Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Chapter 4

Cynthia let out a sigh as she sank into the bathwater. (Janine was a lot of fun. I can only hope Sabrina will be just as good), she thought to herself. She had seen a few pictures of her...long, dark hair, a slender and appealing body in a nearly skintight suit...she looked a little stuck up, but very sexy nonetheless.

Just thinking about it was making Cynthia a bit horny. One hand went to her crotch, and the other to her breasts. She slipped a few fingers into her cunny, while lightly pinching her nipple. She quickly stopped herself.

(No, no. I’ve got to hold back. It’s always much more fun if I wait longer), she chided herself, going back to just relaxing. But even so, she could feel her arousal growing more and more intense, thinking about all the things that she could do with the lovely psychic.

Cynthia sat up in bed, panting heavily and squeezing her legs together. An intense heat had built up between them. (Ahh...I-I'm so horny! I can't hold back after all, I’ve got to masturbate right now!) she thought to herself, sliding her hand into her underwear. She began to finger herself right away as hard and fast as she could. She was already quite wet with desire, so there was no need to hold back.

After several minutes of playing with herself, Cynthia didn’t feel any closer to cumming, only more horny than ever. She was getting more desperate than when Janine had been teasing her!

Suddenly her cell phone began to ring. Using her free hand, she picked it up. It was a number she didn’t recognize, but something in the back of her head told her that she should answer it anyways. Opening it, she answered with a small moan before getting out a real word. “H...Hello?”

There was a moment of silence. “Come to the Gym now.” And with that the line went dead.

The voice was soft, but a bit flat, and it was very clear that it was an order, not a request. Using all of her effort, Cynthia pulled her hand away from her cunny long enough to dig out a vibrator from her bag. She jammed it in, setting it to its highest speed possible. The pleasure it brought managed to focus her mind away from her arousal just enough to get dressed, with some difficulty.

Once she was clothed, she left the hotel, stopping every little bit to lean against a wall to try and gather herself. The closer she got to the Gym, the more and more intense her arousal got, and it had already been about as high as she'd ever felt before. By the time she was standing in front of the doors, she could feel her juices running down her thighs, soaking through her pants.

She was only just able to open the door before collapsing as she was hit by an orgasm so strong it was almost painful.

“It seems I was right about you being the cause of this.”

Cynthia looked to the source of the voice and saw Sabrina standing in front of her, wearing a thin nightgown. Even through the haze of arousal, Cynthia still took a moment to look her over. Her hair was cut shorter than the pictures she had seen of her in the past, and in the skimpy outfit that she was wearing it was clear that her figure was even better than Cynthia had thought. Overall she was very slender, almost like a doll more than a real woman.

“Ever since you arrived in my town, I’ve been picking up on your desire.” Sabrina pauses for a moment, closing her eyes. At that second another powerful orgasm hit Cynthia, causing her to fall to her knees.

“ is driving me mad,” Sabrina said, sounding ever so slightly winded as she began to walk toward the blond. “Normal feelings, emotions, desires, and impulses reach me, are picked up by my psychic nature, but I can contain them, process them. Your sexual desire is...unparalleled, and I cannot handle it. It's all I can do to keep it within myself, and not explosively broadcast it. But if I don’t get some relief soon, and if your desire's power doesn't lessen, my mind will be overwhelmed and I will lose control of my abilities. Even now, it is hard even to think! This desire will spread throughout the city and create a lesbian orgy the likes of which I doubt has ever occurred in the history of the world.”

"Honestly," Cynthia managed to say through her pants of need, "the only part of that scenario I don't like is that it needs you and I not to satisfy ourselves until it happens. Otherwise, a city-wide lady-fest would sound terrific!"

Sabrina smirked slightly. “Indeed it is a tempting thought, but that's because our minds are clouded with lust at the moment. It wouldn't be very responsible on my part, anyway.”

Cynthia wanted to reply, to disagree entirely, but even as she opened her mouth to tell her, Sabrina lifted the hem of her nightgown, exposing her bare cunny, which was neatly shaven. The mere sight of it was all Cynthia needed. Unable to stand from sheer arousal, she crawled forward and immediately began licking her way from bottom to top, taking Sabrina’s clit between her lips in a small kiss. Sabrina dug her fingers into Cynthia’s hair and moaned deeply as she came right away. Cynthia gulped down Sabrina’s juices, noting a very faint hint of vanilla.

Cynthia moved down a bit, licking up all the juices that coated Sabrina’s inner thighs. Even as she did so, she could feel her own arousal, still stronger than it had ever been in her life, but down to a more tolerable level. Sabrina pushed Cynthia away.

“I can think a bit more clearly now. Let’s continue this in my room, where we can be more comfortable,” she said, her voice still sounding incredibly calm, despite the fact that her thighs were still slick with femcum. Mustering all her willpower, Cynthia was able to stand and walk again. Thankfully it was a very short trip. Sabrina sat down on the edge of her bed.

“I’ve picked up quite a few of your fantasies,” she said, holding up her leg with her foot pointed right at Cynthia. Like the rest of her body, Sabrina’s foot was slender and pale, beautiful to behold. Cynthia felt almost worshipful of it as she ran her fingers along the sole, earning a small, shuddering moan from the rather stoic woman. Sabrina’s sole was even softer than Cynthia had imagined, rivaling Erika’s belly as the smoothest thing she had ever encountered. Cynthia was in an almost trance-like state as she traced every tiny line and curve of Sabrina’s foot. The dark-haired woman began to finger herself, slowly, letting out several small moans as she went. The sight of Sabrina fingering herself, as well as the feel of her feet, was more than Cynthia could take. She nearly tore her clothes off, before guiding Sabrina’s foot to her needy cunny. She began to grind herself against it, while burying face in Sabrina’s crotch again, gently kissing her clit.

It took very little time for Cynthia to bring herself to orgasm, coating Sabrina‘s foot in cum. Without stopping, Cynthia slid up Sabrina’s leg, gently pushing her back. She kissed all along her belly, until she reached her breasts. She took a nipple into her mouth as their pussies met, sending a jolt of pleasure through them both. Cynthia moved over to the other breast, giving it the same treatment, sucking on the nipple and swirling her tongue all over the small nub. Sabrina could barely hold back her own moans as Cynthia’s clit bumped into her with every tiny movement she made. Both women were brought to orgasm again very quickly.

“This is great!” was all Cynthia could manage to say before Sabrina pulled her into a kiss, plunging her tongue into her mouth while digging her fingers into Cynthia’s ass, pulling her in even closer than she already was.

The kiss lasted for several minutes, both of them continuing to grind against each other. When they finally parted, they were both nearly breathless, but nowhere near satisfied. Cynthia flipped around so that they could sixty-nine. Sabrina perfectly matched Cynthia’s own rhythm, licking her with the same speed and skill.

Cynthia moaned deeply as Sabrina hit a particularly sensitive spot, bringing her to orgasm instantly. Her moan made the other woman cum as well, which made her moan just as loudly into Cynthia’s mound, adding to her pleasure even more. The two continued to bring each other to climax several times in a row. Each time Cynthia could feel her arousal returning to a more normal level...or normal for her, at least, which for most women would be highly aroused.

Once they parted, the two women shared one final and very messy kiss before drifting off. “Feel free to return any time you wish, but please give me a bit of warning,” Sabrina said as Cynthia set off for her next conquest.

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