very matronly and fertile figure, one that sent ecstatic twinges of excitement through Cynthia's pussy, as her stomach quivered with nervous happiness. (Oh Arceus, my mother is so gorgeous, so sexy, this is happening, I'm going to get to make love to this beautiful woman!)

But there was something new about Drasna which Cynthia did not remember from her childhood days of spying on her mother as she dressed or had sex. Her mother now had nipple piercings, small dragon fangs, similar to the earrings she always wore, only much smaller, facing out on each side in the barbell style. Reaching up, Drasna pressed her breasts together, grinning at Cynthia's wide-eyed stare. "Like what you see, honey?"

"I sure do," Cynthia told her, swallowing at the gorgeous sight of those plump, lovely breasts softly squeezed tight. "When did you get the piercings?"

"Hm? Oh, I've had these for a few years now. They're nice, aren't they?" Drasna said, moving her fingertips up to gently flick her bone studs. She sighed happily at the pleasure of this small stimulation. "I got them to help connect me even more strongly to my dragons, but they're also a lot of fun on their own." She gave a gentle tug to the bones, gasping slightly at the sensation they produced. A droplet of pure white milk formed at each breast's tip as she did so. Even though Malva had said something about it, Cynthia was still surprised to see that her mother really was lactating.

“Well, as much as I enjoy being naked, I shouldn't be the only one, should I?” Drasna said with a smile, setting to work undressing Cynthia. Unlike when she had taken off her own clothing, she was much slower undressing her daughter, taking her time and enjoying the process. Unbuttoning her jacket, she let it fall away, before carefully pulling off her shirt. The way she was moving almost made Cynthia feel like she was a child again, with her mother tending to her like this.

With coat, shirt, and bra off, Drasna gazed at Cynthia’s chest appreciatively. She raised an eyebrow in approval. “Oh, those are really nice, Cynthia!” she murmured, lightly strumming the chain connecting each of Cynthia's greatest pleasure zones, sending a ripple of pleasure through her entire body. "Really, those are such a beautiful compliment to's like art. My little girl's a sexy work of art." Cynthia blushed, happy her mother enjoyed looking at her.

Guiding Cynthia to the bed again and pushing her onto her back, Drasna removed her shoes. Bringing Cynthia's feet up to her face, she took a deep breath, sighing happily. “Oh, baby, every part of you really is great!” she said, before swiping her tongue along all of Cynthia’s toes. Cynthia let out a moan at the pleasant feeling of her mother's tongue dragging across her sensitive skin. "Mmm, you look beautiful, you smell enticing, and you taste daughter is the sexiest woman I've ever made love to," Drasna purred. Cynthia nearly came.

Drasna slowly worked her way along every inch of her daughter’s feet, moaning slightly as she did. The blond could only lay there, squirming and cooing and moaning at the indescribably wonderful feeling. The feelings her mother was giving her as she licked and sucked and kissed and nipped at her feet...there were no words for how incredible it was! Even compared to some of the most skilled lovers she’d ever had, her mother was better, hitting spots of mindless pleasure that Cynthia didn't know she had, applying the exact right pressure at the exact right time, caressing and moistening and pleasuring, sending signals of ecstasy from Cynthia's bottom to her top like pleasurable fire in her veins. Cynthia let out a long, throaty moan as she came, her pussy convulsing in helpless desire as her mother pleasured her feet better than many women had pleasured her clit, and as Drasna continued, paying no mind to the trembles of Cynthia's body, one orgasm was topped by another, and another after that.

“Like mother, like've got all the same weak spots as I do," Drasna teased, tracing her fingers along the curve of Cynthia’s foot. Again Cynthia could only shiver as the heavenly pleasure flowed through her every nerve. Already she had lot count of how many times she had cum.

Finally, Drasna released Cynthia's feet, which fell limply to the floor, still singing their pleasure too loudly through her body for her to have the energy to lift them. The older woman undid the buttons on Cynthia’s pants, pulling them off in one smooth motion. “Oh, that's very, very sexy, dear. Your panties are completely soaked!” she exclaimed, looking at her daughter’s crotch. She was right, they were so damp that Cynthia was sure that if she were to wring them out, she could fill a gallon jug with her arousal and cum. Pulling them off in one smooth motion, Drasna seemed to read Cynthia's mind, for she held them up over her mouth and squeezed them, letting drops dribble into her mouth. She moaned in delight, clearly enjoying the taste. Cynthia's body shook, nearing a new orgasm as she watched her mother sip the dripping sex juices of her panties.

Setting the underwear aside, she grabbed hold of Cynthia’s hips and raised them up, hooking her daughter’s legs over her shoulders. She immediately went to licking, plunging her tongue deep into Cynthia's cunny, lapping hungrily and noisily. Cynthia writhed and moaned on the bed, watching her mother’s face as she ate her out, and feeling overwhelmed as her mother toyed with her pussy in ways that nearly robbed Cynthia of breath, they felt so good. A new wave of pleasure swept over Cynthia as her mother brought her to orgasm again, and she cried out as it struck her hard and completely, filling every inch of her body with great, taboo ecstasy, every ounce of pleasure amplified as she watched the woman who had given her life give it to her, squealing as Drasna occasionally flicked her labial and clit rings and caused a spike of pleasure to pierce her. On instinct Cynthia reached up with both hands and began to play with her own breasts, unable to do anything in the grips of this intense pleasure but try to increase it even beyond its already incomprehensible intensity. She could feel the weight of her fullness, and her mind, unable to process reality thanks to the powerful rush of pleasure crashing through it, couldn’t help but think about how her mother was just as full. Lactating at her age? It seemed unusual, but her mother was anything but typical. Perhaps they truly were dragons, she and her mother, surely no human being could feel or give such mind-shattering pleasure as this!

Drasna brought Cynthia over the edge ten times, in such succession that each orgasm simply climbed atop the last one, layering already inconceivable bliss onto itself, before letting her go. She licked her lips clean of cum.

“You know, dear, as good as that was, it actually made me a bit thirsty...” she said in a very knowing tone.

Before Cynthia could say a word, her mother was on her, her lips wrapped around one nipple gently suckling. The flow of milk was instant and gentle and felt beautiful. Beautiful--there was no other word to describe the sensation that Cynthia felt at that moment. The increasing pleasure and satisfaction that Cynthia had been feeling each time a lover nursed from her seemed to have hit its zenith, a point of such wonderful fulfillment that now, as she felt the milk gently flow from her breast to her mother's lips, it was like a new, more powerful orgasm, a thrilling, unknown pleasure that would have made Cynthia unable to stand if she hadn't already been lying on a mattress. The pleasure of feeling the liquid within her move was now so great that in her mind it was no different bliss than cumming; she was not releasing milk, she was cumming it. Yet the raw pleasure was, as always, not the only part of the happiness filling the blond Champion. The relief of pressure from her chest was a different kind of enjoyable feeling, its own pleasure that mingled and strengthened the sexual pleasure, and as always, a sweeping sensation of peace and satisfaction rolled through Cynthia, greater than ever before, a profound sense that this was right, and good. It all came together to be one of the most wonderful feelings Cynthia had ever known; her body felt weak and happy with the pleasure. Her cunny leaked its own tears of joy, but this was an orgasm, a wonderful, uplifting orgasm, of her breasts, of milk as cum, being gently suckled through and away by her mother. Cynthia gave a tiny, high-pitched moan, overcome by this, one of the greatest moments of her life.

Lifting her head for a moment, Drasna met Cynthia’s eyes. “I bet you never thought you’d be nursing your own mother, huh? How do you like it, my baby girl?” she asked, before latching on again, flicking the nipple ring with her tongue as she suckled a bit harder, and loudly slurping. Drasna's words shot through Cynthia's mind like a jolt of lightning; she was nursing her own mother, she was *nursing her own mother!* The sudden realization of just what it really meant, the unheralded, tender perversion, was enough to make Cynthia's pussy seize up and begin to pulse once more with orgasm, and Cynthia whimpered softly at the overwhelming pleasure of two intense orgasms hitting her at once, the climax of love and tenderness in her breasts as her milk flowed competing with the climax of lust and perversion between her legs, fires of pleasure racing through her, twisting in pure, inescapable, furious bliss!

"Oh, yes, Mommy, yes, drink my milk, Mommy, drink my milk!" she screamed in helpless abandon, coming twice, coming two fluids of passion and sex and love, chest and pussy aching in delight, nipple and clit throbbing in uncontrollable passion!

When the first teat was finally, blissfully empty, Drasna moved over to the other one, giving it the same lavish treatment as she had the first, moaning and gulping as she drained her daughter’s breasts of milk. Cynthia basked in the pleasure of it, a new nursing orgasm hitting her even as she lay in breathless wonder at the beautiful afterglow of the first. Time became meaningless as Cynthia's entire reality became nothing but the slow, flowing orgasm of her mother nursing her, minutes and minutes of bliss piled on top of each other, leaving nothing in her mind but pleasure and the continued thrill of feeding her mother milk.

Finally, Drasna finished, and drew away, licking her lips greedily for every last drop of Cynthia's milk. Cynthia lay in silent, pure bliss as she came down from the endless ecstasy, her milkcum finally fully emptied. Drasna moved in for a kiss, again taking complete control of it. Unlike the other times Cynthia had been dominated, this was much more tender and loving, more like a parent guiding their child in doing something for the first time, and it really did almost feel like her first time. Never before had she experienced the feelings that her mother was stirring up.

The kiss lasted only a few seconds longer before Drasna broke away again. “I don’t know which was tastier, your pussy or your milk,” she said in a contemplative tone. “You have such a rich and satisfying milk, but I do love a tasty pussy...which of mine do you think you’ll like more?”

She moved so that her pussy was over Cynthia’s face. Lowering her hips, she buried her daughter’s face between her thighs. For years Cynthia had fantasized about doing this, so she wasted no time in licking her mother’s cunny, from the clit down and back again. Right away she noticed that the taste of her mother’s juices was nearly the same as her own, only stronger. Grabbing Drasna’s wide hips, Cynthia began to eat her out with more effort than she had nearly any other woman before, thrashing her tongue within her mother's cunt, tasting every single spot almost at once, removing her tongue periodically to lash it against her mother's clitoris in dizzying patterns. The sounds of her mother’s moans and her wonderfully familiar and powerful flavor were enough to drive her into a frenzy.

Drasna began to rock slowly against her daughter’s eager mouth, loving the way her tongue explored her depths with wild, hungry passion. Looking down lovingly at her daughter, she brushed her bangs aside so she could look deeply into Cynthia's eyes. “It’s strange, isn’t it? All those years ago you came out of there, and now you're going back in!” Drasna moaned, shuddering in pleasure.

Hearing those words renewed all those lascivious and taboo thoughts again, stoking the fire of Cynthia's desire from the new perversion of what she was doing, and she nearly came again. (I'm eating my own mother out, I'm eating her out and I love it! I'm sticking my tongue into the place I came from, and it's delicious! Oh, no wonder I love women so much, how could anyone come from something this beautiful, this delicious, and not want to go back to it every chance she got!)

Cynthia worked her tongue faster and faster. Going by the fact that Drasna had commented on her inheriting all same sensitive spots, she attacked the same points she knew made her feel the best. It seemed to work. Drasna began to quiver and cum with a large, powerful gush that nearly overflowed from Cynthia’s mouth, but she did her best to drink in every last drop she could.

(Drinking my mother's cum, I'm drinking my mommy's sexy cum!) she thought to herself, shivering with happiness at the perversion. This time, she did cum, her pussy convulsing lustily against nothing as she drank the delicious girly spunk in hedonistic delight.

Drasna stayed in place for several minutes, moaning and rolling her hips as Cynthia lapped away, only lifting herself just long enough to let her daughter catch her breath, before lowering herself right back down. As she drank down her mother’s cum, Cynthia was in a tranced state of bliss, savoring everything about what was happening...the taste and scent of her sweat and cum, the feel of her skin, the sounds of her moans, the trembles and quakes of her body in orgasm...all so similar to her own, but so very different. In a way, it fed into the slight vanity of her own self love, but it was so much more, and deeper, than that could ever be.

After nearly an hour of almost continuous orgasms, Drasna finally lifted herself from Cynthia, sighing rather heavily as she laid down next to her. “Phew...Oh, dear, I think I might actually be getting older than I care to admit. Back when I was your age, I’d have been able to keep up with that for at least six more hours, though it was rare to find anyone who could do it that long,” she said with a chuckle of regret.

“I know what you great as most of them are, very few of my lovers have been able to really keep up with me. I've yet to meet any woman who can completely wear me out, or even come close.” All the same, Cynthia smiled, thinking about some of the more fun girls she’d been with during the course of her journey.

Drasna gave her another kiss. “Well I hope you do find someone who can match you. I had a few ladies who were close in the past, but I never did find one who could go the distance with me,” Drasna said in a voice full of reminiscence. "I suppose that's probably why I kept feeling the need to go on those journeys, some instinctual need of our dragon side to find a proper mate. Well, at least I'm past that point now...I never did like traveling all that much."

Giving a small shake of her of her head, Drasna giggled again. “Well, enough about that. Even though you had plenty to drink, I’m sure that you could manage a little more, right?" she asked, pinching one of her nipples, causing a few droplets of milk to leak out of the nub.

Suddenly overcome with a lustful hunger, Cynthia greedily latched on and began to nurse. Her eyes closed happily as she tasted her mother's milk. It had been decades since she had breastfed as a baby, and she had only the vaguest memories of doing so...but with this taste, a nostalgic sense of happiness, security, love, and satisfaction came rushing back to her. Some part of Cynthia remembered this taste, remember the perfect taste of her mother's milk, and she suddenly forgot she was a woman, forgot she was a world-renowned trainer, forgot everything about herself for the last twenty-something years. In this instant, Cynthia was just a little girl again, a little girl feeding from her loving mommy, content and warm at her mother's side. As she drank, her mother began to run her fingers through her hair with one hand, her other hand stroking her belly. She hummed softly to Cynthia.

The tender and motherly affection mixed with the lustful desire as strong as before, maybe even stronger than ever, in both women, making the whole experience almost surreal for them, like some strange and wonderful dream. The perfection of this natural state was a liquid pleasure in her veins, and Cynthia was trembling as she came, came from happiness and security and bliss, and she could feel the tremors of her mother's body that said that she was climaxing, as well, but somehow, even as the pleasure swept over her body, all it did was intensify the peaceful, loving moment, make this callback to their earliest days together all the more surreal and lovely.

As Cynthia’s tongue stud clacked against her mother’s bone barbells, she cherished the calm, pleasant feeling of her mother's milk trickling down her throat. Switching over to the other nipple once the first was empty, Cynthia could sense a pleasant and full warmth in her belly, unlike anything she had ever felt since the last time she had nursed as an infant, a primal sense of contentment that she loved.

Once she was completely finished with her meal, Cynthia broke away and moved in, catching her mother off guard with a kiss of her own, though she did not try to take control. It was a simple and very loving kiss, but more meaningful than nearly any other she had ever had before.

"Thank you, Mom," Cynthia whispered as she gazed at her mother adoringly. "This was...really, really special. I'm so glad I got to do this with you."

Drasna chuckled again as her daughter pulled away. “It’s been my pleasure, sweetie, trust me. What a shame that you’ll be heading out soon. I’d love to spend more time with you, as my daughter and as my lover,” Drasna said, sounding just a bit sad.

“I'll come back and visit more often. I promise,” Cynthia said, giving her mother another kiss.

"Please do. It makes your old mother so happy to see you," Drasna replied after they broke the kiss.

The two woman spent the next several minutes lightly kissing and touching each other, slowly and lovingly exploring and caressing every inch of the other’s body. Each knew the perfect spots to touch to really make the other moan and shake with ecstasy. They touched each other everywhere, mixing pleasuring with simple exploration, each bringing the other to orgasm now and then, but never with the urgency of lust, just a calm, loving sharing of affection.

Eventually, Drasna drew away, and got up off the bed. She walked over to a dresser and opened a drawer. “I’ve been saving this for quite some time. I had intended to give it to you the first time I thought you were masturbating...that was the day my mother gave it to me. But...I just loved it a bit too much to give it up,” she said, bringing out a dildo and handing it to her daughter.

Holding it up, Cynthia could tell right away that it was a very special toy. The whole thing was made of bright red crystal that almost seemed to flicker, made from some type of Fire Stone, most likely. Though that wasn’t the only thing that stood out about it. It had an extension coming out of it like most properly made toys that was meant to stimulate the clit, and that seemed normal enough, but the shape of the main body seemed a little strange, though not in any way that she could place. The whole thing was also covered in countless nubs and ridges, but not in any uniform way, like most toys. They seemed to cover the toy randomly, and at all kinds of angles.

Approaching the bed, Drasna laid down next to Cynthia again. She took it back from her daughter, and traced the toy gently along her stomach. “As I said before, you inherited all of my weak points, just like I got mine from my mother, and her from hers.” She moved the toy lower, rubbing it against Cynthia’s clit, making her shudder with arousal. “All the women in our family have nearly identical erogenous zones. It's--"

"--the dragon blood, right?" Cynthia guessed cheekily, already knowing that her mother was about to revisit this favorite of topics.

Not realizing that Cynthia was gently mocking her, Drasna nodded cheerfully. "Yes, exactly! Those dragon genes are very, very strong. We inherit every sweet spot in exactly the same way every time, going back countless generations. And this toy, which my mother said was created no less than ten generations ago, was made to take full advantage of that,” she explained, rubbing the toy against Cynthia’s pussy lips. "You could say it's our precious family heirloom."

At the moment she pushed the toy in, she kissed Cynthia with more aggression and passion than ever before. Cynthia's eyes went wide with shock as she felt the carved phallus enter her. Just as her mother's words had suggested, the toy seemed to hit nearly every single spot in her pussy all at once, fitting her pleasure cavern as perfectly as if it had been crafted from a mold of her vagina, stimulating every point she had in the most enjoyable way possible. At the same time, Drasna gently angled it and pushed forward to make the extra prong gently nudge at her clit, making it even more intense. Drasna pumped the toy, alternating between fast and slow, never letting her get used to the pacing. The entire time she maintained the kiss, only ever breaking it when one of them needed air .

As she worked the toy in her daughter’s quim, Drasna rubbed herself against Cynthia’s thigh. Both women silently screamed into each other's mouth as they came and came and came, over and over again, each one soaking the bed with dozens of orgasms, before the older woman was finally exhausted.

“I hate to say it, but I...I can’t take any more," Drasna said, her breathing rather heavy. "So this is what it's like to be completely satiated. It's such a nice, tired feeling..."

Chuckling, Cynthia looked at her mother with a smirk. “You know, a lot of people say you have boundless power, but I guess that isn’t really true any more, is it?” she asked in a teasing tone, more loving than mocking.

Drasna gave a small laugh. “Don't get so cocky, dear, I think I just passed a lot of my stamina to you, that's all,” she said, resting her head on Cynthia’s chest. "So you still have me to thank for your energy. Anyway, I just need to rest for a few minutes, and I’ll be fine...” she murmured, clearly drifting off.

Cynthia smiled and ran her fingers through her mother’s hair. “It better not be long. I'm still horny, Mom,” she whispered to her already slumbering mother. She softly guided her mother’s mouth to her nipple. Seemingly out of instinct, the woman took it into her mouth, gently suckling at it in her sleep. Cynthia hummed softly to her mother, rather enjoying just lying together like this.


Authors Note

I am sad to say that I have gotten somewhat burned out on this project, and have decided to put it on hold for the time being. It will be finished, though, so don't fret too much, This isn't the first time that this story has gone on hold for a while, and I always come back to it. In the meantime, I'll be writing plenty of other things, and I hope you'll enjoy them just as much as this story.

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