Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Hearthome City, like always, was rather busy. A large contest was coming up soon, and Coordinators were rushing about to the point that Cynthia was able to move about without too much attention, which was quite a change.

Even with everything going on, though, Cynthia knew Fantina would be available. Something that Cynthia was almost unsure about, though, was whether this was really a good thing. Even though she did love all the women she was with to some extent, and had a special fondness for the women of her own region, Fantina could be a little hard to deal with.

It was easy enough to find the woman. As she approached the Gym, Fantina immediately pulled her into a tight hug. “Ah, Cynthia! I 'ave heard about this little voyage of yours! I must say it surprises moi that you would visit now; surely you have not yet had all the other girls out there?” Releasing Cynthia from the hug, Fantina stepped back, grinning ear to ear. “After all, you should always save the best for last, my belle! Or simply could not wait to see me again?” Letting out a chuckle that drew more than a few eyes, she took Cynthia by the hand. “Well! One can hardly blame you for your impatience!” With that, she gave the blonde a small kiss.

Cynthia sighed a bit. As always, Fantina was just as focused on herself as anyone else. However much Cynthia might love her, she loved herself far more.

“Anyways, do you have some free time?” Cynthia asked. After Fantina’s little scene, a few people were starting to pay more attention to them, and she’d rather not be swarmed by fans right now.

“But of course! I always have time for one of the few women whose beauty nearly rivals my own!” Fantina declared rather loudly.

Not saying anything further, Cynthia took the woman by the wrist and nearly dragged her along to the Gym, and into the private section.

On every wall there were pictures of Fantina. Some were photos, others portraits, and most were nudes. Looking at them, Cynthia could feel a hint of arousal trickling into her mind. As off-putting as her narcissism could be, there was no denying that the woman was very beautiful.

“While I am sure you could spend all day admiring the loveliness of all my portraits, as I have spent many of my own days doing...would you rather not have me in the flesh?” Fantina spoke suddenly.

Turning, Cynthia was not very surprised to see that her lover had already disrobed. Fantina really did have a body to be proud of. Tall and lean, a fine balance of muscle and plushness in all the right places, it was clear that she was a dancer who put a great effort into maintaining her looks.

Following her into the bedroom, Cynthia chuckled as she looked around it. “I see you’ve done a bit of redecorating in here.”

The walls, ceiling, even the floor were all mirrors, creating countless images of the two women as they reflected each other. The effect was almost dizzying.

“It is quite the lovely sight, is it not!” Fantina stated rather than asked, doing a small spin. “Ahhhh, there are times I pass by a mirror or a reflective shop window and see my body, and can barely resist pleasuring myself then and there, right in public!" Fantina ran her hands along her body, watching herself do so in the mirrors and moaning deeply.

Cynthia rolled her eyes a bit, but somehow, despite this being reflected thousands of times everywhere they could see, Fantina didn’t seem to notice.

Laying back on the bed, Fantina beckoned Cynthia to join her. Undressing as well, Cynthia kneeled down at the end of the bed and brought one of Fantina’s feet to her mouth, gently kissing each toe before moving down to gently, firmly draw her tongue from toe tip to sole, and back again. Even with all the dancing she did, Fantina’s feet were still smooth and soft as velvet. Cynthia could not help but let out a low whimper of appreciation for the work of natural art she now held and serviced.

With each motion, Fantina would moan in a slightly exaggerated way and writhe. With all the mirrors, Cynthia could see every detail of her partner’s body and face, as well as herself. She watched herself from countless angles as she appreciatively kissed, licked, suckled, and otherwise made worshipful love to Fantina's beautiful feet. Somehow, actually seeing herself servicing Fantina’s feet like this, having this image fill every corner of her vision, made it even more erotic than normal. Cynthia's chest began to heave and her loins began to quiver in excitement as she moved over to Fantina's other foot. Each slow, luxurious stroke of her tongue was reflected back at her hundreds of times over, arousing her all the more. The feet she held, tasted, held against herself, combined with the act of watching it happen all around her, in every direction...soon enough, Cynthia could take it no more as her inner muscles seized up and spasmed, coming just from watching herself, herself and a lovely pair of feet...

“Ah, I knew you loved to play with my feet, but I had no idea that you loved it that much!" Fantina declared proudly, smiling in a dreamy sort of way as she enjoyed the relaxation of Cynthia's oral foot massage. "But they are so wonderful and beautiful, I am not surprised..."

Cynthia said nothing, merely grinning to herself as she moved up to the woman’s cunny. She began to lick. Fantina's taste was similar to black tea, refined and elegant. Bringing her fingers in as well, she stroked her inner walls while kissing her clit. The other woman, whose eyes were racing about at all the images of their sex playing out all around them, buried her hands in Cynthia’s hair, pulling her in closer as her voice grew louder and louder, her moans reaching a pitch that almost made Cynthia worry the mirrors might shatter. Thankfully, it was very soon after that that Fantina came, her scream becoming an intensely silent one as her eyes raced madly about, taking in every possible view of herself cumming as she filled Cynthia’s mouth. Cynthia happily drank it all down as Fantina rode out her climax, utterly enthralled by the sight of herself doing so.

Once she had recovered, Fantina traded places with Cynthia. She started with her feet, but sadly she didn’t spend much time there, as she was clearly eager to get to Cynthia's quim. Just as with everything else Fantina did, her tongue skills were a bit over the top: long, deep, slow strokes that left not a single place untouched. But in this case Cynthia was more than happy about the woman’s style. With every lick, she would moan deeply into Cynthia, making it even more wonderful. Cynthia closed her eyes as the pleasure grew and grew, clenching her every muscle in delight. With Fantina's talents, it took very little time to bring Cynthia over the edge. Though Fantina didn’t linger as Cynthia had, she was still very satisfied.

“Now then, let us have some real fun, non?” With that, Fantina walked over to one of the reflective walls and lightly traced her fingers along a seam that was virtually invisible. As she did, the wall slid open, revealing a set of toys. Taking a strap-on out, she slid it onto herself.

“Now take the position, belle,” she ordered.

Getting off the bed, Cynthia bent over, sticking out her hips. Fantina walked over to her and traced the tip of the toy along her cunny, getting a good coating of leftover cum and the juices of arousal that continued to flow, before thrusting in deep. Using one hand, she gripped Cynthia’s waist, while the other went to her cunny. She stroked and pounded into her with a rhythm to music that only she heard.

Cynthia gasped and groaned as she thrust herself back against Fantina, maximizing every moment of delicious penetration. She looked around. Just as before, the sight of herself in this way was sexy in a way that she had never really experienced before. Cynthia moved one hand from the bed to her own breasts, and began massaging and pinching them hard, moaning with every movement of the other woman. Surrounded by real life pornography of Fantina and herself, watching herself be fucked, getting to change the show however she liked at any moment to her desire...this was an amazing sensation, as though pure, beautiful sex was closing in on her from all sides, overwhelming her conscious mind with excitement! Cynthia could actually see the cum dripping out of herself and splattering against the floor, and that was the last push she needed to cum. She screamed and shook with helpless abandon, but managed to keep her eyes open, watching herself climax from all angles, engraving into her mind the incredible sight of her moment of ultimate pleasure.

Fantina didn’t let up right away. She drew it out until the point that Cynthia could hardly stand it any longer, before finally relenting. Once Fantina pulled out, she removed the toy and sat down on the bed.

Caught up in the sexual fervor even as her body was cooling down, Cynthia grabbed the toyi. Taking a moment to slip it on, she joined Fantina, who pushed her onto her back, and immediately straddled her.

Riding Cynthia, she looked at one of the many mirrors, watching herself intently caressing every inch of her own body, moaning and whimpering in sheer delight. Cynthia could tell that the other woman would enjoy herself just as much if Cynthia had not even been there; Fantina's true sexual bliss was in herself, watching herself and bringing herself pleasure. But even so, it was still pretty enjoyable. Reaching up, Cynthia started using her own hands as well to caress Fantina, adding to her pleasure even more.

Fantina's journey to climax was quick, thrusting herself up and down on the dildo so hard that Cynthia could barely even pump fast enough to keep up. It didn’t take all that long for her to cum, screaming and crying as her body tensed, all the while calling out, "I love you, I love you!" in pure sexual bliss to her equally adoring images.

It was fascinating, and somehow so very erotic, to watch the woman sincerely profess her love to herself in the throes of pure, honest pleasure. And as Cynthia's eyes fell lower, to watch herself as she pumped that pleasure into Fantina, saw the graceful, utterly gorgeous woman who was herself as she brought such delight to another...she began to understand it, just a little. She knew she was beautiful to others, but seeing herself in the act of giving pleasure, that act which she lived for and delighted in, seeing her beautiful body as other women did for the first time as her curves strained and her muscles tensed in the act of giving pleasure...Cynthia felt herself becoming even wetter, her breath quickening. Suddenly she understood entirely how Fantina could feel, for she, too, was turning herself on. She was not so helplessly, emotionally attached as Fantina, of course, and never would be, but all the same, from this moment on...Cynthia knew she would never be able to look in the mirror again without remembering this moment, feeling real, strong sexual attraction for the utterly beautiful woman who looked back at her.

“We shall continue well into the night, non?” Fantina asked, panting, once she had finished riding out the last waves of her orgasm.

“But of course, ma belle,” Cynthia responded lightly, but though Fantina had been the one to ask, it was to the woman in the mirrors that Cynthia spoke.

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