Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Chapter 13

“And this is where we do most of our training,” Liza said, leading Cynthia into a large room. It was rather barren, except for a few odd-looking panels on the walls, ceiling, and floor.

“It’s a bit plain, no offense meant,” Cynthia said, looking around.

“It’s alright, most people think that at first,” Tate said proudly.

“This room has some special stuff that allows it to simulate micro-gravity,” Liza said.

“You can practice some pretty wild moves with that much freedom of movement,” Tate added.

“I can imagine!” Cynthia said. Under her breath she added, "Oh, can I ever..."

“How about we have a match?” Liza suggested excitedly. “I’ve always wanted to test my skills against you!”

Cynthia smiled and waved her hand. “Sorry, but I'm afraid I'm sort of on vacation from Pokemon battles. I'm traveling for my own enjoyment, that's all. But I’d be more than happy to teach you a few things,” she said, trying to hide a grin.

“Cool! Getting to learn from a Champion is really rare!” Tate said, sounding just as excited as his sister.

Cynthia put up a hand. “Sorry, no boys for this. But I’ll show you some other tricks later, okay?”

“Well, you heard her!” Liza said as she more or less shoved her brother out of the room.

Once he was gone and the door was shut, Cynthia walked up behind the young girl and wrapped her arms around her. “So eager to be alone with me! I’m rather happy to see that,” she whispered into Liza’s ear. The girl’s face went bright red as she slipped out of her grasp and backed away.

“Ahh...tha-that’s not, not what I meant. I was just really excited about getting some tips from you!” she stammered.

“Oh, please! I saw the way you were staring at me before, your brother, too, but sadly for him, I’m not interested in boys. That stare said there was a lot more on your mind than Pokemon,” Cynthia said, slipping off her jacket. Liza audibly gulped at the sight of Cynthia’s figure being revealed even more than it had been before.

“I’ve already had all the major trainers in Kanto and Johto,” Cynthia said, walking toward Liza, who was pressed against the wall, blushing as her eyes shifted all over Cynthia’s body. “And I’m nearly done here in Hoenn,” she finished, putting her hands on either side of the girl, pinning her in place.

“If you really don’t want to do this, I’ll just move on to the next girl on my list, Phoebe of the Elite Four,” she said in an almost teasing voice as she leaned in closer, until she was nearly face to face with Liza. “So what do you say? Will I have to count you as my first loss, sweet little Liza?”

There was a moment of silence as a thousand thoughts raced through Liza’s young mind, with her heart beating almost as fast. Then without a word she leaned forward and caught Cynthia in a clumsy kiss.

(And another victory!)

As Liza began to pull back, Cynthia put her hands around the girl, pulling her closer. “Let me start with the first tip, sweetie. This is how to kiss,” she said softly as she pressed her lips against Liza’s. Cynthia’s tongue lightly traced the edges of Liza’s lips, before pushing into her mouth. Immediately catching her tongue, she began to curl and flex against the organ, massaging it. At the same time, she let her hands drift down Liza’s trim little figure. One hand stopped at the small of her back, fingertips lightly pressing into it, as the other continued on down to her rear.

Liza gasped into the kiss, but didn’t break away, as Cynthia began to squeeze the firm globe of her ass. After a few moments longer, Cynthia pulled away, leaving her hands in place. As she looked into Liza’s eyes, she saw the same glazed look that always filled her with pride. “Now then, let’s move on to the next lesson, hm?”

Cynthia wasted no time in pulling off Liza’s shirt. It was only then the the young girl seemed to regain her senses. Her arms quickly shot up, covering her chest, as her face flushed with embarrassment. Cynthia frowned. “Now why are you hiding such a nice sight from me?” she asked as she gave Liza’s ass another squeeze, making the girl yelp.

“I’m…I’m still really...small...and you' big, and beautiful,” Liza muttered so low that Cynthia could only hear because of how close she was. The older blonde laughed a little.

“Do you really think that bothers me? Sweet little Liza, you are beautiful, all of you!” She brought her hands up and easily pulled away Liza’s hands. “Breasts are beautiful to me, no matter what size. And if you want to know a secret...” she whispered, lowering her head until her face was right in front of Liza’s petite chest, her hot breath blowing against them.

"I like small breasts the very best of all," she whispered huskily, letting her words be a hot breath sweeping down on Liza's chest. A small moan slipped past Liza’s lips as her arousal was multiplied, both by the hot breath blowing against her nipples and by the fact that this gorgeous, sexy woman found her so attractive.

“In fact, I think a flat chest like yours is so cute, so very sexily cute, that I can’t help but want a taste!”

She took one of the nubs between her lips, gently nipping it, while she cupped the other small mound with her hand. Liza’s body went rigid for a second as Cynthia’s tongue flicked against her nipple, as its twin was gently rolled between her thumb and fingers. Soon enough Liza was cooing softly, and trembling with every tiny movement the older woman made.

Cynthia went back and forth between each nipple, gently teasing each one before switching. She could feel her panties getting damper with every tiny sound, every little twitch that Liza made with each motion.

(Inexperienced girls really do have a unique charm...I mean, I am all about the hot, full-grown babes, and experience is wonderful, but the little girls, they are just something else!) she thought as she lifted up. Before Liza could utter a single word, Cynthia caught her in another kiss, filled with more lust the previous one. The assault on Liza’s senses was too much, and her legs gave out. Cynthia didn’t relent for a second, sliding down the wall with the girl, never breaking their contact as she kissed her all the way to the floor.

Only when they were settled on the ground did Cynthia finally release Liza. As she looked down at the girl, Cynthia could see a large, dark stain in Liza’s pants. (Mmm, I must've given her a small cum at some point in all that!) she thought to herself, licking her lips in anticipation of the girl’s taste. Cynthia pulled off her shirt and leaned in close to Liza.

“Show what you've learned,” she ordered softly.

Still in a haze, Liza acted almost reflexively. Opening her mouth, she latched onto the nipple closest to her, and began to suckle greedily. At the same time, she brought up both her hands, grabbing hold of the breast that she was lavishing at the moment, massaging it and sucking harder, her tongue now flicking out against the nub.

Cynthia rolled her head back, a low moan escaping her lips. (She’s pretty good! A quick learner, and natural talent all in one, I'd say. Very nice!)

Even as she thought this, Liza doubled her efforts, adding her teeth to it, gently biting down, which mixed a tiny bit of pain in with the pleasure, not enough to truly hurt, but enough to truly entice. Cynthia whimpered from the erotic lightning shooting through her. After a minute, Liza released the breast and moved over to its twin, starting with the same level of force that she had finished the other with. Cynthia moaned.

After a few moments, Liza broke away and buried her face between Cynthia’s breasts, gently licking at the center, while each off her hands cupped a mound. She let out a satisfied, yet excited murmur into Cynthia's chest as she kneaded her palms into Cynthia’s flesh, her fingers dancing against every inch they could until they stopped at her nipples, pinching and tweaking them soft, then hard. All the while her tongue continued to stroke the side of each breast, her head occasionally going down a bit to lick at their undersides, as well. She was in a near trance as she found new spots to caress with her fingers and tongue, places few of Cynthia's past lovers had ever thought to explore well enough to discover.

Cynthia gently stroked the back of the girl’s head, swaying her head as she moaned and whimpered and positively purred for her. (If she can do this well now, with a bit of training...she might be a very good match for Whitney!) Cynthia thought to herself as a small orgasm hit her. With some reluctance Cynthia pulled the girl away from her chest, though it wasn’t easy. Liza tried to return to her original position with a lustful, almost animal ferocity, but Cynthia held her still.

“As enjoyable as that is, it’s time to move on to your next lesson,” Cynthia chided. “Now undress the rest of the way down.”

Liza obeyed happily, taking off what little remained quickly. As she tossed aside her clothes, Cynthia picked up her drenched panties and gave them a light sniff. (Sweet and subtle, like honeydew melon), she thought. The scent enhanced the already powerful desire she had to lick every inch of Liza’s smooth and glistening cunny, but there was still a bit of fun to have before getting to that.

“Now lie back, and lift your legs,” Cynthia instructed as she removed the rest of her own clothing, tossing her own panties to Liza. The young girl snatched them up quickly, burying her face in them and inhaling. She let out a low, shuddering moan as she did so.

(She’s so very into this! Yes, she really is very promising), Cynthia thought, grinning.

Now fully nude, Cynthia sat back down. Inching forward, she took hold of Liza’s feet, bringing both of them up to her mouth. She ran her tongue against them in one long swipe. Liza gasped sharply, still clutching Cynthia’s underwear to her face. Cynthia took each toe between her lips, gently suckling on each. At the same time, she ran her thumbs along her soles, pressing into them here and there. As she did, Liza never once let go of or even lowered the damp panties, still breathing in Cynthia’s juices, which just further and further intoxicating her with lust. Every feeling she had, every desire-filled pleasure that shot through her, was made twice better by the addictive, seductive scent of Cynthia's arousal-soaked undergarment.

Without releasing Liza’s feet, Cynthia stretched out her legs, and with her toes she grabbed the panties away from the lust-drunk girl. Without missing a beat, Liza buried her nose, slick with the moisture rubbed off on it from Cynthia's underwear, between Cynthia’s toes, breathing in just as deeply. Her tongue started lashing against Cynthia’s sole. The actual physical sensation was nice, but the girl’s enthusiasm was what truly caught Cynthia up in the eroticism of the moment, and she was hit by another small orgasm quickly. Gasping but not to be out done, Cynthia doubled her speed, licking from top to bottom, lightly biting her heel before going back up to the ball of her foot, giving it the same treatment. Liza sped up even more, nearly matching Cynthia’s pace.

(Time to see what she can really do!) Cynthia thought. She pressed her foot against Liza’s quim, rubbing her toe over the girl’s clit. Right away Liza let out a sharp moan as she came, but she didn’t let up for a second, still licking just as fast as ever. Liza pushed her foot out the same way Cynthia had, rubbing both of her feet against Cynthia’s cunny at once. Even though Liza’s motions were a bit clumsy, she was still able to hit all the right spots. Cynthia shuddered at the feeling. It didn’t take very long for Cynthia’s experience to really show, and she brought Liza to another orgasm very quickly, but still even as she came, the girl didn’t pause for even a second.

Once Cynthia came again, she pulled her feet away. “That’s enough for now,” she said. Again Liza looked disappointed for a moment, but she made no protest, since she knew that whatever Cynthia had in mind next would be just as fun, if not more so. Cynthia looked the room for a few seconds.

“So where are the controls for that zero gravity function you told me about earlier?” she asked.

Liza sprang to her feet instantly, rushing over to a wall. She pressed a small recess that was nearly impossible to see, and a panel opened up. “It has a timer; how long should I set it for?” she asked, rubbing her legs together.

“As long as you think you can last for, little one,” Cynthia answered with a smirk. Liza tensed for a moment, biting her lip in thought, before her fingers went to work, flipping switches and pressing buttons. It was clear from her concerned, yet excited and hopeful, expression that whatever time she was setting it for, she thought it would be almost more than she could handle, but that she wanted to do her very best for Cynthia. The effects weren’t immediately noticeable, but soon Cynthia felt her hair slowly drifting upwards. Then the whole world seemed to fall away as the rest of her rose off the ground. Liza closed the panel, and with a single graceful push off the wall, she glided to Cynthia, somehow stopping just short of crashing into her.

“This feels even stranger than I thought,” Cynthia nearly whispered as she tried moving her arms as if she were swimming, but it did her no good.

“Yeah, it takes a lot of getting used to,” Liza commented, a hint of mirth in her voice. “And I guess since I’m used to it, I’ll be taking the lead this time!”

Before Cynthia could respond at all, Liza grabbed her by the waist and easily flipped her around, so that her head was now pointed straight at the floor, and her face right in front of Liza’s cunny. True to her word, the younger girl took the lead, and plunged her tongue into Cynthia’s quim right away, moaning deeply as she did Cynthia gasped. The slight distortion of weightlessness was adding to the cunnilingus in a way that even she had never felt before. After a few seconds, Cynthia had regained her senses, and began to lick Liza back. The girl was every bit as sweet as she had thought from the smell earlier.

As Liza ate Cynthia out, she used her knowledge to shift their positions so that they were reversed. Cynthia now upright, while Liza was now pointed downwards. Even as they moved through the air, neither one let up with their licking. Liza shifted slightly again, so that she could rub her chest against Cynthia’s crotch. The feeling of the girl’s stiff nipples brushing over her clit was enough to send a small orgasm through her. Of course, Cynthia could do the same. She pressed one of her breasts against Liza’s pussy, squishing it against her wet mound.

The two spent a few minutes rubbing their cunnies against each other’s chest, completely coating them in cum. Liza gently pushed away from Cynthia, looking at her chest shining a bit from her own juices. Licking her lips, she stayed back for a moment.

“I’ll tell you something I’ve never told anyone else...sometimes I sneak in here and masturbate,” Liza confessed. “And the best part is cleaning up." Cynthia didn’t catch on right away, but soon enough she understood just what Liza meant. She could see a few droplets of missed cum floating around in the air.

Liza moved over to Cynthia again, slipping a few fingers into the older woman easily. She began to pump hard and fast. Cynthia reached down and started doing the same back. As they fingered each other, their juices began to drip down, turning into small floating orbs. Once they had both cum, there was a fair bit of droplets gathered around them.

Cynthia reached out and touched one, sending it drifting until it collided with another, joining together with it. “Give me a second!” Liza murmured. With a practiced skill, she guided each and every drop of cum together into a pair of orbs, both slightly smaller than a Pokeball. Gently cradling the cum orbs, she moved Cynthia so that she was floating with her back to the ground. The older blonde had no real choice but to stay there.

Once Cynthia was in place, Liza circled around her so that her feet were facing Cynthia’s, with a cum orb floating between each pair of feet. Liza stretched out her legs, pressing her feet against Cynthia’s, the cum orbs crushed between them. Cynthia had had her feet coated with cum more times than she could ever begin to try and count, but never like this before.

Cynthia and Liza both began to slide their feet against each other, before tightly locking their toes together, with the slickness of their cum adding to the enjoyable sensation. As they did, a few drops of this combined cum of theirs broke away, floating off. A few drifted close enough that one of them could catch it on their tongues.

Once most of the cum had been dispersed, Liza broke away again, shifting around so that she was underneath Cynthia. She reached up and grabbed her breasts from below. She then started grinding against her back, while squeezing Cynthia’s breasts, but she let go fairly quickly and moved around again into another sixty-nine. This time, however, they kept drifting in a slow spiral as they ate each other out. Some times Cynthia would be upside down, other times she be on her back or on her side. Most people would have become nauseous from the consistent shifting, but Cynthia was merely aroused more and more with every new angle.

Just as with the gravity leaving, its return was just as slow and gentle. They softly touched down, a small shower of cum dropping down on them as they did. Cynthia looked at Liza, who was completely spent. (If she develops her stamina, she could be such a sexual force, it's a bit scary!)

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